Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 48

The lock picking skills that he worked so hard to help Harry escape from his aunt’s house actually worked at this time, and Anna pinched the black hairpin in the keyhole to play tricks.

——So, no skill is useless, it will always glow and heat when unexpected.

Although the lock picking skill is only Grade B, it is more than enough to deal with such a wooden door.

Perhaps among the’looters’, there is a cool flying motorcycle-Sirius, who likes muggle technology, has also mastered this ancient technology to help his friend sneak to Hogsmeade.

“It’s amazing!” twin exclaimed, seemingly interested in this muggle craft.

The moment Anna pushed the door open, a large amount of cold wind poured in, and there was a vast expanse of whiteness in front of her. Everyone finally ended their adventure in Hogwarts and returned to Hogsmeade village.

[‘Harry attribute template’ additional task completed (23): Harry completes an adventure, courage +10]

“Shrieking Shack turned out to be!” twin shouted, “We used to I tried to go in, but the door couldn’t be opened—”

It’s no wonder that the old door on the front of Shrieking Shack is just a decoration, not a real door at all, so it’s all the same anyway. Can’t open.

Anna looked at the place where they came out just now. It was a hidden door, which fits perfectly with the wall after being closed, and there is nothing unusual. The keyhole is hidden behind a piece of ordinary wood on the wall—— If you hadn’t come out from here, no one would know that there was a door here.

Harry moved towards The gap in the window looked in, and the scene he saw was a hundred times stranger than in the room just now. The walls were covered with blood stains. He rubbed his arms and felt like he got up. Goose bumps.

George took out his notebook again, as if he was recording all the secret passages he experienced today.

A few people ran to the Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade to drink Butterbeer-celebrating the success of the adventure and Harry’s feat of catching a golden snitch.

That is an ordinary bar, but its female boss is not ordinary, Mrs. Rosmerta, with a nice face, a graceful figure, a cloak wearing a ferret fur collar, more than forty women with a flower, she It bloomed in Ron’s eyes.

Ron rushed to have a drink, and several people showed meaningful smiles on their faces. George was even better. “Didn’t expect Little Darling Ronnie is higher than us,” he lifted up. Chin, “Mature woman.”

Harry drank Butterbeer with a bubble on his mouth, smiling like a Santa Claus.

“I just think she looks good!” Ron stepped on George and saw Anna smiling and watching the excitement. He told the truth, “Anna looks good too.”

“You still like your mature woman.” Fred Drew directly brought Butterbeer to Ron’s mouth and blocked Ron’s mouth.

Butterbeer is warm and put in a glass. The foam on it is very thick. Anna took a sip. It tastes a bit like a white rabbit toffee peach-flavored RioCocktail drink. Yes, it’s this magical drink. Taste-slap your lips, Anna carefully tasted it, it’s not bad.

Happy times are always short. It is estimated that the Dursley family should be back after their wedding. Harry had to say goodbye to the wonderful village of Hogsmeade.

A few people came to the Eternal Star Cave, “Okay, one last confession, Ron–“

“We had a great time at Diagon Alley, George…big brother brought I ate ice cream and Fred…the big brother took me to see the broomstick in Quiddich shop.”

Ron almost got his tongue knotted, he frowns, “must say’big brother’?”

“In order to demonstrate the intimacy between brothers,” Fred de shrugged, he as it should be by rights, “We will also call you Ron younger brother.”

“Then we were at Diagon Alley 92 I stayed very late and kept playing cards with Anna and Harry!” George clapped his hands, “It’s perfect.”

Fred took out a bag for everyone to grab a handful of floo powder.

“Let’s go-‘Enthusiasm Villa’!”

This name can be true-Anna finally came out of the fireplace and saw the Weasley Family boys froze at the door , Accept their mother’s warm welcome.

Mrs. Weasley had a smile on her face. Ginny was standing by the side with the Three Broomsticks Inn and didn’t dare to look up. Arthur Weasley was facing the brand new Ford sedan outside the house clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

“Fortunately, Charlie also told Arthur this place so that I can catch you, my dear children—” Mrs. Weasley patted George, the nearest to her, and George winced, “Where are we going today? Have you been playing? Fred?”

“I’m George…mother.” George watched Mrs. Weasley’s face change, and he quickly continued, “I think Fred was pretty good at the moment— We went to Diagon Alley today—”

“Right? Ron younger brother?” He gave Ron a hand and motioned for him to speak.

“Well, yes,” Ron grabbed the corner of his shirt and stood up oneself.

“We went to Diagon Alley, George big brother took me to eat ice cream, Fred De…big brother took me…take me…play cards? Then we played Quiddich at Diagon Alley 92?” He glanced at it. Fred, Fred covers his face.

“Very well, anyhow you guys came up with a lie–even though there are holes–” the smile on her face disappeared, “Fred, George, I’m glad you didn’t drive that car The tattered Ford went directly to Hogwarts. Anyway, you still care about the safety of Ron, Anna and Harry—”

She moved towards Anna and Harry and smiled, “I’m glad you are all right, they are so naughty. Now,” the two could only smile back with awkward smiles.

Mrs. Weasley stepped forward and grabbed Twin’s ears, “I can’t let you go like this this time! Think about it! Clean up the backyard for me!”

“Backyard! Refers to the vegetable field and the pond, right?” Fred covered his ears, still having a fluke.

“Including Pukwudgie’s lair and that large patch of grass.” Mrs. Weasley ruthless, she dragged the two towards the door, “And you Ron! Don’t think I will forget you, you don’t know how to stop it. Your two big brothers are still chasing with them!”

“I—” Ron had nothing to say, and followed him in despair.

Mrs. Weasley walked to the door, turned around and greeted Anna and Harry kindly, “Come here! Children! Let me take you home-to see you all walk into my house well. Just feel at ease!”

“My dear, you have to educate them!” Mrs. Weasley sent the twin to their father.

“Ms. Yes!” Arthur Weasley pressed a hidden button, and the entire Ford’s interior was at least doubled. It was no problem to sit ten Harrys. He smiled and asked the twin secretly, ” How is it?”

“It’s not bad, but there is a little setback in the air,” Fred De replied.

George answered, “Ron is vomiting.”

“Oh Ron—” Arthur touched Ron’s head.

“Arthur!” Mrs. Weasley gave Arthur angrily, “I hope you will educate them!”

“Uh-you guys! Come on! Give it to me Car! Go back and pack you guys!” Arthur reacted quickly. He pointed at Ford, but he couldn’t help being curious when he saw the brand new Ford, “How did the car become so new?”

Ron rushed to answer Own father, “It’s Anna’s restoration curse! It’s extremely powerful! And Harry, Harry caught the golden snitch today!” He couldn’t stop as soon as he spoke, and along the way he moved towards Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, telling what happened today. Everything, including the fact that they went to the Star Cavern, went to Hogsmeade, ate the sweet duck, and even revealed that they went to Hogwarts to watch the game.

Harry touched Ron with his elbow, trying to stop him from being slapped, but it didn’t work.

“This is the real reason we went out and didn’t take him—” twin helpless sighed.

[Weasley in trouble-childhood: Weasley Family will usher in a real critical moment, please help them through the difficulties, so that the children of Weasley Family have a beautiful childhood. Reward: reaction power +20, memory +20]

The sudden appearance of the system hint made Anna pull out the wand, what does it mean? Is there a car accident?

She pays attention to all around nervously.

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