Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 49

Nothing happened, and the blue Ford sedan sent Anna and Harry home smoothly.

When Anna got out of the car, her hand holding Wand was stiff. It didn’t mean a car accident. So what exactly does the Weasley Family’s “real critical moment” mean? Almost let the child of Weasley Family fail to have a good childhood?

To say goodbye to Harry and the Weasley family, Anna returned home inexplicably, this doubt quickly ended in Ms. Linna’s stew–

until Christmas Eve.

“Huh—” Anna shrank on the sofa in front of the fireplace, watching “Basic Curse for the Busy and Irritable”.

Look at this, the shaving curse-the spells for shaving your hair, maybe it becomes a real shaving curse if you use it by yourself.

Anna quickly turned these pages, oh, hard tongue curse, who might want to have a steel tongue to enhance battle strength?

Closed book sighed, Anna opens system.

The’Physics’ section has developed very rapidly. I believe that by doing a few more tasks,’memory’ can be upgraded-not only will the ability to remember things become stronger, but also more of the “” I have read before. Details of Harry Potter.

In contrast to the’magic’ section, the’magic power control precision’ is always 0, and there is no trace of improvement. It is difficult for Anna to follow her own ideas to control the output of magic power.

“Anna!” Linna’s voice came from the door. Anna ran over. The younger brother Aiwen lay on the sofa and looked at them, happily moved towards mother and waved.

“My dear, help me carry this bag to the kitchen, I bought too much without paying attention!” Linna hung up her coat, walked to the living room and touched Aiwen’s Little head said, “This is our first Christmas here! I want to prepare a big meal!”

She saw the chocolate frog full of magic flavor in Aiwen’s hand, and suddenly remembered One thing, “Anna – shall we invite the Weasley family to spend Christmas together?”

“What?” Anna stopped stealing the soda from the refrigerator.

“Don’t drink such cold drinks in winter!” Linna walked over and returned the soda to the refrigerator, “——I mean we can invite the Weasley family to spend Christmas together?”

“Yes, of course, that’s great! But why?” Anna knew that Lena often used owl to contact the Weasley family to collect materials for novels, but the Christmas invitation seemed a bit abrupt.

“Mainly because of this,” Lena took out a newspaper “Seer Evening News”, “Mrs. Weasley introduced me to this kind of newspaper before, and I can find material on it-you come Look here.” Linna pointed to the headline news. It was a picture of a car and looked familiar.

‘The Ford Anglia will fly, and the high-altitude throwing will disrupt the muggle wedding’

Anna takes the newspaper with a speechless expression. What are these things?

‘… At least twenty muggles in London are sure they saw a blue car flying over the church garden. Near noon, a muggle wedding was being held in Norfolk. Sudden vomit from the air fell on the bride’s wedding dress, causing muggle panic. The wedding had to be timeout. A Vernon Mr. Dursley strongly claimed to the muggle police that it was only heaven. Birds that flew by eat too much and vomit-it provides a great convenience for the Ministry of Magic’s work of erasing memories… At present, the incident has been properly handled…’

Dursley? Yes, Harry did say that the Dursley family went to the wedding and left him at Mrs. Feige’s house—

‘… It is forbidden to abuse muggle item office director Arthur · Weasley, because he used it against a muggle car. Was fined two hundred Galleon for magic…’

Two hundred Galleon! That’s not cheap! Anna remembered that she was only fined fifty Galleon in the plot!

But looking at’twenty muggles’,’interrupting the wedding’, and’parabolic aloft’ seems to be able to understand why the fine has quadrupled.

It is clear to my heart, this may be the task-to protect the childhood of Weasley children.

But how does this help? Can’t directly fund assistance, right?

“Baby Anna, the Weasley family is in crisis. Mr. Arthur works in the Ministry of Magic, with a maximum of dozens of Galleons per month-to support the expenses of one family, Mrs. Weasley used to collect materials. Mentioned that their Vault has no golden light at all,” Lena pointed to the section in the newspaper where Mr. Arthur was fined.

“The oldest child in their family has not graduated yet. So many children have to go to school. As far as I know, those books and learning tools are not cheap…” She touched Anna’s head, “Out of kindness , It would be great if I could help their family——At the same time, I know that blood is very important in Magic Circle. Weasley Family is a friendly pure-blood family……”

“I hope you Don’t be bullied when you’re in school. Make a good relationship with the Weasley Family. They can help you when the time comes.”

Although being bullied is unlikely to happen, Anna still I’m very touched by Lena’s love——

Besides the London Speeding incident, I also got involved…

“Good mother, what are we going to do?” Anna got out of the bag Take out a packet of potato chips.

“Mrs. Weasley decided to also go to Ministry of Magic to find a temporary job to alleviate financial difficulties, so I wrote to her and told her that she could temporarily live with the child in our house and let them go with you Community Elementary School…”

Lina was a little bit distressed. “Mr. Arthur is very interested in this attention, but Mrs. Weasley hesitates. She plans to put the children with their aunts, Aunt Muriel. Mother?”

That’s too bad, no wonder it ruins childhood.

“I am writing to invite them to spend Christmas together,” Lena put the things in her pocket in the cupboard, “I have to listen to the opinions of the children.”

” Then you have to prepare the Pack house. The’children’ will definitely agree. It is better for them to rob Gringotts than with the aunt!”

Anna ate the potato chips, one by one, “Upstairs Rooms! We can buy two beds for the twin, Ron stays with Ivan, and I can squeeze with Ginny.”

In this way, the task can be completed. When the Weasley twin goes to school, Weasley Family The eldest son Bill has also graduated, which can reduce the burden on the family. By then, the financial situation of the Weasley Family should have eased.

A few people can play together, Harry must be super happy. Speaking of Harry, the Gryffindor development plan is almost complete, leaving the last additional task-let Harry get the room, Anna has already thought of method.

On Christmas morning, in the Dursley cottage that was refined and decorated.

“Boom—”Quickly, the sound of the cabinet door being knocked.

Harry opened his eyes.

“Quickly, quickly! Pack yourself clearly, and go to omelette!” Aunt Petunia was anxious, “Maggie is coming soon!”

Aunt Maggie, fat With her humanoid mouth, Harry didn’t want to see her at all.

“Yes—Aunt Petunia,” Harry reached out and fumbled on the head of the bed, and a fluffy thing handed over the glasses, “Oh, thank you Mr. Mighty.”

The book of spells borrowed from Anna was hidden in a pillowcase. Harry glanced at the neat red turban in the corner and turned to open the cabinet door.

Almost a month has passed since the adventure of Hogwarts, and it was Christmas in a blink of an eye. Harry was looking forward and nervous, hoping to receive Christmas gifts from his friends, and was afraid that the gifts would be lost. Dudley snatched it——

Of course, Harry had already handed over a bunch of plant specimens that he had painstakingly made at school to Anna in advance. I hope she can pass it on to Lena and the Weasley family at Christmas. This year’s Christmas This was the first time preparing Christmas gifts for friends, and Harry smiled on his face.

“Frying an egg, silly? Be quick!” Aunt Petunia walked over and gave Harry a strange look. In the past two months, my nephew has been a lot of’ordinary’, and she does things in a regular manner. The whole thing, there is no such thing as “magic trouble”.

That’s the best–

“Didi!” The horn of the car sounded outside the door.

Aunt Petunia took off her apron, she gently patted Dudley on the sofa staring at the TV, “Dada Little Darling!”

Harry lifts the head and took a look, Little Darling? Whose’little’ baby? Troll’s?

“Aunt Maggie is here! She has prepared a great gift for you!”

Harry secretly rolled the eyes, silently fried the eggs, and followed Dudley almost full Behind the whole corridor, go to meet Aunt Maggie.

He had a calm complexion. He used to be jealous of the Dursley family’s love for Dudley, but since he knew his parents’ love for him was so great that the entire magic circle knew it, Harry was relieved, let alone recounted. When friends like Anna and the Weasley family had already learned that they could go to magic school after graduating from elementary school, Harry felt very hopeful.

“My lovely Dudley! Come here, Auntie!” Aunt Maggie got off the poor silver white car with a strong, purple face and a clean moustache under her nose. ——She strangled Dudley’s neck with her sturdy arms and gave him a terrifying kiss.

Harry rubbed his hand hurt by the suitcase that was suddenly handed over, feeling lucky.

The kiss of death is over, Dudley wiped the Red Seal on his face, and there was a new twenty-pound check in his hand.

Aunt Maggie walked by Harry, took her fierce ugly dog, kissed and greeted Petunia loudly, and then looked towards Harry badly.

Harry didn’t feel as nervous as he wanted to flush himself down the toilet, perhaps because he had increased his courage by 50.

In the process of getting along with Anna, Harry changed subtly, beautiful foreign words, exquisite lock picking skills, superb language art and sleek attitude.

Before Aunt Maggie spoke, “It’s so good-looking, Aunt Maggie!” Looking at the purple face, Harry opened his eyes and said nonsense.

“Merry Christmas!” He smirked how fake and fake he was.

Aunt Maggie was stunned. Maybe she didn’t expect this little cumbersome distant relative and the younger generation to say such pleasant words, reaching out and not hitting the smiley person, so she held back the irony that was about to be expressed. , “Finally I said something.”

He stretched out his hand and took out a bag of dog biscuits from a small cloth pocket.

“Your Christmas present.”

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