Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 50

I am flattered! A pack of fresh imported dog biscuits from the United States!

“Thank you Auntie,” Harry took the cookie, ignoring the look of the sharpie like a tiger watching his prey at Aunt Maggie’s feet.

Dudley got a brand new, computer-controlled robot–

If Anna was there, she would comfort herself, “What kind of flashy decorative toy is that? Can’t compare to a pack Delicious and nutritious dog biscuits that can fill your stomach!”

Harry continued to smile, Vernon Dursley took Maggie’s salute from the car and gave Harry a surprised look.

It’s been rare to catch Harry in the past month. It’s like he finally found his place-well, maybe he really realizes that he should be an ordinary person.

After a series of instructions, Aunt Maggie’s big ass finally hit the poor little sofa of Dursley’s family.

“Open the present! Open the present!” Dudley was holding his new toy and standing in front of the Christmas tree enthusiastically. He pointed with his thick fingers, “…fifteen, sixteen… thirty-six , Thirty-seven…”

The beautifully packaged gift boxes are piled under the Christmas tree. The small ones are about the size of Mr. Mighty. The big ones can fit Harry in. Harry suspects that Aunt Petunia abducts her to help her. House elf doing housework-I can’t help but start worrying about whether my cabinet can squeeze another new tenant out.

Looking at the gift-giver with wide eyes, Harry was a little bit disappointed. At any rate, he already has a bag of dog biscuits this year, right?

“…38!” Dudley jumped up excitedly, the whole floor vibrating, he squeezed in front of Harry to show off, “Guess how many Christmas gifts I have?”

“One hundred, Oliver has one hundred gifts.” Harry opened his mouth.

“…” Dudley was obviously not so excited anymore, probably thinking in his head that he would need a hundred gifts for the next Christmas.

Aunt Petunia stood aside frowns and counted the presents, “How come it is 38?” She whispered, “I remember there were only 37…”

Dudley sat down I went down and started to unpack the package, the small red trolley, and the expensive remote-controlled steamboat at a glance, a robotic parrot that can make a sound in a cage, “I want a living! A flying parrot!” Dudley yelled. , Uncle Vernon had to comfort him to buy him one soon.

“What is this?” Dudley picked up a gift box that was packaged differently from the others, and shook it vigorously. There was no sound inside. “Empty box!” Dudley was angry, and he stared. Own parents.

“My dear nephew, let me have a look.” Maggie took the box. There was nothing written on it, no name, address, blessings-like a surprise box waiting to be opened. .

Harry stood in the corner as a clothes rack, staring curiously at the box in Aunt Maggie’s hand.

As soon as I tried hard, the box opened. There was no extra surprise. Maggie used her index finger to hook out an ugly teacup from the inside. “Poor man’s stuff, where did she come from?” She glanced at it. Harry.

“It’s not Harry,” Aunt Petunia said honestly, “He didn’t even have the money to buy this thing–probably because he wanted to curry favor with a gift from our poor child in Little Darling, Dada. I accidentally piled it up here.”

Maggie put the’ugly’ cup on the ground, “In normal times, this cup is used by my Lippi. Hey Lippi uses a custom-made bowl at home,” the Shar Pei approached lazily, and Aunt Maggie poured some water into the cup.

Absolutely right-that’s a bite teacup!

Perhaps it will soon become a dog-biting teacup, this scabbers dog finally ushered in its retribution.

Harry opened the door of the glass greenhouse to the backyard with his hands shaking with excitement, holding the Dursley family’s gaze, “Ventilation,” he said.

It seems that there is nothing wrong. The firewood in the fireplace burns too well, and the air in the room is not very circulated. This kid finally has a bit of foresight, Uncle Vernon is insignificantly nodded.

“Woo — woof!” Lippi’s nose was bitten by the cute teacup.

Its entire face was buried in the cup, and Aunt Maggie thought that its head was stuck, and yelled anxiously, “Lippey! My heart!”

Aunt Maggie’s heart hit the wall and messed up the glass greenhouse again–

Everyone, especially Aunt Petunia–she screamed because she couldn’t bear the mess. Everyone is moving, hoping to catch Lippi.

The hero Lippi rushed to Dudley’s feet. Dudley screamed and tripped himself. Uncle Vernon ran to help Dudley, but he knocked the Christmas tree into the air, and the living room jumped.

Finally, the hero Lippi made enough trouble, and he yelled “wu wu——” twice, and rushed out of the glass greenhouse through the door Harry opened, and ran around the garden twice, trying Rolling to get the tea cup down, but to no avail, it twisted, turned and escaped from Aunt Maggie’s crotch.

It just so happened that the garden fence that caused Uncle Vernon to pull his hips hadn’t been repaired yet, so there were two more beautiful figures on the streets of Privet Road—a mad dog running wild with a teacup on his head, and The bloated woman chasing after panting heavily.

“Has the plan succeeded?” Ron approached Anna, “I seem to hear a scream outside.”

“Sit down, be quiet, Ronnie Little Darling, Even if there is a beautiful Dragon outside, it has nothing to do with us,” Fred de pressed Ron back to his place, “unless you want to go to Aunt Muriel’s house for a few months.”

George made a zipper action on Ron’s mouth, “Keep it secret-then we can learn in the fun muggle world, don’t you feel excited?”

Ginny put Ron’s arm on it, He was heavily nodded to him. This is one of the few opportunities to live next door to Harry, “We don’t know anything.”

Several people sitting on the sofa in the living room, Mr. Weasley Looking at the TV curiously, the hot eyes seemed to want to take the TV apart to find out.

“Lina, thank you very much!” Molly Weasley shook Lina’s hand. “The children are clamoring not to go to their aunt. We don’t know what to do-I’m still the first Once I saw twin crying and scared Arthur and me to death.”

Anna looked towards twin.

“We looked for the sad potion that Luna father asked for,” Fred De explained in a low voice, “Dripping it in the soup, it almost made my tear duct dry.”

“From our baby After that, I never cried so happily. I thought we had no tears.” George added.

“Don’t tell me, maybe they are both hairy hearts.” Ron whispered.

“Mao Heart?” Anna felt like she had heard it.

“”The wizard’s hairy heart”, a fairy tale, the hairy heart is used to describe a wizard who does not understand emotions,” Ginny explained to Anna.

“A wizard used dark magic to take out his heart and put it in a crystal box to maintain his wonderful single life. However, he was ridiculed and couldn’t find a wife. In order to prove himself, he went to find a good one. The girl——”

“The girl had to look at his true heart, so he took out the heart, because it was left outside for too long and the heart grew hairy…”


Speaking of this, Ginny stuck out her tongue, “The girl was so happy. I don’t know what is so happy about seeing the hairy heart. She also asked the wizard to put the heart back where it should be— —The wizard put Mao’s heart back into his chest — I really don’t know what to say — the best place it should be is the trash can!”

Ginny concluded, “I think this story I just want to tell us to put the rubbish where it should go.”

“Incisive,” Anna applauded, it seems that there is no need to worry about Ginny being deceived by the unscrupulous man.

“But mother said that she wanted to tell us not to use dark magic indiscriminately.” Ron frowns.

“Lippi! Lippi!” The noise of the woman came from outside the window, “Help! Who will stop it for me!”

“What happened?” Lian Na stood up and opened the door.

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