Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 51

Lina opened the door and saw a strong lady stepping on broken steps, chasing a dog with a teacup on her head in a panic.

Arthur .Weasley was curious about everything about muggle. He poked his head out of the window to watch the excitement. At this glance, he almost screamed, “Bite a teacup?!”

Arthur I rushed out of the house, without time to put on my coat, hid in the grass on the side of the road, and took out the wand.

“Bite the teacup Accio!”

Take advantage of the effort of Aunt Maggie bending down and panting, the biting teacup has flew into Arthur’s hand with Lippi.

Aunt Maggie looked up, panting, and seeing that there was no sign of Lippi in front of her eyes, she grabbed an old lady passing by and shook her, “Have you—see a head being caught by a teacup? Covered-the dog ran from here?”

The old lady struggled, hitting Maggie with a walking stick, thinking she had run into a lunatic.

“Madam!” Lina hurried over, “I think I saw it! It ran back, it’s over there!” Lina pointed to the direction Maggie ran all the way. .

Maggie let go of the loose old lady, turned around and ran back, but she was hit by Arthur’s “Obliviate” not too far away.

She stopped, seeming to have lost something important, “What am I doing? Oh yes,” she suddenly realized, “I am out for a walk.”

The old lady with the stick was so angry that she almost didn’t throw the stick out and hit her on the head.

“Excitement!” George and Fred gave high fives.

“My dear children, it has nothing to do with you?” Molly Weasley looked at the twin, “that teacup?”

“Of course! Mother, you have to trust us!”

“We only came here for less than two hours!”

Maybe Mrs. Molly thinks that two hours is not enough for twin to make such a mess, she nodded, “That’s best.” “

“Work will knock on the door at any time,” Arthur walked over with the dog, “Christmas is no exception.”

“But fortunately, the lady thought it was a teacup I got stuck in the dog’s head, so nothing has happened,” Arthur pointed at the teacup with wand, “Finite Incantatem!”

Lippi finally got his head out of the teacup, it didn’t look so so. It’s fierce, like a bear child who has been taught a lesson.

“Go!” Arthur put Lippi on the ground, and it ran towards Maggie with its tail clamped.

“Oh! Lippi dear! Why did you come out to find me? Do you miss me?” Maggie surprisedly hugged Lippi moved towards No.4 Pristine Road and walked slowly.

Anna looked at everything in front of her through the window.

The first Christmas surprise drew Aunt Maggie away. I think the second surprise should have already been delivered.

Vernon Dursley walked around anxiously in the living room, “That broken teacup! And that stupid dog!” he cursed.

The experience of hip-pulling made Vernon dare not cross the fence anymore, so he lost Maggie when he chased it out.

Aunt Petunia didn’t like the dog that messed up the house, so she didn’t chase it out.

Dudley doesn’t care about her aunt Maggie, sitting on the sofa and playing with the robot she just got, even though it was given to him by the aunt who just ran out.

“shua ——” A letter was delivered from the door.

“What is it?” Uncle Vernon noticed the letter and picked it up with difficulty.

“Let me see… Harry Potter?” This turned out to be a letter to Harry!

It says in a weird green ink, “No. 4 Privet Road, Little Huijin District, Surrey, Harry Potter in the broken cupboard under the stairs.”

Vernon felt that his blood had clotted, and the air seemed to become thinner. He opened the letter and glanced at–

“Pe-Petunia! Petunia!” He rushed Entering the kitchen, ignoring Maggie and her terrible dog, now something worse has happened.

Uncle Vernon held the letter high, avoiding Dudley’s scramble.

“What’s that! Is it my gift!” Dudley took the robot and hit Vernon’s leg. He glanced at Harry and seemed to think of something. He screamed, “It’s always impossible for Harry. Right?!”

“What?” Is it a gift from Anna? Harry leaned over.

Petunia took the letter with her brow tightly, her pupils trembling, “impossible!” she screamed.

The two looked at each other, Aunt Petunia kept shaking his head, and Harry almost thought there was a head shaking spell on the letter.

“Whose letter is that?” Harry stood on tiptoe to try to figure out what it was.

Dudley yelled, “Give me things!”

1 point later, the two appeared at the kitchen door, behind the locked door, Dudley and Harry Immediately start a silent contest, competing for the narrow keyhole.

“This—this address!” Aunt Petunia’s voice was trembling, “Impossible! Are they watching us!”

She holds the letter paper in her hand, in the middle There is a big letter’H’ at the top of the lion, eagle, snake and badger.

Familiar feeling, Petunia suddenly remembered that when she was a child, she was hopeful waiting for Hogwarts to reply. It was a piece of letter paper of the same style. It was also not written on the paper to announce admission—but something else.

“I can still feel the silent threat! Quickly look at what is written in this letter?!” Uncle Vernon could not restrain his voice, “Remind him not to forget to receive that after three years …Warts…the admission letter for the pig magic house? (Hogwarts—hog pig—warts warts)”

“Do we want to reply?” Aunt Petunia grabbed Vernon’s arm, “We have to tell them that we don’t Let him go to Hogwarts——”

“Don’t say that name!” Uncle Vernon began to pace, “No, we can’t do anything. Three years later, when the time comes, we will go directly to travel. , Go to the jungle, go to the isolated island, stay away from here-when the time comes, you won’t receive the admission notice!”

Aunt Petunia did not speak.

“Petunia, we can’t let these abnormal things go! When we adopt your younger sister’s child! We swear! We can’t let those things affect Dudley! And our ordinary little days !”

Petunia saw the green glitter on the Christmas tree decoration ball, “Yes, we can’t.”

She crumpled the letter paper, just like receiving Dumbledore many years ago Reject her admission letter like-‘You have no innate talent, Petunia Young Lady. ‘

Aunt Maggie quickly returned to No. 4 Privet Road, holding Lippi with a sad face, frowns, she seemed to be trying to remember something.

Not long after, she came out of the house with a suitcase.

“Maggie, don’t you really need me to send you off?” Uncle Vernon looked at his younger sister helplessly.

“No, Merry Christmas, Vernon! I always feel that the door of my house is not closed properly-if all of my twelve obedients ran away, it would not be good!”

Seeing the taxi drive far away, Vernon turned and returned home, unprecedented to visit Harry who was living in the cabinet for the first time.

“Is that letter to me?” Harry was really anxious, “What’s written on it?”

“It was sent wrong, I have torn it up and thrown it away! “

“How could it be sent wrong!?” Anna is impossible to get her address wrong!

“Enough!” Uncle Vernon shrieked to stop Harry from speaking, scared Mr. Mighty almost fell from the corner. “Given your recent performance, the comfortable bedroom on the second floor is yours. “

“That room?” Harry was a little surprised. What did Anna write in the letter?

“How is it possible?” Uncle Vernon gave him a strange look, as if wondering where his courage came from to own that room, “Dada’s second bedroom is yours, for the time being— —If you don’t behave well, we will take it back.”

“Uh—”Happiness comes too suddenly.

“Don’t ask questions, Pack things go upstairs!” Uncle Vernon turned to calm Dudley, who was crying, and promised to give him an up-to-date computer.

[‘Harry attribute template’ additional task completed (33): Harry has his own small room, courage +10]

[The Boy Who Lived in Distress—The Soul of Champion: Quest Complete; Reward: Memory +100, Reaction Power +100]

[Reaction power upgrade: high, 2000 experience required for the next upgrade]

Oh, the plan is successful.

“Mrs. Weasley!” Anna leaned over, raising a lovely smile.

“Can I take them to familiarize themselves with the environment?” After a pause, “I can also meet the neighbors by the way.”

“Thank you dear! That is so sweet That’s it!” Mrs. Weasley touched Anna’s head.

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