Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 52

Harry sat on the bed, his expression still in a daze.

This is a’small’ room in the literal sense, full of Dudley’s broken toys, but compared to the cabinet under the stairs-it’s a big improvement.

In just one trip, Harry finished moving the things. The most important thing was the pillow, which he held tightly, but inside it contained the red headscarf, Mr. Mighty and the book of spells, and a box of Harry. Reluctant to eat chocolate frogs, so many’prohibited items’-if they are caught by Uncle Vernon, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Why are you holding that broken pillow?” Uncle Vernon couldn’t understand this little kid’s behavior. “There are pillows on the bed upstairs!”

“Uh-leave a souvenir !” Harry hugged the pillow tightly. “After all, this is the most precious thing I have.”

Uncle Vernon glanced at him, mumbled “Why is so ignorant,” turned and walked away.

Harry closed the door of the room, and could hear Dudley crying on the first floor, and Uncle Vernon’s crying, he might be caught by his hair, “Not allowed—why—let him go? Get out! That’s mine—hiccup! Room!” Then Aunt Petunia calmed Dudley and told him that the room was cursed and he could not play with toys in it, otherwise he would never be able to eat well. I have a blueberry pie.

It is worth mentioning that the Dursley family believes in mysterious learning power. They do not use umbrellas in the house and prohibit Dudley from passing under the wooden ladder. Of course, it may also be because Dudley is too fat and will knock the ladder over. ——They watch horror movies, and look towards Harry every time Uncle Vernon screams.

Maybe they think magic is the evil mysterious power in horror movies, after all, magic has never brought them any pleasant surprises.

Thinking about it this way, it seems that there is nothing incomprehensible for a nephew with an evil curse to live in the closet. Harry realized it, a goddamn horror movie.

“zi zi ——zi zi ——” The electric bell rang.

“Hello! Is anyone home?” The young voice rang out, rustling outside, maybe more than one person came.

Dudley’s crying stopped in an instant—maybe it was his’gang of scoundrels’ at school. Dudley didn’t want to show his tears in front of his buddies.

Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon also think so.

Uncle Vernon quickly sat on the small sofa and opened a newspaper, pretending to be casual, he loudly said, “Honey! Open the door!”

“Good dear !” Aunt Petunia replied loudly. At the same time, she wiped Dudley’s face clean with a towel. She hurried to the door, sorted out her clothes, and opened the door–

There were five children in front of her. The four are red-haired, and the only brown-haired girl happened to meet Petunia, “Anna?!”

“Ms. Petunia Merry Christmas!” Anna politely greeted her, and at the same time handed a fresh copy copied with a copy curse Of pie.

“Uh-Merry Christmas,” Petunia took the pie and looked at the group of children. The boys are wearing ordinary clothes, sweaters and wide-leg pants? Some were mismatched, and the young girl stared at herself intently–

Normally, Petunia looked away, “Is it here to find us Dada, right? Dada——”

“Oh, no lady,” George took the piece of paper that Ron had handed over, and looked upwards pretendingly. “We’re here to find—Harry Potter, he lives here, yes. Is it?”

“What! Harry——Potter!” Petunia did not control the volume, “Are you sure?!”

Petunia took the file that George handed over—hope Harry Potter joined the community elementary school “Chardley Rockets”-the content is very detailed, and it is neatly stamped with a chapter, although Petunia can’t recognize what is written in the chapter, it is formal enough.

Harry emerged from the small room and saw Anna and a group of people standing at the door-he thought this was the biggest surprise of Christmas.

Ron blinked at him, and Ginny hid behind Ron.

“We are a team member of the community elementary school’Chardley Rockets’-that is a very famous team,” Fred De introduced to Mrs. Petunia, “Maybe others have not heard of Yes, but it is still very famous in our circle.”

“Very famous!” Ron added, he was definitely nodded.

“We came to Harry, he was selected by the teacher to join us-because of his innate talent,” Anna flickered, “Earlier last month, McGonagall teacher just saw him Playing a race game with a group of boys, he ran fast!”

What race game? Dudley, who ran over to eavesdrop, widened his eyes. Although I don’t know which time it was, it is certain that they were chasing Harry!

Petunia was a little hesitant. Maybe when she adopted Harry, she thought that he would fly to the tree and his hair would grow overnight, but never thought that he would encounter such a situation, “Um… Please forgive us—”

“Madam, and Dudley,” Anna took advantage of Petunia to say, “The teacher thinks Dudley is very innate talent in boxing, and she will never lose sight of if Harry Join us, she can help introduce an excellent boxing coach.”

“Oh,” Petunia paused, “This way–“

“I don’t want to learn boxing !” Dudley was snarling, “Don’t let Harry join them! No!”

But this time, Petunia didn’t give Dudley anymore, even though she couldn’t bear it.

“Dada Little Darling, this is an opportunity! You have innate talent in this area! We didn’t even find out—” She wiped away tears of excitement, even though she kept paralyzing her son is the best Yes, but still subconsciously worried about Dudley’s future.

“We are so careless, we almost delayed you!”

“What? No—”

“We Dada has an innate talent for boxing!” Uncle Vernon ran over and the floor thumped and shook, “This news is the best gift I have received for Christmas! I should have known it! Look at this muscle!” He patted Dudley’s belly showing off.

The entire group looked at Dudley’s rippling flesh, “Yes, very strong,” Anna praised.

“Can we go to Harry? Discuss…Uh-what about the team?” Ron couldn’t wait.

Uncle Vernon was suddenly fortunate to let Harry live in the smallest room upstairs, which is still a room anyway, and will not leave any words, “He is upstairs, the room closest to the stairs.”

Uncle Vernon told, “Be careful, he’s a bit irritable.”

“There is still some paranoia,” Aunt Petunia let everyone in, “If he says something, please don’t care.”


“He will fly to the tree!” Dudley screamed.

“Dada Little Darling!” Aunt Petunia gently covered Dudley’s mouth and led him to the kitchen, “Let’s eat blueberry pie!”

Anna steps on On the stairs to the second floor, the structure of No. 4 Privender Road was exactly the same as that of my own house, with pictures of the Dursley family hung on the wall, limited to their family, and Harry could not be found at all.

It feels like Harry is a qualified house elf from Dursley.

“Great Harry Potter! Merry Christmas!” twin gave Harry a big hug and handed him a beautifully wrapped dung egg, “Christmas!”

“Thank you! Merry Christmas! !” Harry took it gratefully.

Ron leaned over and sat on Harry’s bed, a handful of dust was lifted up, “How long have you not slept?”

“I just moved here just now ,” Harry was a little helpless, “My previous room is much more crowded than here.”

“Why are they punishing you?” Ginny looked angrily at the empty room, where there was only the broken bed. , A shabby wardrobe, a set of tables and chairs, and a bunch of weird toys, even The Burrow than’The Burrow’.

“This is already a reward. Of course my previous room was crowded—” Harry shrugged, “Just pretend to be me alone.”

Ginny gave him a hug, At the same time, he took out a somewhat rough red wool yarn sock, “Merry Christmas Harry, everything will be alright!” She was a little shy, “This is my sock, for you–“

“Thank you! Merry Christmas Ginny!” Harry is more interested in socks than Loli’s hug, “It looks good! But why is there only one?”

“The other one was snatched by Pukwudgie,” Ron Handing Harry a long gift box, “Ginny is so sad.”

“What’s this?” Harry shook the gift box that Ron had given him, making a crashing sound inside.

“What you need most, my friend!” Ron winked his eyes.

Harry opened the gift curiously-Lovegood’s special’wart treatment magic power ointment’.

There is a note next to it,’Any wart is cured by medicine, whether it is on the buttocks or not. ‘

Harry sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Thank you-Ron-but I want to say that my ass is very healthy,” If it weren’t for the female child in this room, Harry really wanted to take off his pants to prove it.

“hahaha ——” George Patted Harry’s shoulder, “Forgive him, for this ointment he also participated in Ms. Lovegood’s curse experiment, if it weren’t short, he would almost get shaved. It’s the one that has one component missing.”

“For this, the mother held Ms. Lovegood’s hand and told her to repent and be saved-they are very good friends,” Fred De He added, “But the persuasion didn’t work. Ms. Lovegood used the portkey to go to country m to continue her research——”

“Luna was very happy, saying that the harassment flies in her mother’s ears were much less “,” Ron dragged his voice, “Although no one knows what the harassing horsefly is.”

Anna took out a rectangular box from the blue floral bag, “Merry Christmas Harry! It’s another new year.” , I hope your academic progress and good health!”

“Want to say something? Muggle world gifts are too formal, right?” Ron whispered to twin, “Every year you remember to say’Christmas’ to me Happy’ I thank Merlin!”

“Anna features.”

“Merry Christmas Anna! Uh-happy every day!” Harry took the gift with both hands and opened it , Is a book, maybe no child wants to receive a book at Christmas, but this is an exception.

The thick red cover-“Those Wizard Things in the 20th Century”.

“Gosh! You remember!” Harry couldn’t wait to turn to the photos of his parents, and he saw the two of them winking at him.

“I bought a developer potion at Diagon Alley, which can make photos move.”

This is the best Christmas.

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