Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 53

The wife who lives at No.7, Nuzhen Road, here referred to as Mrs. No.7, found some changes in her life.

First of all, there are more cats on Privet Road, and Mrs. 7’s hobby has changed from feeding pigeons to cats.

But the last time I fed a cat was brutally Waterloo——

It was a tabby cat, sitting on the side of the road, and hadn’t moved all morning. Mrs. 7 thought it was. The ass was frozen on the ground, and walking over with the cat food and hot water, the cat watched quietly—

until she poured the hot water on the ground—the tabby cat ran vigilantly I went out-so scared that Mrs. 7 slipped and fell.

But perhaps to compensate for her kindness, on the 2nd day, she discovered that the orchid she had taken care of for a long time—the orchid left by the deceased daughter had actually bloomed. It was winter—it was incredible.

The weather is getting colder. The retro black cloak seems to be particularly popular this year. Mrs. 7 has seen more than one person wearing it, so she went to a big shopping mall and carefully selected a good-looking cloak and got it The praise of the child from the Lawrence family next door, and speaking of it–

The house of Mrs. Lawrence next door suddenly has four red-haired children. They may be relatives of the Lawrence family. It’s not surprising, isn’t it——

Life is always changing.

Mrs. 7 was watering the yard, and two children carrying schoolbags greeted her, “Good morning madam!”

“Good morning children!” She watched the two The child left, his eyes gleaming towards the’grandiose’ team that appeared from No. 8 Privum Road—

coming—Mrs. No. 7 clenched the water pipe tightly.

“Good morning, Mrs. Anna,” Anna is the most normal, “Your cloak today is so beautiful.”

“Good morning, thank you dear,” Mrs. Seven smiles .

“The cloak is so beautiful!” *3, the uniform Anna repeater is online.

The smile on Mrs. Seven’s face stiffened, “Thank you—children.”

“Madam, what is this?” Fred De pointed to the lawn mower, “Use Come to expel Pukwudgie?”

“Oh this—”

Expulse Pukwudgie? Mrs. Seven thought that Fred was cracking a joke. She tried to explain that this was an ordinary lawn mower, used for weeding—just like the ordinary football on the ground, it was an ordinary object.

“How could there be Pukwudgie here?” George walked over to observe the lawnmower, “I guess it was used to prevent sniffing from coming in and theft–they couldn’t help it when they saw shiny things, and they liked to make holes. “

“How is it possible, can you pay attention to it–” Ron roared in a low voice, “We are in the muggle world. There are impossible Pukwudgie and sniffing here. Obviously-this is used to intimidate vole They are really hard to catch!”

No matter how remote the Privet Road is, there will be no voles this thing!

But fortunately, today they didn’t care if there would be fire snakes laying fire eggs in this house and let the fire burn the whole house——

This made Mrs. Seven I got rid of the bad habit of letting the fireplace burn all night. Even though I knew it was a child’s childish language, Mrs. 7 happened to hate snakes the most.

Farewell to these’cute’ children, she shook her head and continued her great career of watering.

Anna likes to see Mrs. Seven’s helpless expression.

“What is Ginny doing at home?” 5 points before he went out, Ron seemed to be worried, “Is the door closed? Cat Snow won’t run out, right? Where is Ivan? Ginny knows to give it to him. A baby bottle?” He muttered for a while, “Ms. Linna really helped me record the morning news when I went out?”

Ron likes to watch the morning news, he said that he could use it from inside. To learn more about muggle, of course, Anna felt that it would be more convincing if he didn’t keep staring at the good-looking host.

“Little Mama Ron, don’t worry about so many things before you get married,” Frederick glanced at Ron’s hair with pity, “Be careful that you are bald at a young age.”

“Yesterday he was still worried about whether Bobby and Carol would have a misunderstanding because of the’muscular man’,” George interrupted, “If there is a chance, I will definitely recommend the’quick-acting fitness candy’ to Bobby. ‘”

“There is no misunderstanding, peace of mind, they will not break up for the time being,” Anna spoiled, just happened to watch the classic American drama “The Troubles of Growth” in her previous life.

It’s really didn’t expect that the children of magic circle are so fascinated by American TV series—their dresses have become a lot more normal recently. It should be said that they are at the forefront of fashion. Look at this famous brand of sweaters and American TV series. They are exactly the same. I don’t know if the crew happened to lose three pieces of clothes, or Mrs. Weasley used transfiguration to help them transform the “high imitation”-magic can really act wilfully.

“Actually, I want them to break up,” Ron waved Fred’s hand on his head. “I prefer Carol to stay single.”

“Why? “Anna is curious.

“She is a top student! She is very smart, and being in love will affect her judgment.” Ron tried to make a profound look, nodded, “Yes, and she is very beautiful, Bobby is worthy Not on her—that’s it.”

“I’ll translate Little Darling Ronnie’s words—’Carol is very smart and beautiful. I like it. She shouldn’t fall in love, she should belong to me. ‘!” George imitated Ron’s expression.

“I don’t have one!” Ron yelled.

“Didi——” The yellow bus and school bus stopped on the side of the road, urging the clamoring crowd.

Ron quickly ran into the car, “Harry!” He greeted Harry who was sitting in the third row by the window.

Harry beckons with the hand, “Good morning!”

Several younger children looked at Dudley sitting behind, Dudley was showing off with his gang of scoundrels Their brand new boxing gloves didn’t care about Harry too much, and they whispered.

“Hey! Fred! George!” The tall man in the last row greeted twin.

There was a moment of silence in the car, and the people in the last row were all bad boys who had an 80% chance of going to Shiqiang Middle School.

Someone looked at the two newly arrived red-haired transfer students with horror. A spectacle student who dropped the bag on the ground quickly removed the bag for fear of attracting the attention of the unhealthy teenager.

“Morning Rudy,” Rudy held his neck intimately as Fred walked over.

“Are the last stock still available?” Rudy is tall and sly-eyed. He doesn’t look like a good person. When he speaks this way, he really feels like he’s making a secret transaction.

Anna and the driver uncle walked over and just heard such a sentence, eyebrows raised.

What? Is it so wild? Worthy of being the Gryffindor of the future!

George took off his schoolbag and gave Rudy a look. “We only have so much for the time being.” He and Fred were smiling at each other. “If you can bid higher, we can still give you Find something else.”

“gu lu lu —” The driver braked and the contents of George’s schoolbag just rolled out.

The harm, it turned out to be dung eggs.

Anna picked up the dung egg and walked to the last row under a group of surprised eyes.

‘She’s finished, she’s finished, she will definitely be beaten! “The little man with glasses muttered in his heart,” Didn’t anyone tell these transfer students not to contact bad boys? ‘

Really smart enough, Anna secretly nodded, the ability of twin to come for money is really amazing——

Dung-egg trading!

Wonderful! This thing looks very ordinary, just like a ball of dung piled up by a half-person tall shit, and it flows into the muggle world is not an impossible thing—

twin sells things and gets the money. If you have trouble, just wait for Mr. Arthur to bring his colleagues back from the muggle world, and come back with an’Obliviate’, and muggle will not remember anything–

Because it is just a normal egg, Mr. Arthur It will definitely be given to twin as a toy again-what a wonderful black industry chain this is!

Even if the dung-egg trade is discovered, nothing will happen. This is just a dung-egg. Twin can be said to be just a prank!


Fred De looked at the smile on Anna’s face and smelled a bad smell.

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