Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 54

“Ann…Anna-actually we haven’t done anything yet-huh, George?” Fred took his seat upright.

“Yes, I took the wrong one!” George quickly took the dung egg from Anna’s hand, “We want to take this–“

He took it out of the bag Two sandwiches.

“You put our sandwiches and dung eggs together!” Fred De yelled.

“Uh-I can’t smell it when I eat -” George sniffed the sandwich. “Well, we can feed Ron!”

“Hey, man! Don’t worry about the sandwich! Do you have more of this stuff?” Rudy counted with his fingers, “Classroom, corridor…toilet…headmaster office…I need a lot!”

“For the time being No, the situation is special. This is our last one…” Fred is a bit regretful. The family has an economic crisis and can only sell all the dung eggs in stock. It is better not to play pranks for a short time.

“I have,” Anna pretended to reach into the schoolbag, but she actually opened the blue floral bag inside, and she took out a dung egg.

“Supply ten per week, first come first served!” Anna bought a lot of dung eggs in Hogsmeade village.

“What about the price?” Rudy looked at Anna suspiciously, thinking that this beautiful Little Princess shouldn’t be mixed with this’dung-egg business’.

“As before,” Anna found a seat and sat down, “I supply Fred and George.”

twin is crazy nodded.

After thinking about it for a while, Rudy stretched out his hand to Anna, “Deal!”

Fred shook hands with Anna in front of Anna, like a rare opportunity to shake hands with muggle, “Deal!” “

Ron sitting at the front, except for turning his head when he heard the “sandwich”, he was relieved at other times——

“Don’t worry about Harry, Anna initiated Huo Lai can kill all the people in this car,” he lowered his voice, “If you want me to say, we should be worried about those bad boys, if I see Anna-the kind of murderer-in the morning news extraordinarily criminal case section. —That’s terrible!”

“Uh, it’s too exaggerated—” Harry saw Anna walking over, and he changed the subject, “What did you say in “The Troubles of Growth” yesterday?”


“Carol and Bobby, they have nothing to do.” Anna leaned in and made a gesture of wiping her neck.

“Oh my God!” The glasses student who was listening next to him covered his head and called out, “They— broke up?!”

“That’s right.” Anna rolled the eyes , The habit of eating melons shared by humans-but Boka’s failure to be together is indeed a great regret in the previous life. If the old lady is a screenwriter, they will definitely get married in place.

“She’s so cruel,” Ron watched Anna sit among the group of girls next to her, and couldn’t help but moved towards Harry to spit.

He glanced sympathetically at his empty glasses student, “She easily destroyed a child’s fantasy of love!”

“Just say a few words Ron!” Harry covered Ron’s mouth, and he saw Anna moved towards here smiling.

Harry smiled back. He had a foreboding that the recent school life would be very lively.

Magic matter is sweeping the entire community elementary school just like the Northeast dialect. Of course, everyone didn’t think about magic at all, but felt that there were more topics after a meal.

Sairie teacher who kept hiccuping in class was fainted by the weird smell that lingered in the corridor, and the annoying old man headmaster could not find the key to open the school door-over the wall When I entered school, I was torn off my hips and sent to the hospital-the school was off for a day.

There is also a weak chicken Steve. I don’t know when he secretly trained, but he has grown strong muscles. He is now the most beautiful boy in the community elementary school. Everyone ran away in physical education class. Touch his pectoralis major-Merlin’s beard! He is only ten years old!

During school time, Anna and twin made a lot of money. In addition to trading dung eggs and other one-time magic supplies, Anna also tried to carry out the old-fashioned repair business, but the repaired things were too effective magic, this business was forced to terminate-it is worth mentioning that Anna still has no experience in controlling magic power.

The intermediary makes the difference, and Anna transfers the money earned to Gringotts to Galleon ——

Gringotts’ muggle currency exchange business is mainly for non-purebred school-age wizards. From the year they are about to go to school until they graduate, the currency exchange quota will be much relaxed during this period.

Anna happens to belong to the’non-purebred’,’school age’, this year is the year she will enroll in Hogwarts.

In the face of squib and muggles that are in contact with magic circle, Gringotts also provides currency exchange services, but will strictly control the exchange limit to prevent the magic circle financial market from collapsing-Goblins never have money issues Confused.

For the purebred wizard, Gringotts does not provide the exchange business of muggle currency and wizard currency——

Most proud purebred wizards may not want to be associated with muggle world. , But if they want, they can always find “hidden” legal loopholes.

At the end of March, the community elementary school was closed again for a two-week Easter holiday.

In the 2-Layer bungalow at No.8, Privet Road, Anna took out a bag of gold Galleon and twin to’divide the loot’-after all, selling magic items to muggle is an’illegal’ behavior.

Anna once thought about using the gold Galleon to melt away, it was real gold-but after exhausting all methods with twin, there was no way to destroy Galleon.

“Huh! This is Shield Charm better than Shield Charm!” Anna exclaimed.

“Goblin magic still has its merits,” George took the gold Galleon frequently nodded, “Just hook up with the money…” His eyes lighted up, as if thinking of something, “If it’s great Ms. Molly spanked us again, and I filled my pants with Galleons-absolutely no pain!”

“First of all, we need to have so many Galleons, brothers.” Fred De wrote in the notebook , “Small target, Galleon with two pants.”

“pa!” The twin bedroom door was opened.

“You guys have to look at this—” Ron was very excited, until he could see the gold Galleon in the hands of the three.

“So much—Galleon!” Ron wanted to see how much gold twin was holding in his hand, “You made so much!”

George received Galleon in the bag in.

“Well–maybe–” Ron’s gaze followed George’s hand, “For the sake of me being your younger brother…”

“Unless you let the water drip right now The beast stepped over us, otherwise don’t even think about it, Ronnie Little Darling.” Fred De smiled at him.

“Anna! Bring me next time—” Ron pleaded with Anna. He saw Harry walking to the door, “—and Harry! Whatever it is! Take us!”

“Okay,” Anna happily accepted, the new labor force got, “What did you want us to see?”

Ron took a red-covered book from Harry and handed it to Anna , Twin also came over.

“The Wizard Things of the 20th Century? Isn’t this Anna’s birthday present to Harry?”

“Yes—” Harry came up, “Dudley knew by accident I have a very precious book and want to steal it while I am sleeping. He dare not enter my room-fearing that there is a curse in it, so he uses Uncle Vernon’s fishing rod to hook it out.”

Harry pointed to the gap in the cover, “I was awakened and just saved the book, but there was a gap in the cover of the book.”

“I need to use a repair spell Is it?” Anna pulled out wand.

“Thank you! If you can,” Harry took out a crumpled parchment.

“But actually the point I want to say is—there is something in the cover—”

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