Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 55

It was a crumpled piece of parchment, and the dark blue text was clearly visible.

‘…I had many dreams when I was young, and most of them have forgotten…’

“What is this? The author’s confession?” George pinched his chin, “Easter egg “They watched a movie recently, and they paid attention to the easter eggs everywhere.

“It’s possible,” Fred De pointed out.

‘…I spent more than three years studying abroad at Hogwarts, almost every day, with my crystal ball-I like to be with the crystal ball, although no one believes it before the prediction comes true I am still happy with my predictions…’

‘… What gives me comfort is that most of my predictions have come true…’

Ron frowned. “Do you believe it? I think it’s incredible! If his predictions come true, why don’t others believe him?”

Anna raised her eyebrows strategically, it depends on what he predicted What? After all, you can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep, right?

‘… After graduation, I wanted to find a job as a prophet and learn more about the magic of predictions, but I had to find a low-paying paperwork in Gringotts and stay alive. My feelings about life deepened day by day, and after passing the document in the insult again, I began to write this book by hand……’

‘…… The title of the book “Overestimate one’s capabilities” I originally gave was ” Those Wizard Things of the 21st Century”——Trying to write all the major events of the 21st century through prophecies, I failed. Starting from a dream——’

‘I dreamed of a noseless old man The child is laughing wildly, he is very powerful, how many people’s nightmare, yes, he is still alive-my reader, do you believe my prophecy? ‘

There is some silence in the room.

“Is he talking about Voldemort?” Harry scratched his head and took two steps forward, and Ron quickly covered his mouth.

“Don’t say that name!” Ron screamed.

“Isn’t he dead?” Harry removed Ron’s hand. “While leaving this scar on my head?”

“This is,” Ron relaxed, “I don’t believe the author’s prediction at all, it’s just a dream!”

“What about you?” Anna looked at Twin’s unpleasant expression.

“I don’t believe it.” Twin said in unison.

‘…No one believes that-fear has been deeply embedded in their hearts, and their joys and sorrows are controlled by it. I’m not afraid of the noseless old man, but what I am afraid of is the unfounded fear of the wizards. What I am afraid of is that they will become ostriches (a kind of muggle animal that will bury their heads in the ground when they are in danger)… ‘

‘… Out of memory of Hogwarts’ alma mater, I have tried my best. I want to say-any ignorant ostrich wizard, even if magic is so powerful, can only do it without meaning For the public’s materials and spectators, death shouldn’t be considered unfortunate…’

‘…Here, I have not learned much, but I also learned the most important thing-for For a wizard, magic is not the most important thing-the important thing is the backbone, the spirit! I have to go back to my motherland as soon as possible to prevent my compatriots from going astray…’

Anna brows tightly knit, this man’s style of writing is really familiar–

‘…by luck Things, everything is thriving in the motherland. Fortunately, it also made me uneasy. There are still my readers in country Y for the time being, and I have abandoned them in spite of them! But the reluctant smile on the face of the newlyweds keeps me from going out far away-it doesn’t matter, what can I do if I am not good at learning skills? Leave a dream prophecy that only those who know the ending will believe——’

‘… Appreciate this victory, jump down the waterfall with faith, and listen to the sad dragontongue, it will lead you forward OK, don’t be scalded by the treasure, don’t be buried in the ground by the treasure, the upright golden cup needs a real master, and only it can take you out of here…’

[Gourd Mission—Soul Smasher: Voldemort’s Soul fragment, six are hidden in Horcrux, one is tied to Harry Potter, can you destroy them all? Task progress: 07; task reward: physique upgrade, unknown]

[Soul Smasher—Dancing with the Dragon: Hufflepuff’s Cup is hidden in Gringotts, do you have enough wisdom to take it out? Task progress: Hufflepuff’s Cup 01; task reward: memory +100, reaction power +100, physique +100, unknown]

“this can be considered prophecy?” George was a little puzzled, “Who would believe it? Don’t be buried in the ground by treasure? It feels like a curse…”

“I will!” Anna raised her hand, she happened to be the one who knew the end.

“Uh, every prediction is like a curse,” Fred De raised his hand, “I believe it too!”

“You are going to find this’pull can’?” Ron looked at the words written on the back of the parchment.

‘… I am looking forward to a hero with a crowd of echoes. If you are lucky, you are, please take this paper to Knockturn Alley and find a shop called’Unicorn House’. The Goblin named’Pull Can’ often patronizes…’

‘… It owes me a life debt, semi-forced, and it must help me find the hero-this is what I can do for my country The last contribution made by magic circle. If my readers read this passage of mine at the most difficult time, never give up. There is far more than one warrior running in loneliness, uniting all the forces that can be united-hope is ahead…’

“Bring me!” Harry raised his hand. Harry, who has friends with him, is definitely not a safe master. With the experience of breaking into Hogwarts, Harry finds that following his friends to the magic world is much more fun than going to elementary school. .

“I’ll join!” George also raised his hand and stood beside Fred.

A group of people looked at Ron.

“Uh—I think I have to stay with Ginny at home…”

“I want to go too…” Ginny poked her head out of the door, in a small voice,” I also want to go on an adventure with you!”

“Well, I will join,” Ron walked to Harry, “but we don’t even know where this’Unicorn House’ is? Who will go? Have you been to Knockturn Alley? Impossible?”

George and Harry looked towards Fred.

Fred can only admit, “Well, I did go…” And he just happened to know this’Unicorn House’.

Ron also looked over, with a shocked expression, “You, unexpectedly—”

“I’m not the only one!” Fred was just as he said this. Regret it, the situation will get worse when they know what shop’Unicorn House’ is.

“cough cough,” Anna ended the topic ahead of time. “The’pull can’ will be found sooner or later, but not now-the final exam is also very important!”

Just now, Anna received another task.

【Gingua Task-Literacy: To cultivate high-quality and excellent young wizards for magic circle. Please make sure that the young wizards of the community elementary schools have not failed subjects, and end the semester with excellent grades. Achievement conditions: Fred, George, Anna KS2 pass or above, Harry, Ron final grades of B or above; Reward: reaction power +20, memory +20]

“How are you doing? “Anna as it should be by rights looked towards everyone.

“It’s okay…” Fred de scratched his head.

“It’s fine…” George looked away.

“Almost…” Ron took a step back, “I tried my best.”

“Where’s Harry?”

“Uh—”Weasley A family who has never been exposed to muggle knowledge, the grades are almost forgivable, but for himself… Harry lowered his head in shame, “I’m good at sports…”

But it’s only limited to sports.

“Very well, when school starts, you all have to join my’assault training class’,” Anna looked at the group of’little illiterates’ seriously.

“Harry and Ron don’t need to be anxious, but Fred and George-KS2 (the SATS at the end of KeyStage2-Sixth Year) is imminent, there are less than two months left!”

“I want to urge you to study hard!” Anna akimbo, with a serious face.

Fred Tak wanted to say, “In fact, we will all go to Hogwarts to study in the future. Muggle knowledge is not that important.” However, seeing Anna’s serious face now, he thought that if he failed the test of Anna’s Lost…


He took the shoulders of George who was’talking out quickly’, “We will, and we will definitely exceed expectations—”

George’s despair on his face, hold on to Fred. He knew something was wrong when he was on his shoulder. The so-called twin’s tacit understanding, “I think we exceeded expectations when we went to the exam…”

He looked at Fred, but finally gave in and raised his hands. , “I try my best…”

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