Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 56

If there is anything that can easily kill a powerful wizard, it must be mathematics.

Ron felt his head was smoking.

“Ron! Hold on! You’ve reached the multiplication of three silently! There is only…” Harry counted with his fingers, “Six remaining!”

“It’s really comforting, thank you Harry.” Ron climbed down on the dinning table with a look of lovelessness, “Who is it? I just want to ask who it is? Invented this nine-nine multiplication table–“

“Just let you write it down silently, remember the position of these numbers and symbols, without even asking you to keep it in your heart!” Anna akimbo the appearance of a small teacher, “Like It’s the same as memorizing a phone number!”

“I’ve never memorized a phone number!”

Well, this is what Anna ignored.

“Satisfaction Ron, look at this question–” Fred hand passed the simulation paper in his hand, “49 dogs participated in the competition, and there were 36 more puppies than big dogs. How many? Coyotito participates…”

Ginny also took a look, shook his head and ran go with Aiwen to watch TV.

“I know how to do it!” George slapped the table and wrote quickly. Soon, he stopped writing and doubted himself, “?”

Anna took the paper,” 42.5…” The answer came out almost without thinking.

“Is this plausible? Why is there still half a dog!” Ron covered his head, “Death Eater will not do this! This is abuse! It’s both to me and the dog!”

This is really not close to the reality of life.

“Hey! Look what I found!” George took a reading comprehension, “Look at this short article, “There is an Octopus Under My Bed”!”

“Wow!” a group of people exclaimed.

“Are you talking about the magical creature under the bed?” Harry stretched his neck on the table, trying to see clearly.

“No,” Anna felt the pain of being a teacher. “The little girl’s mother helped her pack the room. The little girl mistakenly thought it was the Octopus Pack under the bed.”

“So there is really an octopus under the bed?” Ron tried to take the reading comprehension from George, “What is an octopus?”

“Her mother is the octopus! “

“Can her mother become an octopus?”

Well, Anna clenched her fists against her head, and began to wonder if it was a silver melon mission. Coming here is a hundred times more difficult than the golden melon mission.

She suddenly thought of Hermione, how did that brave girl help her companion not to go to school? This is a world problem.

“Boys!” Anna grabbed the reading comprehension, and randomly picked one out of the papers, “Let’s see this!”

Short poems.

It’s over.

“Merlin’s beard! Is this giant the giant I think? Or Troll?”

Anna has not dared to say that this giant actually refers to the boy’s father, because If you say this, it will definitely provoke even greater surprise,’His father is a giant! ‘Know that magic circle is not very friendly to giant blood…

She quietly put away the paper.

“I think everyone is tired too…” Anna walked to the door and picked up a flyer that was in the newspaper today, “Tottenham Court Road Central Park, Old Film Festival, take you Relive the beauty of Roman Holiday for free’.

“Work and rest, how about going to the movies?”

“Of course—” Ron let out a long relaxed breath, “In addition to studying mathematics, let me do everything Yes,” he complained to Harry.

“Learned mathematics—I don’t think there is anything to stump me anymore.”

Harry patted his shoulder approvingly.

“Agree!” the twin shouted, they threw the paper into the air, and picked it back under Anna’s gaze.

Ginny dressed silently, with flushed red on her face, because she had just seen Harry wearing the socks she sent on her feet—somewhat funny, because there was only one.

“mother! Going to the movies?!” Anna moved towards shouting upstairs, Cat Snow ran over and stood at the top of the stairs, looking at her condescendingly, the cat and the cat looked at each other.

“Baby, the deadline for mother is coming soon—” Lina’s voice was trembling and desperate, “You guys have fun—”

That’s really bad, “Come on, mother!”

“Ms. Lena, come on!” Several people cheered for Lena, and walked out of the house amidst Lena’s half-dead gratitude.

“Go here,” Anna took Ginny and looked at her watch. “It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. We can go by subway.”

“Ah, it’s convenient… “Ron and Harry walked together and whispered, “When will we learn Disapparation-I can’t wait!”

Anna nodded, I look forward to it, but I am also worried that if the magic power is not accurate enough, it will Don’t teleport yourself to some weird place-such as someone’s bathroom.

“We also take transportation like this when we go to Hogwarts to school,” Anna entire group bought subway tickets and followed the crowds on the subway.

“It’s too crowded!” Fred De held the ring with one hand, and held Anna’s arm with one hand to prevent her from falling, “–wu! My feet!”

“I’m sorry! Child, I didn’t pay attention!” An old man wearing a hat moved towards Fred and smiled apologetically.

“It’s okay…” Fred did not care too much.

Anna glanced at this Old Mister twice, always feeling a familiar feeling.

“If only-there is a space expansion technique-it will be fine!” George held the handrail with one hand, and grabbed Ron with the other. “I hope we won’t be so crowded when we go to Hogwarts.”

Anna was attracted by this topic and looked away from Old Mister. It was spoiler time again, “Hogwarts Express is a private room, super luxurious.”

“Can we sit together ?” Harry likes to be with his friends.

“Although it seems that there can only be four people in a box,” Anna saw Harry’s eyes showing disappointment, “but we can always find a way, can’t we?”

” Of course,” Ron patted his chest, “Fred and George can sit on the ground!”

“I think it would be nice to put you on the shelf,” George ravaged Ron’s hair.

“Sooner or later you are going to make me bald! Please do me a favour, George!”

“Ah,” Fred stood up, “If–I mean if, If I can’t sit down, I’m strong enough to hold a petite friend—so we can make more room—”

“No, thank you Fred,” Harry refused.

Puff, George accidentally sprayed the saliva into Ron’s hair, and the two of them had a fight.

“…” Fred Degang wanted to speak, but was stepped on by the old man next to him, “ao!”

“I’m sorry, child!” Old Mister apologized again. moved towards Fred and smiled, “I’m too old…”

“It’s okay…”

There was a warning sound from the subway radio, “…Tottenham Court Road to the station ……”

Several people hurriedly squeezed out of the subway, “This is similar to the use of floo powder,” Ron concluded, “When they came out, they all seemed to be squeezed out of the tube. .”

Walking on Tottenham Court Road, the entire group received a lot of envy, mainly because of their costumes-that was Ms. Molly according to the stills of “Growing Troubles” , After busy working all afternoon, scratching his head and cheeks changed several sets for all of them.

“Hermione dear, look at the children!” Mrs. Granger looked out of the car window, “Oh, their home must be very warm, so many cute children!” Mrs. Granger covered her face, immersed in her Among the cuteness of human cubs.

Hermione lifted her head from the book and took a perfunctory look. A bunch of red hairs and two brown hairs, nothing special, isn’t it?

“Maybe,” Hermione turned his gaze back to the book. “Our home is also very warm.”

“That’s right!” Mr. Granger smiled in the driver’s seat Get up, “What book is our little Hermione reading?”

Hermione proudly lifted the book, raised her head, her long brown hair on her shoulders, “Medieval People! I think To learn about the stratification between the nobility and the common people mentioned in’Roman Holiday’, I found this book in the community library—” She looked at the old book cover.

“It’s very interesting. It also talks about a love story between a nobleman and a commoner in the Middle Ages—the kind with a bad ending,” Hermione said openly. “Fortunately, there is no class division. Everyone You can fall in love freely.”

Mrs. Granger laughed. She thought the little girl who talked about love seriously was very cute. “Of course, we, Hermione know so much.”

Mr. Granger Park the car, get out of the car and open the door of the back seat, “Come on, my treasure, the film festival is waiting for us!”

Hermione pulled father’s hand and got out of the car, she was wearing white Sweater, a short skirt with red rice and checked pattern, black thermal tights and little brown boots.

Put on the Tibetan azure woolen coat that mother handed over, “Thank you mother!”.

“Hermione dear, tonight is my date with your mother—” Mr. Granger stroked Hermione’s frizzy hair.

“I got it!” Hermione flashed aside the book, “I will find a bright place to sit. I will not go to a place where no one is there. I will yell when I meet a bad person and I am lost. Just find the police,” she raised her chin proudly again, “I understand.”

“Oh dear,” Mrs. Granger hugged Hermione, “If you can find a few friends–then It couldn’t be better.” She raised her head and motioned Hermione looked towards the group of red hairs. Mrs. Granger has always been a little worried about Hermione, even though all the neighbors who knew them were envious of having a genius daughter——

Mrs. Granger knew that Hermione had always longed for friendship and tried to fight for it, but her’genius’ always kept other children away from her.

Every time she says, “I don’t need friends, they will delay my reading time.”

But sometimes, Hermione also wants to experience the feeling of being delayed. .

“Hmm…” Hermione looked at the group of people, they laughed and squabbled-this kind of atmosphere never tolerated herself, she was frowned, subconsciously wanting to refuse.

But she still answered mother, “I will.”

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