Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 57

Looking at the Grangers walking away, Hermione sat in a place far away from the open-air movie screen. It was bright and there was a stall selling hot dogs next to it.

The Grangers are both dentists. They work hard at ordinary times. One of them spends time with Hermione when they have time. They spend less time alone.

Hermione understands her parents very well and feels that if she is more independent, their relationship will be better.

She breathes deeply, ready to be immersed in the book before the movie starts, so that no one else will notice her loneliness, but will just think she is a nerd.

Being a nerd is much better than being a lonely person.

The uncle who sells hot dogs raised her eyebrows at her and asked if she wanted a hot dog—the staring eyes made Hermione a little completely unprepared.

“Uh! No…thank you… eating hot dogs regularly will increase the burden on the liver and weaken the function of the kidneys…” Hermione subconsciously said these words.

“Of course I know these children, you don’t need to say–” Hot dogs uncle rolled the eyes, “I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but I have to live, don’t I?”

Hermione Shut up and realized that I had screwed up again.

Opening the book, I wanted to drown myself in the ocean of knowledge by a street lamp, but the light suddenly dimmed. She lifted the head — oh, it turned out that the hot dog uncle just blocked the light.


Hermione buried her head in the book and felt that things were not going well recently-she was nosy in the toilet and saved a girl who was violently on campus, but I turned myself into an object of violence-I had to cut off the gum where my hair was stuck before I went home, and I still don’t know how to face my parents’ concern about’how the hair became frizzy’.

Hermione didn’t want to tell her parents about this-as a daughter, she had occupied them a lot of time, so she had to learn to be independent.

“Are you giving alms in aloof and remote? Do you think you will become my friend like this?” The girl in a bright yellow sweater snatched the schoolbag, “Never-never. “

‘Why do you think of this again!” ? ‘

Hermione shook her head, trying to get the mess out of her head.

Too much failure.

The lights of the street lights began to flicker, flickering and dimming.

Hermione wiped a few drops of water on the book. This is the book to be returned to the library, so it shouldn’t be soiled.

“Are you okay?”

A voice came from the top of Hermione’s head.

“What?” She lifts the head, a boy.

Hermione can smell the warm sun on his clothes and the smell of fresh test papers. Hermione was almost amused by the description she came up with. She felt that she was really learning crazy Now, how could I smell the test papers here.

The boy sat next to Hermione, and Hermione could see him clearly, with red hair, blue eyes, and a silly smile.

“Is it touched? You seem to be crying.” He handed over a tissue.

“Oh…” Hermione closed the book and raised her chin again, like a proud little swan-for a moment, she thought about telling this strange boy that she was not crying because she was moved, but she No.

“Yes, there is a story that touches me.” Hermione took the tissue. “Thank you.”

Unfolding the tissue, Hermione saw something like multiplication on it. The boy scratched his head. “I only have this piece of paper. I hope you don’t dislike it. Anna asked me to The above stuff is stuffed into my head, although I haven’t remembered it yet—but I think you need it more.”

“Nine-nine multiplication table?” Hermione suddenly remembered that she had read it in a book Over the introduction.

“You know!” The boy stared wide-eyed, “I thought it was made up by Anna! After all, it is completely irregular, isn’t it?”

“In fact, it is There is a kind of rhythm, if you read it in Chinese,” Hermione put all the sadness behind and took out a pen that he carried with him. “If you read in English, the rhythm is gone, and it is very difficult for us to memorize it. The method of counting points is generally used.”

Hermione gave an example to the boy on a paper towel, and then handed the paper towel to the boy. “However, the multiplication table of nine to nine is a very convenient calculation tool. It’s great to memorize it…”

She suddenly realized what she had done, so she kindly handed a tissue filled with tears to her to wipe her tears and handed it back–

“Are you Carol?!” Hermione heard the boy’s exclamation.

“I’m not Carol…” Hermione had watched “The Troubles of Growing Up”. She felt that her ordinary and ordinary herself was completely unattached to Carol, but she still laughed, extend the hand Go, “Hermione, Hermione.Granger.”

“Ron.Weasley!” Ron held her hand, “you can call me Ron!”

The street lights returned to normal, light Hit two people.

“Wow–” twin popped out of the bench.

“Really didn’t expect, we Ron actually talked to a girl here—”

“—I completely forgot that our brothers and sisters were waiting for him hungry. Bring the hot dog back!”

“Just a few steps!” Ron was angrily. “You can come and buy it yourself!”

“Poor Harry was hungry and fainted by the side of the road. …” Anna pretended to wipe her tears. Harry pretended to fall to the side cooperatively, and Ginny smiled and caught him.

Hermione was at a loss. For a moment, she was surrounded by a group of people. The last time this happened was when a few girls threw gum on top of her head.

“This is Hermione,” Ron introduced to everyone, “She actually knows the multiplication table of nine to nine!” Ron was very excited, even more excited than he could memorize the multiplication table.

“wa!” A group of people exclaimed.

It is indeed a study tyrant Hermione! Anna feels hopeful that her task of silver melon has been completed.

How did it start? Holding the pen, Hermione doubted her existence, because this reality was too unreal.

The girl named Anna took out a lot of papers from a bag that was basically impossible to put down that many things. In Ron’s desperate voice, everyone started to make questions——

They were doing reading comprehension questions, yelling at the picture of the “Cropfield Circle”, saying that it was a good thing the “Moon Monster” did. Hermione didn’t know what it was and couldn’t understand why they believed in’Nice Lake Kelpie’really exists–

But this does not prevent her from feeling happy. She has found her place and used her favorite knowledge to help others for the first time.

“Hermione! Help me see! Why did I get a different answer?” Ron frowns.

“It’s because you didn’t convert,” Hermione pointed to one place. “Finally, it was asked to convert all to pennies. The shirt price was nine pounds and fifteen pence, so the answer was nine hundred and fifteen pence.”

Ron suddenly realized.

Harry leaned over, “What about here?” He pointed to a question, and Hermione quickly figured out the answer for him.

The young trio has a strong learning atmosphere. Looking at the senior group——

Twin took a paper and sat on a chair. They looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes. helpless and sad.

George raised his hand, “Anna-my poor memory still barely remembers-aren’t we watching the movie?”

Anna and Ginny are sitting in another chair , “The movie is about to begin-hold on for a while, and victory will be ahead!”

Fred De collapsed in the chair and put the paper on his face, “OK—”

Ginny covered her ears and smiled awkwardly and politely, because Anna was trying to spoil her about the plot of’Roman Holiday’.


Seeing Harry and Ron walking over, Anna was a little curious, “Where is Hermione?”

“She said she went to the bathroom ——” Harry squeezed his chin. “I think she is lost and can’t find us?”

“Maybe you just think you two are too stupid–” The voice, “I got mad and ran away–“

“You are too stupid!” Ron gave Fred a joke in the stomach, “Seriously, I also think she’s lost!”

The female child is going to be a little troublesome when going to the toilet, Anna was just about to say so–

【Ginkgo Limited Time Mission-Rainstorm: Find her before the rainstorm comes. The wrong people met at the wrong time and in the wrong place. This is a mistake in itself. Remaining time: 02:07:13; conditions: find Hermione.Granger; task reward: memory +50, unknown]

The smile on Anna’s face freezes.

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