Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 58

Hermione has never been so happy. She was not so excited when she got a school scholarship—she chose a nearest, somewhat remote toilet—and wanted to return to that happy little group as soon as possible.

This would never happen before. Her safety awareness is very good. This kind of toilet in the boulevard has never been her choice.

“Boom—” The door of the right compartment made a loud noise.

Hermione’s hand that pierced Qiuyi into the skirt was paused, but then there was no sound from the compartment, and Hermione didn’t care much.

Maybe you are too anxious? Understand and understand.

Just when she was about to push the door to leave, the heavy and eager footsteps outside made Hermione stop, and she vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“Where is she?” It was the voice of a hoarse man.

Hermione feels buzzing in her head.

She stepped back two steps and stepped on the toilet lid quietly. She didn’t dare to make any sound. The old public toilets were dimly lit and the electric lights were making the sound of’zi zi’.

Hermione forced herself to calm down and looked at her watch. Oops, it is not long before the movie opens, and no one will find this remote toilet at this time.

“I saw—she came here,” another young man’s voice sounded, “There should be no one else here, right?”

“Hey– “, “Boom—-“, two toilet doors in a row were kicked open vigorously.

Hermione holding head shiver coldly, her good memory makes her remember that she is the fourth door.

Fortunately, the man stopped, “Vincent, look at the door, I can’t let her slip away anymore.” Hermione could see the shadow moving.

A cloud of black dangled from the ground in front of Hermione’s eyes.

“Rachel, come out by yourself…” The hoarse voice paused for a while.

Hermione did not hear any response.

Then there was a loud slamming at the door.

“Are you still looking forward to it? Want someone to rescue you? You don’t have any chance, don’t you?” The man’s voice did not fluctuate.

The girl’s cry came from next door, the door slamming stopped, Hermione swallowed and carefully shook her numb calf.

“I don’t want to–” The girl yelled almost heartbreakingly, “Anything to do with you anymore!”

“Dear Rachel , My Rachel,” the man’s voice was calm, “though I really want to pat the shoulder like your father and tell you it’s okay—”

He knocked on the door gently, “but do you think it’s possible?” You have killed your elder sister. Poor Lisa is still lying in the hospital. I have to say, I’m afraid she will never have a chance to appear on the stage again—”

“no! I didn’t ——” The girl’s voice was crying, “That was an accident!”

“Oh, of course I believe it was an accident.”

“Wow–” Hermione guessed the man The faucet was turned on, followed by the sound of the mop being knocked over.

“Rachel, I believe you–but the teacher doesn’t believe you, jc doesn’t believe you, and your dearest father doesn’t believe you either.”

The man puts a bucket of cold water. Falling into the compartment, Hermione could hear the screams and crying from inside. “Even your most beloved younger sister is bullied because of you—in school.”

“These—all you! All you!” The girl shivered, already a little incoherent.

“Yes,” the man smiled, “but, who would believe it except me?”

“dong!” The compartment door was knocked open, screaming The sound and the scuffle sounded at the same time.

Hermione covered her ears and closed her eyes, praying that the girl would be okay, she was very worried and weak, she couldn’t do anything!

——It’s fine if the bulb blows out!

“****!” The man exploded, and there was another sound of barrels and sticks colliding.

“Vincent! Catch her!”

Hermione opened her eyes, and there was already darkness around her.

The light really exploded.

Only the sound of water dripping from the toilet, as if nothing happened just now, Hermione helped the door to come down from the toilet lid, and she was very worried about the girl in the cubicle just now.

She should tell her parents and the police.

Putted on the door and listened for a while. After confirming that there was no movement outside, Hermione opened the door carefully.

No one!

She ran quickly, rushed out of the toilet, and was picked up.

“I really caught one!”

It was a strong youngster, probably Vincent, about seventeen or eighteen years old, and could lift Hermione with one hand. , “Little Squirrel ——”

Hermione struggled to take off the woolen coat she was caught, moved towards a bright place, but was stopped by another man who appeared in front of her .

He is also seventeen or eighteen years old, wearing a valuable black coat and gold glasses. He is rolling up his sleeves and smiling excitedly.

“I just said, today is good luck-I can catch one more.”

Hermione pursed her mouth, thinking quickly, what should I do to get out of this situation? Escape.

She glanced at the strong Vincent who was still clutching her coat, then turned her head to prepare to use the glasses man as the breakthrough mouth.

She moved towards the spectacle man rushed over, trying to take advantage of the spectacle man pulling his sleeves before he could react, slipping past him——

Plan 1 failed, she was still caught by the spectacle man Stopped, the man smiled ugly.

Almost instantaneously, Plan 2 started, Hermione took out the pen that had been prepared long ago, moved towards the glasses man’s hand and pierced it fiercely.

At this time, Hermione is very grateful to herself for carrying a pen and studying hard.

“Ah—” The man in glasses let out a scream, let go of Hermione, and covered the back of his injured hand.

“Vincent, you elm head! Catch this **!”

Hermione yelled as she ran, “It’s on fire! It’s on fire!” She could hear The sound of the movie playing after arriving in the woods is not too far away from the crowd.

“Shut up!” The sturdy young Vincent chased up from behind with a face full of anger, “Boy—wait for me to chase you—”

“You **Just shut up the old lady!” Hermione heard a beautiful language not far away.


White light hits the sturdy young man. He shows an unconscious smile like a baby sucking in his mother’s arms. He rolls his eyes and falls heavily. On the ground.


Hermione stopped and she saw Anna standing in front with a stick.

That white light, that kind of ridiculous power, is completely contrary to the science I have believed in for so many years, but it is the powerful I desire to have-maybe with this power, I am facing danger Time will not appear so pale and weak.

[Ginkgo Mission-Rainstorm: Mission completed; Mission reward: Memory +50, open side mission: Rainy Night Rose]

twin surrounded the’corpse’ on the ground.

“He is still alive and his breathing is weak.”

“Well done Anna!”

Anna also leaned over to look at the’corpse’ on the ground. Fortunately, for the first time with such offensive spells, I have mastered the measure.

“Hermione—are you okay?!” Ron and Harry hurryed up.

“I’m fine!” Hermione held their arms incoherently. “There is also a man—he is holding a girl—Rachel! Her condition is terrible!”


“Rachel?” Ron paused. He always felt that he had heard the name somewhere.

Ginny hugged Hermione, she could feel Hermione’s trembling, “Merlin’s beard!”

“We have to tell jc!” Harry was anxious.

Anna looked at the content of the quest of’Rainy Night Rose’, and suddenly felt that something was wrong, “George, Fred, how do you know Hermione is here?”

“We were originally Looking at the map on the notice board by the woods——”

“A little girl suddenly ran out of the woods and asked us to save her elder sister——”

twin said in unison “She said her elder sister is Hermione.Granger.”

“What?!” Hermione was holding her head in disbelief, “I’m the only child!”

” We thought we couldn’t reach Auror, so we had to come and take Anna first-she is much better than those muggle adults!”

“That little girl, she said what her name is Is it?” Harry frowns.

“No, she ran back to the woods soon,” George thought carefully, “but I remember she was wearing a dirty yellow sweater and school uniform.”

“It was the uniform of the’Dragon Elementary School’. At the time, I wanted to see whether her school badge was painted with’Albumen Eyes’ or’Welsh Green Dragon’——” Fred De added.

“I am a student of’Dragon Elementary School’!” In the yellow sweater, a ridiculous idea emerged in Hermione’s head.

“Rachel!’Long Elementary School’! I remember it!” Ron shouted, “I saw it on the morning news!”

Everyone looked towards he.

“Uh,’The Withering of Roses on Rainy Night’, Rachel is a high school dancer. Because of jealousy of her half-sister, she grabbed the only dance college spot and performed at her alma mater’Long Elementary School’. When I tried to murder an elder sister —” Ron waved his arm, “She is wanted!”

“You remember it very clearly,” Anna vomited comfortably and helplessly. Ron has a good memory, but It has always been used in strange places–

However, it can always play an unexpected role.

Hermione recalled something that seemed to have happened at the school’s recent celebration, but she was staying in the library at the time, and she had no friends who could mention it to herself. Not to mention watching the morning news, the Hermione family has always been in a hurry in the morning.

——Not everyone will record the morning news like Ron, and watch a TV episode without going through it.

“Are we going to save her?” Ron scratched his head, “That’s a pretty wanted criminal?”

[Ginkgo branch mission-Rainy Night Rose: A Flower in a Garden There are two flowers blooming beautifully. The gardener told them, “I like the most beautiful one.” The two flowers open strife and veiled struggle. In the end, the jasmine at Xiangyang won the victory. The gardener cut it off and moved towards the rain with the scissors. The rose at night laughed,’Now you are the most beautiful’. Completion conditions: help Rachel escape from danger, task reward: memory +50, reaction power +50]

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