Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 59

“She was wronged!” Hermione recalled the conversation she heard in the toilet, “By that man with glasses! We have to help her!”

“If she is a wanted criminal… “Harry looked towards the woods, “Maybe we have to go directly to the woods to find them?”

No one asked if there was anything wrong with helping a wanted criminal, and he didn’t care how much it would attract to help a wanted criminal. Trouble –

Oh, Gryffindors, Anna glanced at it, did she stabbed Gryffindor in the den?


“Use’Rachel Accio?'” Anna shook wand symbolically.

“Uh! Ahem!” Harry almost choked on his saliva. “Maybe there is another safer way?”

“I know one,” Fred De stopped torturing the’corpse’ on the ground.

“You didn’t know it from the chocolate frog card again, did you?” George complained about him.

“Hey! Can’t I read the book in one day-although this is not learned from the book-have you forgotten? We still use it to track Ron!”

“?” Ron’s eyes widened.

“Oh! I remember! He also tried to make friends with Pukwudgie that time!”

“I never—trying to be friends with Pukwudgie!” Ron red Roared face.

Harry smiled and appeased Ron. Someone finally felt the pain of’privacy being disclosed to the public’. Of course Harry would never admit that’warts on his butt’ was his privacy, because simply no, isn’t it?

“What method is that?” Anna was curious.

“Use owl!” Twin said in unison.

“The more detailed the things you give to owl, the more it can find people. Although there are big restrictions, it is more than enough to find a Pukwudgie hobby or a muggle.”

“I’m very curious—” Ron stared at them, “What did you give owl when you found me?”

“Uh, what else? It’s always impossible that your mouth is full of saliva. Pillow right?” George’s eyes were in a daze.

“…” Ron wanted to say something, maybe he wanted to argue that his pillow was not drooled, but he was so angry.

“I want to tell mother.”

During this time, Hermione accepted Ginny’s explanation of “We all ride big broomsticks, we are all young wizards.” Refreshing his own three views, because of his young age, there is no tragic situation of cognition being blown up by the subverted mind.

She took out the pen, “There is the blood of the man with glasses on it, is it okay?”

“Of course,” Fred De took the pen with both hands, “I want to call us Is the Old Partner Errol from home coming?”.

Errol is the owl of the Weasley Family. From the perspective of age, it is indeed an’old’ man.

“Don’t bother it,” Anna whistled, “Let’s see my new baby.”

A brown horned owl flew from a distance , The hair on its head was erected into two pointed horns and fell silently on Anna’s arm.

“Wow! It really looks like…” Ron thought for a long time and didn’t come up with a good word, “Handsome?”

Hermione extend the hand Gently touched the feathers of the owl. This was the first time she had come into contact with an owl at close range. “What’s its name?”

“Catherine, fly very fast—” Anna was in Catherine’s I rummaged in the feather and took out a watch, “Just some bad habits.”

“Huh? My watch?!” Hermione looked towards her wrist, the watch there is no longer Wing and fly, “Why is it in its feathers?”

“It just likes to take other people’s things,” Anna returned the watch to Hermione, “I’m already educating it…” Catherine flashed twice. Wings down on Anna’s shoulder, Anna is a bit helpless, “but it seems to treat this as a game…”

“It’s amazing,” Harry focused on strange places, “I didn’t See it to start!”

“Catherine,” Fred drew the pen in front of Catherine, “find the owner of the bloodstain,” Catherine tilted her head and stared at the pen, nodded her head twice, and grabbed the pen. moved towards the woods flew away.

The entire group followed Catherine along a small road. Anna looked at the map cached from the bulletin board to the system, and they had almost reached the border of the Central Park.

“Hide!” Harry saw a car parked in the alley outside the woods from afar. A man was standing outside, wearing glasses, and bandaging himself sullenly.

“**,” the man with glasses cursed cursed in a low voice, and slammed the alcohol bottle against the wall heavily.

Ginny hid behind Harry, and George looked helpless and pulled them into the bushes.

Anna saw Catherine parked on the roof of the car, staring at the spectacle man curiously, and the man waved it away with his hands, “fuck off! Bad luck!”

Catherine was angry He flew away, flew behind him and pecked at his ass, and flew away amidst the screams of the man flying into a rage out of humiliation.

“Hermione, is that person?” Fred asked, “the one who tapped his butt?”

It was described very aptly, and it just hit Anna’s smile. .

Hermione can’t believe that the man in front of him is the one who threatened the girl unscrupulously in the toilet. He looks so embarrassed now, “It’s him!”

“Very good, “Anna started to move her finger joints, and finished the task early, and she could see’Princess and Joe say goodbye’ when she went back.

“Attention…safe!” Harry was a little worried.

“Of course, I will.” Anna squeezed wand and walked out proudly.

Actually, I want to say pay attention to the safety of the man with glasses, don’t die him, Harry wiped the sweat from his forehead.

This street is very remote. Several shops have closed early. Anna noticed that a watch shop had surveillance cameras, so she decided to go to the alleys and try again.

The man with glasses noticed Anna. He hid his injured hand behind his back and pulled the glass shards on the ground under the trash can with his feet, thinking that today is really lucky, waiting for Vincent to come over, one day I got three—

“girl, are you lost?” He watched Anna walking towards her and moved forward impatiently

Look at her, With soft skin and tender meat, this beautiful face can have many wonderful uses.

“Oh, of course not,” Anna walked into the alley, which was narrow and dirty. She came to the car and could see a young girl lying inside through the back seat window.

“I just want to ask,” she raised wand, smiling, “Do you want to go to heaven?”


“Wingardium Leviosa!”

A group of people hiding in the woods silently watched the man screaming in the air. Ginny smiled. Harry thought inexplicably that the afternoon he met Anna, Ron touched his head. .

Hermione closed her chin with her hand, and she heard twin cheering, “…great—heroic—confident—Anna the Bear Slayer!”

The man with glasses drifted down slowly, Anna found that he had fainted, moved towards the woods and waved, the entire group moved towards the alley ran over.

“Is this Rachel?” Ron leaned on the back seat window, moved towards looking inside, “It doesn’t look like the TV…”

” How did he put Rachel in the car?” Hermione crouched on the side of the man with glasses, “He doesn’t have a car key!”

“Then let’s do some magic. Anna pointed wand at the co-pilot’s door, “Alohomora!”

“pa!” With a loud noise, the co-pilot’s door bounced out and got stuck in the iron sheet of the trash can.

“Merlin’s briefs! If I just used this, the man with glasses doesn’t know where to wear the glasses!” Twin curiously leaned into the trash can to observe.

“cough cough,” did not control the formidable power, Anna coughed twice to cover her embarrassment, and reached out her hand to go around and open the back seat door.

A wet girl was lying in the back seat. She was wearing a simple sweater and jeans. Her golden long hair was stuck to her face with water, and her pale skin had a few wounds—very miserable. But even so, there is still a kind of messy beauty.

Everyone was shocked by the’artwork’ that suddenly appeared in front of them.

“This should be a famous painting–” Ron compared the frame with his hand, “‘Rainy Night Rose’.”

Anna gave him a surprised look, didn’t. t expect magic circle Aesthetic education is pretty good, but it’s really not a gentleman for an injured lady like this.

Ginny and Hermione stood in front of Ron at the same time, “Go and stare at the man in glasses, leave some room for this lady!”

“Uh…” Ron was a little bit unwilling.

“Let’s go Ron, twin told us to throw the man with glasses into the trash can!” Harry pulled Ron.

Maybe boys at this age are more interested in’throwing people into the trash can’ than looking at beautiful women. Ron readily accepted.

“She’s okay,” Ginny pulled Rachel’s hair aside, they just changed the dry clothes of the man with glasses that twin handed over to Rachel, “It’s just a little weak, but you look at her Wrists–” Ginny rolled up Rachel’s sleeves, and there were a few dazzling scratches on her white skin.

Hermione was so scared that she covered her mouth, “Gosh!” It looks like Rachel Young Lady had broken down.

Anna noticed that the four boys and children walked out of the alley carrying the’corpse’ of the man with glasses–

“Hey! Where are you going?”

“The lid of this trash can is jammed by the car door. Let’s move him to the park side!” Fred De, holding the man with glasses on his right shoulder, moved towards Anna and explained.

“Be careful to bypass the watch shop’s surveillance,” Anna told them.

Ron freed up a hand to give Anna a gesture of ok, which caused Harry’s weight to increase, and several people hurriedly lifted him up.

Looking at them walking across the road, Anna touched the chin-there was a black man carrying the coffin inside.

Huh? Suddenly realizing something, Anna looked back and looked at Rachel in the car. The spectacle man solved it. Rachel should have escaped from the danger-but why didn’t the system prompt?

Anna turned on the system and confirmed the task, “Rainy Night Rose” showed that it was not completed.


Anna heard the group of boys carrying the coffin calling her name.

“Quickly leave there–” red and blue lights flickered and appeared from the end of the right side of the road.

Anna can see a strange girl in a yellow sweater standing next to Harry on the side of the park. She pinches the corners of her clothes with both hands, staring at this side, with a concerned look on her face. .

“What’s wrong!?” Hermione got out of the car.

“The note is coming—” Anna looked towards her, admiring Hermione’s exaggerated expression of’We are over’ and’Wait for the prison meal.’

“Let’s go hurry!” Ginny tried to drag Rachel out of the car.

“Wait,” Anna looked towards Catherine, who was standing on the trash can and didn’t know when he flew back, “Maybe there is another way!”

Catherine tilted her head to look Looking at Anna, trying to tell Anna with pure eyes that it did nothing.

I believe you a ghost.

“Gu——” With Catherine’s dissatisfied gu gu, Anna hooked out a key from its feather——

Maybe he was pecking the glasses man’s ass Sheep at the time.

Hermione grabbed Anna’s arm, “Isn’t it—Anna!?” Her eyebrows were frowning so that ten mosquitoes could be caught, “Isn’t that what I thought?”


“Trust me,” Anna patted Hermione on the shoulder, “I’m an old driver!”

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