Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 61

Sitting up from the comfy bed as usual, Rachel opened the curtains.

Outside is a small garden, there is a familiar man with glasses watering the flowers. He saw Rachel, the man smiled, looked at her with gentle eyes, and greeted her.

Rachel was very entangled and didn’t know how to respond, and finally waved politely and quickly closed the curtains.

Glass is Lisa’s boyfriend. Rachel shook her head and told herself that although he was excellent and his attitude was very ambiguous, he should not have other ideas.

“Elder sister! You are coming to our school to perform today, right?”

Rachel looked at the cute younger sister who ran in. Ming’s yellow sweater made people feel better When she got up, she loosened her frown and smiled at the younger sister, “Of course, Troy! Take a good look at the wonderful performance of the elder sister!”

“I will!”

Troy closed the bedroom door and hesitated, “I heard that Lisa…elder sister…will also perform with you…”

“Yes, her dance is very difficult to deal with!” Rui Qiu agreed and touched Troy’s head. “I’m still far from enough…”

“But you only learned it for less than half a year!” Troy waved his arms exaggeratedly, “They said you are a genius Say you are a’Rainy Night Rose’! Yesterday when father encouraged Lisa, Glass big brother said that you will surpass everyone soon! Lisa is nodded!”

“Glass ?” Rachel really didn’t understand what this man meant, and praised herself in front of her girlfriend? If you like yourself, why not come after you break up?

“They finally told the truth! You are the best!” Troy felt unbalanced. “Father used to like us the most, but now I move here and I only see Lisa! He even only encouraged him. Lisa, I didn’t encourage you!”

“Troy,” Rachel looked into Troy’s eyes, “If it weren’t for Lisa, I’m still running around for our rent, and I won’t have time at all. Learn to dance.”

“We should be satisfied with the life we ​​have now,” Riki added, “I have to thank Lisa…”

“Never!” Troy Blushing and opening the door, seeing the person standing outside the door stiffen for a moment, snorted ran through the gap.

Rachel looked at Lisa who was still knocking on the door, feeling a little annoyed, hoping that the conversation just now would not be heard by her, “Is there something elder sister?”

“Oh!” Lisa came back to his senses, her expression in a trance, “It’s time for breakfast…”

“Ok, I will come down soon!”

Lisa nodded, Turning around, walking down the stairs, Rachel walked to the top of the stairs and looked at her back.

There seems to be something wrong?

All around suddenly it was pitch black, loud music came from behind the wall, and there was a broadcast to inform’…The next show is a dance performance’Black Swan’…’

“Ah-my legs -” sat down on the ground in an embarrassing costume, Lisa was crying, and a group of people gathered around.

Rachel saw that Lisa was injured, moved towards her direction to extend the hand, and wanted to go down and take a look.

“pa,” the lights in the corridor lit up,

“It was her—Rachel pushed me!”

Rachel maintained her hand gesture Frozen in place, everyone stared at themselves at the top of the stairs with shocked and puzzled eyes, Rachel tried to explain, “I just want to hold her, I didn’t…”

“I’ll catch She!” Glass ran up the stairs, his gaze was no longer a disguised gentleness, but a kind of evil, with an uncomfortable feeling-it turned out that he was not looking for a new girlfriend, but Find a new prey.

Looking at his gaze, Rachel suddenly knew what was wrong.

Everyone I know, Rachel remembers their gazes, admiring, eager, evil, disgusting… Only Lisa’s gaze, Rachel has no impression at all–

Because she never dared to look into her eyes.

Rachel wakes up from a zhi zhi ya yeah, and when he opens his eyes, he looks into a pair of slick brown eyes-with curiosity, as if to ask herself in the next second Is there anything delicious hidden in your body.

Rachel was amused by her thoughts.

“?” Anna, who was brain full of melons, suffered a beautification crit in a daze. What’s wrong with this beauty?

“Little angel, is this heaven?” Rachel put down her sleeves, and wanted to cover the scar on her wrist, but found that the scar was gone.

“No,” Ginny put down the tea cup, picked up the sweater on the back of the chair and walked over, “Heaven? What is that place?”

Rachel only discovered this Before the corner of the simple little room, there were two girls drinking tea. One of them was holding a short stick and waving constantly according to the book.

“Thank you—” Rachel took the sweater, “Then this is hell? I thought I hadn’t done anything evil in my life…”

She was a little bit emotional, “Can I leave any message for my family? Through… a dream? Or a supernatural event or something?”

“I’m afraid not, Rachel Young Lady,” Rachel saw that wave The little girl with the stick came over, “Because this is not hell either.”

“You are now at Leaky Cauldron on Charing Cross Road in London, and you have the opportunity to tell your family what you want to say in person,” Hermione handed it to Rachel has a cup of hot tea.

“You saved me from the perverted hand of Glass!?” Rachel almost shook the hot tea out, “My God! Are you all right?”

“Of course, we also threw the bastard with hairy heart where he should go,” the wooden door was opened, a group of boys swarmed in, and the whole room was occupied by red hair again.

George put Catherine on his shoulder on the table, “Ms. Lena already knows that we live in Diagon Alley tonight, Hermione, this is your letter—” He handed a check paper To Hermione.

‘…Dear Hermione, this is the first time your mother and I have met owl to send a letter! It’s incredible! We are very happy that you have made friends, but you have to find a phone booth to call us, we want to make sure you are safe! Today’s fog is too much, and the movie event had to end early. Just when Princess and Joe finally shook hands and met again, the fog completely covered the screen…’

‘…Me and Your mother agrees that this will be a new story. With the help of the fog, maybe they can have a fairy tale ending…’

‘…I don’t have any letter paper around, I can only write On this check, I have already signed the check, you can fill in the amount yourself, of course, the bank will verify your identity, but don’t be nervous, I have already notified them by phone…’

‘ …PsHermione baby, did you see my watch? Did I wear a watch to go out today? It’s weird…’

Hermione looked up at Catherine who was bouncing on the table. “Anna, my father said his watch—”

“Oh Catherine!” Anna hate iron for not becoming steel looked at the owl, found a watch from its feathers and returned it to Hermione, “I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay! But this watch…”

“It’s mine,” George took the watch. “It’s amazing! I didn’t find it at all!”

“Please don’t praise it,” Anna turned Catherine upside down. I found two watches and a small ring, “It will get worse!”

“Where did this ring come from?” Ron picked up the ring on the table, “Ms. Lena Is it?” He tried to put the ring on his thumb.

“wu!” Ron began to grow taller, become fluffy, and grow bear-like ears.

twin glanced at each other, “Dudu’s teddy bear ring!” Anna also remembered what this ring was, and it seemed that the thief owl’s life in Diagon Alley was not very peaceful.

Harry and Hermione were stunned, “Ron-how are you?”

This is really hell, Rachel lying on the bed smiling and covering the quilt over his head , Trying to escape reality.

A few minutes later, except Rachel, everyone experienced the joy of becoming a bear. “Do you really want to try it?” Anna tried to invite her.

“Uh, forget it,” Rachel was sitting on the edge of the bed, putting on her shoes, “Thank you for your kindness, and thank you for saving me–“

“You want to leave?” Hermione stood in front of her, “Where are you going?! The police are looking for you!”

“You know I’m wanted!” Rachel looked at her in shock This group of children, “Why do you want to help me? Help a wanted man!?”

In order to avoid Rachel’s misunderstanding that’this group of’bears’ children really have no safety awareness’, Hermione hurriedly explained, “I’m in the toilet too! Right in your cubicle! We know that you were wronged!”

“Thank God, somehow there are still people who can believe me in the end,” Although it’s just a few children, no matter what No use, “I’m already very grateful…”

“Let’s go to the police station! I can be your witness” Hermione held Rachel’s arm.

“I can too, prove that the man with glasses locked you in the car,” Ron raised his hand, and he pulled Harry over, “Harry can too!”

Harry was nodded heavily.

“Forget Ginny and I, a policeman seemed to see us.” Anna touched the chin recalled, “Hermione is okay. She was in the co-pilot and was blocked by me.”

“Yes,” Ginny remembers clearly, “He was so scared that he saw two dragons!”

That was really appropriate. Hermione secretly complained. If he was the policeman, he would have to be Very scared.

“Remember to bring this!” Fred took out a stack of photos from his pocket.

Anna took the photo. It shows the man with glasses Rachel on his shoulders and sneaking into the alley. Both of them have clear faces, Anna eyebrows raised, huh?

“How is it possible?!” Hermione leaned over, and she was surprised, “Rachel was already in the car when we found the man with glasses! How did this photo come from?!”


“Then this is complicated!” Ron dragged his voice, “It depends on how we got here.”

“Oh yes!” Ginny suddenly realized, “You guys How did you come here?” Soon after Anna entire group arrived, the boys rushed over.

“Thanks to an old man-the one who stepped on my foot on the subway!” Fred Pour himself a cup of tea, “He turned out to be a wizard!”

” As soon as we threw the man with glasses into the trash can, we saw the girl in the yellow sweater gasping for breath running here. She yelled that the police were coming,” George added.

“We ran to inform you, but the police arrived too fast-after you called’Diagon Alley’ and drove away, the girl in the yellow sweater suddenly disappeared. The old wizard appeared at this time. ——”

“The old wizard said that he happened to take a photo of this with a camera,” Harry had a good impression of the old wizard, “He also used a black car that can fly. Come here!”

“He is very humorous, very funny,” Ron looked at the pile of photos and casually mentioned, “He inserted wand behind the steering wheel! Saying that would make it easier for him to release magic!”

Plug wand behind the steering wheel?

Anna always feels like she has seen this unusual behavior somewhere.

“What about the other person? We have to thank him!”

“Leave early,” George shrugged. “We thank him, oh, and this!” George Take out an envelope.

“He said to give this to Rachel-if the’poor blond girl’ needs it, you can use the stuff in this envelope.”

“He also asked us to Don’t look at it!” Ron mysterious added politely.

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