Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 62

“What’s in it?” Anna curiously leaned to Rachel’s side.

Rachel opened the envelope hesitantly. Inside was a paper bag with the words “No minors allowed to open”, and added a sentence in the lower right corner, “Especially Anna Lawrence”.

“?” Anna is even more curious now.

“What’s in the paper bag?” Hermione saw Anna’s name written on the paper bag. “Anna, do you know the old wizard?”

Wizard, Anna can say a lot, but Anna knows them, they don’t know Anna-Dumbledore is the one who is more closely connected… Wait! And the great-grandfather!

“Uh…” Isn’t it?

Anna looked towards the expressions all of the paper bag changed. According to the great-grandfather’s insignificant temperament, Vanishing Cabinet, the shape-shifting ring, the plan to rob Voldemort-there is absolutely nothing good in this paper bag !

Rachel swallowed and opened the paper bag cautiously.

[Ginkgo branch mission—Rainy Night Rose: mission completed; mission reward: memory +50, reaction power +50]

After a glance, Rachel’s face is visibly red with naked eyes When she got up, she wrapped the paper quickly, and said falteringly, “It’s really… very useful…”

“What is it? What is it?” Ron ran to the bed.

Rachel didn’t know how to speak, her face turned red and red, “It’s about… Glass… and his helper… It looks cold… some photos…”

“The man with glasses and his helper! Helper? The one who was knocked down by Anna?” Ron tried to see what the photo was, but Rachel drew away in a panic. “What can that be of use?”

Ah this… sucked in a breath of cold air, Anna feels she understands something, this is definitely something great-grandfather can do!

tsk tsk tsk …Help people to the end, send the Buddha to the West! If used properly, Glass will have to stop for a long time even if it is not sanctioned by the law…

“Oh,” twin pulls Ron away, “Everything has its use, you don’t need to Everything is clear…”

“Hey! Have you opened it and watched it?!” Ron looked at the twin with his hips akimbo, “I know you always treat this kind of…’Forbidden to open things’. Full of interest!”

“Of course not!” Fred raised his eyebrows and looked at Ron, “We are crazy to see…this thing…”

“We didn’t watch Pass!” George concluded firmly, even if he read it, he would quickly erase the memory from his mind.

Looking at what Ron wanted to say, Anna prevented the extension of this topic in time, “Rachel’s problem is solved, and then our problem—”

” What else do we have?!” A group of people looked towards Anna.

“Of course it is the final exam!” Anna took out a stack of papers from her bag, and handily returned Hermione’s book to her, “Do you naively think that you helped a lady in need? , Will the final exam give you extra points?!” It’s not in Hogwarts now.

“Learn!” Anna cleared her throat. “That’s the ladder to the high score!”

Hermione nodded in agreement and applauded.

“I hate stairs…” George and Fred resignedly took the papers.

“Why is this stairway like a…familiar smell?” Ah, twin is so familiar with the smell of dung eggs.

Harry dragged Ron and raised his hand, “Report Anna! We have to help Rachel testify first!” Ron seemed to have grasped the life-saving straw, “Yes-this matter is more important!”


“I will help them make up lessons,” Hermione raised her chin, and the cute little swan appeared again, “Guaranteed that they passed the exam with high scores!”

“That’s really good!” Anna watched Ron and Harry walked out the door with a helpless smiling Rachel, “If the police ask who took the photo, you just say you are!”


“Of course, we will have the same caliber,” Hermione hurried to catch up with them.

“Crack,” the sound of the wooden door closed.

Anna looked at the twin who was paralyzed on the small sofa. She was cruel, and the current hard work is to get rid of the title of illiteracy and for the happiness of the future-“My little Assistant Ginny!”

“Here!” Ginny ran over with a teacup.

“Ready to time!” Anna found two identical test papers and spread them in front of twin. “The mock test will begin now!”

The spacious lecture hall, the students worked hard one by one The sound of scribbling, pen and paper contact filled the entire classroom. Anna had finished her papers long ago, fell asleep beautifully, and was looking at twin’s situation.

George tilted his chair, nodding his head relaxedly to beat the rhythm, Anna felt that he must be singing in his head.

Fred De draws on the draft paper, from the front to the back, which is more full than the writing on his paper. Anna smoothed her hair helplessly, hoping that the two-month assault review would be useful…

“Ding——ding——The end of the exam——”

“Hu— —Finally!” George walked out of the classroom following the flow of people. He saw Fred, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled sharply.

“How’s it going?” Anna walked to the middle and took their necks. “How was your test?”

“Stable!” The two said in unison.

Very well, Anna was nodded with satisfaction. In this case, we are waiting for Harry and Ron’s final exam in June. Both of them have Hermione to help review. It should be no problem at all.

The three of them walked out of the teaching building together. Fred took a deep breath and finally liberated the air, which was not too fresh-it was a nightmare for these two months.

“I think we can develop a pen and let it answer questions by itself…”

“We can’t support students in cheating,” Anna smiled, and knowledge is still in her head It’s better to avoid’hate less when the book is used’.

“Then develop quill, and quill is not allowed in the examination room…” George clapped his hands and proposed excitedly, “Plus the spelling check function, Ms. Linna must be very happy!”


Anna thought about it carefully, “This is not bad…”

Walking to the gate of the school, Anna saw Ron and Harry running over, Ron’s face was smiling harboring malicious intentions. .

“Anna, I don’t need to ask—Fred! George!” He moved towards twin, winking his eyes, “How was your test?”

“Suck! It’s over !”

“I really don’t know how to describe it!”

“hahaha—then I’m relieved!” Ron looked very excited, “but don’t be sad, I I have guessed that you two are not learning materials! Anyway, there is me, the honorable savior of the Weasley Family—”

“Of course, we are waiting for your rescue!” George patted Ron on the shoulder.

“Ron…” Harry looked at twin and Anna’s suffocating smiles. He felt Ron was cheated again. He helped to change the subject, “Aren’t you going to talk about Rachel?”

“Rachel’s business finally has a result?” Anna, the melon-eating crowd, hurried closer.

“Yes! I almost forgot! Hermione told us!” When this matter was mentioned, Ron was even more excited. “The photos we provided when we took Rachel to the police station played a key role! The glasses The male lawyer…should be called a lawyer…I can’t say too shameless in the face of these conclusive evidence!”

“But the man with glasses still used his relationship, and he is just an adult, and he may end up only Staying in jail for a few months—” Harry added, “But it’s enough for him!”

“It’s really exciting,” plus the Glass’ unbearable in Rachel’s hands to look at’photo, I believe that his future life will be a lot more peaceful, Anna is still quite satisfied with the end of this incident, “How is Rachel?”

“Rachel’s wanted is revoked The London Police Department also came forward to explain to her that her elder sister, after knowing that Glass was arrested, admitted that she was threatened by Glass and wronged Rachel—”

“And Rachel got “The opportunity to go to dance college,” Harry concluded, “It’s a blessing in disguise.”

“It turns out that the wanted is just a way for the police to protect Rachel! It’s…um…curious!” Ron ran into the school bus and the driver Uncle greeted him, and he concluded, “Maybe we will see the arrest warrant in the future, we all have to think about whether these wanted criminals should really be wanted…”

Several people found their seats and sat down.

Harry looked at them suddenly with emotion, “You are going to Hogwarts in a few months… Ron and Ginny may also return to The Burrow…”

I am left alone.

He thought that he would have to stay in Dursley’s small room for so long…

He used to live in a closet, and he wouldn’t feel lonely when he had no friends. Now he has friends. Let him lose them again–

Harry thought he would go crazy.

“Brother, although I don’t really want to learn this…knowledge…especially mathematics at muggle school!” Ron patted Harry on the shoulder, “but for you, I will stay…”

“Ginny will stay, too,” George added. “They will still live in Anna’s house.”

“Don’t worry, we will bring you gifts when we go to Hogwarts—” Anna moved towards Harry, winking his eyes.

“Hogwarts toilet seat?” Fred laughed.

“That’s too unhygienic!” Ron protested dissatisfied.

“Let me calculate how many toilet seats we have to remove,” George cracking a joke began to calculate, “You two, Ginny and Hermione…”

“And Hermione New friends, as old as we are, what are they called—” Ron scratched his head and looked towards Harry.

“Troy, it seems to be the name,” Harry was completely unfazed, and there were still so many friends with him, “It was wearing a yellow sweater and the uniform of the’Long Elementary School’ that night and told us that the police would come Girl!”

Fred was a little surprised, “She and Hermione know?”

“They are students,” Ron said rushingly, “And Troy is still Rachel’s Younger sister!”


In short, the rainy night rose incident is finally over. Anna listened to the noisy voices of the boys in her ears and looked towards the window.

The sun is shining on the endless stream of vehicles, and the green leaves on both sides of the road announce that summer is about to come.

The reflection made Anna’s eyes empty. She turned her head and continued to join the topic of the boys—not noticing a tabby cat hurriedly walking by on the sidewalk with a map in its mouth, and not noticing the left side of the school bus. Wand, with the steering wheel of a black car on the side, certainly did not notice the kind smile on the face of the old man driving the car.

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