Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 63

An ordinary afternoon in late June.

“HeyJude~don’tmakeitbad~” Anna’s double-storey bungalow sounded a wonderful song. It seems that someone used the toilet as his karaoke room, “Takeasadsongandmakeitbetter~”

“I can’t stand it anymore!” Fred De took a fan and came out of the room. Today, the Privet Road circuit was repaired and the entire community was out of power for one day. The heat was about to melt.

Ms. Linna took Xiao Aiwen to the hospital for vaccinations, and there were only a bunch of children left at home.

Anna and Ginny also poked their heads out of the room to watch the excitement, and George was yelling, “Hurry up…We will be missing one after you leave…”

“…Thenyoucanstarttomakeitbetter ~ Then I started to cheer myself up and walk down~”

Harry came up from the stairs, carrying a big bucket of Coke, “Anna! This Coke is not too cold!”

He noticed the sound coming from the toilet, frowned, “Ron, are you scalded by hot water?”

“hahaha—” Fred, who was brewing the language, was grinned seriously by Harry. To.

“cough cough!” Ron who sang in the toilet seemed to choke, “HeyHarry~” he changed Jude to Harry, “don’tbeafraid~”

Harry rolled the eyes.

“Youweremadetogooutandgether~you should overcome all your fears and go out~”

Since Ron listened to the Beatles, every time he came to Anna’s house, he would hear him singing. Harry felt He must be poisoned by something.

“Theminuteyouletherunderyourskin’~Thenyoubegintomakeitbetter~The moment you are determined to embrace your fear~You will be able to rebuild your courage~”

Anna clicked her head to beat, saying something, Ron sings very well. He can consciously imitate the original vocals and sing like that. This guy has innate talent in this area, imitated innate talent, and he can even imitate Mr. Mighty’s call. sound.

Fred drove Harry into the room and closed the door to stop Ron’s singing. “Maybe the Ministry of Magic will only be allowed to ban him from singing.”

Ginny took it. Pour the Coke in Harry’s hand for everyone, she thought for a while, “I have a way!”

She opened the door and walked to the toilet door, yelling, “Oh! Hermione!” Cat Snow stood there. He tilted his head at the top of the stairs and looked at her suspiciously, “Hermione, you are finally here!”

The world is quiet.

As expected, it is Ginny. Anna looked at Ginny admiringly at Ginny who was walking back from Snow holding the cat, and gave her a thumbs-up in her heart.

Everyone smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

“Go on,” Ginny put Cat Snow aside, “Whose turn is it?”

“I,” George touched a card and frowns took a look. Throw it in the middle of the wooden table, “Ah! It’s still a second tube, I don’t want a’tube’ and I always touch…”

“What you said is annoying,” Anna touched a card and lost it. At the table, “Nine, how good is the second tube!”

“If I can draw it, I will give it to you,” Fred drew a card, put it in his deck, and he threw it out A “Yaoji”.

“If you give her, it’s called cheating,” George complained about his brother.

“Then I’ll give her secretly.”

“That’s called cheating secretly!”

Everyone laughed.

Ginny touched a card, she raised her eyebrows, “Wow!”

Harry leaned over to watch with a Coke, “Wow–” he exclaimed. Despite Ginny’s intentional control, her face quickly turned red.

“I found out that our younger sister really has this kind of innate talent,” Fred touched the chin nodded, “She is always good at this kind of game… and luck!”

“What innate talent? Gambling innate talent?” Ginny looked at his big brother helplessly.

“He means that you can always find the…um…laws in the game,” George added Fred De, “You can buy the Daily Prophet’s Sickle lottery as often as father, maybe you can As lucky as the old man who won the prize before.”

“I don’t want to be an old man,” Ginny shook his head.

“Maybe Mr. Weasley should buy a gold Galleon prize lottery ticket. The probability is about the same-it’s hard to get. It’s better to take a gamble,” Anna remembers clearly, and was in the Weasley Family Grand prize, “Maybe I will come back with a bunch of Galleon someday.”

“It makes sense, I will let old Errol tell him your proposal,” George nodded.

“Speaking of Galleon–” Harry took a sip of Coke, “When shall we go to Knockturn Alley to find that Goblin? Pull the can?”

Anna patted her head, oh yes, And this thing…

And this thing must be done before enrollment, because the young wizard use spell will not be supervised by the Ministry of Magic before enrollment. If you miss this opportunity, you won’t be able to do it next time. Know when to wait.

“Only these two days, before my birthday, we have to make adequate preparations,” Anna paused for a second, “My birthday-whether we go to the zoo or Azkaban to see This time…”

“?” A question mark slowly appeared on everyone’s heads.

“So exciting?” George scratched his head.

Harry reacted first, “You already know the meaning of the prophecy?”

Ginny ran to her and Anna’s room and found the sheepskin in the box paper.

‘… Appreciate this victory, jump down the waterfall with faith, and listen to the sad dragontongue. It will take you forward. Don’t be scalded by the treasure, don’t be buried in the ground by the treasure, be upright The Jinbei needs a real owner, and only it can take you out of here…’

“Yes,” Anna pointed to the sentence on the parchment. It couldn’t be easier for anyone who knew the plot.

“Hermione and I discussed the combination of “dragon” and “treasure”. Where do you say there are so many treasures in London? Is it still so guarded?”

“How do we know… don’t we?!” twin called out at the same time.

Anna nodded, “Just what you think, plus this diviner used to work there…”

“Gringotts?” Ginny frowns said the name.

“That marble building? Is there a waterfall in there?” Harry hadn’t been to the underground Vault of Gringotts.

“Yes,” Anna nodded, “there is indeed a waterfall below-the’Thief-proof Waterfall’, which can wash away all the spells and disguise…”

” etc. Wait! Anna! Did you go to Gringotts to step on it?!”

Merlin’s beard! Even if he had never been to Gringotts Vault, Harry had heard of Gringotts’ high security. Several elementary school students wanted to steal from it. It was just a dream! How crazy this is! Harry holding head.

“What step on it? I just saw it when I went to the great-grandfather Vault to fetch things!” Anna glanced at Harry, saying that she felt like a premeditated robber… well… It will indeed become like that…

Seeing the hesitant expressions on everyone’s faces, Anna coughed twice, “This is a great good deed of us!”

Add a block to Voldemort! What is this not good deed? “The golden cup mentioned in this prophecy must be tricky! Maybe we can destroy Great Demon’s conspiracy!”

“That’s not why we went to rob Gringotts…”

“Oh, Harry, don’t you want to know what the golden cup is? What’s the story?” Anna’s voice whispered like a devil.

“Don’t you want to complete a thrilling adventure with your friends? Robbing Gringotts is a great plan! No one has ever succeeded before. Don’t you want to be part of this plan?”

“I…” Harry began to waver, “Join…” He felt he couldn’t refuse.

“I will also participate,” Ginny raised his hand.

“Fred, George!” Anna looked towards twin, “You know, if we go to Hogwarts, we can’t do as one pleases and use magic until we reach adulthood. Do you want to take advantage of the last chance? What a big ticket? Give Gringotts and Ministry of Magic a big prank?”

twin glanced at each other, “Let’s join!”

“Huh? Where’s Hermione?” Ron dressed stylish and handsome, and appeared at the door with the fragrance of shower gel.

Ginny watched him shook the head, and suddenly remembered that the first time he saw Harry, he put on a dress that he wore in summer in the winter, ah—Ginny was roaring inside, Harry must think he was stupid. Through.

Ron looked all around. In addition to the Mahjong player group of four, there was Harry who was sullenly drinking Coke. Only the cat Snow playing with his tail was left, “en? I’m in the toilet Didn’t you hear that Hermione is here?”

“She hasn’t come yet,” Anna poured herself a glass of Coke, “Ron, we are going to find a’can’ recently…”

“Oh, I remember, the content on that parchment, right,” Ron relaxed, he walked to the edge of the wooden table and saw Ginny’s card, “Not bad Ginny! It’s all the same!”

Ginny smiled at him.

“Oh, when we find the can, we will rob Gringotts and go home to eat.” Anna said quickly.

“I agree…what?!” Ron trembled with fright. “I found the can and what to do?!”

“Uh…robbing Gringotts…Ron… In fact, the copy of Gringotts is mainly used by some of us who use wand, you don’t need to worry, your main job is to attract Auror’s attention later…”

“You…I…you have already planned it. That’s it! Merlin’s… super beard!” Ron was shocked.

“Hermione participated, Harry participated, your two big brothers participated, Ginny participated, are you coming?” Anna drank a coke and looked towards Ron.

“I just took a shower! Are you all controlled by Imperius Curse?” Ron holding head, “Harry!”

Harry looked away.

“And Hermione! How could such a sane person join this project?!”

“I told her that Gringotts was closed underground and was brutally abused, with scars all over her body. I’ve never seen the sun, longing for a dragon to be loved,” Anna handed Ron a glass of Coke, “She was going to save the dragon.”

“This is really…” Ron didn’t know how to describe it. Reason tells him that a little carelessness in this plan will lead to big problems.

“We need you, you are important Ron,” Anna looked into his eyes.

“Um…even if you say that…” Ron took the Coke that Anna handed over, “Well, I’ll join…”

Anna likes to get along with the Gryffindors, they have challenges The courage of the rules, will not be afraid of adventure-even to grab Gringotts.

“Then in the past few days, everyone will exercise their arm strength together just in case,” Anna thought for a while, “Fred, George, the past few days mainly practice the Levitation charm…I give Your birthday gifts shouldn’t be used or broken, right?”

Anna gave them a wandless wand on their birthdays on April Fool’s Day, which just happened to come in handy now.

“Of course,” Fred de nodded, “but why do we need to exercise arm strength?”

“It’s not asking us to punch an old Goblin, right?” George showed a puzzled expression .

“Of course not!” Anna looked at them mysteriously and secretively, “This is just in case, if the Levitation charm is well practiced, then there is no need…”

“As for What do you want to do with the Levitation charm-keep it secret for now.”

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