Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 64

July 13, the day before Anna’s eleventh birthday, at ten o’clock in the morning.

Everything in Diagon Alley is normal, just like every day after the end of the second wizard war, lively and peaceful.

The owl in the cage is lazily tidying up its feathers, the three or two wizards sitting under the umbrellas are holding tea cups and talking, the air is mixed with the aroma of lemon and sweet orange, the crowd eating and drinking merrily on the road Dense, happy laughter and cheerful voices everywhere.

People are very complicated animals, maybe they are laughing, but thinking about the bad things of their wife’s derailment… their faces are sad, but they are jumping for the 5Galleon who just got it… Or some people, look. He was young and cute, but he wondered how to rob Gringotts in his head.

Anna and twin are mixed in the crowd.

They look very relaxed, and they have an ice cream in their hands.

“Suck…Did he find the bag of Galleon?” Anna ate the ice cream, and looked at Goblin, who was sitting under the umbrella.

“Sucking…I picked it up,” Fred saw that La Can quietly bent over to pick up the cloth bag, opened it, and looked at it. Face doesn’t change and stuffed the cloth bag into his bag.

“Why are you so sure that it will go to the’Unicorn House’ when it picks up the money?” George looked at Lacan with a sad expression on his face while chatting with another Goblin.

“The content of their chat, suck…”

Anna took another sip of ice cream, “La Can is complaining to that happy Goblin-saying that his wife gave it to herself There is too little pocket money, it can’t see…er…its little sweetheart…”

George felt shocked, “Little sweetheart?!” He lowered his voice, “What’s the matter? …What kind of shop is the’Unicorn House’?”

“It’s not a good shop.” Fred Tak cast a’you know’ look at George.

“Merlin’s beard…” George licked the ice cream in a daze, and suddenly there was a picture in his head… Hey… He shook his head and tried to clean the things out.

Anna watched Gringotts bid farewell to her friends, moved towards Gringotts, and walked towards Gringotts, “Go, follow it.”

The three of them licked the ice cream and followed the can calmly. .

Pull can looked around vigilantly. Although he saw trio, he only felt that he was an ordinary passerby. After all, how could an unscrupulous person lick ice cream while stalking people?

It walked to the gate of Gringotts and was noticed by Goblin, who was guarding the gate, “Pulling cans? It’s strange! I remember you don’t seem to be on duty today?”

“Oh…easy to pull, I just passed by!” Pulling the can and greeted Goblin who was the doorman.

“haha…are going to pub again?” Yi La squeezed her eyes at the pull can, “Your family has sent you money? Oh? Look at you like this, or are you going to find…”

“Uh…it’s going to the pub! I have to quickly use up the money…” Pulling can stood on the spot rubbing his hands, looking a little embarrassed, “Don’t tell her!”.

Yila said that she understood, “Bring me a bottle of wine, I just pretended not to see anything…”

“Of course…” Pulling hurriedly walked to Knockturn Alley’s small Daoli, when I couldn’t see the easy pull anymore, it whispered, “Where do I have spare money to buy you wine, Goblin is greedy…”

The masked wizard passing by listened to half and looked at it curiously. Glancing at the can, it was the first time I saw Goblin scolding Goblin for being greedy.

“What to look at!” Pulling the can and spitting to the ground.

Outside of working hours, Pulling can treat the wizard without being polite. It specializes in a trail of Knockturn Alley. A branch of the’Goblin Brotherhood’ is built here. Goblins are here. The road is full of confidence.

The masked wizard waved his hand and gave way. He was obviously unwilling to argue with Goblin here. He hurried up again. Just after passing a corner, he saw the three wrapping himself tightly. , Goblin who only showed his face…It is indeed Goblin from the face…

His eyes are full of confusion.

George fiddled with Goblin’s ears that were specifically exposed and lowered the brim of his hat, “What? Didn’t you see Goblin a little bit taller?”

“You want to mock us Height?” Fred also fiddled with his Goblin ears.

“We are sad enough because we are tall! We don’t usually want to show our faces!” Anna raised her volume and made her voice sound more weird. She pretended to cover her face and cried twice. sound.

Anna is shorter than twin, and she touched the mask with inexplicable tears, “I’m nothing…I have pity on my two children, they grow so tall at a young age!”

A kind Goblin who passed by comforted her, “Madam, don’t be too sad, it’s okay to grow taller, there will always be a female Goblin who will like them…”

Masked wizard lose one’s head out of fear, “Sorry Madam! I didn’t mean that…” He quickly left under the gaze of other Goblin passing by.

“Yes,” a tattooed Goblin squatting on the side of the road comforted twin, “It doesn’t matter if you grow tall! I can’t find a wife, at worst, buy a house elf…”

“en?” Both Anna and twin showed the expressions of Metro Master looking at their mobile phones under the strict disguise, and the amount of information was too large.

“Uh! Not that!” Tattooed Goblin waved his hand hurriedly, “I mean house elf can do what a wife can do!”

“en?” A group of people passing by Goblin showed the expression of the subway master looking at his mobile phone.

“I mean it’s like washing clothes and cooking…Okay! When I didn’t say it!” Tattooed Goblin picked up the wine bottle and quickly got up and left.

After this episode, Anna and twin relied on realistic masks, tightly wrapped, just the right height, accepted the sympathetic eyes of the Goblins, and smoothly integrated into this Goblin trail——

“Although I really want to complain about this setting…” Fred lowered his voice, “but let’s wait until our prank is over…George, use the secret passage tool!”

George took out one Putting on a pair of big colored glasses, it looked funny, “Let me see… this way!” He took the two of them forward.

Anna moved towards George’s face took a closer look, he was like a colorful owl, “This is the secret passage tool you are talking about?”

“Yes, Luna The test glasses given to us-to observe the harassing horsefly…Although we have never found one,” Fred followed in George’s footsteps, “but it is very useful to track a special taste.”

Oh Luna, that cute little girl, Anna raised a smile, “What special smell?”

“Uh… the smell of Aunt Muriel’s cloak, we are pulling cans There was a piece of cloth on her cloak in the bag I found…”

“What?!” Anna’s shock can be felt through the mask.

Fredder paused, “Unbelievable, right? We think so too! She bought the cloak when she was traveling in Sweden, I don’t know what hair is made of cloak…”

“Of course it’s also possible that the smell of’overbearing’ on her…well…’ overbearing’ on the cloak…” George looked back.

“Anyway,” twin said in a concluding remark, “We still love Aunt Muriel, who is always mad and hu hu. She often complains and treats us nicely.”


“He even secretly hid cloak in the Pukwudgie cave as a gift for us!”

“?” This is definitely not what Aunt Muriel did!

A few people walked past a corner.

“Hey!” George exclaimed, “Pull the can down the stairs! Hurry up!”

Running to the cover, Anna put the deformed ring on Fred De, He took off the Goblin mask and quickly grew bear ears and fluff, which guaranteed that even his mother would not recognize who he was… Although Mrs. Weasley always confuses him with George.

When the sound of the rogue whistle sounded from behind, Pulling can was passing through the aisle decorated with pink feathers. He turned his head and saw a teddy bear standing act coquettishly on the stairs.

“Wow——” Pulling stopped and exclaimed, “What is this for playing today? Sweetheart?” Almost without any doubt, it opened its hands and moved towards the teddy bear.

The Teddy Bear paused, did not speak, and walked down the stairs heavily. Of course, he would prefer to call it the’weight of love’ in his eyes, “It looks like you really miss me My sweetheart!”

Hearing these words, the teddy bear suddenly covered his mouth, paused for two seconds, and then blew a kiss.

“Oh! Sweetheart! This makes me feel your temperature!” Pulling can and the teddy bear hugged each other.

“It’s so bad…” A strange male voice rang from behind the teddy bear, arousing the alertness of pulling cans.

“Who is it!?” It tried hard to get out of the arms of the teddy bear, but it failed. It never knew that Sweetheart had such a great strength.

“Grab steady–” Pulling can hear a girl’s voice, and almost instantly, the world spins.

“When it called me sweetheart…I was really vomiting…”

There was a constant noise in my ears, and it gradually became clear after pulling the can, and it found that its eyes had been blinded. Got up, stuffed in his mouth.

“Um—”Moving its limbs, it felt horrified that it was tied to a chair.

The disappearance of vision makes Pulling very helpless. It tries to use Goblin magic to help itself, but all the magic it knows cannot work in this situation. It can only pray silently-Goblin Lord, bless you! I will love my wife well in the future! Please give me another chance!

“Cough, Goblin pull the can…” A female voice rang, “Scabbers, take away belongings that do not belong to you…spit on the ground…and dare to desecrate the sacredness of marriage!”

“It should be cut!” The male voice rang from the other direction.

“wú wú wú ———” The gagged pull-can was struggling, as if he had some last words to say.

“However, the king of Goblin is always tolerant, and you are exempted from death.”

“Well,” Lacan looked like sighed in relief.

“But death is inevitable, and living sins are inevitable. You must complete your mission to wash your sins.”

Crazy nodded, it has no intention of thinking.

“Kneel down.”

When pulling the can, he heard the command. It found that its feet had been untied. Someone walked to the back and pressed himself to the ground, breathing close to his own. Neck-this person is definitely not tall, I guess it is also a Goblin.

This drop can is even more nervous. Could it be that my wife found out that she was cheating? Reported to the’Goblin Brotherhood’? Are they going to sanction themselves now? !

“Uh-huh!” It found that the ball of paper in its mouth had been taken away, “I was wrong! I know I was wrong! My fellow! I must treat my wife well Please let me go!”

After a while of silence, the female voice rang again, “Then, after we shake hands, you can only repeat what you said at the wedding.”


“I…I don’t remember…” Pulling cans and racking his brains, he didn’t even think of what he said at that humble wedding. All that appeared in his mind was the not-so-good-looking face of his wife.

“We will help you remember.”

The can is forced to stretch out the right hand, a small hand is held with it, and the can is definitely Goblin’s Hand, adult wizard does not have such a hand, only Goblin’s hand can be so small.

I don’t know if something touched the skin of the can, it shrank, “Very well,” it heard the female voice again, “Then let’s start…”

“La Can, are you willing to take good care of your wife-regardless of illness or health, or any other reason, take care of her, respect her, and stay loyal to her until the end of life without betraying you?”

Jing Guan suddenly remembered everything about the wedding. The wife in the wedding dress seemed to be standing in front of her. She smiled bitterly because her nephew had accidentally soiled her wedding dress…

“I am willing.”

It seems that there is a warm feeling coming from the place of the handshake, pulling the can with a little emotion, is this the power of the oath?

“Pull can, are you willing to do your best to protect your wife from harm?”

“I do.”

Another hot stream It came from the handshake, making the can pull a lot of feelings.

He felt a little moved. What bad things he has done all these years, why did he leave his wife behind? The food she cooks, the clothes she washes, Pack’s clean room… What have you done for her? It seems to have been hurting her all the time…

“Pull the can, one last oath, are you willing to accept all the plans and arrangements of your wife and Anna?”

“I do.” It’s okay to give her all my salary…Wait, who is Anna?

It was another heat flow, coming from the handshake, and this heat flow lasted for a while.

“No problem, right?” It heard someone whispering.

“It must be no problem, because of this thing, my left and right butt flaps are asymmetrical, and I have a deep memory—”

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