Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 65

“shua ——” The cloth on the eyes of the can is removed.

When I saw the scenery in front of me clearly, it opened its mouth wide and was speechless with anger.

A girl with green eyes kneels and sits in front of it.

That hand is really not something that an adult wizard can have—pull cans really didn’t expect. These nasty wizards were so bald when they were young.

“You…you…” noticed that there was a circle of children here, it was a little annoyed by their stupid behavior, “you guys…wizard…this stupid prank should be over, right?!”

“I’m afraid this is just the beginning, Mr. Can,” Anna smiled at him, “You can look at your right hand.”

“What is this!?” The tank screamed, and it saw that its right hand started from the wrist position, and three interlaced red line tattoos appeared, extending to the forearm position.

Anna also pulled up her sleeves, and the same tattoo appeared on her white skin, “An unbreakable oath,” she ignored La Can’s wide-eyed eyes, “I heard that those who violated the oath-will leave this World.”

Ron suddenly appeared, took out an open book and showed it to La Can. That page was describing the consequences of the’unbreakable curse’.

But in fact, violating the magic power and sufficient unbreakable curse will lead to death. If the witness’s magic power is not enough, the contractor’s violation of the oath will only cause pain, unconscious, fever, snot, diarrhea—— At least the skill explanation of system is so.

There is no caring system that can explain this to the can. “No…no…” It shook its head blankly, “This is not true…no…”

“Mr. Lacan, I have to remind you of what vows you have made-in addition to treating your wife well, you have to fully accept and implement Anna’s plans and arrangements.” Hermione put away what she used as a witness wand, “Of course, we will not embarrass you too much, but there are some questions we want to ask…maybe there are some small favors that need your help…”

Anna sat on the small chair, “Next, please To be honest.”

“For the future of the magic circle…” Harry stood aside wearing a Goblin mask, “Here are a few questions about Gringotts…”

“Gringotts? What are you going to do!? You group of evil wizards!” La Can suspected that this group of people drank the transformed potion and deliberately transformed into children to reduce the vigilance of others. Whose teenage children would engage in these horrors Assault.

Harry stepped back to avoid its saliva, “A wizard that saved your life, let you help him find the champion, is it or not?”

“You are the one Sent by a lunatic? Goerman running wild! so that’s how it is so that’s how it is —” La Can’s head turned so fast, it suddenly calmed down, “I owe him a life debt! I will help you We are allies! We are friends!”

It focused on its head, as if its own words could not be more credible, “Void the oath! I really volunteer to help you! Can we be friends? “

If no one cares about it, Hermione looked towards Anna and Anna shook her head.

What character Anna is Goblin can’t be clearer. Maybe it will help Anna and the others in order to pay off the life debt – but is the life debt paid off? Is it facing the endless blackmail of the greedy Goblin? Or wait for Azkaban to come to the house to catch people?

“Reject,” be a plastic friend who is a fart, and be a tool man.

“We are impossible to cancel the oath, or please answer the questions obediently,” Anna continued to ask, “You know the prophecy, and you know exactly what we want to do… I think you should know where the Vault is. Right?”

“No…” Pulling gnashing teeth, but it suddenly felt the pain from the pattern of the arm.

Seeing the change in the expression of the can, Hermione couldn’t bear it, “Uh, I advise you to tell the truth…otherwise you might die…”

Look at the can fiercely. After taking a glance at them, I finally accepted the fact, “Yes, I know…”

“You can get the key, right?”

“Yes.” The answer was quick, as if he had accepted his fate.

Anna smiled and looked at it, “So, do you have permission to open that door?”

Hufflepuff’s Cup is hidden in the Vault of Bella, (Bellatrix.Lestrange) Lestrange family Although it has declined recently, it is one of the twenty-eight Saint Races. Their Vault is in the deepest part of Gringotts. Everything in the Vault has been added with Copy Curse and Fire Curse, guarded by Dragon, and the Vault gate needs a special Goblin. turn on.

“What?” Pulling the can was a little surprised. It thought that Anna didn’t know about these little details of Gringotts. Originally, it tried to catch the loopholes. When the time comes, the door made the door to suck Anna and the others. In the Vault-know that Gringotts only checks once every ten years if anyone is locked in it.

The plan failed. Pulling the can can only admit reluctantly, “There is no…”

Anna stepped forward and pulled it up from the ground, and kindly helped it patted it on her knees. Dust, “Very well, Mr. Can, I just know who has this permission-you have to help us find a Goblin named Borg,” Anna blinked, “No matter what method you use, dizzy it, and then Bring it alive to the alley next to the’magical creature shop’.”

“I—” Pulling up and trying to say something, but seeing Anna shook her After getting a tattoo, he was quiet again after wiping his neck.

“Sincerely remind you, do not try to reveal this to anyone…Left Right Protector! Send our guests out!”

“Yes, madam!” twin will Pulling the can blindfolded, raised it regardless of its struggle, and sent it out through the keyhole.

“pa ——” Griphook fell to the ground, it twisted its ass and got up, pulling the cloth on its eyes, panting and looking towards all around, it was standing on that strip full of pink Feather’s familiar aisle was gone.

Like a dream, Griphook felt that the worst nightmare he had ever had in his life was only this. It looked at the tattoo on his hand sighed, and stood there blankly for a long while.

Finally, after another glance at the Unicorn sign that blinked at him, it left in despair. Goodbye Little Sweetheart, Ratan felt that he might never set foot in this place again.

“Okay—let’s talk about our plan now.” In the Underground Study at 92 Diagon Alley, Anna greeted everyone to come around.

“I, Hermione, twin, will use the reason to put things in the great-grandfather Vault infiltrate Gringotts underground, under the leadership of the can, take the opportunity to go to the bottom layer to take out the gold cup… before we release Before the dragon deep in Gringotts, Goblin and the other wizards will not find anomalies.” Anna shrugged, “Of course, this is the best case.”

“What about the worst case?” Ron A head emerged from Harry’s side.

“The worst-case scenario is… I fell into a big horse right after I left the house—please Ron! Be confident in us!” George picked up a cookie that Du Du had brought here.

“From an objective point of view, the worst case scenario should be that as soon as we go out, we will encounter a powerful photographer who can see through it…” Hermione was really analyzing her chin while holding her chin. “We were caught Azka before we entered Gringotts…”

“Hermione!” Ginny smiled and held Hermione’s arm, “I believe that won’t happen!”

“Hermione!” Ginny smiled and held Hermione’s arm, “I believe that won’t happen!”

“Hermione!” p>

“Ah…and, Harry, Ron, Ginny,” Anna took out a bunch of fireworks, “These fireworks, you have to riot in Gringotts, or when Auror surrounds Gringotts in the unmanned corner of Knockturn Alley. Ignite! Dudu will use Form Displacement Shadow to help you quickly transfer positions…”

“Wait!” Harry raised his hand, “Why not just let Dudu take us Form Displacement Shadow to Gringotts Vault? Uh… Isn’t this more convenient?”

“We also thought about it,” Fred de Regretfully shook his head, “But unfortunately, Gringotts underground Vault prohibits all Disapparation and similar spells, Du Du said It has no way to get there.”

Ginny frowns, “Then how do you leave when the time comes?”

“Take the car and go to the main entrance.” Anna picked up a piece of Dudu to prepare Cookies.

Ron was obviously a little surprised, “Go to the main entrance?! What about the dragon? I thought you were going to ride a dragon?!”

Anna gave him a strange look, “What the dragon said. Of course, it was letting go and attracted most of Auror’s eyes—then if fated will meet again, you said let us ride the dragon with a few small bodies?”

“Then you let Fred de, George Practice the Levitation charm? I guessed it was to prevent you from falling off the dragon…”

“It’s not,” Anna shook her head slightly, “My Levitation charm is enough to protect them. Let They practice the Levitation charm mainly because they are afraid that when the time comes, my spells will be too effective and will let water spill out…”

“What water? Are you still going to make tea down there?” Ron covered Exclaimed.

“Secret—” Hermione put her index finger to her lips and smiled at him.

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