Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 66

Diagon Alley, in a dark and cramped alley, is sitting on the trash can and gnawing on his nails, and he stares at the wall blankly.

There is a snoring Goblin…

Some alcohol and a little bit of life and stagnation, the task of kidnapping Borg is easy to complete.

Moreover, I ate unexpected melons. After Borg was drunk, he cried and cried out about family conflicts. He sighed and looked so happy when they met tomorrow morning.

Sure enough, a man can only hide his grievances in his heart…

The sun shines on the glass and reflects on the eyes of the can. It has a virtual eye, and suddenly remembered when he went home to pick up the dead water…

My wife is cooking lunch, and her face that is not so pretty has become tender under the warm light.

“Uh…I have something to go out, and I won’t come back for dinner…” The dialogue between La Can and his wife always carries a kind of “want to end as soon as possible”.

“Okay, I see,” the wife didn’t have any expression, but Pulling obviously felt the pain from the right hand arm.

Is she hurt?

Pulling can look at his wife carefully, racking his brains to ponder a nice sentence or two, “You are…very beautiful today, clothes…” His wife was wearing a dirty apron, “face…” Pulling can feel himself Unable to say, “Hair! Your hairstyle is beautiful!” It finally found a complimenting angle.

“Really?” The expression on the wife’s face was a little bit of astonishment, and she touched her hair. How many years hadn’t heard the man’s praise, “Thank you!” She smiled.

The pain in my arm disappeared, and I could hear my wife humming in the kitchen even when I pulled the can to the door. She was too easy to be satisfied… If she was caught in Gringotts… I should be caught The’Goblin Brotherhood’ will be tried… Then you may never see her again…

For the first time, La Can feels that I may not see his wife. You must know that the past La Cans are eager to leave her. Far away.

“Sucking——” Four children licking ice cream appeared at the entrance of the alley, pulling a can to recognize Anna, jumping from the trash can, and hurriedly greeted them.

“I brought Borg…you…It shouldn’t be hurt it?”

Anna glanced at the snoring Borg in the corner and took out the wand. “Stupefy!” The white light flashed, and Borg hit Anna’s spells.

Pull the can’s heart tightened, Borg’s snoring has disappeared! It is again certain that these people must have used compound potion! Ordinary children are basically impossible to have such magic power!

Fred De ran to Borg and took a look. He made an ok gesture and became steady. According to the experimental feedback of the male thugs with glasses, he could not wake up within two or three days.

“You…” Pulling the can and swallowing hard.

“It’s okay, it’s just falling into a deep sleep.” Hermione kindly explained to Lacan.

Fredde pretended to be serious, “Unless someone kisses it, otherwise it won’t wake up.” Pulling can look at Boge’s Old Zhang face, his expression awkward.

Anna took out a bottle of wine from the blue floral bag and handed it to the can. “Give it to Goblin at the door. When it leaves, you will go in. If you meet someone else you know, just say I have changed shifts with others…”

“Wait for it to leave…” Pulling can, his pupils tremble, “Wait for it to leave this…world?”

George was speechless,” What are you thinking about? There is a potion for cleaning the intestines-as the name suggests, cleaning up the intestines…”

“Now it is time for Gringotts to change shifts so that you can get the keys to the bottom Vault,” La Cangang The calm pupils continued to vibrate again.

“Be calm, get the key and just find an empty spot to stand, and wait for us to find you…” Anna patted its shoulder, “Remember, calm.”

“I…” The hands that pulled the can and pinched the wine bottle were all sweaty, it hesitated, “I try my best…”

The noon sun is high in the sky, and the ice cream shop is crowded. Customers, the parasols were low and full of people, and the number of wizards dangling on the road dropped significantly.

Gringotts’s Goblin easy puller guarding the gate is boring, “I have to watch the door at noon…” It kicked the marble pillar lightly and whispered, “No one will come at this time…”

“Yi!” It noticed that the can carrying a bottle of wine moved towards here-my happiness is here! Yi La showed a happy expression.

“Pull the can! My friend!” Yila almost grabbed the ground to pull the bottle of wine from the hand of the can, “Don’t be so reluctant, you have to pay something to let others keep the secret! “

Easy pull used the other hand to make a zipper movement on his mouth, “I promise that the person in your family won’t hear any wind from me.”

Before the can pull can say a word, it maintains the posture of holding the wine, which looks a little funny.

“What kind of wine is this?” The easy pull opened the stopper and smelled it. Suddenly, there was a bad feeling. It stared at the pull can strangely. “It’s quite fragrant-isn’t it? You How about giving such a good wine?”

“Uh-” The can uttered the first syllable after seeing Yila.

“I can’t bear it…this bottle of wine is expensive…” It pondered the reason, “It’s just left for too long…Although I think it’s okay, my wife said it might be broken and let me Dispose of…”

“You decide whether you want to drink…” Pulling the can and some hope that Yi Pull will not drink the bottle of wine. Maybe the absurd plan of robbing Gringotts can be stopped.

But Yila was relieved, it felt that it understood.

“hahaha…poor can! Are you stupid by your wife? Every Goblin knows that the longer the wine is, the better-” It squeezed its eyes narrowly, “Is it you? Wife doesn’t let you drink? Isn’t it?”

Go for diarrhea.

Pull the can rolled the eyes, it doesn’t worry about this nasty guy anymore.

“haha…it’s so pitiful, you can only look at me happy,” Yi La raised the bottle,’Tons of wine…’ Half a bottle of wine was down.

“Awesome—” Yi La laughed, but almost instantaneously, its smile solidified, and at the same time, there was a cry of’gu lu lu’ in the belly.

It looked at La Can in shock, “No—”

La Can shrugged, “I said let you decide whether to drink…”

Yila pointed at the can, and didn’t hold out a complete sentence for a long time, “You…” It covered its belly, its face was flushed, and its voice was weak, “Remember…” moved towards the nearest store in a windy manner. Flush, “Toilet!”

Looking at Yi Pull rushing away, pulling the can and turning around, took a deep breath and walked into the door of Gringotts.

“Ron, can you stop spinning…” Harry looked at Ron who looked like a headless fly in front of him with a headache. “You have to trust your friend…” He sighed.

“Of course I believe my friend!” Ron scratched his hair a little irritably. “But don’t you think…it’s a coincidence!?” He walked over to Harry.

“George really fell as soon as he went out! Merlin’s beard! Maybe there is a photographer who doesn’t know where he is staring at us!”

“Maybe it’s just their prank! Anna didn’t laugh at me too-did I ask the cans like a Great Demon King? She still saluted me!” Harry waved his hand to persuade Ron to relax.

“Relax Ron,” Ginny walked back from the window, “I saw nothing but a tabby cat sitting on the ground with a hot butt—” She shrugged, “Look at the big sun, whose noble photographer will go out in this horrible weather?”


Outside Diagon Alley 92 Under a blue sun umbrella, a masked wizard sneezed. He shook his head and took off the mask.

This is a young man with big European and American eyelids and profound facial features. He picked up the tea cup on the table, took a few sips gracefully, and then belched gracefully.

The tabby cat sitting not far from him moved a position silently.

It’s worthy of Britain…

The young man sighed in his heart that even a cat has so many thoughts, which is interesting-but compared to the three wants he met in Knockturn Alley Robbing the child of Gringotts was still a bit close.

Picking up the Coke on the table, he poured some more into the teacup, and listened with interest to the wizard next door to complain to him in his heart–‘Doesn’t he know that the teacup is used to drink tea? Is it? ‘

Shouted and hiccup again, he saw the old wizard next door holding the newspaper browse tightly knit, “Ah really-rude hiccup Troll! ‘

The man laughed lightly, Britain really is much more interesting than America!

The old wizard who reads the newspaper finally couldn’t help the man’s tarnishing of the’tea cup’. He conjured a teapot and knocked the man’s shoulder politely, “child, maybe you want something Tea?”

“Oh, of course, I am honored to be able to taste the characteristics of Britain—” He lifted the suitcase, pressed the switch on the lock, and opened the bag. “Here are some of the American pastries, I hope I can enjoy them with you.”

The old wizard poured out the cola ruthless in the man’s cup, made a’Scourgify’, and then poured the tea. “A man from the United States Friends?”

“Yes, I have just arrived in Britain for less than a month,” the man extended the hand carefreely, “Jacob Kowalski, nice to meet you.”

The old wizard shook hands with him, “Bolen, just call me Boren.”

Bolen handed the tea to Jacob, “Your last name doesn’t feel very American?”

“Thank you,” Jacob took the teacup. “Yes, to be precise, this is a Polish surname. My grandfather is a Polish American mochi… uh… it’s what you call muggle. …”

He Ox chewing the peony drank a sip of English black tea, “My name is the same as my grandfather, it’s Jacob…”

Old Bollen Having given up on the idea of ​​letting this refreshing American youth in his twenties drink tea well, he picked up a piece of cake, “This is… the look of a poisonous horned beast? It’s quite distinctive.”

“Yes! “When it comes to pastries, Jacob’s whole person is refreshed, “It is a special product of our’Kowalski Bakery’! I heard my mother said that the inspiration came from the romantic love between my wizard grandmother and Moji grandfather on the streets of New York. “The story,” he stuck out his tongue, “it’s a bit too crooked, I won’t repeat it…”

“Excuse me,” Boren was a little puzzled, “Your grandparents are all American? According to me As we all know, the United States has always been less humane in managing the intermarriage of muggle and wizard…”

“Although the’Lapa Potter Law’ was abolished in 65, the American wizard treated muggle It’s notorious to be unfriendly… Your grandparents’ love should have encountered a lot of…hmm…obstacles?”

“Yes, yes! You know these things well—”Jacob took the tea with two mouthfuls I finished drinking, “This is the precious part of my grandparents’ love! Although my grandmother has gone the wrong way, but in the end, they still have a fairytale ending…”

Jacob depresses The voice, “Grandma said, one of the most impossible to help her finally helped her…”

Old Boren raised his eyebrows, with a melon-eating expression on his face, “Oh? Yes. Who? “

“Boom——” The sound of the collapse of the building interrupted the conversation between the two.

Immediately, the roar of the huge creature spread throughout Diagon Alley, “ao ——Aw——” A head emerged from the collapsed roof of Gringotts.

“Mother, am I right? Is that a Dragon? ! “The wizard onlookers exclaimed, and the scene was in chaos. Boren lifted the teacup away from the table and saw that the tabby cat on the ground was blown up.

Jacob closed the suitcase and looked a little bit Panicked, “What happened! ? “But he quickly reacted. Could it be the movement made by the three children who wanted to grab Gringotts–

Merlin’s Coke! This is really…excellent!

The Gringotts in the center of Diagon Alley attracted everyone’s attention. The dragon has climbed to the highest point of the building and is moving towards all around spraying flames.

Jacob opened his eyes with excitement. Big, Bollen coughed slightly proudly, let’s see, that’s my great-granddaughter!

“God, this movement! Harry saw the magnificent scene from the window, “Ginny, Ron, it’s time for us to act!” “

Ron found a bag to hold the fireworks. “Can these fireworks really attract more attention than a dragon?” “

Ginny saw that some Auror had arrived, “You have to trust your friends!” Get the bag fast! We are running out of time! She moved towards the upstairs and shouted “Du Du!” Come on! “

“pa,” Du Du appeared in front of the three of them, motioning for them to hold their arms, “Du Du is very happy to help you, please don’t let Du Du’s off when you are in the Form Displacement Shadow Arm! “

“I definitely caught it hard–“

“pa,” the three and Du Du disappeared in place.

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