Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 67

In Yila yelled’toilet’ and ran away, pulling the can and walking into Gringotts with the expression of broken cans. Soon, the group of four appeared at the gate of Gringotts.

Anna is holding a bear doll in her hand.

“It should be noted that no matter what happens, we must be calm and natural,” Anna put her other hand on Hermione, “To paralyze ourselves, we just go to Gringotts to get something…”

“Take something that doesn’t belong to us…” Hermione murmured.

“Oh, but it doesn’t belong here either,” Anna cleared her throat, “We will return it where it should be… Let’s go!”

twin each other He glanced at each other and followed them with a smile.

Enter Gringotts and come to the 2nd door. Goblin, the guardian, looked up and down the group of children, “I have to remind you…Gringotts is not a place for you to play!”

“Of course !” twin said in unison.

“What can be fun with Gringotts?”

Goblin was suddenly questioned, but this is, what can be fun with Gringotts? “Nothing,” it snapped its fingers, and the 2nd door slowly opened.

In the tall marble hall, Goblins are sitting on the high stools behind the long rows of counters, busy with their own affairs.

As soon as Anna walked in the door, she looked around for the cans. It was not easy to find it in that many similar Goblin.

“Anna, it’s over there…” George put on Luna’s exaggerated big glasses and motioned Anna looked towards an unremarkable corner on the left.

La Can is standing behind a row of long counters near the entrance of the underground Vault, looking at the door, it looks calmer…

When Anna entire group approached, I found La The can is shaking at a very high frequency, and it feels like it is about to drop frames, “You…ok…what can…can serve you…?”

Pull the can and tremble as if sitting in a washing machine Go up, it’s strange if you don’t find anything unusual this time! Hermione covered her face.

Goblin, who wrote something next to him, only found it interesting, “It’s amazing, how did you do it?” It patted the shoulder of the can, “I can only do this…” Goblin hiccups Said the same thing.

This Old Brother must have eaten garlic at noon! Holding his nose, pulling the can and gradually calmed down, “I will teach you, friend, but now I have to work.”

“Oh! Of course,” Goblin retracted its position again and continued What was written in the notebook, Fred leaned in quietly and took a look, rolled the eyes, it turned out that it was fishing and painting.

“cough cough, I want to go to the great-grandfather’s Vault to store something, this is the key…” Anna passed the key in her hand to the can.

“Do you want to save that doll?” Painted Goblin came up again. It felt that this group of children could bring fun to his boring work time.

“Yes,” Anna was calm, “This doll is left by my missing great-grandfather. I want to find a place to store it. Gringotts should be very safe, right?”


“Of course!” drew Goblin patted his own arm. It was proud, “No one has ever taken something from Gringotts that doesn’t belong to him!”

This person may be about to appear… … Pulling can muttered in his heart, he looked at the parchment that appeared after he got the key-‘Anna Somonas Lawrence… I don’t know what happened to this poor girl. The Vault key has fallen into this group of demons. In hand’.

Pulling the can is to kill and will not believe that this group of demons are real children.

It walked out of the long counter quickly, “please follow me.”

Anna politely moved towards the painting Goblin, waved, holding the doll and following the steps of pulling the can.

Fred drew close to the can, “Did you get the bottom key?”

“Got it…” Pulled the can and opened a copper door leading to the underground Vault, carrying four People walked through a narrow stone corridor, and when they passed a downhill, they found out a bag of ding ding dong dong from the corner, “This is the key to that Vault…”

“Yes Really?” Anna looked into its eyes.

“It’s true,” La Can replied. The tattoo on his arm did not turn red, and Hermione moved towards Anna and clicked nodded.

“Very well, then we will start acting as soon as possible.”

Pulling the can and leading the four people onward, with a complex expression on its face, it finally opened his mouth.” What about Borg? The Vault door can’t be opened without it…”

Although Pulling didn’t want to participate in this project, he was already on the thief ship. If he was a little careless, he couldn’t take it off. Link, then never see the gentle face in the sun again.

It reminds, “Everything in that Vault has been duplicating the curse and the fire curse. I don’t know what you think… It’s just a dream to find something in it…”


The entire group got in the car, Anna waved her hand, “Don’t worry, Shanren has a clever plan… First drive to my great-grandfather Vault.”

The sky was up, it was snorted, and the car was activated. I don’t know if it was revenge. The car was so fast that it could leave behind shadows. This saved a lot of time for the thieves.

Standing on the platform, Fred was helping his brother to pat his back, “I knew, you ate both puddings while carrying me…”

“Fred, Please—”George wiped his mouth, “You can’t treat a weak person like this…”

The taste is a bit disgusting, Hermione ran to Anna, the Vault door was opened by the key, and golden silver flashed to her. s eyes.

“wa!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Low-key, low-key,” Anna walked to the pile of wooden boxes against the wall, handed the teddy bear to Hermione, rolled up her sleeves and shouted, “Left Right Protector! Help!”

“Here is–” Several people packed the wooden box out.

“What’s this? Something like the wheelbarrow in the garden of the wife next door?” Fred pushed the cart.

“Should it be used by the supermarket to deliver goods?” Hermione glanced at the cart.

“There are still a few big barrels here!” George knocked next to him, “There are three it’s empty!”

“Du Du told me,” Anna looked satisfied. I looked at the wooden barrels and made sure they were not leaking, “these all are great-grandfather custom-made large barrels for wine…Three are enough, we have to get them out of the Vault.”

Several people spent Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers to put the barrel on the trolley and push it to the platform outside the Vault. “To be honest, you can’t use the Levitation charm in the Vault. This setting is really…” George looked at the can. “Too It’s inconvenient.”

Pulling over the can, “This will prevent the thief from easily taking things from it!”

Fred De shrugged, “Well, it’s definitely an action for us. It adds a little trouble and makes it not so’easy’.”

Dang can no longer want to talk to twin.

“We have to hurry up,” Hermione ran from one direction holding the teddy bear. “I found the waterfall, which is not far in the past.”

“Let’s go,” Anna took out wand, “Thank you that there are not too many spells prohibitions in these public areas—”

“Scourgify!” Anna cast magic on the ground, and the stone brick instantly changed It is extremely smooth, “This can reduce the friction between the wheels and the ground.”

Under Anna’s use spell, twin pushed the trolley and walked in the direction pointed by Hermione. It looks at Anna use spell, and the more it thinks about it, the more it becomes more frightened. What kind of magic power is there to display such a level of magic?

At the edge of the waterfall, Anna performed a levitating technique on the barrel and the trolley first, watching them rush to the sky and slowly float down.

twin stood on the edge of the platform, “George, youjumpIjump–“

“It’s disgusting enough, Fred,” George patted Fred on the shoulder.

Hermione chuckled, pulling the can and watching twin cracking a joke. Some numb is already there. These people’s psychological qualities are too strong. They seem to be real children and don’t worry about anything. Robbery of Gringotts is considered a game! A prank! terrifying!

Anna used the Levitation charm, and after a while, everyone reached the deepest part of Gringotts.

In front of me is the water pool formed by the Anti-thief Waterfall. The waterfall falls from a very high place through some tracks. There is no splash on the water, and no mist is formed. It is like crossing through a water pool. To another world.

The sound of hong long long makes the scene a little magnificent. This is a place out of the sun. Anna raised her head and can see the densely packed track above, leading to one height after another. Different platforms.

What does it look like? It’s like a complicated roller coaster in the middle of an old tube building.

“Why doesn’t the water splash?” Hermione looked towards Pulling the can, who has not been relieved from the shock of’Levitation charm like a jumper’, eyes full of desire for knowledge.

“Oh, uh…” The can was choked by saliva, “The Anti-thief Waterfall is recycled, and the water will return from this pool to the exit…”

“Um…these Hasn’t the water been used for many years?” Hermione’s illusions about this powerful waterfall with the ability to eliminate spells were a little disillusioned.

“Yes…” Pulling can feel disgust from this sentence, “But the magic power of these waters is very strong, and the anti-thief effect is very good!”

“I don’t know what’s inside How many bacteria are there, maybe the curse will disappear only after being disgusted?” Hermione pinched her chin and really thought about it.

“…” La Can doesn’t want to bother with this irritating witch teacher.

Anna took out a few folded cauldrons from the blue floral bag, “Come on, we can’t get it without’work’. If we want to get the treasure, we still have to work hard,” she squatted to the pool. On the side, a cauldron’anti-thief water’ was poured into the big wooden barrel on the cart.

“What is this for?” Fred picked up a cauldron and started scooping water.

“In the Vault where the golden cup is placed, all the treasures have been duplicating curses and fire curses…”

Anna pointed to the Anti-thief waterfall, “The water in this waterfall is just fine. ‘Wash away all the spells and magic pretense’-such a good thing doesn’t need to be used, how can it be worth it that it has been here for so long?”

What! ? Pulling cans was shocked. It didn’t expect to have such a shameless method. This is simply a provocation to Gringotts’ security measures. “Absurd!” It shouted.

“Why is it ridiculous?” Anna looked at it with a smile, “Use magic to deal with magic, normal operation.”

Hermione agreed that the place was nodded.

“Then I have to use a bottle more, when the time comes, bring it back as a souvenir.” George looked at the waterfall with bright eyes.

“To make a memorial…” The can is numb, these greedy human wizards…it sits on the side of the barrel sulking wildly.

“Hurry up and work,” Anna handed it a cauldron, “We never-get something without’work’.”

Pull the can and feel the pain in the arm , Can only start working resignedly.

Huh? It tries to extend the right hand arm into the “Anti-thief Spring”. If the water can wash away all the spells, then this “Unbreakable Curse” can also be retracted by…


Anna noticed this and chuckled, “Heh, do you think the name’unbreakable’ is nothing serious?”

Looking at the disappointed expression of La Can, Anna turned Overdo it.

Fortunately…she sighed smoothly. Just now she saw the can pull her hand into the water and she really touched her throat. What if the spells are really removed?

Anna thought about it for a while, maybe she could only knock it out until she learned Obliviate–

I’m lucky, pull the pot.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” After filling the three wooden barrels with water, twin and Hermione used the Levitation charm towards the trolley to stabilize it in a position not far from the ground, just three of them’s magic power Not too strong, the position of the trolley is just right.

This gave me a glimpse of pulling the can. What a precise and terrifying control is this——

Hermione holding the teddy bear and following the pulling can move forward Then, she heard something clinking not far away, “Did you hear it?”

“I heard—” Fred de Facial expression grave pushing the trolley, “George’s nervous voice …”

George smiled and punched Fred.

Several people turned a corner.

A moist wind blew over, “Wow–“

“There is a medium-rare steak…without sauce…the smell of being thrown into a pile of moss and rotten …” George carefully smelled his surroundings.

Anna nodded, very appropriate.

A milk-white giant dragon lays horizontally in the center of a marble rotunda. The tapered wings are folded close to the body, and long hands and feet block the way to the deepest Vault. It may be due to long-term lack of light, and its eyes show an unhealthy pink color.

The dragon’s two strong hind legs were tied to shackles, and the chains of the shackles were connected to wooden stakes that were deeply nailed into the ground.

“ao ——” It roared, and another fishy wind blew by.

“What does it usually eat?” After being surprised, Hermione frowns, there are some things that are more noteworthy than’this is a dragon’…

“Its teeth It looks bad!” Hermione’s parents are both dentists, so she cares more about the health of the huge monster’s teeth than others.

She glared at La Can, “Mr. La Can, I think you are abusing this dragon!”

These people forced themselves to bring them here, and they are still I want to appeal for a broken dragon-Griphook no longer wants to speak. It opened the cloth bag it held before and took out a few small metal tools from it.

When it is shaken, it will make a knocking sound similar to that of a maltose seller.

Seeing Hermione’s eager gaze, he still popped out a few words to explain, “Training, dragon, sound, pain.”

“Train the dragon to make the sounder Feeling pain?” George interrupted.

“Through training! Let the dragon feel pain when he hears the sound of the key!” Pulling can helplessly explain clearly, it does not know what is wrong with these people, “Just keep shaking the key. It can recognize this sound.”

Both La Can and Anna hold the keys in their hands, and a huge clanging sound echoes across the wall of the cave. The rocks above seem to be on the verge of collapse, a bit like Bungee scene.

Anna looked at the scarred face of the giant dragon with a look of fear, trembling, and stepped back, “Pull the can and take them to the Vault. Don’t stop shaking the keys.”

Hermione and twin used the Levitation charm to bring the wooden barrel to the door of the Vault, pulling the can and shaking the key, not daring to stop. It looked at a group of people coldly, “I think how do you get in now? No blog Grid can’t open the door at all…”

Hermione took off the ring from the teddy bear. “Now Borg appears.”

Pulling the can and choking silently, it suddenly thought I once moved towards a teddy bear called Sweetheart, “hmph…” It took Borg’s hand and pressed it on the Vault door.

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