Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 69 – Comrade Mao

Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 69

With long gray hair, a wooden leg, and a bright blue false eye blinking, Mad-Eye Moody waved his hand, “I’m just an old fogey who is about to retire, so don’t care too much about what I say.”

Young Auror is a bit grateful that he didn’t say the irony just now, “Uh…Moody Senior, we have controlled everyone who ran out of Gringotts, and the other Auror are discussing capture strategies with the people in the Dragon Reserve. ……”

The old man in front of him can be said to be the elite of the’Elite Auror’.

“cough cough,” Freckle Auror coughed twice, “but the attitude of the staff in the Dragon Reserve is a bit impatient…they are not very willing to cooperate with the capture…mainly because of the wound on this’iron belly’ There are too many… they even want to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Magic…”

Moody looked at the fire-breathing dragon at the top of Gringotts.

Do you want to provoke a conflict between wizard and Goblin? Or was it just a simple act of releasing the battered Dragon? Or…

He looked towards the man who ran out of Gringotts who was temporarily placed in the extraordinary garment shop, his fake eyes wandered around a few times…

I wanted to take advantage of the chaos Gringotts took something that didn’t belong to him?

“Moody Senior,” Auror, who was standing in the extraordinary ready-to-wear store, greeted Mad-Eye Moody, Moody nodded gestured, carefully watching the crowd in front of him.

A large group of Goblins who have not yet recovered from the shock, the witch teacher comforted by their husbands, the men in suits sitting on the chairs shaking their feet impatiently…

The most fascinating The focus is on four children, and the little girl is holding a bear doll in her hands.

Moody frowned walked over.

“Hello, children, I have a question…” He carefully observed the expressions of these children, “What are you four children doing in Gringotts?”

Hermione was mad -Eye Han was taken aback, holding Anna’s arm, Fred De squeezed the corner of his clothes and walked out to answer his question, “Uh, of course it is to store things. After all, everyone knows that Gringotts is the safest place.”

“You are…” Moody looked at the red hair of Fred and George. “The child of the Weasley Family?”

“If you are talking about Weasley who lives in The Burrow, then That’s right,” George looked towards Moody, his looks are really distinctive.

Although the appearance of the four children in the Gringotts Vault is indeed a bit weird, the Weasley Family…

Moody can’t imagine what evil plans the Weasley Family’s children will participate in, but since becoming Auror Years of vigilance still asked him to ask——

“What are you going to store in the Vault?”

twin looked towards Anna, Anna was calm and shook the teddy bear in her hand “This, great-grandfather left it, I want to save it, but suddenly I found Dragon ran out—”

She looked towards Moody, “I think Gringotts may not be described by everyone. So safe, so I took the doll away.”

“Gringotts is the safest!” A Goblin heard what Anna said, “This time the dragon came out only by an accident! Gringotts is still a storage item. First choice!”

“Maybe,” Anna shrugged.

Moody stared at the teddy bear with fake eyes. The fake eyes that could see through the Invisibility Cloak didn’t see anything. All signs indicate that this is an ordinary, memorable teddy bear… But Moody It just feels wrong, there is a sense of disobedience–

This girl is too calm.

She had just escaped from the hands of the giant dragon, but she couldn’t see any fear on her face, as if she had just returned from a walk in the back garden.

Freckle Auror came over, “Moody Senior, these children have passed the compound potion test, and their eldest has just turned eleven and has not yet gone to school. It is basically impossible to have this ability in Gringotts. Do something bad.”

Moody looked at Anna, was silent for a while, and clicked nodded.

“Do you want them to leave?” A female Auror came over. “The twins were arguing about going home for dinner.”

“Let’s go,” Moody’s gaze Never left Anna.

Really deserves to be the best Auror in modern times. Look at this terrifying intuition. As soon as I walked in, I found this group of cute and harmless children had problems…

Anna stood up, Pulling Hermione, motioning for twin to follow, moved towards the door and walked.

Mad-eye Han took out wand.

“Diffindo!” A white light hit the doll in Anna’s hand, and Hermione screamed.

A pile of cotton floated in the air, the teddy bear’s head was exploded by the cutting curse, Moody brows tightly knit, and quickly used a repair curse, “Restore it!”

The teddy bear is back to its original form.

Anna entire group stopped, the young Auror looked at Moody with his eyes wide open. Senior was too alert, right? What threat can these children have? Sure enough, it is already a realm that I can’t understand…

Freckle Auror was surprised and pinched his chin thinking about something.

Anna was taken aback, God, if he hadn’t left Borg in the Vault for safety reasons when he came out…this must not be blood-splattered on the spot-mad-eye Han, so terrible!

“Aren’t you sad?” Female Auror didn’t agree with mad-eye Han’s rude behavior, thinking that he was a little too cautious. She sympathized with the cute little girl in front of her, “This doll should be precious, right? “

“Yes,” Anna pretended to wipe her tears, “It’s a bit sad…but it has been fixed, isn’t it? Mother told me that life must always look forward.”

Really an optimistic child. Female Auror’s expressions all softened. “Go home, Diagon Alley is dangerous now.”

“Goodbye, beautiful elder sister,” Anna waved goodbye to her , Sure enough, only beautiful people will give themselves face.

“Goodbye, beautiful elder sister!” *3, Anna’s repeater went online again.

Female Auror covered her face with a sweet smile. She felt that she was ten years younger… Such a sensible and optimistic child with a high level of appreciation… He has not yet entered school to learn magic, how could she go What about doing bad things?

Mad-eye Han did not move, but Anna Yu Guang glanced at him until he silently followed behind him.

The four people walked out of the shop, breathing the hot, burning air. Twin had already noticed Moody who was following him. Hermione was shaking and trying to say something, Anna squeezed her arm to stop her .

“Tweet—bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sound of huge fireworks attracted the attention of everyone around, including the mighty lady messing around on the roof of Gringotts.

“What??!” Mad-eye Han stared wide-eyed, roaring, with a strong and unbelievable meaning, the scabs all over his body seemed to start to ache.

Diagon Alley was quiet for a second, and then broke out a riot bigger than seeing a dragon. The screams were endless. Everyone ran, as if they were running slowly. The next second there will be A dark figure rushed out to take his own life.

No one cares if Ms. Mighty has flown away.

The green pattern appears in the sky.

It is a skeleton, and a snake sticks out of its mouth, like a skeleton sticking its tongue out naughty.

“What!?” Malfoy manor’s dinning table. The long-haired man read the letter from owl and stood up abruptly. The dinning table vibrated, and all the sweet soup was splashed on one. On the innocent little boy holding a spoon.

“What!?” Hogwarts’ black bat nearly squeezed the slug in his hand when he received the news. He shook the cloak and hurried to the headmaster’s office.

“What!?” A tabby cat of Diagon Alley rushed to a hidden corner with exploded hairs. A woman in a long robe appeared. She hurried to Diagon Alley 92. No one.

“What!?” A muggle opened the window and said, “Are you crazy? Fireworks in the daytime?”

Goblin and wizards in the extraordinary garment shop all rushed out, Aulors Powerless to stop, even a few Auror flinched.

Mad-Eye Moody only lost sight of the four children for a moment.

“Oh,” Mad-eye Han can only let go of the child’s things first, he moved towards Freckle Auror and shouted, “Let the Ministry of Magic send more manpower!” Turned and moved towards Knockturn Alley with fireworks Ran in the direction.

“Stimulated to an explosion—” Anna pulled Hermione to run and mixed into the crowd, twin followed closely behind her.

“This symbol—how did you think of it?” George ran, looking at the fireworks that were still in the sky, “This is definitely big news! We have never done this before. Big news!”

“Tomorrow’s Daily Prophet headline is definitely this stuff!” Fred De exclaimed.

Hermione was dragged by Anna to run. She knew in advance, but she never agreed with the use of this symbol. “I said before, this will cause too much disturbance…”

“Anna…you mean—the prophecy on the cover of the book—” Fred De thought of something.

“Yes,” Anna led them to Diagon Alley 92. “I believe the prophecy on the cover of “Those Wizard Things in the Twentieth Century”…Voldemort will come back sooner or later,” opened the door and let everyone run in. .

“You can treat this as a drill, an early warning.”

Standing in front of the window, Anna found that the door of the Naughty Vines next door was closed, and the opposite ‘Mo Obscurus Book Publishing House’ also pulled the sliding door heavily. Looking out from the window, there were people who had left the Form Displacement Shadow. The wizards dragged their lover and raised the child and fled everywhere.

Some people were pulled out of the shop and started to follow the crowd without knowing anything. Some shops connected to the Floo Network were too late to close, and the place in front of the fireplace was crowded with panicked wizards.

The ostrich.

Anna akimbo, even though she knows what scene she will see, she still feels a little weak.

“Boo,” the sound of Butterbeer’s lid opening sounded, and Ron, Harry, and Ginny pulled Dudu into the center of the room.

“Is the plan going well?” Harry looked towards Hermione.

Hermione was still thinking about whether using this symbol was a mistake, she nodded towards Harry, her expression a bit complicated.

“This is just a slightly more expensive firework, the kind that muggle shops can order casually-why do they react so much?” Ron was a little surprised, he had never seen the sign. , Even thought it was a bit cool!

“It’s mainly because of the’Dark Mark’, which I saw in the book Flourish & Blotts,” Hermione explained. “You know who and his accomplices kill people It will lift the sign into the air…”

“Oh…you know who…” Ron said the pronoun of’terrifying’ that he often heard from his parents.

“Thinking about it this way, why is it a bit like the Joker in “Batman” we went to watch the other day?” He squeezed his chin and thought, “The crime is still so high-profile?”

“Break in popularity?” George lowered his voice, “Actually, I always think you know who is not too terrifying…”

“At least there is no mathematical terrifying,” twin said in unison.

“Uh…Voldemort has been gone for almost eight years?” Harry scratched his head. “From my birth to now, I will be eight years old…Why are they still like this… um… panicked “

“Habitual fear,” Ginny commented, “Maybe you know who did something too bad.”

“In fact, we shouldn’t escape, even face it. Voldemort doesn’t have the courage. A certain philosopher once said that the best way to eliminate fear is to face it!” Anna turned her head to look at her friends seriously, and pointed to the scene outside the window.

“Maybe they don’t even know what they’re afraid of…I also saw a lady rushing out with only a bath towel…she forgot to know how to be magic!”

Ron tried to crane his neck to take a peek, but was pulled back by Harry.

Hermione shook her head, “Even if we are not afraid…it is of no use, we are too weak…”

“Each of us does not have Voldemort powerful,” Anna said. “But there is only one Voldemort. We have thousands of absolutely. If we unite everyone, from the Ministry of Magic head to the Clean Master, with such a huge power support, we will still be afraid of a trifling. Is it?”

Harry tilted his head and asked strangely, “Yes, why doesn’t the Ministry of Magic organize everyone to unite and resist Voldemort?”

“Because of the resistance to Voldemort. No benefit,” This is a very real problem.

“Ministry of Magic’s core power lies in its top management, and in the top management, pure blood accounts for a large part… Voldemort wants to clean non-pure blood and muggle, and the property they leave will eventually flow into In these purebloods…”

“Voldemort’s evil deeds directly benefited most of these powerful and wealthy purebloods. They are all refined self-interested Anist.”

Anna is a little helpless, “Let them unite their forces against Voldemort? These bourgeoisie are already thankful for not helping Voldemort do bad things.”

“Voldemort is in power. When Voldemort disappeared, they waited to support the next, powerful person who can bring them benefits-no matter if this person is called’Voldemort’ or’Harry Potter’ , No matter how this person benefits them…”

“Me?” Harry pointed at himself with a puzzled look, he didn’t know why he was suddenly named.

Hermione thought for a while and followed Anna’s thoughts, “Because you defeated Voldemort, those pure-blooded executives will think you are better than Voldemort… If you can help them gain benefits, you will With their support…”

“Our family is also pure blood, but we don’t support you know who…” Ron suddenly said, “And I think muggle is pretty good. They have many things. Very advanced…”

“Yes,” Anna nodded, “You are different. You know that there are things more precious than benefits in this World. You are willing to accept new things and learn new knowledge …Willing to learn about a group that you didn’t know before.”

“It’s completely different from someone who stands still and thinks that the wizard is’Above the Heavens and Under the Earth Only I Am Supreme’.”

Fred touched his head, “I am embarrassed to say…”

“Our ultimate enemy is not Voldemort, but a system, a social system,” Anna Very firm.

“My ambitions are great, although I am just a melon-eater who has no power and power…but I hope that one day, wizards can no longer value blood, whether it is pure blood or half-blood , When muggle is born, it can be twisted up and down into a rope, and the Ministry of Magic is left to people with ability to sit!”

Hermione imagined that kind of scene, “If this is the case, Voldemort will I’m isolated and helpless, isn’t it?”

Ron thought it was great.

Ginny thought, “Good idea, but it’s a little too difficult to reach…”

“There is always a way, the road is always made by people,” Anna encouraged, “This world will always have some people to change and revolutionize. Although our oldest is only eleven years old, it also shows that we have things that no one else has…”

” What?” Harry looked at Anna seriously.

“Time,” Anna concluded, “The future is in our hands.”

[Special task: magic circle reform content: unknown, reward: unknown]


“Of course the future is in our hands,” Fred took out a gold cup from his pocket. “After all, before us, no one had ever stolen something from Gringotts!”

“Wow—” Harry and Ron leaned close to the gold cup and watched carefully. “It’s amazing!”

Harry vaguely felt that this cup had something to do with him. He shook his head and tried to This feeling is thrown away.

“This is a good thing. Azkaban doesn’t need to go anymore.” Anna took the golden cup and weighed it. “Maybe I can have a happy birthday at the zoo tomorrow.”

【 Soul Smasher—Dancing with the Dragon: Mission Completion Reward: Memory +100, Reaction Power +100, Physique +100, Hufflepuff’s Cup, Dragon’s Friendship]

[Memory upgrade: Ma Dongmei (next time Experience required to upgrade: 1000)——Finally, you can finally remember it completely. Although it is sometimes difficult to remember, it is still in your mind, isn’t it? ]

[physique upgrade: as powerful as a cow]

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