Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 71


Anna sneezed and took the tissue from Fred De.

“Dragon Trainer Anna has a cold?” George came out, “This is unusual!”

“Someone may be talking about me…” Anna picked up the Coke on the table He took a sip, “It’s not that Auror, right?” Mad-eye Han, horrible…

“Hey, that person…” Hermione shivered, “If I’m a law-abiding citizen, then I must be very relieved that there is such an Auror…Of course I am indeed a law-abiding citizen now! I want to say-this is too unfriendly to criminals… well… of course this is also a good thing…”

“You are really contradictory,” Harry complained to her.

“Female child…” Ron helped.

The three are fighting together.

Lina came down from the second floor of the bungalow, holding a newspaper in her hand, with a surprised expression on her face, “Children, did you go to Diagon Alley yesterday? The newspaper said that Diagon Alley happened yesterday. A major event! Are you okay?”

“It couldn’t be better, Ms. Lena,” Hermione took the newspaper in Lena’s hand, “We happened to be in the house at that time…”

“Safeguard yourself,” Ron added.

“Keep yourself safe!” Anna’s younger brother Aiwen raised his small fist and waved to support his roommate Ron.

“Mother, when there was chaos on the street, we were playing mahjong at No. 92 in Diagon Alley.” This is true. There was a chaos and screams outside, and several people played mahjong in the room. frenzy.

When Auror finally took control of the situation, Anna happened to be a “dragon seven pair”.

Lina walked to the kitchen with satisfaction, “That’s right, if you see danger, stay away as much as possible. When I bake these little biscuits, Pack Pack, let’s go out later!”


“I’m so excited! This is the first time I have been to the muggle zoo!” Ron shook Harry’s shoulder, Harry’s glasses were about to be thrown off, “Calm Ron! I also went to the zoo for the first time. !”

“Will it be like the first time we went to the cinema… They all turned around to see me…”

“Maybe it’s the first time that muggles have seen you like this Rare animals,” George moved towards Ron with a weird smile.

“Wow! What can we see in this darkness?” Fred De, imitating Ron’s tone, said, “Wow! Are we paying to see the darkness? This darkness is so beautiful! “

Ginny remembered Harry’s embarrassed face that day when he wanted to get into a corner, and laughed.

“Hey, listen to this,” Hermione shook the newspaper, “‘The Dark Mark reproduces the sky, the horror scene of Gringotts’…Ministry of Magic, Ms. Millison Bagno is right This means that if you know who return in a swirl of dust, Ministry of Magic will organize Auror to actively respond… She regrets the loss of Goblins and said, “If Goblin friends need help, Ministry of Magic will always open the door ‘.”

“Unexpectedly, very positive?” Anna touched the chin pondering.

“Of course,” George likes the current Minister of Magic. “I admire Ms. Bagno. She is a Ravenclaw. She likes to learn, is good at research, and always does something right.”

“A lady who was very difficult to deal with,” Fred De added, “During her tenure was the time of the Second Wizard War, with her acquiescence, Auror gained some new powers , Such as using Unforgivable Curse for Death Eater…”

“But she is about to retire, and I hope that the next Minister of Magic will be a great person,” Hermione joined the topic, “Treat crimes ruthless…” She paused for a while, “Uh, it depends on the situation…”

Put down the newspaper, Hermione relaxed, “There is good news-no one has discovered that the Vault has been stolen, Goblins Resolutely claim that the dragons have broken free of the chains. They don’t believe that someone will steal things from the Vault…”

Ginny looked towards Anna curiously, “Speaking of Goblin, how about pulling the can? What about Borg? Are they okay?”

“Don’t worry,” Anna said, “When a large number of Aurors are heading to Knockturn Alley, when a large number of Aurors maintain order, take advantage of the chaos to my great-grandfather Vault. The grid was taken out.”

Anna waved her tattooed arm, “There is nothing left to drill. After returning the Vault key and the teddy bear ring to me, she found a hotel to put Borg down…”

Speaking of this, twin laughed wildly, and Anna was a little helpless.

“I told Lacan before…Borg is cursed and needs someone to kiss him to wake up!” Fred De was proud of the success of the prank, “I almost forgot about this!”

“The can pull action is too fast! We didn’t stop it!” George gestured, “It kissed Borg’s mouth with an expression of’going out’!”

The young group leans back strategically, with complex expressions.

“Then I pulled the can and went home for dinner.”

“We left a bag of gold Galleon for the unconscious Borg, and a bunch of good wine…” George Shrugged, “I hope it can live happily.”

“Gold Galleon?” Ron stared at them in frustration. “You are in the dung egg business again? Why don’t you bring me!”

Anna smiled and looked at him, “It’s not a dung-egg business. To be precise, we also brought you with you.”

“?” The doubts on Ron’s face almost came from his pores. Overflowed.

Anna opened her blue floral bag, and a strange smell began to drift away. She motioned to the younger group to take a look.

Several people stretched their heads and drew back quickly, as if looking at this mysterious bag again was blasphemous. They were already shocked to the point, “So much-gold!”.

Harry pinched his nose, “There is still a smell of dung and eggs…”

Fred De patted his shoulder, “This is moral, reminding you that money is dung. ‘.”

Hermione grabbed Anna’s arm with a look of stunned expression, “It won’t be…but this…we shouldn’t…” She wanted to say that they shouldn’t steal something, but she thought they had taken it out. The gold cup.

“Reassure Hermione, we only take out a small part of the Vault,” Anna blinked at her. “We only charge labor fees, and the remaining money will be given to those who need it.”


“Labor fees? Give the money to the people who need it?” Hermione was the first to hear the word’steal’ so justified and didn’t know how to respond for a while.

“I met a little boy in St. Mungo’s Hospital. His parents are both Auror. A Death Eater tortured them with’Cruciatus Curse’, causing them to become mentally disordered…may have to lie down in the hospital for a lifetime. “

Hermione frowned.

“This is so…cruel,” Harry scratched his head. “But what does this have to do with the money?”

“The Vault we went to was from the Death Eater Vault, “Anna became serious,” Death Eater was arrested, but it was only arrested. The Ministry of Magic does not require these criminals to compensate the victims for their losses…”

“Games The trial ended hastily, and the verdicts were generally directed at the criminals, but did not take into account those who were hurt.”

“Ministry of Magic grants those who cannot recover from injuries sustained in the Second Wizard War Auror’s greatest concern is simply to vacate a dedicated room at St. Mungo’s.”

“That shouldn’t be the case…” Hermione looked a little angry.

She yelled, “We should have emptied the Vault at the time!”

Anna laughed, “I plan to use this money to go to other countries to find someone for the boy’s parents. Healer.”

“After all, Britain is a magic hospital like St. Mungo’s, and there are not many healers. Maybe healers from other countries can treat this disease.”

Everyone Accepted the source of the money, and how it was used, and agreed to nodded.

Anna took out a few small cloth bags and put them on the coffee table in the living room, “Now is the happy time, share the spoils…cough…pay! Everyone has worked hard!”

Taking a small cloth bag, “I like this moment.”

Fredde laughed, “I feel the same way, it’s so wonderful to be rich.”

Holding the cloth bag, Harry I thought that I could finally have my own wand, with a smile on my face. Ron sat on the sofa to “report the name of the dish”, “Bibi Duo beans, zi zi honey candies, chocolate frogs…”

“Children!” Lina walked over from the kitchen, “Pack Pack! It’s time we set off to the zoo!” She touched Anna’s little head.

“Anna, happy eleventh birthday!”

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