Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 73

Suck in a cold breath sounded on the stairs leading to the second floor in the small bungalow at No.8 on Nuzhen Road.

“No…I’m not mistaken…it’s the dragon scabies! The dragon scabies are here!” Ron said incoherently, he was covered by Ginny, and Harry curiously looked at the headmaster with good medical skills. He looks like a Santa Claus, his beard is too long!

“Hello, Headmaster Dumbledore, it’s nice to meet you,” Anna quickly took Dumbledore’s outstretched hand, showing appropriate excitement to cover up the embarrassment of not looking directly into the other person’s eyes.

Lina heard the voice coming and took off her apron, “Anna, who is this?”

“Headmaster Dumbledore of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” Anna said He took a step back and gave up his position.

“Oh! Headmaster Dumbledore!” Lena and Dumbledore shook hands and introduced themselves, “I am Anna’s mother, Lena Lawrence, although I am a muggle, I know about you!”

Dumbledore laughed, “Ms. Lawrence, I know you, Boren’s granddaughter, I heard him mention…”

Lenna was a little surprised, “My grandfather? You know He?”

“Of course, he is a student of my old friend,” Dumbledore blinked mysteriously. “I think about it, I saw him when I went to France in January last year… “

France? old friend? Isn’t it Nicholas Flamel? great-grandfather is his student! ? Anna feels that she is not impressed enough by the giant great-grandfather. Maybe she has to add the word “super” before “giant”.

“Leave aside this, Ms. Lawrence, I need to take Anna to the magic world,” he gently waved his hand to stop Lena from saying, “I know you are already very familiar with the magic circle. I am familiar with it, but it is a tradition for Hogwarts to send professors to welcome the young wizard living in the muggle world…”

“It turns out that it is,” Lena expressed understanding.

“It’s so enthusiastic! Let’s go Headmaster Dumbledore…” Anna looked a little impatient.

Because she doesn’t know if Dumbledore is doing “Legilimency” on Lena, if she stays a little longer, maybe this clever old man will find all kinds of abnormalities in her–

The butterfly effect will be bigger, maybe Voldemort will be eliminated in advance, the system will not change, one less Voldemort, and a new one will appear after a few years? When the time comes, I know that the advantage of the plot is gone!

The point is… if Voldemort goes too early… won’t anyone else do bad things? ! Then how can you quietly reform the magic circle? !

“Of course, Lawrence Young Lady, please take my arm.” Dumbledore smiled harmlessly at Anna.

Anna moved towards waving in the house, grabbing the arm of the old man with white beard, and disappearing in place in the enviable eyes on the stairs.

“That’s Headmaster Dumbledore—Charlie. They don’t usually see it at school…” Ron was a little yearning, “I want to be taken with me…”

“Dreaming You, mother will help us arrange everything,” George shrugged. “And even if a professor comes, the probability of winning Headmaster Dumbledore is very low.”

“What’s this saying?” Harry Looking over, he also hoped that when the time comes, it was the headmaster to pick him up to get acquainted with the magic circle.

“Bill and us ridiculed Headmaster Dumbledore for being lazy… When he and the student were chatting in the common room about welcoming the new student, they found out that all the muggle-born young wizards in Gryffindor, none of them are headmasters To meet…”

Fred De shrugged, “That’s why we said that the probability of meeting the headmaster is too low, even lower than the probability of’exceeding expectations’ in our KS2 exam.”

“It’s still possible, right?” Harry was hopeful, “After all, you really got’exceeded expectations’ in the KS2 exam.”

“That was a miracle,” George shook his head.

“Listen to you…I don’t want the headmaster to pick me up,” Ron propped his chin, “That’s too special…makes me feel uncomfortable…”

“Not feeling well?” Ginny couldn’t understand, tilted his head and looked at him strangely, “Headmaster Dumbledore just took the students to buy things, and didn’t send people into Azkaban, how could it be uncomfortable?”

Harry nodded, “And he looks cool.”

Ron shrugged.

The Form Displacement Shadow was over, Anna felt like she was being squeezed out of the tube and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Dumbledore caught her in time.

Not the noise of the street as expected, Anna raised her head, looking at the huge stone fortress in front of her, her pupils began to vibrate.

The sea breeze, the waves, the black castle on the isolated island… How does it feel so like…


“Deng…Headmaster Dumbledore…” Anna swallowed hard, and touched the wand in her pocket. “I thought we were going to Diagon Alley to buy things…”

“We will indeed go to Diagon Alley,” Dumbledore agreed, nodded, “but before that, we usually have a legal education activity for the young wizard living in the muggle world.”

What the hell? Anna looked incredulous.

“Visit Azkaban, Lawrence Young Lady, the building in front of you is holding hundreds of murderous criminals,” Dumbledore walked forward, “I hope that through this event, you will be able to compare It’s the same as a child.”

Bad old fogey is very bad, Anna dare to guarantee with the memory of’Ma Dongmei’, Harry Potter’s one to seven novels, absolutely did not mention what to Azkaban Legal education activities to be carried out!

Anna thought, Dumbledore is very likely to guess what he did…but it seems that he is planning to focus on education first…

“Of course, I must study hard , Seriously understand,” Anna panicked, but she felt she couldn’t persuade.

Stepping on the wet ground, the two came to the door of the fortress. As soon as they got closer, the door opened automatically, and an Auror in black clothed clothes ran over.

“Headmaster Dumbledore, you are welcome to inspect.” He glanced at Anna a little strangely, shook his head, and said nothing.

“Don’t worry too much about us, Dill, go ahead and do your job, we’ll just take a look.” Dumbledore patted Auror on the shoulder.

There is a good way to go to the mall to play a salesman, and Anna follows Dumbledore while complaining.

She looked all around, look at this place, this atmosphere is more screaming than Shrieking Shack, and may be awarded the title of’Britain’s Most Horrible Place’.

“Yes…” Auror had some concerns. After thinking for a moment, he turned and left. After all, this is the greatest white wizard of the century. What can happen? is it possible that can he still help the prisoner escape?

“He was a former student of Gryffindor, very good,” Dumbledore explained, leading Anna up the stone stairs.

The cold breath assaults the senses, mixed with the smell of food and sea breeze, you can vaguely hear the criminals’ painful groans.

Dumbledore took Anna’s arm intimately, “Don’t be afraid, Lawrence Young Lady, this is just an educational event.”

Hehe, Anna doesn’t know what to say, reluctantly Give him a smile.

Some gray things were flying in the sky, and the more they went up, the more Anna could feel a kind of despair beginning to spread.

The effect of this desperate dementor accounted for half, and the other half came from the steep stairs. Anna was panting on her knees.

“Then it’s on this floor,” Dumbledore walked into the cell passage.

Anna followed him and could see people in every damp single cell, dressed in rags, sitting or lying down, some were crying, some were digging the stone wall with their nails…

The only thing in common is that there is a huge cloud of gray floating in front of them.

“The prisoners on this floor are all prisoners who abuse dark magic and cause great harm to the magic world or muggle world,” Dumbledore paused, “including some Death Eaters.”

He found that Anna was very interested in the things on the faces of the prisoners, “That is dementor, they are a very evil creature that can suck people’s happy emotions… if they are kissed…”

“Then I will vomit!” Anna snapped back.

Dumbledore was amused. “Their kisses will suck the souls of people.”

The laughter attracted the attention of some dementors floating in the sky. Someone could actually be there. I laughed out of my own place, really don’t give face!

A dementor aggressively charged towards Dumbledore.

Dumbledore took out the wand, and some blue mist solidified on the top of the wand. Before Anna could see what shape it was, dementor had already turned around and left.

“This is Patronus Charm, which can effectively expel dementor. It really looks beautiful when it is deployed, but I won’t show it here.”

Anna noticed Because of the performance of the Headmaster Dumbledore Patronus Charm just now, the dementor in the cell closest to him was also scared away, and the long-haired man lying in the corner shook his head.

Headmaster Dumbledore also noticed this, “I hope Ministry of Magic will not trouble me.”

He looked at the man’s face carefully, sighed, “He was also a Gryffindor A student of, a very good child.”

With a thin body, waxy white skin, and Dumbledore’s sigh, Anna felt like she had guessed who it was.

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