Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 74

“Sirius. Black.” Dumbledore shook his head, “I can’t comment too much on his business.”

“Twelve muggles died. The Ministry of Magic has no evidence. Under the circumstances, he was arrested and I personally appeared in court-he had the opportunity to tell everyone what happened, but he didn’t say a word, and he seemed full of regret…”

“This is himself The choice is to build a cage for yourself.”

[Gingou Quest-Tears from behind bars: You know that he is not guilty, he should enjoy this World, he should have his own life, Sirius. Black should always When you come out, everyone should look forward. Achievement conditions: Sirius escape from Azkaban; task reward: ventriloquist +50, reaction power +30, unknown]

Sirius each minding their own business shook his head, looking a little unconscious.

Anna was silent for a while, and walked a few steps forward, just blocking the iron door of the cell, “Let’s talk about something else, Headmaster Dumbledore…”

“You said, the environment here So bad, will there be mice?”


Dumbledore was a little surprised by the unearthly girl’s jumping thinking, but he answered patiently, “It should be No, it’s just a bit colder here, and it’s cleaned regularly in terms of hygiene.”

“Is that right, I don’t like mice very much…Unfortunately, the Weasley Family raises a mouse. Be a pet.”

Anna raised her voice, “That mouse has been alive for a long, long time, when Mr. Weasley picked it up…it was old enough for a mouse, and it’s almost fast now. In eight years, there is no sign of death…”

“Maybe the Weasley family is giving it a’rat booster’ every year, right? Dumbledore touched his beard. “It sounds like that mouse is very petted in their house…”

“Probably not too petted, that mouse has one finger missing!” “Anna pretended to mention it casually.” Fred said that when the mouse was picked up, it was missing a finger, but Harry and I thought it might be caused by their mischief. “

Sirius opened his eyes.

“The mouse is very human and obviously not a magical creature, but it can understand people and even read newspapers. ! “

“And it is strange that it is not afraid of cats, but afraid of dogs! “

Headmaster Dumbledore didn’t think too much, and patted Anna on the shoulder, “You seem to have studied magical creatures?” very interested? This is a good thing. Hogwarts’ “Protection of Magical Creatures” will allow you to learn more. “

“Professor Kettleburn, although he only has one hand and one leg, he still sticks to his post. He is a knowledgeable magical creature hobby…”

After a pause, Dumbledore added, “You are very innate talent, Lawrence Young Lady, if you want, maybe you can become a magical creature scientist. “Not the next person to be locked up here.

“Uh…Yes, I am really interested in those animals. Are these dementors also magical creatures? “Anna pointed to the dementor in the sky, stepped back and leaned against the iron gate railing of Sirius’ cell.

“The classification of dementor is still controversial, but they don’t care about it, tentatively think it’s magical. Creature,” Dumbledore looked towards the dementor in the sky.

Anna began to quietly increase the gap between the railings, “They don’t seem to have eyes, can’t they see things? “

“Yes, invisible, but they can sense it,” Dumbledore gave an example. “If we stand in a cell, they can sense what emotions we are, if it is happiness Yes, they will come over and suck away like just now. “

“What about the animals?” Will dementor suck away the happiness of animals? “Anna hides the wand in the cuffs.

“It won’t suck it away. Dementor is only sensitive to people’s emotions. In fact, they will gather here and have some connection with the island’s history…” p>

“But this topic is a long story, we have to leave this place now,” Dumbledore smiled, “The legal education activities are over, I hope you have learned something. “

“Of course,” Anna nodded, I have gained a lot.

“Let’s go, and then go shopping in Diagon Alley,” Dumbledore talked to Anna in a short time. For the time being, let’s judge that she is not threatening.

As soon as he turned around and didn’t take a few steps, he heard Anna’s painful cry from behind him, “Oh! “

Anna fell to the ground, “I stepped on my left foot!” “

Dumbledore helpedlessly help her up, “Lawrence Young Lady, let me hold you…”

“Thank you! “Anna was pulled up by Dumbledore and glanced at the bottom of Sirius’ cell without a trace. A wand was lying there quietly.

She smiled, patted the dust on her body, “Come on, Headmaster Dumbledore . “

After the two left, the dementor in the sky floated back to Sirius’ cell, the dark and damp cell, the prisoner who lost hope, nothing seemed to have changed.

Sirius climbed to it. Under the bed, I held the wand where Anna had fallen.

Maybe this is the beginning of the change.

Anna took Dumbledore to the island outside Azkaban, and the sky was spinning again, the two of them I stepped on the stone pavement.

The scent of candy and mint filled the air, people coming, people going on the street were very lively, Anna relaxed, finally, I didn’t go to any strange place this time…

“It’s been a long time since I came to Diagon Alley at this time,” Dumbledore looked a little happy. “There are always more people at this time, and there are young wizards everywhere who come to buy things. “

“Come and see what we are going to buy, Lawrence Young Lady. “

Anna took out the parchment in her pocket.

“Three Sets of Plain Work Robes, plain pointed hat, protective gloves… a black one with silver buckle Cloak for winter…”

“These are available at the’Madam Malkin Robe Store’ on the north side,” Dumbledore said, touching his beard.

“…and cauldron, Glass bottle set, Telescope and brass balance,” Anna looked at the parchment carefully, “but these are not the most important…”

“Oh? It seems that you have already figured out what to buy first? “

“Of course! “

Anna walked along the street. It was really crowded today. The young wizard who went to school, and the whole family of the young wizard who went to school came, and Headmaster Dumbledore followed her with a smile.

In the next second, Anna turned into a path.

“? “Dumbledore’s smile gave a hint of confusion, but he still followed her closely. What are you going to buy?

After a series of short-cut operations such as parkour and overturning the wall, the two People appeared in the’Ollivander wand shop’ with spider webs all over them.

“You are really familiar with Diagon Alley…Lawrence Young Lady…” The old man Dumbledore panted and gave both himself and Anna Made a cleaning spell.

“Of course, I am a proud’Diagon Alley man’ and have been in this street for a long time! Anna raised her head, “This is much faster than squeezing over from the road!” “

“Of course, of course, the proud’Diagon Alley Man’…”

Dumbledore finds it helpless and funny. He almost forgot when he was stuck in a narrow aisle. I can still be magic, “But actually…if you tell me you are going to buy wand, we can directly form Displacement Shadow over…”

“Ah, sorry! Anna seemed to apologize sincerely, “I forgot!” “

Hmph, Anna squeezed her chin. Since Hogwarts has added’Azkaban Legal Education Activities’, maybe we can add a new student and professor to participate together-‘Diagon Alley New Semester Parkour Activity’.

Dumbledore shook his head to comfort himself, but suddenly thought of something, “Don’t you have a wand? Have you ever used spell in Hogwarts? Is it worn out? “

“It was an old wand without a core,” Anna shook her head, “I have never had a wand that fits me!” “

Dumbledore was a little surprised. The white eyebrow frowned and gained a new understanding of Anna’s innate talent.

Anna walked to the door of the Ollivander wand shop.

This shop is small and shabby, and a bit stingy…Anna complained in her heart, it was obvious that Ollivander was doing a monopoly business in Diagon Alley…

The sign on the door has been peeled off a bit, and it says Author: “Ollivander-well-made wand since 380 BC”.

“Ding Ding——” Anna opened the door.

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