Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 75

As soon as I entered the door, a faint wood scent enveloped Anna, and the whole shop was very quiet, even as quiet as Diagon Alley.

Except for a single bench, there are thousands of narrow boxes. They are stacked high in the cabinet, but they are neatly arranged.

Anna likes the environment very much, thinking it would be better if a little more green plants are dotted, and it will be more vibrant.

Dumbledore and Anna sat on the only bench.

“It seems that Mr. Ollivander is not in the shop now,” Dumbledore looked around. “It’s still the same.”

“Actually, Mr. Ollivander just hid,” Anna Shrugged, “This is his technique. Every time someone comes to buy a wand, he will hide,”

Anna told Dumbledore in a low voice, “He will make the customer wait so that he can do business. His rhythm is firmly in his own hands.”

“Really!?” Dumbledore really didn’t know this.

“Of course! I knew it a long time ago,” Anna said proudly, pointing to herself, “Old Diagon Alley!”

There was a slight sound of walking, and an old man from the wood The cabinet came out, “Not good means, a picky customer has just arrived, and the storeroom has made a mess…”

“Good afternoon…Headmaster Dumbledore! Rare guest!” Ollivander came from behind the shelf. After coming out, moved towards the two greetings, “And Anna…”

“Going to Hogwarts to go to school?” He blinked at Anna, “I’m finally willing to buy a wand from me now? “

“The money still has to be spent…” Anna scratched her head.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Ollivander, we did not see you for a while,” Dumbledore touched his beard. “Are you familiar with Lawrence Young Lady?”

“Oh! Of course!” Ollivander nodded his head and stepped across a small pile of messy documents piled on the ground. “The shops around us are familiar with her, and the child of Weasley Family…”

“She should also It’s the age to go to school!” Ollivander laughed. “She and the twin are too arrogant, sometimes with a boy with a red headscarf… They tried to beat Quiddich on a broomstick in Diagon Alley not long ago, but they didn’t. Be careful to rush into Knockturn Alley!”

Riding a broomstick is real, and playing Quiddich is fake. In fact, the real purpose is to find out where in the horns of Knockturn Alley is the most suitable place for the dark fireworks…

“I’m not so free when I get to Hogwarts”, Ollivander turned around and took out the wand from the nearest cabinet, moved towards Anna and smiled, “Last time I measured the ratio for you, I’ve already prepared a few. The wand that suits you ——”

“Try this first, the very popular rowan and dragon heartstring are made of 9 inches, which is easier to bend…”

Anna picks up After wand, it feels like taking a branch. There is no special reflection, she is shrugged.

Ollivander took the wand back, “It’s not this one, it’s not this one…then try this one, made of larch wood and unicorn hair, 7 inches, full of elasticity.”

That It was a lighter wand, Anna took it, and still didn’t feel anything. “A little heavier than the last one.” She looked at the wand carefully, “It’s pretty pretty.”

“The wand of larch wood is warm in color and is very popular with witchers, but it can be very picky, and will choose wizards that’don’t realize that they are very talented.'” Ollivander took back the wand in Anna’s hand and put it in the box again. Rummaging, “It seems that our Anna knows her innate talent very well…Um…this one…”

Ollivander picked up a straight wand and laughed, “This one, dogwood tree and Phoenix tail feathers , Eleven inches, very hard, it is very special, very special…”

“Anything to say?” Anna took the wand, and it was strange that she could feel her palm slowly heating up. Something seems to be scratching his palm.

“The wands of dogwood trees like to do things, and the owners they choose usually like to do things,” Ollivander nodded.

“It is very suitable for you. It is famous for its advantages. It can perform extremely high levels of spells under difficult conditions-I think this should be inseparable from the fact that it always helps the owner to prank. “

“This kind of wand will look for a master who can bring excitement and joy to itself…Most dogwood wands are very noisy and don’t like to cast silent spells, but, as I said, this one It’s special…”

“Try to wave it,” Ollivander was a little excited, “I like the scene of dogwood book wand and wizard pairing best.”

Wave? Anna looked at the interesting Headmaster Dumbledore standing aside-well, just try it.

Anna waved wand very slightly.

“shua ——” The closest cabinet shook slightly.

Some vines quickly grew out of the corners of the cabinet, and soon wrapped the whole cabinet, and some places were still blooming with cute little red flowers.

“It’s so good! This wand finally found its owner!” Ollivander stared at Anna closely, and the words’excited’ appeared in his eyes.

“old friend, is this wand very picky?” Dumbledore looked at Ollivander a little curiously.

“Yes! Mainly because its core comes from an Oriental Phoenix, very old material, they are always very low-key,” Ollivander explained.

“Blame me for forgetting its origins when I made wand. I combined it with the high-profile dogwood tree-the advantage is obvious. It neutralizes the dogwood wand and cannot release the silent curse. The shortcomings of…”

“But it also makes it difficult for me to find a suitable owner. First of all, I have to be very innate talent, and I have to like to make trouble. The key is to be very low-key.”

Make trouble secretly, don’t shoot guns.

“cough cough!” Anna coughed violently, trying to end the topic. Mr. Ollivander knew herself a little too well, “Then how much does such a special wand cost?”

“Eight Galleons, after all, are special models,” Ollivander gave an eight gesture.

Anna looked at the wand in her hand and began to wonder whether this wand was really special or just a marketing method by an unscrupulous vendor…

Forget it, let’s see what he said For the sake of such a long time…Anna counted eight Galleons from the bag.

“Is there any kind of…er…warranty service? That’s the kind that can be unconditionally replaced if damaged within a few months…”

“No, every one of us wand They are all unique and unmatched. If they break, you have to buy a new one.” Ollivander smiled and took the pile of golden glitter from Anna. “So you have to cherish your wand. I also have a wand maintenance manual here. …”

“Is it free?”

“Two Galleons, but a full set of wand maintenance tools are presented.” Ollivander’s eyes flashed with a kind of’treacherous’ in Anna’s eyes. Guang’s light, “If you want to join a membership, next time you come to buy wand, I will give you a discount.”

After a second pause, Ollivander continued, “It only takes three more Galleons…”


“Goodbye, Mr. Ollivander,” Anna pulled Headmaster Dumbledore around and walked away, as if staying here for another second would cost half of her money.

Dumbledore moved towards Ollivander waved his hand and followed Anna out of the store. He was in a good mood and was still reminiscing about their interesting conversation.

Ollivander chuckled and moved towards The two waved goodbye. When the shop was completely quiet again, he walked to the side of the cabinet that was full of vines and out of touch with the surroundings.

“It’s really special,” he said to himself, not knowing whether he was talking about Anna or dogwood wand, or admiring the vine cabinet in front of him.

“But it’s a good thing…” He walked around behind the cabinet, took out the wand pack, and walked out to smile at the next young wizard who walked in here glanced around, “Good afternoon. “

The young wizard was taken aback and stuttered a bit, “Hello sir, uh…” He noticed the eye-catching vine cabinet, which was very different from the surroundings, but it was strange and strange. The funny feeling relaxed him.

“This cabinet is very beautiful…”

“Full of life, right?” Ollivander blinked at him. “I think so too.”

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