Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 76

“What are we going to buy next? Little’Diagon Alley’?” Dumbledore followed Anna happily, and he found that this little girl always brought him a lot of fun.

“I took a look…” Anna took out the parchment, “Go buy clothes, my favorite part, just so, Madam Malkin’s shop is not far away…”

“That’s really lucky,” the two came to the door of a shop with various slogans.

The shop door is made of deep blue wood. A huge wooden board is nailed to the top of the wall. It says “Madam Malkin Robe Store” artistically. Next to it is a wooden cartoon woman decoration. She kept shaking the black cloak in her hand.

A huge parchment advertisement is posted on the wooden board outside the window, which is very eye-catching.

‘Still gloomy about waking up with wrinkled robe? Madam Malkin has launched a new-self-ironing robe to solve this trouble for you! ‘

Anna is a bit speechless. Who wears a robe when sleeping? How much do you like robes?

“Automatic ironing? It looks good,” Dumbledore also noticed the new ad. “Maybe I can suggest that Madam Malkin invent a robe that won’t be stained next time. Every time I eat dessert, I always Some residue will be dropped on the robe…”

“Although it is easy to clean up with spells, it is still too much trouble,” Dumbledore paused, “When you get old, people become lazy.”

“Then I suggest you wear an apron or a bib, so that you won’t stain your robes…” Anna can see through the window that Madam Malkin in a purple dress is doing work for a young wizard clothes.

“Apron? Bib?” Dumbledore laughed, thinking of the absurdity that he might look like wearing an apron, “Then I will try it next time.”

“Ding Ding…” The sound of Anna pushing the door caught Madam Malkin’s attention.

“Honey, please wait…” She turned her head back, “Oh! Anna and…Headmaster Dumbledore!? What a strange combination!”

“Good afternoon, Madam Malkin ,” the two greeted her.

“I see,” this short, chubby, very kind witch waved the wand, manipulated scissors and a measuring tape, cutting on a stiff boy standing on a stool and smiling. Hanging cloth.

“Anna should be at school too, how about twin? Why didn’t you see them?” Madam Malkin smiled and patted the boy on the shoulder, motioning him to stand on the small stool next to him, the other with brown hair The witch came over to use spell to sew clothes for him.

Anna stepped on the small stool in front of Madam Malkin, “Headmaster Dumbledore came to the muggle world to pick me up, and twin will be with Mrs. Weasley…”

“Madam Malkin, I The’Hogwarts school uniform package’ is needed.”

“Of course,” Mrs. Molly pulled a long robe off Anna’s head and started to wave the wand, using scissors to cut it to the proper length.

Dumbledore walked over to the bench next to the counter and sat down, opened the’counting those gorgeous robes’ that was standing aside, and looked at it with keen interest pleasure.

“I’m so afraid that the scissors will cut me,” the boy on the other stool relaxed and began to try to chat with Anna.

“Hello,” he greeted Anna, “Are you also a student who went to Hogwarts this year?”

Black hair, gray eyes glowing, a cute little Zhengtai, Anna is happy to answer his question, “Yes, I’m buying the items on the list.”

“Me too! Father bought the teaching materials for me,” Xiaozhengtai whispered slightly,” Mother went to buy a broomstick for me, she promised me to buy’Nimbus 1700′, I am looking forward to it now…”

“But how did I hear that the school does not allow First Year young wizard to carry broomstick?” Anna eyebrows raised .

“Oh, yes…it is true…” Xiao Zhengtai looked a little struggling, “I know it’s not good to violate school rules…but I really like Quiddich!”

” I just took the broom secretly, just holding it to sleep…” Xiao Zhengtai seemed to convince herself, “No one will find out, no one…”

“cough cough,” sit down Dumbledore, who was reading the magazine, coughed twice at the time.

“Uh…this student, it may be late, but I still have to remind you that the headmaster of Hogwarts is sitting there…” Anna observed the boy’s expression.

“headmaster?” The boy stiffened again, his eyes full of shock.

Madam Malkin laughed.

“In our conversation just now, I just called him Headmaster Dumbledore.” Maybe the expression on the boy’s face was too exaggerated, and Anna also laughed.

“What—I was too afraid of the scissors hurting me just now, I didn’t notice it at all!”

“Then you noticed now,” Anna extend the hand, “Anna .Lawrence, you can call me Anna.”

“Oh! Hello, I am…” The boy stretched out his hand from the cloak to shake hands with Anna, “ao!” He was stitched. The witch who sews his clothes showed a helpless expression.

“I’m Cedric,” the boy touched his stabbed arm, “Cedric. Diggory.”

Anna heard the name and looked curiously at this’future Handsome guy’, as Hufflepuff’s face value, his facial features are really refined.

“I still don’t want to think about the broom…Anna, which house do you think I will be assigned to?”

“I? Both are fine, but I don’t want to climb Tower, maybe Hufflepuff’s common room is more suitable for me?”

“Me too! Hufflepuff! My father and mother are both Hufflepuff, I hope I can go too, but it’s okay to be assigned to other houses…” He In conclusion, “No matter what house is assigned to, it is very good!”

“Where is Slytherin?” Anna looked at Cedric with some curiosity, “Can Slytherin also?”

” Oh…Slytherin…” Cedric looked a little distressed, he thought about it seriously, “It’s okay…but I think I might not get along with them, I mean…um…better not…”

“I heard father say, Slytherin students, they don’t like to deal with half-blood…” Cedric shook his head, “If I go to Slytherin and I can’t make a friend, it would be too sad! How lonely!”

Anna nodded, “makes sense…”

“Anna, put the sleeves of the right hand away.” Madam Malkin waved wand to interrupt the two of them. to chat with.

“Okay,” Anna didn’t care too much, rolled up the sleeve of the right hand, and realized what she had done when she saw the’bad’ mark on her arm.

“Cool! What is this on your hand?” Cedric saw the’unbreakable tattoo’ on Anna’s arm at a glance.

“Uh…” Anna saw that Dumbledore hadn’t lifted the head, and was still immersed in the world of’gorgeous robe’. She just opened her mouth and flicked.

“The characteristics of muggle schools in our area, everyone can get tattoos, you know.”

Cedric doesn’t understand, but still thinks the pattern is cool, “It’s amazing, all muggles have Everyone has this… “tattoo”?”

“Almost, almost…” Anna hurriedly ended the topic, covering her arm with a robe, “but we usually don’t show it Come out.”

“Wow…” Cedric seemed to be nodded, unclear.

“Okay, boy,” the witch who sews the clothes wrote some data on the parchment on the side, and patted Cedric on the shoulder.

“The gown is ready. Just take it away. Remember to put it on when you enroll in school. The other ones that you won’t use now will be sent directly to Hogwarts.”

“Thank you,” Cedric paid the money and said goodbye to Anna, “Goodbye Anna, I have to buy other things, when the time comes, see you at school!”

“See you at school,” Anna extend The hand moved towards Cedric waved and watched him walk out of Madam Malkin’s shop.

“Madam Malkin, did you graduate from Gryffindor?” Anna looked at the busy lady before her.

“Oh child, I am not,” Madam Malkin shook his head. “I am a student of Hufflepuff. Many people working on this street are from Hufflepuff. Peace and happiness. We like this kind of life. “

“Will there be some freshness missing?”

Anna stood on another stool under the instructions of Madam Malkin and laughed at the witch who sewed her clothes He replied, “Why? Diagon Alley’s life is sometimes very exciting. No, the Gringotts dragon was released not long ago…”

“cough cough cough…” Anna was caught by herself Drooling.

Dumbledore looked up at Anna, his gaze returned to the magazine.

“There is also the logo…oh…” Madam Malkin sighed, “I hope this is just a prank…”

“The logo,” Anna looked towards Madam Malkin, “You Do you think you know who will come back?”

“I don’t know…If I said before this…I would never believe it, and I would tell him not to go crazy,” Madam Malkin Thinking, “But this time, the movement was so loud that it reminded me of the Wizard War when I was a kid…”

“I hope not,” the lady who helped Anna sew the clothes tightly frowns, “Are we good? It’s easy to have a birthday…”

“Okay,” the lady sewing the clothes cut the last thread and asked Anna to get off the small bench. “It’s time to buy other things Anna, here in a while There are so many people, I can’t squeeze out.”

“Goodbye,” Anna paid the money and walked out of the shop with Dumbledore.

Noisy and lively streets, it’s hard to imagine that less than a few weeks have passed since the Gringotts “Dragon Escape” incident. Under the magic’s restoration, everything is the same as before. People who escaped are walking again. On the street, it’s like nothing happened.

“Headmaster Dumbledore,” Anna still has no eyes looking towards Dumbledore, “Do you think you know who will come back?”

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