Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 77

“What do you think?” Dumbledore smiled and threw the question back.

Anna is a bit speechless, of course she can say,’What do you think I think? ‘Then the infinite matryoshka went down, but she didn’t.

“It is very likely…”

“What makes you make such a judgment? Little’Diagon Alley’?” Dumbledore really likes Anna’s name. He is looking for opportunities to talk about it all the time.

“An intuition, an intuition…” Anna waved her hand, she just wanted to ask suddenly, and didn’t really want to hear anything from Dumbledore, “Let’s go shopping, Headmaster Dumbledore…”

“He will be back.”

“What?” Anna digs her ears. Just now, a blonde wizard who sings badly just passed by.

“Nothing,” Dumbledore was still cheerful, “I just think the young wizard’s instincts are quite accurate many times.”

That’s true, Anna nodded in agreement, she He suddenly thought of Ron, his instincts were quite accurate, but maybe he didn’t realize it himself.

While passing the Florin Fosco ice cream shop, Anna was attracted by the strong fragrance in the air.

“Let’s eat ice cream?” Anna didn’t wait for Dumbledore to reply, and hurried to the shop to buy two chocolate ice creams. “This is one of Diagon Alley’s classic delicacies.”

Anna broke her fingers and counted seriously, “Leaky Cauldron’s bread that’only bald can eat’…the’burrito waiting for a miracle’ in the alley next to the extraordinary clothing store-although it is a cart snack, it tastes very good! “

“There is a’Devil’s Taste’ barbecue restaurant near the entrance of Knockturn Alley, opened by Goblin. Before, there was a wizard who drank too much and went crazy and didn’t want to give money…” Anna shrugged, “The Brotherhood of Goblin appeared. I guess he really feels the taste of the devil.”

“But the most recommended-is the ice cream of Fouluo Lin Family! It is delicate and thick, and the taste of chocolate will bloom in your mouth after a bite! “Anna handed the ice cream to Dumbledore, crazy Amway, “must try!”

“haha haha…sounds great,” Dumbledore smiled and took the ice cream from Anna, smelling chocolate The smell is really strong.

“Does the little’Diagon Alley man’ want to buy me? So that old fogey with a bad memory can forget some things related to dragons?”

“And fireworks ,” Dumbledore added while eating ice cream, feeling a little bit in his heart at the same time, this ice cream is really delicious.

Anna shook her hand and almost dropped her food on the ground. “He he he…what do you mean headmaster?”

She was greedy and wanted to eat ice cream, didn’t expect Dumbledore directly talked about this… he guessed it, of course, after all, he took himself to Azkaban for legal education…

“Although it is not very clear what you are talking about…” Anna tentatively “Excuse me…Is the purchase successful?”

Dumbledore glanced at Anna amused, and clicked nodded, “The purchase is successful, I have to give the’Diagon Alley people’ a face, right?”

“But if another moth comes out next time…”

“I understand,” Anna raised her hand, this time she had no experience, she was caught by someone, and she had to learn a lesson. Try to do it clean next time.

Fortunately, Dumbledore didn’t know what Anna was thinking, or she might faint with anger.

Eating ice cream, the two wandered from the south side of Diagon Alley to the north side, plentiful harvest,’spoils of war’ including Telescope, scales, and a lot of bottles. Cans, and unintelligible potion materials.

“What can these horned slugs do? Do they make soup?” Anna was disgusted by her own words, she shook her head and tried to threw away the slugs from her head.

“The slug is more useful. First of all, it can be eaten after it is cooked.” Dumbledore looked serious, as if to tell a very serious thing, “Sometimes we use it to test students Guts.”

“This may not test guts, but IQ, right?” Anna complained, “Does anyone really eat this stuff?”

“hahaha just kidding “Dumbledore is very happy today. He hasn’t laughed so many times in one day for many years. “It is a material needed for important potion, very, very important.”

Important potion will make young wizard Mastered in First Year? Anna expressed her disbelief, but she was still curious, “What kind of potion is it?”

“Even if you don’t use it now, you will have a chance when you are fifteen or sixteen,” Dumbledore winked at Anna. Eyes, “formidable power and powerful, very practical…”

Anna frowned, she found out that things are not simple, ah, this…young wizard First Year started to learn such…weird potion, right?

Is it…mysterious…

“The potion for treating boils.”

Hum, Anna despised herself, “Sounds really practical.”

“Of course, this is a potion for pustules, measles, boils and warts, and other symptoms of lymphatic tuberculosis,” Dumbledore added, “Making a good potion for boils is also very effective for treating acne. “

“But it should be noted that you need to be cautious when making potion. Incorrect production will make this potion become an acne promoter.”

“Headmaster Dumbledore, “Listening to Dumbledore’s words, Anna somehow remembered the long list of titles she saw on the admission letter, and suddenly admired the old man in front of her, “Your knowledge is really too rich!”

His tone and demeanor reminded Anna of the kind of determination, the kind of self-confidence that was full of knowledge and inadvertently when sitting in the university lecture hall listening to the passionate explanation of the honorary alumni in the past life.

“he he he he…Thank you for the compliment,” Dumbledore stroked his beard, “Low-key, this is just a tip of the iceberg of my knowledge…”

tip of the iceberg …though I know that Headmaster Dumbledore is indeed a genius, but Anna still feels a little uncomfortable to hear such a Versailles-style study tyrant speak.

Heh, we, Hermione, must also know this, nothing great.

“Here, the last one,” Anna opened the door of Potage’s Cauldron Shop.

As soon as the door opened, the blue smoke of assaults the senses made Anna cough.

“Roar roar, welcome!” The hearty male voice sounded, it was made by a very weird cauldron, it also had a pointed hat, which looked funny.

This voice is very familiar, Anna is somewhat helpless, “Mr. Patitch, this time you have turned yourself into a cauldron again…”

“Anna! Old customer! Also! There is Headmaster Dumbledore! Good morning, I’m sorry I can’t come out to greet you now,” Cauldron shook his fat body, “roar roar, the effect of this transformation potion is really good, I only wanted to turn my head into cauldron, but now ——”

“The whole person has become a cauldron! roar roar roar, to be honest, this feeling is quite novel and interesting!”

“I bought it at Knockturn Alley again Potion?” Anna patted cauldron, making a bang, “You turned yourself into a teapot because of the potion there last time.”

“Oh, how come, this time I I bought it at Diagon Alley…” Cauldron shook his body and tried to escape Anna’s claws.

“Did you buy it at the’Luke potion shop’? No way?” Anna has always felt that the potion effect there is very good, at least half of the products sold in Meigua Primary School are purchased there .

“Uh…no…just a small stall…” Cauldron looked a little embarrassed, the pot body became a little red, it hurriedly explained, “That’s a little girl, her mother is a potions Grandmaster, I got sick recently. I saw her pitifully and gave this business to her…”

“Although it was not the effect I wanted, the potion arrived very quickly! It took less than a week Bring it to me!” Cauldron said he was still satisfied with the deal.

【Copper Mission-Little Girl Selling Potion: Diagon Alley When did such a little girl appear? Block the title of’Diagon Alley Man’, find her, and help her fulfill her wish. Mission goal: find the girl selling potion, mission reward: ventriloquist +30, hidden side mission, unknown]

“Where is this little girl set up?” Anna suddenly became curious after receiving the mission.

“I was near Gringotts before, but I haven’t seen her since the dragon ran out. Maybe I was scared away.”

Ah…Anna Somewhat lost, did you miss this side mission? Forget it, I can only do whatever it takes.

“Mr. Patitch, I need a mouthful of pewter cauldron, which is what Hogwarts requested. Do I need to get it myself?” Anna looked at Mr. Patitch in the form of cauldron and seemed to be inconvenient.

Mr. Cauldron Patitch happily replied, “It’s so empathetic Anna! On the floor by the window, five Sickles can be thrown in my head.”

“The young wizard who came to buy something has asked me to help him, saying that he wants to see how the’so a big mouthful of cauldron’ is going to move…”

“It’s still our Anna! “

“Hmm…” Anna felt a little regretful. She actually wanted to know how to move the cauldron as a mouthful, but out of politeness she still couldn’t ask, so she walked to the window angrily.

Anna chose a waxy cauldron that was pleasing to the eye, threw the money into Patitch’s head, and was about to leave the store to bid farewell to Diagon Alley, and ended the tossing trip with Headmaster Dumbledore.

Mr. Cauldron Patitch suddenly thought of something, “Anna, are the folding cauldrons that I bought last time still work?”

“What fold…” Anna recalled Started with the hard work of scooping water at Gringotts, “Oh-it’s very easy to use, it has brought me a huge harvest.”

“It couldn’t be better,” Cauldron looked very happy. , Anna bid him farewell.


Dumbledore pulled Anna Form Displacement Shadow, and the two again stood at the door of the small bungalow at No. 8 Privet Road. Anna is now relaxed, she sees I looked at his own textbook floating behind Dumbledore, “Headmaster Dumbledore, thank you, please give me the textbook.”

“Why don’t you put the textbook in your cloth bag?” Dumbledore Some doubts, these textbooks have followed them all the way, “Is that a cloth bag with space extension technique?”

“Uh…mainly because of the smell of dung eggs inside, I I don’t want to smell this when sleeping on my books…” Anna likes to tell the truth as soon as she relaxes.

“I still hope you can take the class seriously, little’Diagon Alley man’, I will pay attention to you.” Dumbledore clicked Anna and took out an envelope from his big sleeve.

“This is your ticket to Hogwarts… Don’t sneak in from any secret passage this time. You still have to feel ceremony at the beginning of school, right?”

Anna seriously nodded , Seemed to listen carefully, acting like a good student.

“September 1st, King’s Cross Station…” may not be at ease, Dumbledore added, “Be careful and don’t mess up.”

“Of course Headmaster Dumbledore , Please rest assured! I promise to try my best not to do anything!” Azkaban jailbreak incident should not be counted in my head, right? I hope Sirius can be stable, and wait a few days before fleeing…

“…” Dumbledore couldn’t relax at all. He had a bad feeling and asked, “Anna, be a young wizard and enroll in school.” Investigation-Which house do you want to go to the most?”

“Huh?” Anna was a little surprised for a while. Enrollment investigation?

“Oh…Hufflepuff, I think it’s good…” She explained, “It’s very close to the kitchen, so you don’t need to climb the stairs…”

Sorry, she’s a character How about going to Hufflepuff? Hufflepuff is all simple children, what if you follow her to do things with her loyalty?

Dumbledore coughed twice, “It may not be exactly what you want, this is still to be decided by the separate house ceremony…”

“Huh? Sorting Hat doesn’t listen to the young wizard. Any opinions…well…I heard Madam Malkin say…” Madam Malkin didn’t actually say it.

“Yes, it does listen to the advice of the young wizard,” Dumbledore smiled, moved towards Anna and waved, “Remember the train time, get to the station before 11 am, don’t mess up…”

“Goodbye Anna,” he quickly disappeared in place.

Anna shrugged, lifted the pile of heavy textbooks on the ground with one hand, and walked into the bungalow easily, “I’m back!” Anna shouted, and then the whole house became lively.

In the Hogwarts headmaster room, with a sound of “pa,” a puff of smoke cleared, and Dumbledore walked out of the fireplace in the headmaster room.

He looked at the portraits pretending to be asleep on the wall, smiled and shook his head, walked to the shelf behind the wooden table, and stood there with a hat.

“Professor Dumbledore…this time out, your confusion disappeared a lot,” Hat’s hoarse voice sounded, and he was happy from the intonation.

“Yes Sorting Hat, yes,” Dumbledore said in a relaxed tone, “She is different from any of us… I won’t say this beforehand, let’s talk about you.”

“Me? How can I help you? Headmaster Dumbledore?” Sorting Hat shuddered, as if he didn’t think of what he could do with this hat.

“It’s nothing, just hope you can stand firm on your own ideas and not be influenced by others,” Dumbledore patted Sorting Hat, “Let every student go to the house that suits them best.”

“?” Sorting Hat couldn’t figure it out, although it didn’t.

“Yes, Headmaster Dumbledore,” it replied.

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