Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 79

The Knight bus drove fast on the road, and all obstacles wherever it went automatically gave way, and returned to the original place after the car passed.

The men and women walking on the road seemed blind, completely unaware of the rampant bus.

Lina stared out the window for a while, her face was a bit ugly, she asked Stan, “Is there anything that can relieve motion sickness?”

“Oh, of course!” Stan jumped out of bed, shuttled in the messy carriage, and soon he got back a bag.

“Just spit here, this bag is directly connected to a clearing…should it be a clearing?” Stan scratched his head. “At least that place was still a clearing three months ago…”

Although Lena was expecting something like’motion sickness candy’, she still caught her pocket, “Thank you…”

“It’s okay,” Stan waved his hand and took out a A copy of “Daily Prophet” read, “Slowly get used to it, I can read the newspaper in the car now.”

Anna’s eyes moved back from the window, she has seen no less than three The girl’s skirt was blown into the air, rubbed her eyes, and noticed the newspaper in Stan’s hand.

The headline of the front page, a photo of a man is placed in the center, with long and tousled hair, he looks very cruel.

“Stan, can you show me the first newspaper?” Anna thought about three weeks after leaving for Azkaban, and Sirius should also escape.

“This one?” Stan handed the front page to Anna, and at the same time saw the wild picture, “Ah! This man! I know him, Sirius. Black!”

“Kill a wizard and twelve muggles, you know who’s loyal supporter, may have escaped from Azkaban now!” Stan’s eyes widened, “That’s Azkaban! It’s incredible!”

“What’s the matter this year?” The bearded conductor interrupted when they heard their chat, “First, the Gringotts dragon ran out, and Diagon Alley was marked by the Dark Devil… Now it’s Azkaban’s prisoner escaped…”

“I heard my colleague…er… the original colleague complained that he had searched in that small cell hundreds of times. The stone and brick gaps had been turned over, and the shadow of Black had not been found at all. He I definitely escaped…”

“The management of Gringotts hasn’t figured out how Black came out of Azkaban yet, and they also paralyzed themselves. They don’t want to believe that Black has escaped!”

“It’s not hard to understand, they don’t want to believe it-just because they are afraid,” Bearded had a mysterious face, and he lowered his voice, “I’m afraid you know who is really back.”

Stan sucked in a breath of cold air, “That’s really terrifying!”

“terrifying,” Anna echoed, Voldemort is an old tool man, no matter what it is, the shit basin is buckled on his head That’s it.

Anna shook the newspaper.’The criminal Sirius Black tried to escape’, she looked at it carefully.

‘…Ministry of Magic today confirmed that Sirius Black is trying to get away with impunity in some way. The cell was nowhere to be seen. Some managers of Azkaban believed that he was just hiding and did not really escape from the prison. He was still searching the prison closely…’

‘…Black is probably the most evil prisoner Azkaban has ever held , A manager accepted our interview. He said that Azkaban impossible had a jailbreak incident, and at the same time he made a promise that if Black really succeeds in jailbreaking, he will eat a box of horned slugs…’

‘… Another guard of Azkaban, Auror, opposes that Black has escaped smoothly and the Ministry of Magic should send Auror to hunt down in time… An hour before the report was issued, the Auror had retreated to the second line for some reason…’

This retired Auror is not the bearded man in front of him…

‘…Ministry of Magic Ms. Millison Bagno said, waiting to find out that Sirius. Black is really true. Escaping from Azkaban, the Azkaban management team will give a reasonable explanation for their mistakes…’

‘…Daily Prophet reporters will continue to follow up on the issue of Azkaban defense measures…’

“Strengthening defense is a good thing. Azkaban has been built for so many years. It’s time for rectification and rectification,” the bearded muttered, “Don’t run out a few Death Eaters.”

Stan lighted his head, bus The brakes slammed, and he leaned forward and almost fell out of bed.

“Ding Ding——” Loud music sounded, and the bearded man stood up from his seat and greeted, “King’s Cross Railway Station is here, passengers, it’s time to get off!”

“And you, Stan,” the beard lifted a brown suitcase that looked dirty on the floor and handed it to Stan, “Be honest at school and don’t make trouble everywhere.”

“I didn’t—” Stan was a little helpless, and waved his bearded uncle’s hand rubbing his hair. “I’ve always been honest…” Anna glanced at her watch, ten to fifty, it should be too late , It’s in a hurry… next time you must go to bed early and get up early…

Pick up the suitcase, Anna quickly stepped off the bus, and Lena followed her with owl Errol.

The car parked in a secluded corner. There was an alley in front of you, and you could see the alley going out to be a lively street.

The beard waved to them, and the Knight bus quickly disappeared in place.

“Come with me!” Stan greeted enthusiastically, “I have been here many times, and from here is the Kings Railway Station.”

The three of them passed quickly. In the alley, Anna saw a group of redheads standing in front of the train station at a glance.

You can see Arthur .Mr. Weasley circling anxiously, Mrs. Molly preaching to the twin, and the other muggles who are going in and out look at them curiously.

“Anna!” Ron first saw Anna, he waved his hand vigorously, “Come here!”

“Quick!” Ginny shouted, “It’s too late!”

In the remaining ten minutes, with the help of Mr. Arthur’s’Repello Muggletum curse’, the entire group came to the’Nine and Three Quarters Platform’ unimpeded. This was the first time Anna jumped in. To be so arrogant, those muggles turned a blind eye to them.

“Charlie, take good care of them!” Mrs. Weasley moved towards the second son and asked, “Don’t just play Quiddich all day!”

“And Dragon,” Ron said Interjected, “He is busy with Dragon’s affairs, so he has no time to take care of his younger brothers…”

Charlie took Ron’s neck amusedly, “Baby Ronnie is careful to become a hairy heart, yes Who gave you a new poster yesterday?”

“He just owes Pack,” the twin lifted Ron moved towards the train and walked away.

Mrs. Molly grabbed them and came to the one above them, “Where do you want to take Ron?”

She rudely handed the salute to the twin’s hand , With the expression of hate iron for not becoming steel, “Learn more about Percy, how polite, he also knows to help Anna move away!”

Fred Dee saw Percy as soon as he turned around. Carrying the box, her face was flushed, and she couldn’t move any inch. Anna was a little at a loss. She wanted to take the box, but she was afraid of hurting Percy’s self-esteem…

Ah, twin looked at each other. Percy didn’t know Anna. That weird strength.

“For his sake of helping us block the black bat,” Fred de shrugged and moved towards Percy and walked over.

George followed, and the three carried the box onto the train.

Percy was a little surprised that twin would come to help herself, thank God for the two of them for not pranking themselves.

He has a face,’What’s the matter with my younger brother? The weird expression of ‘followed my friend to the carriage, and when I left, I almost tripped on the ground with a salute.

The mist from the train began to gather. Anna stayed with the twin, stuck her head out of the window to say goodbye to the people on the platform, and Mrs. Molly ran over and moved towards twin and asked, “When you get there, let owl send a letter… “

“Good mother–” twin said in unison, they have said this sentence thousands of times.

“Don’t be naughty anymore, don’t be naughty, and Anna…” Mrs. Molly moved towards Anna and smiled, “My dear, please help me control them.”

“Of course, Mrs. Molly!” I don’t know who really likes to make trouble, Anna promised smoothly, “I will!”

Lina came over and kissed Anna on the forehead, “Yes Let owl send a letter back for anything, baby, don’t be wronged.”

Anna nodded, Beauty Lena is right, she will not wronged herself if she said anything.

A whistle sounded, the train started slowly, and they moved towards the people on the platform waved.

“Fred! George! I will save you the math problems that I can’t do!” Ron yelled, “There are’growth troubles’! I will send a Howler to tell the ending You guys!”

“Don’t stop me Fred, I want to go down and beat him!” George smiled and waved his fist at Ron.

Ginny wanted to cry when she was parting, but she still smiled and waved to the train.

The train moved faster and faster, and it got farther and farther away from the platform. After a turn, Ginny couldn’t see the train. She stopped waving and turned around to hold Mrs. Molly.

“Ginny, are you crying?” Ron leaned over.

“I didn’t,” Ginny lowered his head and stomped Ron. “I didn’t cry.”

“Ah, I still think if you cry, I will Go buy a hot dog to comfort you…”

“I’m crying,” Ginny looked sadly lifting the head, but after a while he laughed.

The two are fighting together.

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