Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 80

“clang 哐哐——” Hogwarts drove out of London expressly and walked through a field. Anna lay on the edge of the window, looking at the rarely seen scenery in the city.

The Hogwarts express has four carriages. The first carriage is connected to the locomotive. There are special boxes for Prefect and student union chairpersons. The second to fourth carriages are divided by letters. Anna and twin sit at C11, close to the train tail. In a box of section.

‘refined Anna’ put on slippers, took out a few pillows from the box and threw them to the twin, and also took out a small box.

“Ten hours…how are we going to get through this time?” George collapsed on his seat with a pillow, “Usually this time we should watch the TV show replay…”

“Maybe we can go to Hogwarts to play tricks and plug in the TV line…” Fred de thought with his pillow, “Maybe we can see the ending of the season of’growth troubles’.”

The Hogwarts express carriage has ample space. The four-person compartment is more than enough for six people. The supporting facilities inside are low-key and luxurious, and exude an atmosphere of’richness and elegance’ all the time.

The red seats in opposite rows and the cushions are very soft. Anna feels like she is sitting on the cloud.

“Play mahjong?” She suggested that it would be a bit silly to watch the scenery in a daze for ten hours.

“Agree!” Fred is very excited. Mahjong is a fun and time-killing activity. He stood up and moved towards the corridor outside the cubicle and shouted, “Three missing one, three One is missing!”

Most of the people in the hallway were chatting, busy widening their social circle, and everyone walking in a hurry seemed to be looking for a toilet, but it didn’t seem like there was time. People who play mahjong.

A boy with’spring-like hair’ appeared in Fred’s sight carrying a big box.

This is him! Fred’s eyes glowed, and he rushed to help the boy lift the box enthusiastically, “Want to find something fun and new? Brother?”

“Uh!” The boy was startled, “I am a new student …I don’t understand…” He scratched his head, “I just heard someone shouting that there is still room? Three missing one?”

“Yes, yes, what I called, come to us Here,” Fred De sent the luggage into the compartment, “I am Fred De, Fred De Weasley, what is your name?”

“Lee, Lee Jordan,” Lee followed Fred De. Entering the C11 compartment, he opened his eyes wide, because he found that there was another boy who was almost exactly the same as Fred De, sitting in the seat.

“Hi! I’m George,” George greeted him, “I know I’m very similar to Fred, but if you look closely—”

“I’m still more handsome !” Twin scrambled to say this sentence.

Anna greeted Lee with a smile, “Hello, I’m Anna, Anna Lawrence, do you know Mahjong?”

“Hello,” Lee sat down next to George , He was a little curious, “Mahjong? Does it mean’Gobstone’?”

‘Gobstone’ is a less popular entertainment activity among wizards. It is similar to marbles, which is obtained by opponents. The cloth stone will spray liquid on the owner’s face.

“Mahjong is a hundred times more fun than Gobish,” George opened the small box on the table and poured out a bunch of small cubes that seemed strange to Li.

“Will it also spray out bad smelling liquid?” Li picked up a square with two circles drawn on it, “This…Mahjong?”

“No , They are very friendly,” Fred shook his head. “The piece in your hand is called’two barrels’. Although you are a little uncomfortable with this name at first, you will soon be able to master the game.”

“Let’s have a game, and we will be able to get started soon,” Anna mixed the mahjong on the table, and the mahjong collided with the table with a crisp sound of’ka ka’.

A kind of game flavor of a tea house permeates this luxurious carriage.

Lee Jordan is frowned, he thinks this thing is so many pieces, it should be very difficult to learn, but he still ordered nodded, this is a new game, how can I know if I don’t know if I don’t try it? “Come on!”

In the middle of the Hogwarts Express, Charlie always feels ill at ease when sitting in the carriage, and he keeps shaking his legs while copying his hands.

“What’s wrong, Charlie?” The boy sitting next to him put down the’Quiddich Continental’ novel in his hand and glanced at Charlie curiously, “I feel your anxiety even though.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay Andrew,” Charlie took a sip of the pumpkin juice on the table, “I just think something is going on…”

“What can happen?” Andrew put down the novel , His expression became a little serious, “Do you think Slytherin changed Quiddich’s tactics again?”

Charlie touched the chin, “No…” He lifts the head, and just saw a pink-haired girl from Hastily walked past the door of the compartment.

“Hey! Nymphadora!” Charlie leaned out to stop her.

“Charlie!” Nymphadora turned around angrily, “I’ve said it many times! Dora or Tonks! Don’t call my full name!”

“Sorry, sorry Charlie raised his hands with an innocent expression, “Uh…Tonks, what are you doing?”

“What?” Nymphadora rolled the eyes, “I can’t go to the bathroom?”

“Well…I thought there was something new. You always know these things…” Charlie waved his hand. Sometimes he would go to class with Nymphadora. She eats a lot of melons there.

“Cough cough,” Nymphadora coughed twice, “How can I find anything new? I’m very busy!”

“Hey! Dora! Why is that? Slow? I’ve caught up with you.” A Hufflepuff girl who had put on her robe ran over, panting, “Aren’t you interested in that… Mahjong? Can’t wait to join in the fun?”

“Shirley…” Nymphadora was speechless, “You really came at the right time…”

“Mahjong?” Charlie felt like he had heard this thing where, “What is that?”

“Maybe it’s a new game? Just now a Hufflepuff student came back. The Carriage is now lively…” Shirley touched Nymphadora with her elbow. She always felt that Nymphadora and Charlie were between Something.

If Nymphadora knew about it, she would definitely say that she was so boring that she had nothing to do to be so gossiping-of course, Hogwarts did lack some entertainment in her study life.

Charlie frowned, lively? Speaking of the excitement…it’s hard not to think of my twin younger brothers…

“Uh, I’m also very interested…” Charlie joined Nymphadora’s melon-eating team, which made Shirley again It was a burst of excitement, look! Take a look! What do they both have!

On the way to Ccarriage, Nymphadora’s melon-eating team has grown a lot, including the disagreeable young lion snake, the inquiring little eagle, and of course the little badgers. After coming out of the cubicle, he followed the team without asking anything.

Eating melon is really a good activity that everyone likes.

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