Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 81

Charlie wiped the sweat from his forehead.

After reading in Hogwarts for so many years, this train is not the first time I have been on this train, but it is the first time I saw that many people crowded in front of a single compartment.

Charlie vaguely heard the voice of his twin younger brother, he swallowed, it was not good, it was not good.

“What are you doing?” Shirley asked the question shared by the people who just came to eat melons.

A Hufflepuff boy squeezed out, “Mahjong! Mahjong! The bloody battle!” He exaggeratedly said, “The battle is too fierce!”

“What’s the matter? “Nymphadora stood on tiptoe to try to see the situation in the compartment. Two boys in green pattern robes were faintly seen sitting in it, “Slytherin students? What did they do?”

“That’s it—” Hufflepuff little badger coughed. “It was originally a few new students playing mahjong…It’s a new game. A few of us students were watching outside, and then somehow attracted Slytherin who chased the ball. Hand…Uh…”

“Marcus Flint,” Charlie frowns said the name.

“Yes, it’s him!” Little Badger with arms akimbo, “He squeezed in eccentric with his friends, and first mocked Twin’s red hair, saying that they are pure-blood traitors…but everyone ignored him. “

“Then ridiculed the other boy, saying that he was black as carbon…The boy shrugged and continued to touch the cards, saying that this was much lower grade than the insults he had heard before.”


“Then they started talking about the female child sitting outside, saying that she was from muggle or something, but the girl played mahjong very seriously and didn’t seem to want to care about them—” Little Badger sighed .

“Seriously, she has no expression at all, and she is pulling a little angry twin, just like Flint said it’s not her!”

“Here is the point,” Xiao As the badger said, a group of melon-eating people leaned against him, trying to figure out the whole story.

“When Flint saw that no one was taking care of them, he started to make trouble. He ran to look at the girl’s card and read it out loud,’Two circles, three circles…’ Then he said that this mahjong is Muggle rubbish, muggle is all rubbish…” The little badger widened his eyes, “You absolutely can’t believe what happened!”

“That girl! The dignity of mahjong can not be trampled! Flint’s head is pressed on the table—Merlin’s beard! She has a tattoo on her arm! Flint finally provokes someone he shouldn’t provoke!”

“Wow–“Melon eaters sucked in a breath of cold air.

“As soon as the girl moved her hands, everyone in the cubicle stood up, twin left and right, took out wand and confronted Flint’s attendants, the black boy found a bludger and jumped to the table. Up-the scene is on the verge of breaking out!”

“Have you started fighting? Did you fight?” Shirley was very curious on the side.

“Of course—” The little badger paused, “No!”

“Just as the scene was about to break out, the sales witch came over with the cart—the girl Flint is a hostage, and he changed a lot of food with his attendants!”

“Flint is eating in the hands of the new student? haha ​​haha!” Charlie feels that he is in a good mood. He is already not in. What did they do, even willing to help them cover up in front of the mother.

“A girl? She is so cool!” Shirley’s eyes lit up, “What’s her name? That girl?”

“Anna, right? It should be Anna… I heard twin calling her so…” Little Badger nodded, “I can’t tell that she is so powerful-she looks too deceptive!”

“Anna…” Nymphadora realized, this dare The girl who sneaked into Hogwarts from the secret passage is definitely not an ordinary person.

Shirley jumped up, trying to see what Anna looked like, “Why are they sitting and playing together again? Isn’t Flint angry?”

“He is angry Yeah, I’m so angry! Flint and his attendants left dingy, and came back after a while, and brought Slytherin, the best player in Gobstone, and said they would fight Anna if they win. Then Anna admits that Mahjong is rubbish…”

“What if they lose?” Charlie asked.

“Streaking in the carriage…”

“What?!” Nymphadora called out incredulously.

“That’s impossible,” the little badger paused. “When twin made suggestions, Flint was your reaction…Anna just asked them to admit that Mahjong is the most fun entertainment in the world. “

“Are there any winners or losers?” a melon-eater asked the little badger.

“It’s not over yet, but I think-the winner has already been decided,” Little Badger shrugged.

In the C11 compartment, Marcus Flint, wearing a green pattern robe, was sweating, and he began to fall into self-doubt, how did he get into this situation…

at first is just hanging out with friends in the carriage to have some fun…When you hear the voice of ka ka, go over and watch the excitement… as usual mocking… look down on the muggle objects…

Cute…Bah, the fierce and ugly Mu Yecha suppressed it!

Flint lifts the head glanced at his struggling companion. He was sighed in his heart. Being suppressed is not the key… The key is that he actually thinks this broken mahjong is very interesting!

“Hurry up,” Fred German tapped his finger on the table and urged him, “Wait until the flowers are gone!”

Flint played a card speechlessly,” What are you urging? Six…”

“Why!” Anna dropped the card, “all the same”, she took a sip of the tea on the table, looking like a gangster, “Flint, We’ve all played seven or eight games, should you admit it?”

If you want to count the money, Flint will have to lose pain…

Anna Ma Dongmei’s memory ability Remember the cards you played clearly, it’s not too easy to win a few games of Mahjong.

“This can only be considered bad luck…” Flint stood up, stared at the mahjong, and left the table hesitantly.

“I admit…Mahjong is also pretty good…” He struggled to say it, but in fact, he felt that this mahjong was really good—at least it was much more fun than Gobish.

“You remembered it for me,” he gnashing teeth, despising his willpower and not firm, turned and left the cubicle with his attendants.

“I still think he should be allowed to run naked…” Fred touched the chin thinking.

“Agree,” George nodded and took a pillow.

“That’s too hot eyes!” Anna coughed twice, “We are still new students! Remember to keep a low profile!”

Li Jordan sat back in his seat, and he whispered quietly. “It was high-profile when you just pressed his head on the table…”

The crowd of melon-eating people outside the cubicle gradually dispersed, and a pink-haired girl squeezed in, “Anna! Fred! George!” Nymphadora was very excited, “What did you do?”

“tsk tsk tsk,” Charlie sat next to the twin, “I think, we just left the platform, away from mother I ask you not to be naughty for no more than three hours…”

“Did you break your record of the fastest troubles?”

“No, I underestimated us,” George shook his head, “Our record is that a teacup was bitten on a dog’s nose within two hours…”

Anna raised her hands to show her innocence, “It’s just playing mahjong. They came to find the fault. .”

“They like to make trouble everywhere,” Nymphadora picked up a piece of mahjong, “How to play this thing?”

twin introduced the gameplay to Nymphadora and Charlie, and Anna took it. A pillow slowly fell asleep in the sound of mahjong and the desktop contact, and the train drove quickly.

The sky is getting darker.

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