Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 82

“Anna, wake up.”

Anna leaning on the back of the chair opened her eyes, the orange light was already lit in the Hogwarts compartment, it looked very warm, and the air was filled with pumpkins Juice sweet taste.

Oh! It should be almost there! She looked towards the window, Hogwarts was walking through the fields expressly, but the sky was completely dark, and the stars in the sky could be seen. This is one of the few good weather in Britain.

Anna looked at the cubicle, the male compatriots in it were gone, “Huh? Where are the others?”

“I let them go out first, after all, they still have to give The private space for ladies to change their robes-you really can sleep Anna! I slept until now! I missed the moment when I showed my skills at the poker table!”

“Quickly change the robe , Is coming to the station,” Nymphadora took out a robe from the bag she carried and shook it in her hand.

“Madam Malkin’s new automatic ironing gown is really good. This material is difficult to crease. It can be placed anywhere, so convenient!”

“Dora, said Really, you have to live a little more refined!” Shirley, who was sitting on the other side of the cubicle, spit out her best friend somewhat helplessly.

“I am just this sex,” Nymphadora waved his hand.

“Hello Anna, haven’t you met me yet, I’m Shirley, Dora’s roommate,” Shirley shook hands with Anna, “You’re really amazing, I heard you put Flint “His head is on the table!”

“Hello…” Anna scratched her head. She has already regretted being so rude. It was an impulse to hear someone insult Mahjong subconsciously…

“cough cough,” she coughed twice, she knelt down and took out the robe from the suitcase, “just put this robe outside? You don’t need to take off your clothes?”

” According to personal preference, I personally prefer to put on the robe directly after putting on the autumn clothes and long trousers,” Shirley said, “this is more comfortable to wear.”

“I usually put the robe on the outermost side. ,” Nymphadora shrugged, “As for what I wear inside—it depends on my mood.”

“Yes, yes, you just put the robe on the outside of the pajamas that time, thinking that everyone can’t Come out…” Shirley snickered, “Professor McGonagall stared at the bunny ears exposed by the collar of your robe for a whole lesson!”

Nymphadora and Shirley quarreled, “What’s that I think you can’t tell ‘——I forgot that! Forgot to change my pajamas! You didn’t remind me!”

Anna cheerfully took off her sweater and put on her autumn coat and the robe , There is no smell of the new clothes just bought in the shop, but a faint floral scent enveloping Anna, which should be the benefit of Madam Malkin shop.

A gentle female voice echoed in the carriage, “Arrive in Hogsmeade Village 5 points later, please leave your luggage in the carriage, and someone will send your luggage to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in batches. School.”

“Are you all right? Ladies?” Li Jordan’s urging voice came from outside the compartment, “We are here!”

Anna walked to the window Go up, you can see the train slowly entering the platform, um… this platform doesn’t seem to be worthy of this luxury train at all, it looks a bit old, dark and narrow.

Nymphadora opened the compartment door and said, “Alright, let’s get out of the car… Lee, why is your face so ugly? Hasn’t it eased from my subtle card skills?”


“What? No…” Besides, your name is not exquisite, shameless, and Li touched his face, “I’m nervous–I can’t believe it! I’m going to study at Hogwarts!”

“Oh!” Nymphadora suddenly realized, “I almost forgot-are you ready to fight a giant dragon?” She squeezed her eyes narrowly, and said it was true.

“What?!” Lee Jordan stared wide-eyed. He also heard the news from Charlie just now, but Twin didn’t believe it, “Is this true? Dragon? A dragon? It’s the kind of fire with four feet on the ground?!”

Anna looked at them amusedly. It seems that the senior students deceived the junior sister Junior, which has become a bad tradition of Hogwarts…they even Also unified the caliber!

“Of course,” Shirley approached, “Those dragons, too terrifying, I almost died under the dragon claw!”

Lee Jordan messed up himself ‘Spring-like hair’, he quickly ran towards the other carriage.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Twin was walking from that direction, and they stopped Lee Jordan.

“I’ll go to Charlie-he knows Dragon well!”

“Huh? I told you, it was a lie!” George said, “Where are they going?” Get a Dragon…” He suddenly thought of the missing’Mrs. Mighty’ he had let go from Gringotts.

“I’ll just ask, maybe?” Li was firm, “When the time comes, I can help you when fighting the dragon!”

Fred De shrugged, “Then you go…but don’t buy his “tips for fighting the dragon”, a lie, a twenty-page book with a single word on it—”

” Run,” twin said in unison.

Really creative and practical advice, Anna laughed.

The train door is a bit rusty. It slowly opens. Accompanied by the sound of friction, this torturous sense of waiting makes Anna want to give it a “restore”, but in order to keep a low profile, she still Endured it.

With the crowded crowd, a few people got off the train and came to the small railway station. The biting cold wind invaded through the gaps in the robe. It was so cold. Anna felt that Madam Malkin should research and develop the windbreak. Gowns’ to meet the needs of consumers.

Twin has the same idea as Anna.

“Cool!” Fred Tucao said, “In this weather, I don’t know if Hogwarts has heating…”

“Don’t think about it, Hogwarts doesn’t have electricity, all of them are used. “It’s a candle,” George spread his hand. “Maybe the air quality will be terrible when the candles are all lit up?”

Nymphadora doesn’t know what expression to use to face this strange conversation,’heating’,’ Electricity’,’air quality’…

“Aren’t you pure blood? Why are you so…know about muggle things?” This subverted Nymphadora’s cognition. She thought the pure-blood family had always been concerned about muggle and Things related to muggle were dismissed.

This kind of recognition is very deep. After all, Nymphadora’s mother, Andromeda Tonks, was also a member of the pure-blood House of Black, but has been removed because she firmly married A wizard from muggle.

“Oh,” Georged waved his hand, “not only knows well, we can also be called muggle elites! Have you heard of it? KS2 exam——”

” and It’s complicated and difficult, including reading comprehension that Merlin doesn’t know what it’s talking about, and math problems that Ravenclaw doesn’t know how to do…” Fred was serious.

Nymphadora swallowed.

“We–” twin said in unison, “perfectly got the’exceeding expectations’!”

Anna applauded in face.

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