Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 84

The boat sailed past the curtain of ivy vines, and proceeded slowly along a waterway leading to the castle. The torch hung on both sides of the stone walls in the waterway. The air was filled with a damp atmosphere, and you could vaguely see the ages not far away. In the underground harbor, there are still a few empty ships floating around.

When we got to the shore, the young wizards got off the boat one after another and surrounded Hagrid. Fred elbows George and points to a boulder, “I think there is an elevator hidden behind that big stone. “

George looked at the stone, standing on the side of the stone ladder very generally, “It is possible, we will never let us stomach rumbling with hunger to climb the ladder, right?”

“cough cough,” Anna coughed twice, “how do I remember that all the electronic devices near Hogwarts would fail?”

“Then…” George still had a fluke, “Maybe it will let us Fly straight up! Climbing the ladder is too unmagic, right?”

Hagrid had a strange expression on his face after inspecting the boat. It was obvious that he had spotted the unique boat, but he soon Putting this matter behind, “young wizards, come here!”

Seeing him stepping up the stairs, everyone can only hurriedly follow.

“Hoo…Anna, do you think Hogwarts will have…physical education?” Fred felt that he hadn’t exercised for too long.

“Probably not…but I think…whoop…you can suggest to the headmaster…” Anna akimbo, following Hagrid’s footsteps with difficulty, he is relaxed, her long legs take a few steps Just passed.

“Lee, you seem to be…very easy to do…huh…” George grabbed Lee Jordan’s shoulder, “Exercise often?”

“Oh, I always do Help in my aunt’s shop,” Lee Jordan patted his arm, “helping to move the boxes or something.”

“Finally—” Fred relieved, stepping on the damp grass, he Looking around all around, “This place is quite familiar…”

The huge oak gate stood before the eyes of the young wizards. At this time, they were exhausted and counted the number of people. Hagrid was satisfied with the nodded place.

He walked to the door and knocked on the wooden door with a fist as big as the lid of the trash can, “dong dong dong!”

“Squeaky——” The wooden door covered his ears Not as fast as the thunderbolt, he opened it quickly, and had a close contact with Hagrid’s nose, “Ouch!” Hagrid called.

A tall witch is standing at the door, wearing a dark green robe decorated with weird patterns, looking extremely serious, her hair is neat and tidy combed, and every black hair seems to exude’I not to be trifled with’s breath.

“Nai…Professor Naige…” Hagrid clutched his nose and said, “First-year students…are all here!”

“Hagrid…” Professor McGonagall I took out the wand and tapped Hagrid’s nose lightly. It was a little helpless, “I remember reminding you that after knocking on the door, stay away from the door. This door opens outward.”

“Oh thank you !” Hagrid found that his nose had returned to normal, he quickly stepped aside to avoid being injured by the gate again.

Professor McGonagall pushed the door completely open. “Next, I will take them in. Thank you Hagrid.”

“Come here, young wizards,” Professor McGonagall Instructed the children to follow in her footsteps, “I have to explain some things clearly.”

“Yes, Professor Naige,” twin replied, imitating Hagrid’s voice.

“It’s Professor McGonagall,” Professor McGonagall raised her eyelids and corrected her temper. She paused for a while and suddenly realized that these two people were so familiar, and then indifferently glanced at the twin’s side. Standing Anna.

The’terrorist’ Anna was looking at the auditorium on the side of the main hall with interest, and it was noisy as if there were hundreds of sparrows in a meeting.

Professor McGonagall led the young wizards to a small empty room, “Oh,” she coughed, then glanced at Anna, but quickly looked away, “Quiet—”

The nervous young wizards are so quiet that they dare not breathe.

“First of all, welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Professor McGonagall raised his voice, “The school dinner is about to begin, but before that, you will be assigned to Their respective houses…”

“Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, each house has its own characteristics, and they have cultivated powerful wizards…”

“I think You should have noticed the hourglass next to the gate-during Hogwarts school, good performance will add points to the house, otherwise it will deduct points… the score will be reflected in the number of gems in the hourglass,” Professor McGonagall paused. “At the end of the year, the house with the highest score will win the house cup…”

“It is a remarkable honor. I hope you can all win glory for your house.”

“Then next…” Professor McGonagall took a look at everyone’s dresses. Yes, this young wizard can still see his pack, “Come with me-line up!”

Lee Jordan swallowed hard, he walked behind the twin, and quietly pulled Fred’s robe, “Seriously, we must remember teamwork…”

McGonagall The professor just heard it and glanced at him curiously. What kind of teamwork does it take to bring a hat?

A group of people came to the auditorium. As soon as they entered the door, they saw thousands of candles floating in the air, which looked magnificent and magnificent. Four long tables filled the auditorium.

On the far left is Gryffindor’s table. They are watching the group of new students curiously, hooking their shoulders on their backs from time to time, whispering to each other, and making funny laughs.

Hufflepuff’s table is next to Gryffindor, Anna can see Nymphadora and Shirley greeting them.

Ravenclaw’s table is a dark blue patterned tablecloth. Several veterans tried to heat the tableware on the table with candles, and were shocked by the scurrying ghost.

On the far right is the Slytherin table, which is the farthest away from Gryffindor. From the position, you can vaguely feel the relationship between the two houses with swords drawn and bows bent.

Slantherin’s long tablecloth is black, with green snake-like decorations on it. The little snakes sit in groups in twos and threes, watching the new students silently.

The four long tables closest to the edge of the stage are all vacated. It looks like they are reserved for new students. On the stage is another long table. Dumbledore is sitting in the middle, and the teachers are sitting. His sides.

The old man with white beard showed a kind smile on his face.

Professor McGonagall led the young wizards to the front of the stage, and Anna saw clearly that there was a small chair with animal feet standing in the middle of the stage, and on it was placed a top of “not so clean” The hat.

“What are you trying to do? Let’s sit there for half an hour and clean up this hat?” George guessed.

“It’s probably quite hanging in half an hour,” Fred touched his chin. “The stain on it looks a little old, maybe older than you.”

It may only be this. The two brothers were also leisurely observing the old grime on Sorting Hat. Anna glanced at Lee Jordan. The boy was already nervous to speechless under the eager gaze of Lao Sheng.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the Sorting Hat. This’unappreciable’ pointed hat twisted and happily split a hole.

Anna can even see the thread ends and the rags exposed in the opening.

“Crossing the forest, crossing the black lake, your steps are light, you stagger forward…”

Sorting Hat sang in the unique voice of hat, “…come Here…maybe I feel that I am not beautiful, because I have to hide myself, and when you understand the abilities I have, you won’t be overly fascinated by me…”

“I can see clearly The real you…”

“Gryffindor, never lacks courage, clever and smart… Hufflepuff, integrity and outstanding, kindness makes their actions full of love… Ravenclaw, learning is above all else, always full To explore Spirit, Soul and Qi…Slytherin, where everyone is full of talents, and they speak nicely…”

“Put me on your head, don’t be afraid and frightened!” Sorting Hat moved Everyone bowed, and soon it was completely motionless, like an ordinary old hat.

There were eager cheers from the audience, and even the sound of a rogue whistle appeared on the leftmost table.

“By the way, please don’t think about being too rude,” Sorting Hat added, “Especially’this hat is really dirty’-then I will be very sad!”


Anna touched the hair she had just washed last night, and her head was full of’this hat is really not clean’.

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