Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 85

Professor McGonagall took out a piece of parchment and held his glasses, “I read the young wizard whose name is young wizard, please bring Sorting Hat, sit on the chair and wait for the result of the separate house.”

” Cedric .Diggory!”

The handsome guy Cedric looked a little flustered. He almost fell on the road when he took the stage. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, picked up his hat and sat on the animal chair.

The Sorting Hat is so big that it almost covers Cedric’s entire head. The young wizards in the audience can’t see Cedric’s expression, but can only see him pinching a corner of his robe nervously.

“Reliable, loyal…very good in all aspects…I believe you can become even better at Hufflepuff——” Sorting Hat yelled, “Hufflepuff”.

“Roar—” There was a warm cheer from Hufflepuff’s table, Cedric relaxed, put his hat on the chair, and moved towards the long table with yellow tablecloth and ran away.

Lee Jordan patted his chest, “It looks like I only need to wear that hat.”

George was looking for Charlie’s figure on the long table of Gryffindor, and he could see that Charlie was with him. A group of friends laughed happily, “Still fighting with dragons…not even a piece of dragon scales…”

“Cheated,” Fred De shrugged, “But at any rate we can trick Ron and Harry …”

“I think about it, just say that house joined the fight with giants at the separate house ceremony this year?” Anna joined the group chat.

“Very good, very good, plus off-road in the woods-jump into the mud pit to find an old hat,” George nodded.

After a series of young wizards came to the separate house, Anna heard the familiar name, “Lee Jordan!” Professor McGonagall looked over.

“It’s me,” Lee Jordan muttered and walked onto the stage, sat down, and put on the hat.

Sorting Hat squeezed his head for a while, as if thinking, “Industrious, cautious…with loyalty to friends, um…want to stand out…difficult to assign…oh? I saw the hidden Great courage!”

“Gryffindor!” Li Jordan excitedly took down the hat moved towards the table on the edge and ran.

The cheers rang out, and Gryffindor greeted them with enthusiasm. Charlie brought friends to make a booze and the atmosphere became lively.

“Kent Jeremy!”

A little boy ran up. He first tried to see if he could reach through the opening of Sorting Hat, and then I tried to put my entire head in the hat to see what was inside.

“Cough,” Professor McGonagall coughed and signaled him to start a separate house quickly, and he was excited to put on the hat.

Sorting Hat just touched his head for less than a second, “Ravenclaw!”

Ravenclaw cheered, and a young wizard stood up and clapped Kent.” Hey! Me too! I wanted to figure out how it works before!” They talked together happily.

Next, Professor McGonagall glanced at the parchment and took a deep breath, “Anna. Lawrence!”

“Hey! It’s you Anna!” Fred patted. Anna shoulders, “Don’t be nervous!”

“Wait for the moment it calls’Gryffindor’-Fred and I are definitely the two cheering the most!” George added.

Anna walked onto the stage with a smile, she was really nervous, just like when she was singing at the college welcome party, that many eyes were staring…

She picked it up Sorting Hat, sit on the chair.

The hat is so light that I can barely feel the weight. Anna wears it on her head, trying not to think about some rude things, and keeps chanting in her heart, “Gryffindor or Hufflepuff…”

“I like new things and never lack courage…oh? Want to go to Hufflepuff? Gryffindor is also good…he he he he…” Sorting Hat writhed on Anna’s head, looking very happy, “I listen When it comes to your thoughts, it seems that you are a very independent young wizard, but—”

Anna feels a little bad.

“I see your great potential, dislike of the rules, and a bit of’little’ ambition,” Sorting Hat paused for a second, “Someone told me to stay true to my heart–“

Not good, very bad.


“roar!” Slytherin ushered in the third new student of this school year, and their cheers were no less than Gryffindor.

“What?!” Twin is the most surprised, Fred’s jaw is almost dislocated, “Slap me! George! Am I crazy?!”

In the middle of the long table on the stage, Dumbledore’s hand that was stealing the grapes paused slightly, so it was better to let her go to Hufflepuff…

Anna was also shocked, saying that Sorting Hat would listen to the young. What about the wizard’s idea? ! Rowling lied to me!

She stood up in a daze, with the same surprised expression on her face as twin, and walked muddleheaded to Slytherin’s long table.

“Lawrence Young Lady! Sorting Hat stay!” Professor McGonagall stopped her.

There was a lot of laughter in the audience.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Anna came back to his senses, sorted out the expression, put the hat back on the chair, “Too excited, really didn’t expect…”

She exchanged gazes with twin, showing an expression of’I am also very helpless’, and went to Slytherin’s table and sat down.

“Hello, welcome to Slytherin,” a black hair girl extended the hand to Anna, “Abigail Kama, I am Slytherin’s Prefect, are you a half-blood system? Sorry, I don’t often hear the surname Lawrence…”

“Hello, I am not half-blood…” Anna shook hands with her, “I am a wizard from muggle.”

“Oh,” Abigail was stunned, and subconsciously withdrew her hand, perhaps because she realized that she was too rude, she hurriedly explained a few words, “That’s really… well… Slytherin hasn’t been to muggle for about three years. A new student from my background, but you are still welcome to join!”

Anna shrugged, Prefect’s attitude is fairly friendly, “Thank you.”

Professor McGonagall continued to recite the name, Fred and George went to Gryffindor without any suspense. Charlie, their friends, and Percy applauded when Sorting Hat said’Gryffindor’.

Anna also clapped, secretly applauded, cheering for Gryffindor’s friends at Slytherin…If you are too conspicuous, you will appear very uncomfortable.

The twin was very happy to see Anna applauding. He sat at the front of the long table amidst the cheers. Fred was a little worried, “I think she will be bullied… Merlin’s beard! Slytherin! Not only! Can pure blood get in?”

Bull Anna? George in the heart thought about the probability of this happening. Well, it can be almost zero.

“You can also go to Slytherin if you are from half-blood and muggle. I have an annoying uncle from Slytherin. He is from muggle…” a new student young lion rubbing his stomach interrupted. “Do you know where the toilet is?”

“Go out and walk down the corridor to the end,” Charlie looked up. “But if you go to the toilet now, you will miss Professor Dumbledore’s wonderful speech!”

young lion measured the gains and losses, “Then I’ll bear it…”

Professor McGonagall finished reciting the last name, rolled up the parchment in his hand, and brought Sorting. Hat left the stage, and the little chair with animal feet followed behind her.

The next link is the leader’s speech.

Anna was thinking about when to start the meal while carefully observing the professors sitting on the long table on the stage.

Among the professors who are generally older than fifty years old, the’black bat’ Professor Snape looks extraordinarily young, but he wears that plain black robe, and looks younger than the 100-year-old Headmaster Dumbledore Be conservative.

[Finally Snape: He, a 29-year-old genius professor, is greasy and sluggish. It seems that everyday all is losing his temper. I can guarantee that this is definitely not menopause! You have to tell him that there are still many beautiful things in this world. Even if you lose it, you have to live with longing. First of all, start by washing your hair. Achievement conditions: Snape has refreshing hair; mission reward: ventriloquist +20, memory +50, unknown]

This mission…Anna took a closer look at Snape’s long hair, frowned, alas, a haircut The Tony teacher in the shop may feel a little bit helpless…

Perhaps he noticed that someone was slandering his own hair. Snape moved towards Anna and looked in the direction, but quickly moved his gaze to the one who stood up. On Dumbledore.

“Welcome to Hogwarts,” Dumbledore opened his arms. “Energetic young wizards, it’s another new year—”

“I want to say something briefly before the dinner begins. A few words…”

A new student from a muggle, a little badger complained, “In muggle world, if the leader adds the word’simple’ before’say a few words’-it often means this Speaking will not be less than half an hour…”

Nymphadora said with a smile, “Then this is the difference between Hogwarts and muggle world.”

“What I want to say is ,” Dumbledore cleared his throat, “Idiot, coward, alien, lack of balance—thank you!”

“roar!” Although not many people understand the meaning of these words, Dumbledore As for it, the whole audience cheered.

Dumbledore sat down, smiled and snapped his fingers at the same time. On each long table, there was food enough to support ten hungry dragons. There were many varieties, fried and baked, steamed and boiled. , Anna can name the meat almost all over, and the rich aroma swept the entire auditorium.

Perhaps physical education is really necessary. Anna, with a sausage crossed in one hand and a duck leg in the other, couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.

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