Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 86

After the dinner, I ate dessert again. Look at this, egg tarts, hard candies, ice cream, pineapple coconut pie, miniature chocolate fountain with marshmallows, how delicious it is.

tsk tsk tsk, it’s not scientific not to gain weight after this meal. Of course, it’s really impossible to mention any more science when it’s all in Hogwarts.

I just eat impudent once, and control my diet next time.

Anna is not the only one holding this idea. There are already two little badgers on the dinning table of Hufflepuff who have been sent to the school hospital because they ate too much, but within ten minutes, they reappeared. , And joined the dining team.

“This pudding is really cute…” Abigail looked tangled on the side, “Eat, don’t eat, eat, don’t eat…” She ate the gummy bears while counting , “…Don’t eat, eat!”

She picked up the Unicorn pudding in front of her, “This is the arrangement of fate.”

Marcus Flint doesn’t know what When I moved to Anna’s side, Anna was baking marshmallows on candles.

Hmph, he still remembers the things on the train!

“Who…” Flint cleared his throat.

“Anna. Lawrence,” Anna interrupted what Flint was about to say, “Anna, or Lawrence, you can call me father.”

“father?!” Flint Surprised, Anna’s unreasonable playing cards disrupted his plan.

“Ai,” Anna gave him a look, “Let’s talk.”

I vaguely think there is something wrong, Flint brows tightly knit, “Um…what I want to say …” He recalled carefully,’Who, I want you to walk around without eating’, yes, that’s the sentence.

“I want you to eat…” Flint saw Anna’s “flower arm” exposed, and instantly changed his mind, “Eat more.”

“You want Have a little tomato?”

“Uh…thank you,” Anna took the little tomato from Flint’s hand, which is not the same as she imagined to make things difficult. “You sit all the way to Ask me if I want to eat a small tomato?”

Flint looked at the chocolate fountain on the table and imagined what it would be like to go in with his head, “Do you care about…new student…”


“Do you want to play mahjong?” Anna touched Flint with her elbow amused, she didn’t believe that this person would be so friendly to the new student, “Don’t be embarrassed, I know that few people can resist mahjong Charm.”

Mahjong? Okay, although I didn’t come here to find a mahjong player, it’s not bad. Flint nodded, “Then I’ll just do it…”

“Ding Ding,” Dumbledore sounded like a sharp metal collision. Standing up, the lively sound of the whole audience suddenly disappearing.

“Everyone has almost eaten, let me say a few more words, here are a few notices… First of all, the new young wizards must note that the woods near the Quiddich stadium prohibit students from entering , There is nothing fun in it…”

Hearing this, Anna glanced at Gryffindor’s table, and sure enough, every pore on Twin’s body was yelling’must go and take a look’.

“Our castle keeper, Mr. Filch, hope I remind you not to use magic in the corridors, especially not to make the floor unusually smooth,” Dumbledore looked at Anna with piercing eyes , Twin also winked at Anna in the distance.

“Also, each house Quidditch team will inject fresh blood in the second week after the school starts. Young wizards who are interested can go to Professor Huo Qi’s office to register. It should be noted that first-year students are Those who are not allowed to have a broomstick…”

Dumbledore paused, “It’s not enough to just hug and sleep.”

There was laughter from the audience, “He is so funny,” Xue Li patted sitting next to Cedric’s shoulder, “Who would sleep with a broomstick? I’m not afraid of accidentally going to the sky?”

Cedric flushed, “Yeah, who would, it’s ridiculous…”

“Then the last thing,” Dumbledore took out the wand, and a golden mist emerged from the top of his wand, condensing into words one after another in the air, “In your favorite tune, Sing the school song!”

Black Bat Professor Snape took out the earplugs he had prepared and put them in his ears. Professor Flitwick, who was sitting aside, looked towards him in shock. It seemed that he didn’t expect. Operation.

The noisy and aestheticless music sounded, “Hogwarts! Hogwarts! Please teach us the knowledge~”

Anna used the tune of the beetle band’s “heyJudy”, which is Ron’s A song that I often sing when I take a shower in the toilet.

Flint sings without tune, so he roars loudly.

Fred and George used the tune of the opening theme of “Growing Troubles” and they sang pretty well. Dumbledore followed their music nodded.

“Music!” Dumbledore sighed after listening to their singing, “It’s very nice, what is the tune of this song?”

“‘The Trouble of Growth’ opening song !” twin said in unison.

It seems to have thought of something, Fred raised his hand, “Can I make a suggestion? Headmaster Dumbledore!”

“Oh?” Dumbledore looked towards him, “I like it Young wizard with an idea, can you tell me something?”

“It’s 1989 now, I think Hogwarts should keep pace with the times…maybe some muggle technology can be used normally here…” Fred De Scratching his head.

“Like TV,” George added, “maybe a public phone?”

Charlie was very excited at the long table, although she didn’t know what they said. What are TV and phone, but it is cool enough to suggest to Dumbledore, it is obvious that many people in Gryffindor think so, and they become agitated.

The entire auditorium was agitated. Some young wizards from muggle expressed their approval. A young wizard in a yellow pattern robe yelled, “Support! I want to watch TV series…”

He suddenly realized that this is not conducive to learning, and hurriedly changed his words, “Uh…you can learn more about the muggle world through the news! I can learn’muggle research class’ well!”

Kay of’muggle research class’ Professor Reddy Bubaji was moved to tears, and there are students who want to learn the muggle research course! miracle! Snape frowns handed her a tissue.

“Thank you, Professor Snape,” Professor Bubbaji blew Snot, “I heard that some students wanted to learn the muggle research course… It’s really not easy. They usually do it when they come to my class. Acting like this, I don’t even care about these things…”

“I support!” Professor Bubbaji raised her hand, her voice was a little hoarse because of the touch, “Headmaster Dumbledore, we have to give the students more Isn’t it a good study condition?”

Dumbledore touched his beard and laughed “It’s a good suggestion…maybe I will consider…”

Almost everyone at Slytherin’s long table frowns, “muggle item…what good is a muggle item?” a Slytherin girl with her hair curled up muttered, “Gryffindor’s speech really doesn’t go through the brain. New students who have just arrived at school for less than two hours dare to propose This kind of advice!”

“Do you know what TV and telephone do?” Anna looked towards her curiously.

“How do I know!” The snake with his hair curled up showed a proud expression, as if he didn’t know how glorious a thing was, “These muggle things are not worthy of letting me know!”

Wow, “Do you know the mask? What about facial cleanser and skin care lotion? Have you heard of it?” Anna took out a bunch of bottles and cans from the blue floral bag.

“Ah…I don’t know…” Pan-haired snake’s expression became blank.

“That’s a shame, you missed too much, it’s rude…” Anna touched her face, showing a’how can this’ expression, making the snake feel like What kind of terminal illness is he, “Gorman running wild! This skin is too dry! How old are you?”

“Thirteen…” The little snake swallowed hard.

“This skin condition is not good,” Anna shook her head, “If you don’t tell me, I think you are 30! No way, women have to learn to take care of themselves…” Anna found a few masks Passed it, “I know there are many beauty potions on the market, but their prices are not very friendly to our students.”

“Diagon Alley’s’Prim Purnell Beauty Potion Shop’ You know? I’m a’Diagon Alley person’ and I know it well.” Anna stared into the eyes of the snake, “Do you know how much a bottle of the lowest beauty potion costs?”

Little snake pursed her mouth nodded, she leaned forward and approached Anna, not wanting to let others hear their conversation, “I know, probably a Galleon… the effect is not particularly good…”

Little Snake’s face was embarrassed, “It’s a bit expensive…but also not very expensive, I can still afford it,” she reluctantly added.

“Give you this one a day, the usage method is on the back.” Anna handed her a box of facial mask, “Essence moisturizing facial mask, no other weird additions, just pure hydration, good Come to me if you want to use it. Of course, if you want to, you can just leave it with dust.”

Pan Fa Xiao Snake looked at the mask in Anna’s hand and was silent for a while, and took it, free of charge. Don’t do it in vain, “Thank you, but I probably won’t use it…oh, I’m Gemma Farley, just call me Gemma.”

“I’m Anna…” Anna As he was about to put the remaining mask back in his pocket, he noticed that Flint was staring at him dumbfounded.

“What? You want a mask too?” Anna shook the mask in her hand.

“no no no,” Flint sat a little farther, maybe Anna was poisonous, he still couldn’t understand why Gemma accepted the mask Anna handed over so easily, she didn’t always snort the muggle item disdainfully?

Flint doesn’t understand the young girl’s pursuit of beauty, and what he doesn’t realize is that he himself is also interested in the snort disdainfully mahjong.

“It’s bedtime!” Professor Deputy Headmistress McGonagall stood up and waved, “Every house Prefect, take the new young wizard to the common room, what should the rest of you do.”

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