Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 87

“First-year students! Come with me!” Abigail shook cloak and stood up to gather the new student team.

It’s strange to say that Anna found that I don’t know when the patterns on the black cloak changed to dark green, which looked mysterious and beautiful.

Abigail watched the new students in line and clicked nodded and made a “follow up” gesture. She led the Slytherin snakes through the crowd moved towards marble Go up the stairs.

Anna can see Fred and George following Gryffindor’s Prefect up the marble steps, and they are waving to her.

Anna also beckons with the hand to them to keep up with Slytherin’s team.

“Slytherin’s common room is underneath Hogwarts Castle. Yes, it is in the Black Lake… the lake you crossed by boat when you came.”

“The structure of this castle Very complicated…I know you are a bit tired now…” Abigail paused, “But I still ask you to remember the route. I don’t want the young wizard to be late in the first class of school, causing Slytherin to be deduct points. “

Abigail led a team of new students around the left and back side of the marble staircase, where there was a spiral staircase extending downwards.

“The basement floor is where the potion classroom is located. Professor Snape is our potion teacher and the head of Slytherin,” Abigail pointed to a huge wooden door in the corridor, she took Some look of worship.

“Professor Snape is the youngest of all our professors. He was also a student of Slytherin. He is very, very powerful.”

“By the way,” Abigail gestured young wizards looked towards the wooden door in the small corner of the basement floor, “His office and bedroom are on this floor, very close to our common room…”

She became serious, “Professor Snape sleeps, And there is a serious anger to get up, so night tour…cough, don’t make too much noise around here when you come back too late in your studies.”

“Although he will not deduct Slytherin points, But in the potion class on the 2nd day, he will never see his good face. “Although Professor Snape’s face has not been so good, Abigail continued to walk down the stairs, “Keep up, First Year, don’t fall behind. !”

Anna has the feeling of participating in a top Hogwarts tour group, from’a few important places for new students to know’ to’how Hogwarts people are trained’,’how new students avoid deduct points’, and the’recommended route for the best night tour’… Abigail is meticulous, and she deserves to be a woman who can sit on the throne of Slytherin Prefect.

A group of people came to a large corridor along the stone-made spiral staircase. The underground 2-Layer has begun to get slightly cold, and the air is somewhat humid. There are many interesting pictures on the walls of the corridor. , Anna could see a’woman with a watermelon on her head’ teasing’a two-headed cat playing with wool yarn’.

There are a lot of large wooden barrels stacked against the wall, which are bigger than those used by Anna great-grandfather to hold wine. A group of young wizards wearing yellow pattern robes surround it.

“Give me a favor, give me trouble,” the voice came from the spiral staircase on the other side of the corridor, and a tall boy led a group of young wizards to appear.

“That is Hufflepuff’s common room, the man is their Prefect, not an important figure…” Abigail was about to leave, and the tall boy happened to see her.

“Abigail!” The boy looked excited, he seemed to want to come over, and he felt that he shouldn’t leave his job, “I really didn’t expect to see you here…”

“What didn’t expect, Watt, the Slytherin common room is on the next floor. We met here no less than 30 times last semester,” Abigail rolled the eyes.

“Oh…oh, you remember so clearly,” Watt scratched his head with a blushing face, “actually thirty times…”

Wow, Anna can’t smell it General taste.

Abigail didn’t want to continue pestering Watt, she led the new student snakes downstairs, “The Hufflepuff common room we saw just now, we need to enter the door…”

“Goodbye! Abigail! See you tomorrow!” Watt yelled downwards while pulling the railing, “Good night!”

“Stick,” Abigail grumbled slightly with a red face, “Go away.” Go to sleep!”

“Yes,” Watt ran away happily.

“Well, where did I go…” Abigail coughed twice and continued down the ladder.

“Go to sleep!” A new student snake raised his hand.

“It’s not this!” Abigail glanced at him, “Oh…Speaking of entering the Hufflepuff common room…you need to tap the barrel at a certain rhythm.”

” Professor Snape, who led to light sleep, caught the Hufflepuff student night tour very well-he rushed out in pajamas when he heard the movement!”

“Hufflepuff also circulated his legend,’the wandering black bat’ What’s more scary than ghosts…”

On the third basement level, I finally arrived at the door of Slytherin’s common room. Abigail took First Year students and stood in front of a wall, “We’re here, stone wall Behind is the Slytherin common room…Oh, someone must be asking,’This wall looks no different from other walls, how do you remember it?'”

A little snake general with a double pony tail Put down the hand that was just raised.

“Look here,” Abigail pointed to the corner of the wall, “Look carefully, there is a small sculpture of a snake here… I’m so blind that I can’t see clearly, I suggest you can touch the wall to find it-always I’ll find it.”

“One more thing, the common room code, you must remember it clearly, otherwise you will be locked out like your Senior–” Abigail pointed and leaned his hand. Marcus Flint on the wall.

“Hey! Didn’t I forget the code!” Flint hurriedly walked away.

“Okay, okay,” Abigail turned around, “The secret code may be changed every month, or every two months, sometimes every three months, there is no regularity, mainly depends on Head mood—”

“I will paste the code on the bulletin board, remember to go and take a look when there is nothing to do. The code for this month is…”

” Slug,” Abigail said to the wall.

The sound of friction sounded, and the stone brick moved towards both sides rotated and opened, just like the opening of Leaky Cauldron’s wall, Anna could feel the sweet taste of Gummy Bear assaults the senses.

“Tsk, Jelica, can you not always take things to the common room like a Hufflepuff to eat! At least not today!” Abigail frowns drove to eat on the European-style sofa The girl who ate the jelly fragrantly, “Be careful to go to the school hospital! Can you give the new student a good impression?”

“hmph,” the blond Jelica rolled the eyes, lightly snorted, “I won’t keep it for you!”

Actually, the impression is quite good. Anna looked at Slytherin’s common room.

About two hundred square meters, the green tone is the main theme, the dark green European pattern wallpaper, the roof is short, the huge chandelier full of candles hangs down from the top, and the wall is decorated with ribbons. Shaped colored lights, Hogwarts has no electricity, and I don’t know how these colored lights are lit up-maybe it’s magic.

In the learning area on the left side of the door, the huge bookcase, the Earth instrument, and the dark brown desks and emerald cushion chairs neatly arranged, a few Slytherins are sitting together, looking serious Learning, Anna nodded, feels that in such an environment, I can calm down and delve into magic seriously.

“Oh oh oh, my potion class homework hasn’t been finished yet!” A little snake who seemed to be studying’seriously’ hugged his head, “What to do! What to do?”

“potion?” Another little snake drinking pumpkin juice sneered, “You’re done, I just didn’t do the homework of A History of Magic, I will finish it soon…”

“A History of Magic? Are you sure?” Snake was also snered, “This time the homework of A History of Magic is to’explore the importance of secrecy law’. I want to talk about the influence of magic on the muggle world in history. There are a lot of muggle-related content-I think you may not even know what muggle said, “Crystal circle, right?”

“Brother,” the pumpkin juice snake is holding the head Snake, “My potion homework is doing a good job…or?”

“Slytherin, help each other,” the two shook hands.

Anna didn’t hear this conversation. She stood in the distance and watched the two shaking hands. They lighted their heads. Yes, they encouraged each other to learn. Didn’t expect Slytherin to have such a strong learning atmosphere.

“This is the bulletin board, and the timetable is on the top.” Abigail walked to a position near the window and signaled everyone to come over, “Your room number is also here, and the luggage has been delivered to your room. ——”

“Well, if there is no problem, you can disband,” Abigail waved his hand, and suddenly thought of something, “Oh! One last thing! You should know that there are A big octopus?”

“This is very important,” she pointed to the large windows without curtains in the Slytherin common room, now it was pitch black outside, “respect it and don’t say anything. About the what a joke of’Squid Whisker’… its temper is not very good-this glass is not good for sound insulation, and it is not as strong as you think!”

“Big octopus? But how can we watch To the big octopus?” a boy frowns asked, raising his hand.

“You will know it during the day tomorrow,” Jelika answered his question.

“So now, let’s rest and disband!” Abigail waved, sat next to Jelika, and snatched the jelly in her hand.


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