Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 88

The Slytherin common room is not as cold and humid as expected, and the air is very circulated. It is completely invisible that it was once a dungeon.

Anna feel relieved, it seems that she doesn’t have to worry about old cold legs, rheumatism or bronchitis.

The comfortable and luxurious European-style sofa is facing a silver fireplace burning with blazing flames. There are many small snake sculptures as decoration, and some small snakes have long strings of copper Knut hanging on their heads.

It looks very ceremony, but I don’t know it. It may be a traditional custom of Slytherin. Maybe it has some special meaning.

Anna touched the chin, mysterious.

The pumpkin juice little snake came over and hung a string of copper Knut on the snake statue, “Mr. Slytherin! Please bless me so that my A History of Magic homework will be successfully completed tonight! “

He lowered his voice, “By the way…Please don’t let the Professor Binns of A History of Magic find out…”

The Slytherin portrait rolled the eyes hanging above the fireplace, waved Robe, motioned for the pumpkin juice snake to get out.

Snake looked very happy, he ran back to go with his companions to share, “Mr. Slytherin responded to me, I can definitely create a miracle tonight!”

“…”Anna was speechless , Well, it turns out that copper Knut was used for this…

“Prefect…” A new student walked around the common room, and finally returned to the fireplace, “How can we do it? Go to my own room?”

Abigail’s mouth was stuffed with soft candy, “wū wū wū wū, wu wu!” She was a little jogging.

“Open the curtain and just walk down the pipe behind it,” Jerica pointed to the dark green curtain on the wall to help translate, “The pipe near the window goes down to the girls’ bedroom, another Belongs to boys…”

“And,” Jelika blinked, “Girls dormitory and boys can’t get in, but boys dormitories are not restricted…”

“That Aren’t we in danger!” A boy with neat and tidy hair was holding his arm.

“What is the danger? The probability that you encounter danger here is almost zero, as long as you don’t die and open the window,” Zelika gave him a roll of eyes.

Anna yawned, and curiously approached the dark curtain near the window.

The curtain raised a corner and greeted Anna friendly, as if it was alive, it shook to signal Anna to enter the pipe quickly.

Behind the curtain is a short pipe staircase, and down is a corridor, covered with dark carpets, and candles for lighting are hung on the wall.

‘Green crystal side, lavender room’, Anna remembers this description on the notice board.

She sniffed all the way.

“What are you doing?” The short-haired girl standing in the corridor looked at Anna inexplicably.

“I’m looking for the lavender room…” Anna looked up and just saw the word’lavender’ written on the wooden door of the room, scratching her head in embarrassment, “Oh, I thought it meant the taste… “

The girl with short hair thought it was a little funny, but she suppressed her smile and put on a cold posture, “Oh, it looks like you are my new roommate… Anna Lawrence? I’m making an announcement. I saw your name on the column, can I call you Anna?”

“Of course,” Anna extend the hand, “Hello, Shafiq?”

“Belin Da Shafiq, pure blood,” Belinda extends the hand, “Just call me Belinda… Excuse me for being rude, I don’t often hear the last name Lawrence…”

“Yes, I am from a muggle.”

The two shook hands, stiff in front of the wooden door. As a pureblood, Belinda was a little surprised that Anna had so easily told the fact that she was from a muggle.

This is Slytherin! Isn’t she afraid of being squeezed out? Belinda didn’t know what to say for a while.

Of course, she still doesn’t know. Anna doesn’t care if she will be squeezed out in Slytherin, and where the talented and interesting people will not lack friends.

“Uh, how about…Shall we go in?” After welcoming the strange glances of passers-by in the third wave, Anna couldn’t help but speak.

Regardless of whether Belinda hates herself or ignores herself after knowing this, Anna can accept it, and even expect her reaction…

But she stands stupidly holding her hands like this It’s too stupid, right?

“Huh? Yes,” Belinda spirit slowly recovers, and she retracted her hand a little embarrassingly, “It really didn’t expect… I mean… let’s go in…” She kept staring at Anna.

Anna shrugged and pushed open the door of the’Lavender’ room.

The floor-to-ceiling glass window occupies a whole wall. A huge silver lantern hangs down from the ceiling to illuminate every corner of the bedroom, which is not too big. Two four-pillars that look a bit old The bed was hung with a green curtain, and their respective luggage had been placed beside the bed.

“Really good!” Anna jumped onto the bed. The comfortable mattress made the whole person sink in. The silver silk thread embroidered the snake pattern on the black bed sheet, which looked very beautiful. “Here Sleeping may only be good dreams, right?”

Belinda continued to maintain a cold image, she slowly moved in and sat down gracefully, “It’s okay, although it’s worse than my home. A lot,” Belinda shook Golden’s long hair, “but it’s not unbearable…”

Anna slumped on the bed peacefully, suddenly thinking of something, she rubbed off the bed and opened the room A small wooden door inside, “washroom! Separate bathroom! Amitabha!”

Look at this dormitory condition! Anna came out of the toilet with satisfaction, and sighed. The top double seabed suite and the private bathroom-everywhere reveal the deep background of Hogwarts. Learning magic here, bad grades are a sin!

“Don’t… you don’t have a toilet in muggle world?” Belinda looked at Anna with such emotion, she couldn’t help casting a sympathetic look.

“Of course there are toilets. The flush toilets were invented by muggle…” Anna was speechless. What questions did this pure-blood beauty ask?

“What?!” Belinda interrupted Anna in surprise, “Flush toilet? How could it be possible!?” The toilet that I have used in my family for so many years turned out to be the invention of muggle?

“Where do you think it came from? Appear out of thin air? “The Quibbler” dare not make it like that…” Anna took out a bunch of toiletries from the blue floral bag The toilet is set up.

When she came out of the toilet and saw Belinda desperate, she was soothed, “It’s nothing, don’t you know that the flush toilet is the invention of muggle and you won’t go to the toilet?”

Perhaps it did not provide comfort. When Anna happily put on her pajamas and put herself into the bed, Belinda still had an expression of being deceived by the world.

“Go to sleep, if you know that shoes are also the invention of muggle, will you not wear shoes in the future?” Anna had a smile on her face and went to sleep with satisfaction.

Leaving Belinda staring blankly at the brown Little Pi shoes on her feet in thought.

The fresh environment, no matter how comfortable, could not make Anna have a good dream, at seven ten in the morning, she woke up in horror.

bad luck, dreaming that the octopus in the lake broke the glass and scooped water all night.

“Toilet…” Anna muttered out of bed, stepped on the fluffy carpet, and groped for the toilet half-dreaming and half-awake.

The door was unlocked, and when I opened the door, I saw a long-haired girl standing in front of the toilet thinking deeply, scared Anna out of a’butt back and flat sand falling geese style’ and fell to the ground.

“Uh…good morning, Belinda?” Anna tentatively asked, “Are you okay?”

“Morning,” Belinda turned around and spoke. There was a ring of toothpaste foam hanging on it, “I’m fine,” she was barefoot, “I didn’t fall asleep all night.” Belinda helped Anna up.

“Thank you, your mouth…” Anna pointed to the toothpaste foam on Belinda’s face.

“You didn’t mean to tell me that toothpaste was also invented by muggle?” Belinda trembled, “No, I don’t know anything.”

She hurriedly left the toilet.

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