Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 90

Half of the breakfast time, the auditorium was filled with young wizards one after another, but the professors were not seen. Anna guessed that they should be dining in the office or a special faculty cafeteria.

“gu gu!” A large group of owls broke in through the open windows of the auditorium screaming rudely, looking murderous-looking.

Most owls still guard themselves, pay attention to the proportions of feathers “falling dust”, and do not urinate and defecate anywhere, and professionally deliver the contents of their paws to their masters with professional ethics.

But there are exceptions.

“Oh, Merlin’s beard, take a moment!” A little owl threw the master’s letter directly into the big bowl of pumpkin porridge, then pecked the bread on the table and ran away.

Anna’s eyes widened, trying to find her Catherine before she’crimes’.

“Goo,” Catherine broke in and flew around the auditorium excitedly. Every table went shopping,

After a while, it finally flew When I stood in front of Anna, standing in the middle of a long table full of food, I looked very proud. Its feathers were very fluffy. Anna guessed that it was all the food it took advantage of a crisis for personal gain…

A newspaper, two letters were found by Catherine from the feathers.

“Thanks,” Anna was about to pick up the newspaper and letter, but the back of her hand was held by Catherine’s paw, “…” Anna and Catherine looked at each other.

“Oh, want a reward? Okay, then return everything in your feathers first…”

“gu gu,” Catherine left in a hurry.

Really! Catherine is getting too much! When attending the magical creature protection class, I had to ask the professor if there was any way to domesticate the bad owl, Anna sighed, and opened the letter in her hand.

The first letter is Lena’s greeting letter, telling Anna that everything is okay at home, let her not worry, there are also cat Snow’s paw prints on the letter paper, which is tomato-flavored.

‘… Cat Snow may know that I am writing to you, and I have to leave something to say hello to you. It just stepped on my sandwich supper…’ I can feel it through the letter paper Lena’s helpless.

Anna happily opened the second letter, which was written to Anna by the young group. At the beginning, it was Ron’s handwriting, wild, and he was shocked.

‘… Merlin’s chest hair! We read the letter from twin! You went to Slytherin! Ahhh *10! what happened? what’s happening? Nor did Fred and George tell us! Did you lose while fighting Troll? Can I still transfer to the house…’

‘…you must hold on! Slytherin is not so friendly! Don’t look into their eyes, and don’t talk to them! If they hit you, you will hit back (be careful not to kill anyone)…’

Anna smiles wryly, go to Slytherin, she also didn’t expect, Ron’s worry is over, the next paragraph The writing became neat,’…Anna, I am Harry. Although I have a bad impression of Slytherin, I also think Ron said too much…I think if you are in Slytherin, then Slytherin should be good, but if Someone really bullied you (then this person is too bad luck, cross it out), then call back…’

‘… Recently, a stray dog ​​came to our community, black, super big, just some She is skinny and raised in your backyard. Ms. Linna is taking care of it. Da Hei is very friendly to us. It even helped scare away Dudley who came to me to find fault. If you need it, you can take it to school next time…’

The big black dog? It seems that Sirius has successfully escaped to the Xiaohuijin area, Anna took a look at the system, [Ginkgo Mission-Tears from behind Bars: Mission completed; mission reward: ventriloquist +50, reaction power +30, temporary pet big black (Sirius.Black)] I don’t know when this task has been completed.

‘…Reconsideration, Harry was right, I’m Ginny, Anna pay attention to safety, by the way, give Slytherin a little bit of color, you are the undercover we arranged to go in! And, I ate the chocolate pudding that you hid in the refrigerator compartment, didn’t expect I can find it…’

Some heartache of her pudding, Anna shook her head and turned the letter paper over. The entire page is written by one person.

‘…I’m Hermione, don’t worry, Anna, in fact, Slytherin is still very…(repeatedly modified), Merlin is from the Slytherin house…’

‘… I read a lot of A History of Magic books and came up with an idea… Slytherin house is mostly pure blood, and many people are very unfriendly to muggle snort disdainfully and wizards who are close to muggle, but they even preach that Merlin is My house’s…’

‘… You know, I have seen them say this more than one A History of Magic book-but Merlin is a firm close muggle pie, this is undeniable Facts…’

‘So I think that as long as you have the strength, Slytherin will recognize you, they accept the capable person, Anna, stay! ‘

Hermione’s words are really exciting. Anna collected the letter and put it in the bag with the newspaper. Belinda retracted her curious head and lightly coughed, “Your…muggle friend?”

“To be precise, friends in the muggle world, four, young wizard,” Anna compared the number to four.

Beileen couldn’t believe it. She herself had never made so many wizard friends before coming to Hogwarts. She stared at house elf at home all day, “You can still find wizard friends in muggle world. Are you sure they are all wizards?”

“Yes, I have a pair of eyes to find wizards,” Anna stood up, “Class is in class, I heard that Professor McGonagall can not be trifled with , Let’s go to the classroom and sit first.”

“Not to be trifled with,” Chicken Drum Snake picked up the second drumstick and interjected, “It’s very not to be trifled with, she It’s the head of Gryffindor…”

“Then she must not deal with our house…” Belinda was a little worried.

“no no no, on the contrary,” the chicken leg snake shook his head, “Professor McGonagall is more strict with Gryffindor. If we are late for class, she will only deduct 5 points, but Gryffindor’s lateness will be Ten deductions!”

“Why?” Belinda was puzzled.

“I can’t understand Gryffindor, who do you want me to look at them? Rude and rude, nothing more than a brain, maybe Professor McGonagall will get angry when he thinks about them!” Chicken Leg Snake shrugged.

Anna feels a taste of’his own child’s hard hitting’ in Professor McGonagall. Perhaps Professor McGonagall hopes to use more severe punishment to urge Gryffindor to make progress… This woman is bold and doesn’t know. Will house cup affect head salary?

“Fortunately, Abigail Prefect said that Professor Snape never deducts us points. He likes Slytherin students,” Belinda sighed and walked out of the auditorium with Anna. “Fortunately, Professor McGonagall is not our head. “

“I don’t think so, Professor McGonagall is also a good head for us,” Anna shrugged, “Professor Snape doesn’t like all of us.”

“Huh?” Belin Da frowned. She wanted to hear what this muggle-born roommate could say, “Tell me?”

“If you have a bad problem, I mean if you don’t look like that I… Although a professor punishes you, he can urge you to correct your problems, another professor will do nothing when you make mistakes, and your problems will not be corrected,” Anna looked towards Belinda, “You will Which one to choose?”

“The one that does nothing.”

“Huh? Why?” This was unexpected to Anna.

“How can a bad problem be corrected so easily? After the punishment, it may not be able to correct the problem-it is better not to change it,” Belinda raised her hair, “Furthermore, I There is nothing wrong with simply.”

“You won,” Anna pushed open the wooden door of the transfiguration classroom in front of her.

In the spacious classroom, neatly arranged wooden tables and chairs, only a few young wizards arrived in the classroom, all lying on the table to make up for their sleep.

A tabby cat sat at the professor’s desk, staring at Anna and Belinda who had just entered the door.

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