Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 92

“Professor McGonagall, I have a question…” After class, Belinda went to the auditorium for lunch with an expression of “finally liberated”. Anna ran to Professor McGonagall with the textbook in her arms, with a curiosity on her face. .

“Lawrence Young Lady…you say,” Professor McGonagall helped her glasses and motioned her to speak. This girl is unusual, and Professor McGonagall is curious about her question.

“Professor McGonagall, I saw in the book that Transfiguration Spell can turn a mouse into a snuff box and a living thing into a dead thing. In this case, is the mouse dead?”

“No, it still has thoughts, a snuff box with thoughts,” Professor McGonagall clasped his hands on his lap and became interested in this question. “There are many restrictions on the transfiguration of living things. If magic If the power is not enough, then the Transfiguration Spell will quickly fail.”

“The mouse will quickly return to its original appearance,” Professor McGonagall thought, “but it should be noted that this process is slightly different. Attention is dangerous-Transfiguration Spell should not be used on humans, no matter what.”

“Okay, Professor McGonagall,” Anna wrote in her notes, “Then if, I am Say if there is a kind of spells that can turn people into teddy bears? Is that also a kind of transfiguration?”

“It is transfiguration, but when it comes to people, it is also a kind of dark magic,” McGonagall Professor frowned, “I know that Slytherin has a tradition of studying dark magic, but I still don’t recommend…”

“no no no I just ask, I don’t want to turn anyone into a teddy bear!” Anna is satisfied I lost my curiosity and hurriedly said goodbye to Professor McGonagall and went to the auditorium to have a meal.

Professor McGonagall watched Anna leave the classroom, shook his head, “I hope so.”

“You still have questions to ask Professor McGonagall,” the noisy auditorium, Belinda I was grumbling with Anna who had just sat down, “She is too harsh, I can hardly breathe in the same room with her!”

“What are you talking about?” Anna took a chicken leg to eat Up.

“hmph, tell you that you don’t know…” Belinda gracefully picked up a tissue and wiped her mouth. “Sirius Black, he plans to escape from prison. Have you heard of it?”

“I saw it on “Daily Prophet”, what’s wrong?” Anna shrugged, it couldn’t be clearer that this was my plan.

“There is a Senior, and his mother belongs to the Ministry of Magic. He said that his mother’s letter asked him not to mess around recently and stay in the castle. Black has been confirmed to have fled!” Belinda exaggerated. Waving his arm, “It’s dangerous outside! Hmm… you know… Harry Potter?”

“I heard others say, the boy who survived the catastrophe,” Harry, that’s so familiar, for a week Regularly come to the house to eat meals three times.

“Didn’t expect you to be a muggle, and you know these things well,” Belinda rubbed her hands. “Senior said that Harry Potter’s castle is surrounded by a lot of Auror…”

“Castle? Harry also has a castle?” Do these young wizards imagine Savior’s lifestyle too good? When did Harry have a castle?

“Yeah, where can he live without living in the castle? He is so powerful!” Belinda coughed twice, “Anyway…Ministry of Magic attaches great importance to this——”


She approached Anna and lowered her voice, “This means, it is very likely that you know who is really back!”

“Are you from you know who?” Anna continued Gnaw chicken legs.

“What? Of course not!” Belinda waved her hand in a hurry, she suppressed her voice even lower, “father said we have never supported anyone, we have never been Death Eater… uh… how to say Here… we stay neutral anyway!” She affirmed herself, “Yes, that’s it!”

“Change the topic!” Belinda took out the timetable written in the pink notebook, “Afternoon is Charms and Herbology, I hope your textbooks don’t smell strange anymore,” she rolled the eyes, “It smells so bad, did you drop the book in the toilet?”

” It’s not enough to go into the toilet, it’s the smell of dung eggs,” Anna smiled and touched Belinda’s robe, “I also hope this smell will disappear soon.”

“Anna! You are a muggle. Let go of my robe! Your hands are full of oil!” Belinda screamed.

At Charms in the afternoon, Anna finally saw Professor Flitwick, who was rumored to be of Goblin descent, with a small body and pointed ears. He looked very kind with a smile.

Charms’ classroom is next to the display room. Anna had already visited this classroom once when she came to the castle from the secret passage.

“Hey! Anna!” Cedric greeted Anna sitting in his seat, “I’m not mistaken, right? It’s called Anna, right?”

“That’s right, Cedric, Nice to meet you,” Anna took Belinda who was awkward, walked past go with him and high-five, “How’s your life?”

“Very good, how about you?” Cedric suddenly thought of Anna. Slytherin who went, “Um…” He curled his neck like a thief, “How are they? I heard Watt Prefect say…Slytherin is a good person except Prefect Abigail. If you meet other people, you’d better turn your head and leave. , As far as you can go…”

Belinda, who was dragged down by Anna, frowned, “hmph, then you’d better listen to your Prefect.”

“I think so too…” Cedric laughed. “But it’s not so exaggerated. At least the good guys from Slytherin have to add another Anna.”

“And Belinda,” Anna introduced to Cedric, ” My roommate is not bad,” at least put the oil on her hand on her robe, and she was willing to forgive me for talking to me.

“Hello, this is Cedric, Cedric. Diggory,” Cedric extend the hand.

“Diggory? Oh, hello, Belinda Shafiq,” Belinda shook hands with him, “The Diggory of Eddridge Diggory?”

“It should be The… father once said that our family had a Ministry of Magic, but that was many years ago,” Cedric scratched his head, “you know these…”

“Of course, these twists and turns are related to me “I remember very clearly,” Belinda was a little proud. “I also know that Minister Diggory wanted to prevent dementor from continuing to be the guard of Azkaban. In the end he got the dragon scabies and died in the office.”

“Yes,” Cedric nodded, “I’ve seen his biography…”

“Then I have something you don’t know—my father said it was a conspiracy, and Minister Diggory was murdered by dementor, but it was The Ministry of Magic collusion with dementor was covered up by other high-level officials.”

Belinda shrugged, as if murders were all normal operations, “From then on, Ministry of Magic has never taken care of anything about Azkaban guards. “

“This is really…” Cedric didn’t know how to react. He was holding head and suddenly heard that his ancestor was murdered. It was really too informative, “Too evil…”

“Well, it’s a routine operation for benefits.”

Anna looked towards Belinda with her mouth open, and Belinda waved her hand, “Look at what I am doing? My father said .”

“Uh…I think we still talk about…Quiddich! Yes, Quiddich!” Anna tried to divert the subject. It’s really not right to talk about murder in this fantastic magic school, “Cedric, you Did you bring the broom?”

“I…cough, I didn’t,” Cedric almost choked with his own saliva, “It’s really bad luck. Headmaster Dumbledore happened to hear the plan… But I went I have learned a lot about Hogwarts Quiddich…”

Cedric has a mysterious face, and it seems that some big secret is about to be exposed, “Have you heard of the golden snitch of the’champion’?”

“Huh?” Anna shook her head, “I haven’t heard of it, is it a legend?”

“You can say the same, the story happened last semester,” Cedric looked serious, “Then Is a fierce Quidditch match, Slytherin vs. Gryffindor…”

“At the critical moment of the match, Charlie of Gryffindor Captain and Seeker was knocked out by quaffle! The Gryffindor sky fell at that moment! After losing the only Seeker, Professor McGonagall felt that there was no hope of victory, and took Charlie to the school hospital—”

” But shortly after they left, a miracle happened. One was named’James .Potter’s people took Seeker’s position, and he turned the game around as soon as he got on the court! Catch the golden snitch easily! “

“Oh, then,” Belinda felt a little upset when she heard that Slytherin didn’t win.

“The point is here, no one knows about this’James .Potter’ How did he appear! Professor McGonagall said that she simply did not find such a substitute for Gryffindor! “

“And Gryffindor’s chaser from ten years ago is also called this name! “

“He wears a red headscarf. No one who saw his face knew him,” Cedric got more and more excited, and was about to jump up, “He appears out of thin air, help Gryffindor disappeared after winning the game! “

“No one saw him again in school!” All he has left is a golden snitch that can’t be opened anymore! There is also a legend—”

“The next person who opens this golden snitch can get the favor of Quiddich! Become the king of Quiddich! “

Cedric concluded, “It’s the same as the’Sword in the Stone’!” I am looking forward to it. I hope to see someone open this golden snitch while I am in school! “

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