Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 95

After experiencing Professor Sprout, he took the students to the Forbidden Forest to familiarize themselves with the teaching site. The sudden heavy rain caused everyone to be drenched in soup. They hurried back to the castle and stepped on the mud when they passed the vegetable field. After waiting for a series of absurd things— —

The first day of school finally came to an end.

“Why don’t we have Divination?” Belinda walked out of the toilet with a pink magic towel on her shoulders, “I really want to know why I have been so bad luck recently…”

“I don’t think you would want to know, Professor Cui Laoni of Divination, her prophecy is either death or injury…”

Anna is squatting in the corner of the bedroom, squatting and’borrowing’ from the common room fireplace. She made a small stove and put a retractable cauldron half filled with water on the stove. “And it’s a mixed reality.”

“Merlin’s lace nightdress! What are you doing? Belinda walked to Anna’Ceng Ceng Ceng’, “I’m just going to take a bath! It disappeared in just an hour-you almost burned the bedroom!”

In fact, there is no need for it. Too worried about a fire, one of the benefits of the bedroom at the bottom of the lake.

“It’s not because of your bad luck, I want to make you a midnight snack to comfort you,” Anna looked aggrieved, but actually she didn’t have enough for dinner.

When a group of people tossed the rain on their bodies and ran to the auditorium, the dinner was about to end, and only had time to hold a few chicken legs in their arms, and the food in front of the table disappeared with a’pop’ .

I don’t know where all the unfinished food went? Wouldn’t it be super wasteful if it were dumped.

【CD Action: Who knows that Chinese food is hard to eat? Where did Professor Sprout’s hard-grown food finally go? Is there really a sleeping giant dragon underground in Hogwarts? Please find out the truth and give an explanation to the hard working people. Achievement conditions: figure out where to find the food left after the meal; task reward: reaction power +30, unknown]

“…” Belinda was silent, with a complicated expression on her face, facing Anna’s sudden concern. She has a sense of surprise that’Pukwudgie, who likes to trick or treat in the garden, suddenly gave a birthday cake’.

She akimbo, “hmph, don’t do these useless things, I don’t need any comfort at all!”

After five seconds, “but it’s boring to see you doing this It’s been so long…I just reluctantly made it a little bit unpalatable, just a little bit!”

“That’s really an honor,” Anna took out two packs of instant noodles from the blue floral bag and unpacked them skillfully. Put in the water, sprinkle the seasoning, and pick it up with the washed chopsticks, “Okay, wait patiently.”

“Why use cauldron?” Belinda squatted down, and she doubted, “You are Are you making potion? Is this stuff really edible?”

“This is instant noodles, of course it can be eaten, and it is delicious. Cauldron is just to increase the atmosphere.”

“What atmosphere?”

“Magic atmosphere,” Anna waved, “Otherwise eating instant noodles in Hogwarts Lake always makes me feel unreal…”

Thank you for the kind gift of Bailinda, a professional householder with white eyes! Thanks Lao Tie!

“Plus luncheon meat…” Anna muttered to herself, opening an iron can and adding the luncheon meat to the cauldron. The aroma had filled the room.

“Muggle food…” Belinda murmured and sat down, but it smelled really good, and she didn’t eat much.

Anna handed Belinda a plate and fork, “Come and taste my craft, this is one of the few things I can make.”

“Then you can even House elf can’t compare to…” Belinda suddenly shut up in the middle of speaking, because she realized that she would not cook any dishes, “Ah, just leave these tasks to house elf, so I won’t do it myself. Dishes…”

Belinda rolled up a piece of instant noodles with a fork and ate it slowly and gracefully into her mouth. “It’s okay, it doesn’t taste much,” she commented.

“Keep this meal speed,” Anna’s high level of reaction force made her move her chopsticks quickly, and the instant the instant noodles entered her mouth, she felt that her life had been sublimated.

“Exaggerated,” Belinda gradually tasted the beauty of instant noodles at night, the warm bedroom, with the aroma of shower gel, and a cauldron steaming food in front of him…what’s the point?

Anna took out a drink from the cloth bag, “Pineapple beer.”

“Why do you have everything?” Belinda complained.

“Please call me Dora Anna”, Anna handed Belinda a can of pineapple beer, “This is no alcohol, it can be used as a drink.”

“pa,” Anna Open the pineapple beer and hold it up, “To the good campus life! Cheers!”

“…Cheers,” Belinda and Anna clinked glasses, “I hope my Herbology will not fail.”

“Don’t have such bad luck anymore…” she added.

“dong dong dong,” the door of the dormitory was knocked, and the voice of Prefect Abigail came, “you are surrounded! Someone reported that your dormitory had an unknown smell! Damn it! Fragrant, open the door!”

“Huh?!” Belinda turned pale with fright, sucked in a breath of cold air, and it was impossible to move for a while.

Anna acted immediately. She hid the drink under the bed, put away all the dishes and chopsticks, and wiped Belinda’s mouth clean by the way, “Come on! Wait a minute!”

Pack finished everything, only the sluggish Belinda and a gu lu lu steaming cauldron were left on the ground. Anna nodded with satisfaction and opened the door.

Abigail rushed in, brought the door, like a headless fly flying in, all over the house, “Where is it hiding? Where is it hiding?”

“I I’ve said it many times-don’t eat in the dormitory and common room like a Hufflepuff-what about the food?” She saw the cauldron on the ground, “confiscate!”

“Wait! Beautiful Prefect!” Anna raised her hand, “This is a potion!”

What? ! Belinda was shocked, such a shameless person!

“We are preparing for tomorrow’s potion class!” Anna pointed to the cauldron, “How can the food be packed in the cauldron?”

Makes sense, Abigail pinched With her chin, indeed, how could the food be packed in the cauldron, “Is this really potion?” She leaned over and glanced at the steaming cauldron, there were still some bars and lumps tumbling inside.

“Really, uh…it’s that…’the potion for treating boils’! Yes!” Anna affirmed herself, “We are improving its taste, hoping to make it taste better!”

Accepting that this is a potion of cauldron, Abigail vaguely feels that the aroma in the air has a bit more bitterness in it, “Improving potion is a good thing, but new students should not rush for it! And the bedroom Potion is not allowed to be brewed in it!”

“Yes, yes, thank you for the reminder,” Anna took out another pineapple beer from the cloth bag, “please try my hometown’s specialty drink, “No Intoxicating magic pineapple beer’.”

Abigail took the drink, ordered nodded and went out, “Forget it this time.”

Anna smiled and waved.

As soon as Abigail came out of the room, he was surrounded by a group of women, “It’s so fragrant! What are they eating?”

“Eat, eat, eat in one day,” Abigail held a drink to break through, “The junior sisters are improving the taste of potion. It’s like you don’t ask for improvement every day, Slytherin’s ethos is being broken by you…”

“Then you do What’s in it?” Jelika in her pajamas pointed to the drink in Abigail’s hand.

“The potion sample given by junior sister,” Abigail face doesn’t change, “It’s all gone and all gone, what are you doing around? Go back to sleep!”

” I’m so hungry that I can’t sleep!” A wavy snake was weak.

“Then go and learn!” Abigail squeezed out from the crowd, “The house cup is not made by Accio out of thin air!”

Zelica did not give up to keep up with Ah Bigeer’s footsteps-she bet that this woman is definitely not a potion sample.

Hearing that there was no movement outside the door, Anna took out the bowls and chopsticks again, “I have to ask Professor Flitwick if there is any curse to isolate the smell…”

“Scared me to death,” Belinda took the tableware and continued to eat instant noodles. “I really thought I was going to be caught.”

Anna fished out the drink hidden under the bed. People quickly finished the instant noodles and lay down in bed contentedly, ending a not-so-perfect day.

The potion class was on 2nd day early in the morning. Missed breakfast, Anna and Belinda hurried to the potion classroom.

The decoration style of the potion classroom reminds Anna of Knockturn Alley, a few tins of eyeballs turning dripping, green liquid creatures like slimes, and grotesquely shaped animal carcasses packed into glass bottles , Placed neatly on the shelf, surrounded by a smell of formalin with a humid breath.

Professor Snape has already stood in front of the podium, with a roll-up book in front of him, “Anna. Lawrence…”

“Here!” Anna raised her hand and glanced at Professor Snape… s hair.

Professor Snape didn’t continue the roll call, he raised his eyelids.

“I heard that some young wizards are trying to make…toss potion in the bedroom?”

Snape’s voice is very low, like a devil whispering in his ear, and like ‘The sound made by the head teacher when you suddenly approach your ear when you are playing on your mobile phone’-it’s hard to hear.

“This is a very ridiculous and very strange thing. You have come here. Have you started to experiment on your own before learning the intricate technology of pharmacy?” He paused, “That’s not It’s called potion, and that’s called soup.”

That’s true.

Professor Snape took a closer look at Anna, brown hair, interested in potion, green eyes…green eyes…

“However, his passion for potion is still worthy of recognition-anyway Like the stupid guys I taught before…”

Professor Snape coughed, “Slytherin, add ten.”

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