Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 96

Although he doesn’t wash his hair, he is a bit sloppy, his expression is serious, he doesn’t speak very well, and sometimes messes up relationships–but Anna now heartfeltly thinks that Professor Snape is good.

“pa,” Snape closed the roster, looked away from Anna, looked all around with false eyes, and walked to a human skeleton.

“Call me Professor Snape, your potion professor,” he paused briefly, “currently I am professor potion.”

“I don’t expect you to have much knowledge in potion. , Maybe making a good bottle of potion is something that some of you will not be able to do in your life-but even so, everyone must listen carefully to my class.”

“cauldron, The flames, the steaming mist, the potion is slowly boiling,” Professor Snape said like a damp speaker playing six-level hearing, “I tell you, this little bottle can hold everything, a healthy body, and mountain high wealth. Endless glory…it’s amazing, it can do almost everything you want.”

“Resurrection except death,” he emphasized, “Resurrection except death.”

“Don’t think about using potion to prank, don’t think that potion can be produced casually, don’t think that you can act wilfully with a little innate talent, Hogwarts has enough ghosts.”

In the classroom In silence, Belinda dared not blink her eyes, and her eyelashes were about to freeze.

“Lawrence Young Lady,” Snape called Anna’s name without ups and downs.

Anna shuddered, recalling the fear of being picked up by the teacher to answer questions in class, “in…” she stood up.

“‘The potion for treating boils’…What’s the effect besides treating boils?”

Anna really likes Professor Snape more and more. Look at this question, it just happens to be I know, “It can also treat pustules, measles, warts, and other symptoms of lymphatic tuberculosis. Good potion is also very effective in treating acne, and it can also treat hemorrhoids!”

“Incorrect production meeting Let this potion become an acne promoter!” Professor Dumbledore and Anna just mentioned it when they were in Diagon Alley, and they were firmly remembered by Anna’Ma Dongmei’.

“…” After a moment of silence, Snape said, “It’s not too bad, at least I didn’t follow the book, and knew some extra knowledge…”

“Slytherin, add 5 points,” he tapped the table with his hand, “what are you waiting for? Why don’t you copy down the knowledge that Lawrence Young Lady said?”

“shua~ shua~ shua~,” the potion classroom began to riot , For a while, it was filled with the sound of quill and parchment touching.

“You don’t know too little, what’s the lymph?” Belinda held Quill and touched Anna’s arm.

“Lymphatic tuberculosis symptoms…” Anna repeated to Belinda in a low voice.

“Lawrence, you are very difficult to deal with…” A young male voice rang, Anna turned her head to the left, and did not see the silhouette.

“Here,” Anna felt that her robes were pulled, and lowered her head. A small boy with an altitude lower than the tabletop glassware appeared in her sight, “Kent, Kent Jie Rimi, a Ravenclaw!”

“Hello, just call me Anna,” Anna shook hands with him, “I remember you, the boy from Sorting Hat on the stage in the separate house. “

“I remember you too,” Kent smiled hehe and nodded, “You almost’stolen’ Sorting Hat in full view!”

Snape walked back to the podium , “I heard that Ravenclaw is enthusiastic about learning, so let’s take a look.”

He lit a small eagle, “How to deal with the porcupine spikes when making a potion for treating boils?”

“Uh… put it in?” Kitty with round glasses scratched his head very nervously.

“Stupid, Troll knows to put it in, the key is how to put it in? When do you put it in?” Professor Snape’s black hole stared at Kitty. “Be specific.”

Even if you have previewed yourself, who would pay attention to these little details?

“Maybe…maybe…probably wait for the water to boil…” The round glasses Kitty hesitated, “Just put it in when the water boils?”

“Then wait for you Let’s melt away the cauldron, Ravenclaw, deduct 1 point,” Professor Snape shook the cloak, “’Take the cauldron off the fire’, the seventh page of the third stage, you missed this, every word in the potion textbook has it The truth about it, don’t have eyes when you preview.”

“In the future, when making advanced potion, a slight mistake in the production steps will kill you. Can you hear it clearly? Round glasses?”

“Yes…Yes,” Kitty sat down relaxed.

“It’s nothing, we can always get the points back in other classes,” Kent comforted him, “Professor Snape is so scary, when I see his toes are tight…”

Professor Snape’s dark eyes glared over, Kent shut up immediately, and the potion class was really scared witless.

“After class, pack up all your rubbish-I mean what is in your cauldron.” Professor Snape stopped the get out of class and seemed reluctant to look at these stupid students for a moment.

“Huh… finally over,” Kent exclaimed. Ravenclaw was deducted two points in the potion class because the other kitty stuttered while answering the question and was deducted 1 point again, Slytherin With ten 5 points, the house cup takes the lead temporarily.

Anna and Belinda’s “Boils Treating Potion” was not made successfully, and it looked so dark that it would give people a feeling of lifelessness after drinking it.

“Is it because you used cauldron to soak the instant noodles yesterday and didn’t clean it?” Belinda pouted and walked up the stairs.

“This is another cauldron! I think you hesitated when you put the slug in the pot,” Anna walked behind her, “It was a delay, causing the poisonous snake tooth powder to overreact in it. …”

“There is no way, I said you should let you put the slug in,” Belinda stuck her tongue out, “Horned slug in her hand is really disgusting!”

The two walked to the door of the house cup near the hourglass.

“Huh? Why doesn’t the Gryffindor’s hourglass have a single gem? Hufflepuff has three!” Belinda was surprised, “No, I remember I took a special look yesterday, in the Gryffindor’s hourglass. There are almost seven or eight gems…”

Kent emerged from behind them, smiling mysteriously, “I know what’s going on!”

He counted with his fingers. “I ran into seven night tours just last night, five of them are Gryffindor, and all are new students!”

“You also went to night tours?” Anna thinks these people are really Courageous, I just came to school but can’t wait to go out for a night out for a day. Anyway, I have to be familiar with it. Remember the route before going. What if I get lost?

“Where would I dare to go for a night tour?” Kent shook his head, “I just accidentally fell asleep in the library, maybe just lying in the corner, not found by the librarian Madam Pince…”

He lowered his voice, “Madam Pince has very good ears, and she knows immediately if anyone speaks…but her eyes are not so good, she can’t see when I am as big as I am lying on the ground!”

It’s really not easy to see…

Kent shrugged, “I used a lot of effort to escape from the locked library!”

“How did you escape? “Anna thought it was funny. “Filch didn’t catch you when he heard the movement?”

“Nothing happened!” Kent raised his head proudly. He nodded his head with his hand. “I remember When I returned to dormitory, I heard from Prefect that there are many secret passages in Hogwarts Castle…”

“I was thinking when I was locked up in the library, maybe there is also a secret passage where I can go out? “Kent was a little excited, “I found the fourth floor from the second floor…”

“You mean the library is more than one floor?” This touched Belinda’s blind spot of knowledge, and she wrinkled frowned.

“Of course there is more than one floor! There are thousands of books! Thousands of bookshelves and hundreds of tangled and complicated passages!” Kent danced and said, “You must go and see, I dare Sure, the wisdom of the wizards for hundreds of years is all inside!”

“You can enter the library from the gate on the fourth floor,” he added, “In fact, there should be part of the library on the fifth floor. , But I heard Senior say that there is a Restricted Section, there is no professor’s permission, and ordinary students can’t enter…”

“Back to the topic, I was idle and bored when I was locked in the library, except for the Restricted Section I visited every district except for…”

True Ravenclaw behavior.

“There is a Cauldron oil painting on the wall of the’potion book area’, and a Mandrake oil painting on the’plant book area’… I found that each district has such a picture, and the contents of the book on the district Related decorative painting-“”

“Until I found the’invisible book area’.”

“Invisible book?”

“Yes, introduction Regarding Invisibility Techniques and the like, those books are invisible, you have to touch them to see them,” Kent explained. “According to the law, there should be such a picture in the partition of the invisible book, but there is nothing on the wall. No.”

He was very excited, “I just fumbled on the wall-and I really touched the painting! It appeared, and the translucent cloak painted on it!”

“The painting can be opened directly, like a door, inside is a narrow pipe leading to the corridor on the third floor,” Kent patted his chest, “Yesterday must be my lucky day! Walk back from the third floor I didn’t meet Filch when I was in the dormitory of the building!”

“Maybe there are too many people traveling at night, and Filch just didn’t have time to catch me,” he added.

【Approach Hogwarts: There are thousands of Hogwarts secret passages, safety first. One for parkour night tours, one for eating melons, one for dating, one for shopping, one for leisure and entertainment, and one for secret passage. Choose Hogwarts. Condition: Found 5 secret passages in Hogwarts (15); task reward: responsiveness +50, memory +50]

“Where does the pipeline in the invisible book area lead to the third floor?” Anna asked .

“Not far from that super ugly stone monster,” Kent squeezed his chin. “The exit of the pipe is an oil painting with a coffin — the coffin cover is written in unremarkable silver ink, “Come in please Knock on the door’.”

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