Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 97

Kent and Anna almost sat on Slytherin’s long table as they chatted, but fortunately the response was timely, and the proximity of Slytherin and Ravenclaw’s long table to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

“Hey, are you thinking about going to the place Ravenclaw said?”

Belinda thinks this is unreliable, “the coffin is drawn Oil painting? Isn’t he really cracking a joke? Maybe there is a trap waiting for you!”

“It makes sense,” Anna agreed with Belinda, but decided to wait a while Just go and see, she felt that what Kent said was pretty reliable.

If you didn’t guess wrong, the oil painting of the “Invisible Book Area” should be painted with the invisible cloak, one of Deathly Hallows, and the exported oil painting is painted with a coffin, which is a good explanation, which represents the invisibility. Yi’s third brother escaped death and came out of the coffin alive.

“gu gu!” Catherine, as the only one owl who only came to deliver letters at lunch, looked very excited, and went around every long table again.

Anna watched it fly over contentedly, dropped the letter accurately in the curls of the little snake sitting next to Anna, and hurried away.

“…” Anna could only move quickly to take out the letter in her hair before the curly-haired snake could react.

Ginny sent it, and there are still messy pictures on the envelope.

‘…Anna! We received your letter! If you know that everything is fine for you, then we can rest assured… But can you please, don’t use a whole piece of letter paper to describe the food of Hogwarts next time… We don’t really want to know how your food is…’

‘…Say something else, I haven’t had a good time recently, because Da Hei is the stray dog ​​that Harry adopted in your family mentioned earlier…I don’t know how to say it…I think it’s a bit weird…’

Anna is frowned, has Ginny discovered that the dog is a human being?

‘…It must have fallen in love with Harry…’


‘…Harry it stuck to Harry as soon as he came, helped Harry find slippers, and gave Harry an apple. I thought it almost opened its mouth to ask Harry if he was thirsty! If it were a human being, my position as’Harry’s number one pinkhead’ might be lost…’

‘…Forget it, after all, Da Hei is just a dog, but to be honest, Harry There are more and more people around unfathomable mystery! When he and Ron were walking with Da Hei, several wizards in robes came to greet him and asked him for an autograph. It felt like the whole street was going to be occupied by the wizard! ‘

Probably it was Auror who was sent to protect Harry. Sirius. Black was standing at Harry’s feet without notice.

‘…Mrs. No. 7 next door is an unfathomable mystery who has joined the wizard group. Do you remember the robe she bought in winter? She stood on the lawn at the door and chatted with a wizard without any sense of disobedience, and enthusiastically taught the wizard how to use the oven to make cakes. The wizard thought that putting medicine ingredients into a square box would automatically generate potion! ‘

‘The two of them are not on the same channel at all, and they talked very happily. I wasted an entire afternoon listening to their conversation…’

Ginny is also boring enough .

‘…If you can, I hope you can take Da Hei to school next time you come back from the holiday, it affects the communication and exchanges between people! (The time for me and Harry to play has been reduced by almost two hours compared to before!)’

‘…By the way, Dai Hei is obviously a dog, but he likes rat more than the cat Snow. While biting Snow’s molar toy, the cat can only stare at it with wide-eyed eyes! How pitiful! ‘

‘Ps burns after reading it’

“A letter from your wizard friend again?” Belinda was eating fruit salad, and she refused to eat meat on Tuesday I thought that I could keep my figure, and at the same time snort disdainfully for Anna’s saying that’eleven years old is when she was growing up’.

“Yes, your instinct is very accurate!” Anna looked up at Belinda, and reached out to serve herself a steak.

“Look at your expression,” Belinda shrugged. “Last time you received a letter, you wore such a silly smile.”

“Ah, what class is this afternoon?” Anna changed the subject.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts and Herbology, huh, from muggle, you can’t even remember the class schedule!” Belinda shook her long hair, “but it’s really unreasonable, why do we have a week? There are three sessions of Herbology?”

“The more important potion study is only two sessions a week!” She muttered, her face full of unhappiness.

“When you are called by Professor Snape and can’t answer anything, you won’t think so…”

Abigail walked over to patted Anna’s shoulder, “I know you gave Slytherin extra points in the potion class, and you did a good job! It’s as good as the’potion sample’ you sent.”

“If there are other’potion samples’…” she Blinking her eyes, “Jelica won’t be stingy with her pocket money.”

Prefect Abigail found a place to sit down, and Jelika, who was walking behind her, approached Anna.” In fact, she wants to drink it herself…but your’potion sample’ is indeed very good.”

It seems that pineapple beer can successfully open the market in Hogwarts… Fortunately, there is no rule prohibiting the sale of muggle items in the magic circle.

“Is this your first Defense Against the Dark Arts class this afternoon?” Jelika blinked. “Look forward to it. The professor is a really handsome guy from the United States! Looks no more than two. At the age of fifteen, I graduated from Ilvermony’s magic school—it’s so surprising. I’ve been studying here for so many years and I met a foreign professor for the first time…”

“After taking his class, I only have One thought, our school should have more young professors, how seductive, and even unfathomable mystery will make you blush!”

Belinda began to look forward to it, but she didn’t want to be too obvious, “Handsome guy, I see it. Too much…I’m full Anna, let’s go to the classroom.”

“But it’s not yet one o’clock in the afternoon…” Anna looked at the ice cream dessert in front of her and tried to struggle.

“This is the first time I have attended Defense Against the Dark Arts. Do you know how important this course is? This is one of the few courses where we have access to dark magic. Can your dark magic be better? This is the next step!” Belinda dragged Anna out of the auditorium, “We have to make a good impression on the professor!”

Actually, I have no obsession with dark magic! Anna slandered, and followed Belinda to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

“Fourth floor…right corridor…” Belinda mouth mutter incantations.

Anna admired the paintings hanging on the wall, “A lovely lady is knitting a sweater leisurely, and there is a cow and cat playing in a bamboo basket with wool yarn balls.” It’s wonderful, Anna thinks I was cured.

“Here, hoo-” Belinda sighed. “Fortunately, our dormitory is at the bottom of the lake and there are not many stairs. It would be too bad if it were the’Slytherin Tower’!” The wooden door with the sign of’Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom’ was opened.


The scenery behind the door can be said to be very distinctive. Although every classroom in Hogwarts has its own characteristics, Anna is the first time See such a magical decoration.

The ground is no longer stone and floor tiles, but green grass. Various grotesquely shaped plants grow in the room. Dark brown desks are placed messyly, roughly in an arc, surrounded by a large stone. Placed in the arc-shaped opening, there are many abstract cloth dolls hidden among the plants——

Belinda really likes this style of classroom, “Wow! It’s beautiful!”

You deserve to be a young professor…Anna secretly nodded, creative, the two found a place close to the big stone to put down the book, Belinda began to explore in the classroom.

“I’ll go to the toilet,” Anna waved to Belinda. She decided to go to the third floor to see the coffin painting before class.

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