Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 98

The newly appointed Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, really handsome guy, Jacob Kowalski, is somewhat unsuitable for school life.

He found that Hogwarts is still very different from his alma mater Ilfermony Magic School. First of all, there is no Coke, no hamburger, no pizza for three meals…

Good Well, do whatever you like in your hometown, that’s all, it’s not a factor that makes people feel uncomfortable.

But the sound of a faintly discernable girl crying from the toilet at the end of the corridor in the middle of the night is a bit too much!

Jacob tried to knock on the door, but as soon as he approached the toilet door, the crying disappeared, and he suddenly felt a chill in his ear, and turned his head to see that there was nothing.

Maybe it’s a messy ghost… Even if you know that Hogwarts lives with ghosts, it still feels very uncomfortable!

Not to mention last night, taking advantage of the short timeout of crying, I finally fell asleep, and was awakened by the voice of the castle administrator Filch chasing down the night-traveling students…

Jacob wore a beige In a suit, he slumped on the bed in the dormitory dedicated to Professor Defense Against the Dark Arts on the third floor. He had just finished lunch in the office, and now he wants to take advantage of the lunch break.

It’s a pity that things are counterproductive.

“wu wu wu…” The girl’s sobbing voice sounded again, this time with another sharp male voice that sounded funny, “Myrtle is stupid, stuck in the toilet and can’t escape…”

“Shut up! Shut up Peeves! Get out!” Myrtle covered her ears and floated away, Peeves chased after her, “Crybaby, Myrtle, long ugly and dirty!”

“shua,” Myrtle pierced the wall and returned to the girls’ bathroom. Peeves couldn’t get in, and he said a few more angrily outside, and ran to provoke other young wizards passing by.

It should be all right now? Jacob thought, closed eyes. He was so tired that he didn’t want to worry about these things anymore. He just wanted to take a nap during the short rest time.

“wū wū wū wū …” The cry sounded again.

“Merlin’s sleeping medicine! What’s the matter!?” Jacob complained, and got up from the bed. He rushed out of the dormitory, hurdling over the small sofa in the office.

“Squeak,” he opened the wooden door abruptly, and stared at the scared girl.

‘Fuck! ‘Anna, who carefully observed the paintings on the wall, was so scared that she almost sat on the ground when the door suddenly opened.

“Uh! Professor, Professor Kowalski?” Anna spirit slowly recovers, looking at the strange professor in front of her, young and handsome, he should be the new professor. “I am Anna Lawrence.” , A Slytherin.”

Anna wanted to behave normally and find a reason to explain why she appeared in the corridor of this classroom with no classrooms at noon.

Anna …Anna .Lawrence? Wait… The expression on Jacob’s face began to change. He still remembers the three masked children he met in Knockturn Alley…

In his head, he wanted to buy a pile of shit after he finished grabbing Gringotts. Egg…one who is thinking about how to go to the zoo in his life…and another who has been composing hymns in his head, praising a girl named Anna Lawrence!

“Yes, hello Lawrence Young Lady, nice to meet you, what are you doing here?” Jacob was a little excited, could it be that Anna Lawrence? She might have something to do with the three children who robbed Gringotts!

“Here… Take a walk here to digest…” Anna regretted it as soon as she said it in a low voice, a Slytherin, taking a walk after dinner? No matter how sneaky you look, it’s better to say that you are here to go to the toilet!

“I suggest not to use the toilet on this floor,” Jacob frowned, “I always hear crying, I think there should be something in the toilet… uh… like a ghost or something Yes.”

[There was a girl in the past: There was a girl in the past, she had some temper, and she still had some loneliness. Have you ever seen Hogwarts at four o’clock in the morning? Myrtle has seen it. Do you know the password of the Prefect bathroom? Myrtle knows. There is always someone helping the young wizard retrieve the glasses hidden by Peeves. Do you know who it is? In the small toilet cubicle, sobbing came in the dead of night. As Hogwarts’s youngest ghost, Myrtle had something to say. Achievement conditions: complete Myrtle’s wish (03); task reward: memory +150, unknown]

Did I just say come to the toilet? Anna is confused, is it possible that this professor will also’Legilimency’? But I didn’t look at his eyes just now, “Good professor, I’ll go upstairs, then see you in class.”

Anna moved towards the stairs and left in a hurry, “brown hair, green Eyes, can both destroy bears and train dragons?” A little boy with an orange hat and full of bells floated in the air.

He doesn’t look like a human, and he is a bit terrifying. This is the first time Anna has faced such a supernatural creature. “I actually have a set of subdue monsters and defeat demons,” Anna said silently in her head. Demons and ghosts leave quickly, demons and ghosts leave soon…’

“haha haha ​​I am not a demon, nor am I a demon, others call me the greatest Peeves,” the little boy turned in a circle in the air. He let out a harsh laugh, “I know you, Anna the tempered iron arm, I heard someone tell the twin about you-sneaking to Hogwarts without going to school, and almost caught by Filch -“

“I carried Mrs. Norris into the display room! Didn’t expect it!” Peeves circled Anna, the bell on the hat rang, “I have done more things!”

“Exaggerate the golden snitch that cannot be opened into a legend! Those stupid young wizards really believe it!”

Peeves stared at Anna with a look of expectation “At that time, one of the things I was happiest was getting Professor Goblin to step on that smooth floor tile-twin said that the floor tile is your masterpiece… and Diagon Alley…”

He paused For a second, “The biggest prank of 1989-I heard it was your hand!”

“Uh…wait,” Anna watched the change in Peeves’s expression and noticed something bad.

“You have to help me smooth the corridors on the fourth floor!” Peeves let out a sharp laugh, “Otherwise I will tell everyone that you set off the fireworks!”

[Humor and Malice: When did Peeves first exist? It exists with Hogwarts Castle, it is different from other ghosts, it represents a part of the castle willpower. Let the music sound, what’s the point if there is no passion in life? mischief? mischief! Peeves is here! The young wizard should also use that rusty brain and think about how to deal with it! Achievement conditions: cooperate with Peeves to complete three pranks (03); task reward: reaction power +150, unknown]

Outrageous, threatening me? “Oh, no one will believe your Peeves,” Anna smiled. “Everyone hates you in this castle, don’t they?”

“Peeves is an annoying spirit-everyone wants to kick you out .”

“That’s them…you are so stupid!” Peeves’s smile collapsed, looking a little angry, “Mu Yecha! I want to pull your hair!” he moved towards Anna Flew over.

“pa,” With super high reaction power, Anna reached out and threw a dung egg moved towards Peeves, just hitting his entity.

“You–” Peeves, as a prank wizard, hasn’t been pranked for a long time, and he is a little sluggish.

“I can help you smooth the floor on the fourth floor,” Anna continued to smile, “but it’s not because of your threat, we trade fair, you have to help me with one thing.”

“Is it a prank?”

“Yes, it is a prank,” Anna nodded.

“Deal,” Peeves, who looked a little embarrassed, was attacked by a dung egg, approached Anna by shaking hands, and slammed against her robe.

The smell of dung-egg began to spread, Anna frowned, tusk, it seems that in the future, you have to choose a more elegant weapon…otherwise it will hurt the enemy a thousand and hurt yourself 800.

“haha haha! Deal!” Peeves laughed strangely again, returning confidence back to his face, a new prank! Peeves mastered the essence of human flesh and dung eggs. He rammed around, a bit disgusting, but the formidable power was great.

He rushed to a group of young wizards downstairs, screaming sounded, and the corridors became a mess, “Help! Who put the Levitation charm on the dung eggs!?”

” The toilet has exploded! The toilet has exploded!”

After a while, Filch joined the battlefield. He wrinkled his nostrils with paper and a tattered net in his hand. “Peeves! Take your life! This is! You can’t run away this time—”

Peeves deliberately flew low, leaving traces of dung eggs on the ground and walls, making Filch lose his mind, “Wow, yeah—”

All the portraits on the wall ran, and followed to watch the excitement, chirp chirp twitter twitter was like a vegetable market, and a picture of a symphony orchestra began to improvise, giving this’disgusting’ chase match On background music.

Jacob collapsed on the small sofa and opened his eyes wide. Okay, now I really can’t sleep.

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