Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 99

In order to prevent Belinda from being smoked by the smell on her body, Anna decided to go to the toilet to clean it. As for why not’Scourgify’——Anna decided to reduce the use of magic before the accuracy of magic power was upgraded… More unexpected situations.

Anna walked to the end of the corridor on the third floor and stood in front of the women’s toilet.


It seems that few people open this toilet door. Anna looks like a tourist, probed in, and looked around curiously, a little excited.

Oh! Look here! The scene of the crime, the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, the gloomy horrible women’s toilet in the castle! Which title sounds scary.

The wet floor, the broken mirror, a certain faucet that does not run out of water, the light is dim, and only a few candles burn stubbornly.

A female ghost fell into the air, her hair drooped with inertia, and her robe was still docile.

The whole scene feels very uncomfortable.

“You threw the dung egg on Peeves…” The ghost flew to Anna, “I wanted to do this a long time ago!”

“Unfortunately, I can’t own the entity like him , I’m just a poor ghost, too poor wu wu wu…” Myrtle covered her face and started crying again.

“Uh…” Anna doesn’t know what to say when facing a crying female ghost. This is the first time she has encountered this situation, “Calm down…”

Anna walked to the side of the sink and saw the weird faucet at a glance, “You live here?”

“Maybe…Poor Myrtle doesn’t want to make this home, but indeed, I live. Here,” Myrtle pointed to a toilet cubicle, her voice urnly, “Accurately speaking, I died here.”

“It was on the side of the toilet, and I was dead. There, my eyes were wide open, and I saw my body, and it was very ugly to die.”

It sounds like someone has one’s hair stand on end, Anna turned on a faucet and started washing her own. Robe, “Can’t you leave here?”

“It used to be possible. I also tried to run outside the school to follow Hong Bei. At her big brother’s wedding, I put a cake on her head ——Then her big brother applied to the Ministry of Magic and locked me in this castle…

“Hong Bei? “Anna has never heard of this person.

“Olif Humber, my student during my lifetime, she treated me very badly and always laughed at my glasses. “

Myrtle sat on the sink and stared at Anna washing the robe, “Sometimes I would throw dung eggs on my robe, and then I stood by the side like this, watching me washing my robe…Look Make me cry. “

” On June 13, 1943, I will always remember that day… I was mocked by her as a’four-eyed dog’, sitting on the toilet crying, and then I died,’Myrtle, you sit again Are you sulking here? ‘Hong Bei walked in and saw my body, I’m sure she will never forget me in her life…”

Anna said Amitabha in her heart.

“She is sick! This school is also sick! They don’t like me, everyone tells me not to be so depressed, but no one ever asks me why I am depressed! “

Myrtle was very excited. She finally met someone who was willing to stay in this broken toilet and listen to her. “You have to be careful, don’t wear glasses, don’t have acne on your face, and your hair must be cleaned!” “

“Otherwise someone will laugh at you and push you to the ground…” Myrtle stopped suddenly.

“What’s your name?” “

Although I think it’s a little weird to be asked for the name by a ghost, “Anna Lawrence, a Slytherin,” Anna told her.

Myrtle wiped her tears, “Slytherin?” I know your head, Severus. Snape? “

“Yes, what happened to him?” “Anna stopped washing her robe. Could there be any melons to eat?

“He was a crying man before. I knew him when he was a student. Learn, gloomy sinks all day, like moss in the toilet—”

Myrtle turned around, “Just like me. “

“I thought we were friends. After all, I was the only one comforting him when he hid here crying, but when he saw him again…he seemed to have forgotten me…”


“But yes, who would remember an ugly ghost living in a toilet? “Myrtle started to cry again.

Anna didn’t want her to cry, so she wrung out the water from her robe while comforting her, “I remember, I remember you.” “

“Then this is really something that makes me happy for a long time,” Myrtle still has an expression of crying.

“The last thing made me The happy thing happened recently. There was a really handsome guy knocking on the door in the middle of the night. It seems to be your new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. I was flattered…”

The door? It really deserves to be the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts!

“So—” Anna shook the washed robe to let it dry automatically, and then put the robe on her body. “I can make you happier, do you have any wishes? The kind I can do…”

“Wish? “Myrtle was a little surprised. This was the first time her sad face showed another expression, “Of course I have a wish!” I died when I was less than 14 years old, and I have a lot of wish! “

“Remove the acne on my face, and turn anyone who has bullied me into a frog! Find a handsome guy to be your boyfriend and wear a beautiful wedding dress to get married,” Myrtle was dancing around in the toilet, “and then give birth to a bunch of children, tell them to unite and never let others bully! “

“Say something I can do…” Anna coughed, where would she go to turn a handsome guy back to marry a ghost?

Myrtle stared at her, “Unbelievable, really Incredible! You want to help me? What are you thinking? “

“Just think you have lived here for so long, you should be familiar with what happened in the castle…and I prefer to listen to gossip…” Anna scratched her head, “You know…”


“Even if you don’t help me, I will tell you, because except you, no one wants to listen to me for a long time, and they don’t even want to approach this toilet! “Myrtle said seriously.

“I have been lonely here for year after year. Apart from talking during the Deathday Party, occasionally listening to popular gossip in the castle, and having something to do in the Prefect bath. Bathing…just…no entertainment…”

“If Peeves ridiculed it as entertainment, then one more,” Myrtle added.

“Then your first My wish is not to be so lonely? Anna wrote it down in a memo in her head, “Add a little more entertainment?” “

“…The same can be said…Yes,” Myrtle flew to Anna’s side, “Will you really help me achieve my wish?” “

“I will, do you have any more wishes?” Say two more? “Anna nodded.

“If it is really possible, I would like to know if Severus…Snape actually regarded me as a friend…I don’t want to ask him myself…” Myrtle is a little sad, of course she has always had that expression.” I’m ready to cry, you just need to tell me directly…”

Um…this wish, okay…at the worst for a few semesters by the terrifying professor of potion…

“Okay, what else? “

“You may not be able to do this…I want to see Humbert, Oliver Humber,” Myrtle was silent for a while, “Alive or dead…”

“? “Anna was sluggish for a while before realizing that’dead’ refers to ghost, and thought it was’living, then must see the person, died, then must see the corpse’.

“If she is still alive what will you do? “Anna frowns, I don’t do anything illegal or criminal! Selling magic supplies to muggle, robbing Gringotts, and releasing Azkaban prisoners… That’s a few exceptions.

“Don’t do anything, I just want to see Seeing her, I want to see how she’s doing,” Myrtle added, “If she died unexpectedly, just tell me the news, and I will be happy for several decades. “

tsk tsk, woman…Anna secretly sighed, and wrote down Myrtle’s wish in the memo.

“Okay, I remember it,” Anna tidied the robe , She moved towards Myrtle and said goodbye, “Class is in, I will see you next time. “

Myrtle waved to Anna.

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