Human Shackles Chapter 370


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Lin Little Lei turned and left, and the two followers followed with expressionless expressions.

The three poor old men looked solemn and wanted to stop, but they were worried. The girl in front of me obviously changed unpredictably after unlocking the chess game. She seemed to be the same as before, but every move was Words and deeds are highly infectious, as if they can assimilate everything, making people unable to have the slightest idea of ​​hostility.

After Lin Little Lei left, the three turned their eyes to Luo Kai, full of inquiries. From the simple conversation just now, “she” seemed to know Luo Kai.

Luo Kai is silent. The real function of these chess games is a communication channel, allowing people to understand the nature of energy, but they can only see the appearance and cannot achieve deep energy fit.

It may be that the chess game has awakened “she”. For humans, the super-computing chess game may be unsolvable, but it is not difficult for the protagonists with intellectual brains. The evolution of Earth’s life is a long one. During the process, the celestial spirits are born with insight into the laws of things, and they are born gods!

He doesn’t know whether “she” is her or not. Buddha has a thousand faces, maybe life is just a game for higher-level beings.

The poor old men increasingly felt that the youngster in front of them was unfathomable and did not dare to ask more. They re-examined the chess game. Each chess game represented a law of energy, and the resulting changes were almost infinite. Non-human can do it, “she” may not be a person, but another existence. In the face of those indescribable existences, most of them are in awe and dare not speculate.

Luo Kai walked to the last unsolved chess game. This is a game of time and space. He can now intuitively feel the influence of spirit willpower on time and space. Will represents space. This level of Things are too illusory. Willpower does not have a manifested way like spirit strength. It is difficult to clarify its form and function. It can only be affected by the warm and detached blade of Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Willpower and spirit strength have a complementary relationship. Human beings firmly believe in the truth of something, and then this thing will really become the truth. Religion is actually produced in this way. There may be no gods, buddhas, or creators, but people believe Yes, then the gods, buddhas and creators really exist, and it can also be extended to science. If people firmly believe in the power of science, then the power of science will be endless.

After a long time, Luo Kai withdrew his gaze and moved towards the poor old man and the others cupped the hands and said: “Everyone, don’t pass this time, if fated will meet again.”

The poor old man hurriedly said: “Little Brother is going to the inner ring?”

“en.” Luo Kai gently nodded, and stopped again when he walked to the entrance. He hesitated for a moment, then turned around and suggested: “Old Master, I think the space energy here is very unstable, and some unexpected changes may occur. , Be careful.”

He left the tower and circled inward following the map given by Da Huzi. The deeper he went, the wider his field of vision. There were large fields, dense jungles, and rocky mountain ranges. There are few remaining human buildings, but lack of creatures, even the most basic snakes, insects, mouse and ants.

The premise of evolution is competition. This seemingly vigorous place is actually lifeless and all plants are listless. For them, this is a prison. Just like a person living in an overly comfortable environment will lose their ascent. Power.

The sky is getting dark. The starry sky of this World is very dazzling. Luo Kai looked up at the boundless starry sky, his mind moved, and a slight wave appeared in the void space. The mysterious Willpower probably contains the deepest consciousness hidden in life. As long as you understand this kind of code, you can unearth the secrets of Space Power.

He came to a dense forest, not so much a forest as a tree, it is too huge, a large number of branches hang down into the ground to re-grow, thus forming a large continuous forest .

I just walked into the woods, and a horror suddenly appeared in my heart, and a few humanoid monsters with bark appeared in the dense canopy of the trees, glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at him.

The roots of a big tree under his feet bounced and entangled his feet. At the same time, the branches of the surrounding big trees were wrapped around him as if they were alive.

Luo Kai pulled out the long bone knife on his body and made a light sound. The two branches were cut off immediately, and then he slid down, cutting off the roots under his feet, a jet of dark sap. Splashing around, the black liquor is like sulfuric acid, with great corrosiveness.

The surrounding boundless branches have been swept over like crazy, in the sky groaning non-stop, Luo Kai’s whole person is covered by a layer of blade light, and in a flash, there are already a bunch of broken branches around.

With the support of the strong perception of the night, the night became his eyes, and almost used the full power of the body to the extreme. The blade light is no longer blindly seeking quickness and fierceness as before, cutting off one at a time, slightly Turning to the next one and cut it off, giving people a sense of running clouds and flowing water.

After a while, I tried to cover the wisps of elemental energy on the knife body, and slowly formed a blade glow. The formidable power of the blade light increased several times out of thin air. Several heads tried to take advantage of the bark of the sneak attack. The monster was also crushed.

After a long time, the main trunk of the big tree was exposed, with several large bulges on it, like cysts. The churning roots of the tree had lifted all the surrounding soil away, exposing all the dead bones.

This monster no longer knows how many lives it has killed. Luo Kai stepped forward and cut a cyst at the root of the tree with a knife. With a “clang” sound, it was like cutting a hard gold stone. It only cut ten centimeters in. The big locust tree was at least ten meters thick, he accelerated the speed of the blood and blood, and cut it down again, one after another exuding black foul-smelling liquid flowing out of the cyst.

The cyst was peeled off with a knife, and a monster that resembled a human fetus was exposed. The bark monsters just now were actually conceived by this big locust tree.

Even though I have seen a lot of unimaginable monsters during this period, Luo Kai can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable. Even trees can give birth to life like mammals!

Put up the strength to cut down again, and cut all the cysts on the trunk apart. The biggest weakness of plant life is that it is not good at moving, and other enemy methods are all ineffective against Luo Kai. No matter how many branches come, he will be sharp. blade light chopped.

The tree trembled suddenly and violently, as if begging for mercy.

Luo Kai’s eyes were cold, and he continued to chop down without paying any attention. He chopped for more than half an hour. With the zhi zhi yeah, there was a strange noise, like a small earthquake, and finally the strange tree was chopped down. Off.

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