Human Shackles Chapter 371


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Luo Kai encountered many weird creatures as he went along, which is the so-called weird.

These weirdness come in all kinds of colors, some seem to be a piece of rotten wood, some are like aggregates of stone and soil, they are an alternative species that combines inorganic matter with flesh and blood, strong and weak. The strong ones are probably at the level of mature ominous beasts, and the weak ones are probably only a little stronger than ordinary animals. The only trouble is that there are a lot of them, and there is no trace during the day, but they continue to gather from all around at night, densely packed, infinite Endless.

Luo Kai had to use a wide range of attack skills, his throat began to vibrate slightly, and the invisible ripples formed one after another ripples spreading all around rapidly, once the swarming strange monsters approached, the weak spots shattered directly, powerful Gradually, he couldn’t resist the invisible shock of the infrasound wave and stayed in place.

He began to use his static martial arts. Every attack of the long knife in his hand was accompanied by an amazing heat wave, which could almost melt the rock and metal. After a while, the surrounding weeds were scorched and burned into flames.

I don’t know how long it took to kill, but the weird finally retreated. Luo Kai walked to a corpse with half a stone and half flesh and blood and looked at it carefully, and touched these weird secrets in his heart.

The birth of life has been a big mystery since ancient times, but it must be a process from inorganic matter to organic matter, and finally to cells. That is to say, life is formed by stone and soil.

The Broken Spirit Realm may be a relic of a prehistoric civilization, which was later occupied by Evil God, who used it as a biological testing ground in an attempt to control the code of life.

These strange monsters are probably the product of a genetic experiment, so they have become such a form and have a strong genetic aggressiveness.

2nd day, he came to a vast wasteland. The wasteland was full of gravel and gravel, almost barren.

There is a huge deep pit in the wasteland. A trace of cold and dark aura constantly seeps out from the huge pit. It is a bit like an abyss crevice encountered earlier. My heart is a bit strange, and I speed up towards the huge pit. The huge tiankeng has a radius of several kilometers, and it is bottomless. An icy breath spreads from it, and the airflow above is disturbed, forming a strong vortex suction.

Luo Kai stands beside the giant pit. For some reason, his heart suddenly only jumps. There is something important to him under the giant pit. He pondered for a moment, did he come for this? Hesitating, took a deep breath and jumped down.

The falling speed is getting faster and faster, and the surroundings quickly become dark, and gradually there is no trace of light. This is a kind of darkness that can swallow everything. Humans are a kind of sun-facing animals. If they are others, they will naturally be afraid. But he was still in the absolute darkness, but the boundless darkness seemed to be welcoming the arrival of the Dark Sovereign King, quickly feeding back everything around him.

After landing in the darkness for several minutes, the space is getting wider and wider. With his spirit strength, he can’t detect the boundary. A faint sound of running water reaches his ears. There is an underground river under this abyss. On both sides of the river is a huge stone pillar that extends beyond the horizon. No, it is not a stone pillar, but a sea of ​​underground coal.

It can be imagined that hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a sea of ​​forests here. Maybe the sea of ​​forests was buried underground by the earthquake in a huge earthquake.

He stroked a huge wood fossil next to him. The texture of this wood fossil was as hard as metal.

Underground world The density of all materials is surprisingly high, not only fossil soil, but also the flowing water in the underground river. Even the gravity here is much larger than the ground.

The most strange thing for him is that the concentration of oxygen under the ground is also very high. If there is a light source, life can definitely survive.

Some biological skeletons, including huge insects and mammals, are constantly seen around.

After a long time, he stayed next to a huge humanoid fossil about ten meters high. The huge humanoid fossil in front of him was definitely a person, because he was still wearing an armor made of unknown metal. Holding a huge spear weapon.

What shocked Luo Kai is that this giant has been dead for many years, and still exudes an extremely imposing manner. Spirit will power has not decayed to this day. He remembered the other major branch of Human Race, the Titans. It is said that everyone in the Titan Race is a giant, and everyone has the power to move mountains. Is the fossil giant in front of him the Titan family?

He continued to explore this vast underground space, and gradually came to a series of ruins of palace buildings.

The palace was built of black and bright unknown stones, most of which were buried in a sea of ​​coal underground.

I walked into a naked stone temple. Inside the stone temple is a human-shaped statue, which is mutilated, without a head or arms.

He walked over and wanted to observe carefully, a cloud of black mist suddenly rose from the position of the statue’s mutilated head, and a small silhouette faintly appeared in the black mist.

The silhouette seemed to be bound by the statue, unable to leave. When he saw Luo Kai, he became so excited that the body formed by the black mist continued to converge and roll, making an old voice: “Master, you are finally here! “

Luo Kai took a few steps back vigilantly, drew out the long bone knife behind him, and at the same time summoned the Blade of Breaking. It is more lethal to this kind of weird creature without body.

Soon a thin needle-like broken blade came out from the center of the eyebrows, screaming around him with joy, and a terrifying destruction aura appeared.

The silhouette is not afraid at all, on the contrary, it is even more exciting. Its posture gradually condenses and knelt directly to Luo Kai. Weeping bitter tears said: “Master, the old slave finally waited for you!”

Luo Kai was taken aback for a moment. The life nature of this thing was strange, similar to the original Abyssal Dagger. It was composed of a stream of purely fragmented dark particles. Dark creatures have always been cunning, so don’t listen to him talking nonsense.

Just when he was born with the killing intent, the tiny silhouette was immediately touched, said resolutely: “The master needs the old slave to die, and the old slave naturally dare not listen. Only the things of the is Master are stored here. Never dare to die before returning it to the owner!”

He suddenly began to beat his chest, and soon a drop of black liquid was induced to vomit.

The moment the black liquid appeared, his body quickly dissipated, and he said a strange word: “rays of light is only a moment, and darkness is eternal…Darkness will eventually swallow everything… Is the beginning of everything…

Luo Kai’s mind was shocked, and he vaguely felt that these words seemed familiar to him. When he was a little sluggish, the black liquid suddenly penetrated into his brow.

Snippets of tangled and complicated images came to mind, and they also contained an extremely powerful spirit willpower, which made him feel distraught.

After a long time, his tired eyes opened, and he frowned tightly. The black liquid is also a kind of inherited memories, but it is not the inherited memories of the saints, but the gods, which is a drop of ancient Divine Source blood.

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