Human Shackles Chapter 397

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Black short sword into the night, slowly in in the Sky to turn a circle, falling into a thin man’s hand, the man cares down the sword, muttered: “I am back!”

The short sword is turned into a metal snake climbed along the arm to his shoulder, and he is a few sounds, full of joy.

The man is Luo Kai, he jumped into a tree tip, looked up at the stars in the sky, there were thousands of things to him again, the electromagnetic waves, radiation, radiation, and various micro particles in the air. Brain.

Every time he lives in life and death, he will always make him more easily for my boundaries. Only forget my boundary side, I can be with all things fuse together, and now he is really a real, a true, smashed the micro world.

Microscopic particles are not only a material energy, but also “spirit” characteristics, macro world complex, micro WORLD is not monotonous, when a dust sand is large, the scene is the scene. A vast and vast WORLD, countless electronic cloud groups around the atomic nucleus, and why is there similar to the galaxy Yunhe.

Luo KAI, countless microscopic particles are absorbed by skin, converted to biocar energy repair to transform each cell, a vitality feeling, feeling, it seems to have a trend with their fuse together, imagination, When it is true to be a micro particle!

standing on the tip of the tree, the body and mind are gradually return, the thinking consciousness expansion, the whole city will have a subtle change to the brain sea, he deeply frowned, human situation is far more It is also expected to be dangerous.

The city’s underground lurking a large number of rats ominous beast, countless dark corners Faintly Discrnable’s black fog, that is the imaginary life, which is a ghost, which has been fully infiltrated into this world.

Since there is no entity, it will not be refracted with the light, and the Ordinary Person class does not see these weird LifeForms, even if you can feel the physical resort damage, they are fully immunized.

These things are currently looking for a particularly powerful physical attack means, they are good at Spiritual Plane’s attack, even cut off human awareness and body connection, and weak ORDINARY PERSON has no resistance.


The urban early warning speed is very fast, but also surrounded by a team of soldiers, two military uniforms have viewed the scene, and the face has become difficult to look, the room is everywhere. It is a broken viscera, and there is two dry bodies in One Big And One Small.

Two people look at each other, Moved Towards have fallen into the stagnant Zhang Wenqian asked: “Do you say that you sister-in-law wants to violate you? Then there is a short sword sword to kill her. ? “

Zhang Wenqian touched the tears of the cheeks, and the Nodded of Look Pale was confused and shaken: “No … No, she is definitely not my sister-in-law, and she … she is dead, the body is drilled. Come out of an Old Woman … and then kill it again. “

Two men have paved a look, said: “Well, we all know, go back to make a detailed manual record.

2nd day, Zhang Wenqian MuddleHeaded’s departure of Battallion, Big Brother and the nephew were killed by the monsters, and the family is dead, what is the meaning of alone alone.

Defense Battallion’s second floor, a man with Dashing Eyebrows stands at the window to look at Zhang Wenqian’s back, the eyes are sympathy, Sighd Ten Said: “Another harmful family!”

The man wearing a uniform is also followed by SIGHED THEN SAID: “Yes, these abilities can wear walls and can’t catch it.”

The emergence of false life has of course attracting the high-level attention, afraid of the social panic, so it is constipation.

The Hidden Dragons and Crouching Tigers, where the ruling secrets, the most mysterious Heavenly Master Path passed by the Martial Arts, and professor a way to deal with the virtual physical life, in fact, is applied to the weapon A coating with radiation properties, can hurt the soul of the virtual life, but these biological alerts are incomparable, slightly outform directly into the ground.

There is also a young woman with glasses, but also wrinkled and asked: “What is the flexible creature?”

Li team recalls: “According to the scene and Zhang Wenqian, this flexible life is necessary to have high, and it can be posted on human body, and she does not have any resistance to high Body Refiner, I am afraid it is specific. The strength is not under the Body Refiner Master, it should belong to Level 3 flexural life. “

Youth woman’s face is white, and the human beings are currently divided into fitive life into fifth level. If it is sent by Level 1, it will become irritated or depressed, and the night can not be lost, and the life is slow, and it will not immediately Let death, while Level 2 flexible life will accelerate this process, the two levels belong to the attack of parasitic nature, as for the virtual life of Level 3, it is extreme, even the Body Refiner Master will be invaded.

Human body will be invaded by external pathogens, spiritual awareness will also, strictly speaking is a mental virus, facing such direct attack spirit awareness, human beings have not very good response , Good at Level 3 is very small, and only one digit is currently discovered.

But strange flexural life, rarely attacking other creatures outside human beings, or other creatures have great resistance to virtual physical life, this weird life seems to be born for humans.

Dashing Eyebrows Men sink: “According to what she said, the person who shot did not appear, just blaming the sword, killing this virtual life, even Body Refiner Master is not doing Ah … Zhang Wenqian’s energy has reached more than 50, can be said to be a half-step refiner master, but even the sho is not clear, hey … In short, this person must be a super expert, Xiao Jing, For a while, I will go to the Martial Arts Association, is it a powerful body refiner master coming to Northern Sea County, which gives this thing except for this thing. “

“Okay.” The woman named Xiao Jing, and then asked: “Head, the military warning said that there is a large group of ice beasts may have to fly to Northern Sea County, what can we do?”

Dashing Eyebrows Men’s Deep SIGHED: “Ai, Ominous Beast group is not we can insert, we protect several important supplies in the city.”


Zhang Wenqian’s face tears, Aimless walks on the street, Unconsciously walks on a bridge, watching the river that is in the bridge, suddenly has a jumping impulse.

, when this thought is coming, a touch of sound is ringing next to the ear: “People are in Between Heaven and Earth, like a thousand ants, the only purpose of any life is alive.”

Zhang Wenqian opened his eyes, look at it, a thin man stood behind him, is the tramp under the bridge, wipes the tears on the cheek, desolate: “A person is alive What do you mean, it’s better to die. “

Men Shook The Head: “You are not alive for others, but to live in order to live itself.”

Zhang Wenqian is not willing to reason, turned to the family, walking, finding the man actually followed her, immediately angry said: “You continue to return your bridge hole, follow me?”

The man’s voice is soft: “You have sent me twelve foods, I want to see what can help you.”

“I don’t have to help, why do you do it.” Zhang Wenqian was angry.

After a while, he went back to find that the man was still following her, watching his thin physical heart could not help but a soft, now this world, I am afraid that there is not much wandering family to keep intact, no longer squat.

After returning home, look at the empty house, sad, can’t help but Wu Wu crying.

The man stands at the door for a while, then the Each Minding Their Own Business will start to clean the room and clean the blood.

After a long time, Zhang Wenqian tears the Lifts The Head, looking at the reorganized room, finally Opened the mouth and said: “What is your name.”

Men turned, a pair of deep eyes looked toards, whisper replied: “My name is Luo Kai.” He is now able to assassinate Evil God, do not have to cover it.

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