Human Shackles Chapter 398

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In this way, Luo Kai lives in Zhang Wenqian’s house. His injury is still not good, as if it is a person who just woke up, his thinking is slow, the body is stiff, and the attack by Evil God is directly attacked the spirit of life. That is, the soul, once the soul is created, it turns into dementia, and the weight is directly smoked, it is true to death.

Zhang Wenqian gradually recovered from sadness, every day, I was going to work in the nine nights, Luo Kai was waiting for a whole day, and there was a lot of strange men in the family. She was very uncomfortable. After that, this man is the whole wood, and there is almost no difference.

This day, a big early morning, Zhang Wenqian was awakened by the outer speaker.

“People, recently, a group of extremely north ice beasts will be on the verge of Northern Sea County, all shopping malls, store all closed, please close the doors and windows to stay at home, if you encounter an emergency, please ring the street alarm bell, patrol soldiers It will quickly come to support, the underground protection fortress has been open, there is no household, please go forward, in order to maintain social stability, protect people’s livelihood, the Ministry of Military will set up supply points in all farmers, each people can Go to the three days of food …

The big speaker of the fuel patrol car is constantly playing on the street.

Zhang Wenqian rushed to wear clothes, Moved Towards sat in Luo Kai in the living room: “Let, let’s go to the help.”

Luo Kai Nodded, walking to the outside, watching the haze, hidden feelings touched a breath of the Rising Wind Forebodes the COMING Storm.

Northern Sea is located in the hub of Human Race, there is also Ominous Beast to start, and other remote areas can be imagined.

ice beast generally refers to the Omius Beast of Land of Extreme North, and their forms are different, and some appearances are fish, and some seem to be animal or plants. The common point is that they have become a flesh and ice. Combined LifeForm.

All local people in the city are running out, and the streets have become VAST CROWD, bringing together a huge person *** flossing toward the nearest supply point.

The supply point has been built into a small window made by a row of ribbons. You can see that the greenhouse is full of hills, a row of Fully Armed soldiers are maintaining order, riots. After approaching, it slowly calmed down. In the past two years, ordinary people have adapted to this distribution of food, and the team is in order to move.

“Why is there so little, she is so much!” A body bloated middle-aged woman pointed at the old lady who just left the food.

“Because there is still a disabled in her home, it can’t come to the food.” Responsible for the sale of food soldiers frowned,

Middle-aged women are more reluctant, Loudly Said: “Does there have no disabled in her home, then I said that I have a disabled in my family, you have to give me a food.”

The surrounding people will start now.

The soldiers have been cold, but it is a patient explanation: “I just saw her family information, she had a son.”

Middle-aged women still want to say anything, but seeing a few full-hearted soldiers are charting here, they don’t dare to say, hurry to take the food belonging to their own food.

The front row is a big belly of Middle Age Person, first cautiously, I’m looking at all around, takes a banknote from the arms, whisper: “I can’t buy more.”

The staff ignores the banknotes in his hands, Indifferently Said: “This is the supplier of material supplies, each person can only receive a copy, please go to the market if you want to buy something.”

“But this market is closed.” The man looked at the greenhouse as a mountain, Swallowed Saliva and Said.

“Sorry, please leave after getting food, the next one.”

When the man leaves, he is suffering from the face: “It seems that you can only buy it in black.”

Luo Kai saw clearly, each person’s three-day food is also a pack of brown flour food and a small pot of pickles, Moved Towards Zhang Wenqian asked: “Is there any meat now?”

Zhang Wenqian is white: “I haven’t eaten it early. If people are fed, I still have food to feed livestock, and now the livestock varies very high, Accidentally raises Ominous Beast.”

Two people return to the home, Zhang Wenqian first carefully hide, then looked at Luo Kai sitting in the living room, these days, although she lived, almost did not say, this will I can’t help but ask: “You … Where is your home?”

Luo Kai open his eyes, replied: “xingma country.”

“Oh, so far, I heard that xingma is occupied by Ominous Beast a few years ago, what about your loved ones?”

Luo Kai Shook The Head: “I don’t have a relative.”

Zhang Wenqian is silent, staring at him for a while, the face is getting more and more strange, muttered: “Weird, I will always see you.”

Luo Kai did not explain too much, he naturally recognized this woman was his original girl who left Xingma National Tempse in the sea of ​​Qiandao. Later, in Yunling, it is now again. Meet, in the middle of the north of the vast people, this probability is almost close to zero.

There is no so-called fate of no reason, and fate is like a big network. The two associated people will definitely have communication. For this kind of thing that can’t be pushed, he also pushes and moves and left and right things. He also It’s hard to get a bit, I want to have a half, and finally turned: “Yes, I haven’t said to you.”

Zhang Wenqian smiled: “Thank you, you are not the same as Ordinary Person, you must be a story.” Take back to the room to take a few color strange banknotes handed over: “You take these money.” On, although not much, you should leave Northern Sea County. “

A few banknotes are 100,000 yuan, and Luo Kai is somewhat strange: “Is it so big now?”

“Not big, there are millions of and millions of denominations, but I don’t, if you want to leave, wait for the martial law, you can go to the passenger station, now there is only the bus is still running, the train is stopped.”

Luo Kai is not picking up, and it is very difficult to see the life of ORDINARY PERSON, and even the high-end refiner such as Zhang Wenqian is just barely maintaining the temperature.

Zhang Wenqian stuffed the money into his hand, faint sighed: “I am now alone, the factory is a meal every day, there is nothing to do, you will take it.”

“Thank you.” Luo Kai is not saying, silently putting money into your pocket, he certainly does not need money, just don’t want to reject her kindness.

In the evening, Zhang Wenqian began to make a fire, in fact, it was a few pork pork, and there were a green cake and pickles with wheat bran.

After dinner, she looked at a booklet, and there were no vacant, and there were several characters in the Booklet cover, which caused Luo Kai’s attention. Heart moved, asked: “This is this What book? “

Zhang Wenqian looked at him, Replied: “A Martial Arts book circulating in the Martial Arts circle, is said to be a Heavenly Grade Martial Arts that can communicate the world energy, but unfortunately, there is no WHO to understand “

“Can you show me?”

“Give.” Zhang Wenqian handed him with hand, Booklet has already flowed a large area, it is not precious.

Luo Kai took the booklet and looked at it, and painted a lot of villains, some seem to be like a punch kick CultiVation Martial Arts, some are quiet, like sleeping, paintings are extremely rough, ordinary people I don’t understand what it is.

He smiled and said: “Is there a paper pen?”

Zhang Wenqian is confused: “What?”

“painting is too ugly, I will help you fix it.”

“Do you still draw?”

“will be a little.” LUO Kai Gently Nodded, Booklet is the set of Martial Arts, which is transmitted to Tuoba Young Youngest Daughter, which combines the product of Martial ARTS, or the product of static MARTIAL ARTS, or is How to play a method of kinetic energy and static energy, one way to see its shape, it is difficult to comprehend, and want to understand at least at least it is necessary to follow, this booklet is obviously a thick width, and the probability is Tuoba This guitary sketch.

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