I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 384


Chapter 384 Ends and Begins

“You have so much confidence in Manhattan Academician? Believe in the present reality, the result of his choice?”

Called ‘Abandoned Manhattan’, Harley wasn’t happy.

She feels that her potential is no less than blue Manhattan.

Wait until she has superhuman strength and physique, and can play double or even higher ‘quantum crit’ special effects, who can withstand the entire multiverse?

Wait until she can control her own quantum defense, double or multiple superposition defense, who can break her oily skin?

“Isn’t it?” Pharaoh raised his chin slightly, and said with a proud expression: “No one has ever defeated him except me.

You may have amazing skills, but you can’t have me. The ability to know.

But you didn’t pull him off the timeline.

From start to finish, he can choose.

This is your biggest mistake.

To deal with Joan, you must break his omniscience.

Otherwise, he will inevitably choose the most favorable outcome for him, leaving you unable to plan for him

As it is now, you seem to be victorious, absorbing a lot of energy, but you don’t get his Spiritual God power at all.”

“If it were you , what would you do? Shield his perception with tachyons?

Pharaoh, you’re old, useless, and don’t even understand the state of black Manhattan.” Halle said with a sneer .

The old man’s face turned red with anger, “Tell me, what did I not understand?”

Harry looked around, threatened by the unknown secret mastermind , everyone ran away, and only Pharaoh firmly believed that this ending was the ending that Joan chose, and Joan would never harm them.

Lorry believed him.

Angela stayed because of her obsession – to find the real murderer behind the murder of her husband.

“This is not a good place to talk.”

Harry Beckons with the hand, the Archimedes airship suddenly appeared in front of several people.

“Shit, when did Archie have this ability?” Pharaoh was startled.

“Harry, you are such a sinister and cunning guy.” Laurie couldn’t help but let out a sigh when he saw Carlisle, Ivy and the mysterious person in full Kryptonian armor on the airship.

The first two entered the airship without hesitation, only Angela stood there, staring at Harry with mixed emotions.

“Aunt Angela, don’t you know me? I’m Harley from the Quinn family, and you said to my mother with envy on your face, if there was such a beautiful, cute, intelligent and sensible person like me. Your daughter will be fine.” Halle said with a smile.

“You’ve grown up, more beautiful, but not cute at all. You’re very smart, but you use your wisdom in evil ways, Harry, you’ve become so strange.” Angela said with a complicated expression .

“Auntie, I was only seven years old at the time, and now I am three and seven years old. Of course, the impossible is as simple as before, especially when I went to Gotham – serious people’s fathers will warn children. Don’t go to Gotham’s Gotham when you grow up.” Harry sighed.

Angela charged, “You killed Joan, don’t you feel guilty at all? You have known him for almost ten years.”

“You come up first, quantum centrifuge Turn off the fire with the Energy Tower, and the ghosts and snakes hidden in the dark will no longer have any scruples. This place will become very lively and dangerous.” Harry said.

Now there are sirens on the streets, if the ordinary person cannon fodder can enter this place safely, the supernatural, magical and foreign world leaders will appear one after another.

Harry can’t imagine how many powerful existences are staring at this at this time.

As she picked up the wasteland wolf’s axe and mother box and jumped into the airship, Angela hesitated for a moment and followed along.

She still has many questions on her mind to ask Harry.


The next moment, the tail section of the airship pulled out a long bright white trail and shot straight into the sky.

Not entering the shadow world.

The shadow world at this time is really not as safe as outer space.

However, the spaceship did not rush out of Earth and entered the stratosphere, and maintained a state of high-speed flight.

Harry guessed right, and many bigwigs were hiding on the side; she guessed wrong, too, she didn’t wait for the police to enter, only to see the blimp leaving, and they all ran out.

Earlier no one knew that the Manhattan Academician lived in seclusion in this remote town.

I can’t even imagine that mortals would dare to plan his power.

Therefore, only the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Zhao Yu and the Pentagon are involved in the ‘Hydrogen Bomb Power’ stealing plan.

A Harley was added later, and the wasteland wolf was hidden behind the scenes.

But Harley entered the transformation cabin, and after the transformation was turned on, the power of black Manhattan began to leak.

Especially Zhao Yu transformed the entire black Manhattan into a huge mass of energy, which was all stored in the centrifuge, suspended in mid-air, and could not wait to shout to the world: Come and see, everyone who has heard its name for a long time. Manhattan Academician got me.

This movement is almost the same as when Harley stole Satan’s power in Indian Mountain that day.

Those who can come here will come.

“Ai, missteps, missteps!” Faust sighed, “I knew about Demonness cunning, didn’t expect her to be so cunning, actually pretending to be dead, and pretending to be good.

I should have destroyed those instruments with ranged magic before.”

“Why didn’t you destroy it?” Gabriel asked.

Faust looks and dresses like an ancient alchemist, wearing a golden headband and a deep purple classic robe.

Gabriel is dressed in suits and leather shoes, with an elegant temperament, thick waxed hair, and meticulous grooming, like a university professor from a British aristocrat.

“Ai, it’s all my fault for being greedy and wanting to wait for that woman. Zhao Yu, fix the converter’s operating procedures, and then I’ll go up and pick the fruit myself.

And, to Manhattan Academician , I’m always a little scared.

If the instrument is destroyed and he is resurrected, then” Faust shook his head with a wry smile.

The people around are silent, and they have the same thoughts and scruples.

“Snobby, Giles seems to be your man.” Faust said to Gabriel with a smile.

“Don’t call me a ‘snobby,'” Gabriel coldly said.

Faust said oddly: “However, the nickname that Demoness Harley takes is really suitable for you.

I remember a hundred years ago, when you lived in London , anyone who wants to see you must at least bring a family tree and an Oxford diploma.”

“Faust, you’re talking a lot of nonsense.” Fate Academician indifferently said.

“I’m getting close to Snob. Giles has been in the cavalry for several years. Snob should know something.” Faust said with a smile.

“Your Excellency Gabriel, are you also planning Manhattan?” Destiny Academician asked.

The magical Grandmaster, Spiritual God, and demons in the distance all stared at Gabriel.

“Does the king know what each of his subjects ate at night?” Gabriel sighed.

Oqi sage frowned: “The space fluctuation that appeared earlier is the sonic boom channel of Apocalypse, right?”

The Academician of Fate said softly: “It’s the wasteland wolf, he also An Avatar died.”

“Are you sure it’s an Avatar? The power of Manhattan’s Academician, is it more appropriate to carry it with the real body?” Sage Orchi said.

“The real body of the wasteland wolf is invading Earth -2 (another single universe).”

After a pause, Fate Academician said in a complicated tone: “He doesn’t dare to Take the real risk.

Just like us, we all guessed that the Manhattan Academician might die, but we waited for Harley Quinn to leave and make sure there was no danger before coming here.”

β€œ Afraid of death without shame, Manhattan Academician has no emotion, it is not unusual to kill anyone with one finger.” Faust said.

The Academician of Fate said: “The appearance of the wolfeland wolf represents something extraordinary.

According to escaped soldiers and researchers, Giles took refuge with the wolfeland wolf for several years.

It shows that the wasteland wolf has been eyeing the Earth of this universe very early.

Alas, I’m afraid the day when the apocalypse will invade is not far away.”

Faust fatally said : “Isn’t it more time to focus on what the Heart Demon female Harley got, and then come up with countermeasures?

She is a sinister and cunning troublemaker. If she is dyed blue again, I am afraid that in the future There is no peace in the wizarding world.”

The Fate Academician was silent.

Sage Orchi and Gabriel didn’t say a word.

Faust frowned and waited for a while, seeing that they didn’t respond, and simply flew to the demons and the small group of black magicians on the other side.

“Actually, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if Demoness turns into a little blue man.”

Seeing Faust approaching, San Gong’s only son immediately stopped.

“You know, I don’t have the slightest friendship with Demoness Halle, and I was besieged by her during the Indian Hill incident,” Faust exclaimed.

Sannomiya’s only son said: “You are different from us, look around, it’s almost an anti-Harley Quinn Avenger.”

Faust looked all around , there are many demons and black wizards and wizards from other worlds, and there are five or six great characters: Negal, the representative of Legion in the world of eternal punishment, Tannerak of the Holy See of cold flame, Alex of the brother society, and black of seabed people. Ursula the witch, the dark thorns of the fallen druid, the masked mysterious Grandmaster

“Could the brother have a grudge against the Demoness?” Faust wondered.

“We have nothing against money.” Alex, dressed as a British gentleman, said in a standard Oxford accent.

“If the price is right, I can do it.” Faust stroked the beard on his chin and smiled.

San Gong’s only son was silent for a moment, then said: “If Demoness really gets the power of Manhattan, it may be a good thing.”

“A good thing? Your brain is not broken, right? Or, you have already Afraid of being beaten, you decide to kneel on the ground and lick her blue feet?” Faust cried.

San Gong’s only son said with a sneer: “You are right, think about it carefully, how did she get the power of Manhattan?”

He pointed to the surrounding instruments, “The equipment is here, why can’t we repeat the previous process?

Blue Manhattan can be trapped in a cage, impossible to move even a little bit, blue and Demoness are no exception.”

“Hey, it seems to be very interesting”

“Harry, why didn’t you die?” On the airship, Laurie said curiously: “The cavalry regiment’s converter is missing a centrifuge, you It should have exploded and died.”

“I Innate Divine Strength.” Halle said with a smile: “Zhao Yu intelligently realized that ‘the power of hydrogen bomb’ cannot be absorbed directly, but forgot The energies thrown away by the centrifuge are also part of the power of a complete Manhattan.

Without them, she is only a broken Manhattan, even if she succeeds.”

“It’s not that she forgot , but she knows that no one can absorb complete spiritual energy at all.” Pharaoh looked at her and said, “However, you are a strange person. I don’t know what means you used, but you didn’t die.

But Even if you didn’t die, you still didn’t escape the fate that Joan chose.

You failed and didn’t get the power of Spiritual God.”

“Why do you always insist on denying me Victory over the fact that black Manhattan?” Halle frowned.

“Because defeating Joan is his own glory. He is arrogant and won’t allow you to take his glory.” Laurie sneered.

Pharaoh’s old face twitched a few times and insisted: “What I said is the truth.”

“The truth is, the knowledge in your head is outdated, old man!” Harley said with a sneer: “Like I said before, you don’t understand the state of black Manhattan at all.”

“Tell me, I don’t get it.”

Harry looked towards the black girl on the side, “Aunt Angela, you really don’t need to hate me, because your husband’s death was not murder, but a natural death of choice.”

“Joan Will you die of old age? Stop teasing.” Pharaoh laughed.

“Where have you spent your last several decades?”Harry said curiously:”renowned’red Manhattan, haven’t you seen it?”

“What red Manhattan? ‘ the old man wondered.

“A novel written by Harley, I thought the content on it was ridiculous, but looking at her success now, it shows that her guess may be true.” Laurie sighed softly. .

(end of this chapter)

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