I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 387


Chapter 387 Blue Superman

In Harley’s view, there are many ways to save the world, but Manhattan Academician uses The most drastic way – fuse the universe, fuse the two universes together, and restart the world.


“Because this multiverse has torn Mann,” Manhattan Academician said.

“What?” Harry looked ridiculous, “Are you a fanboy of Superman?”

“When you’re hungry, what do you need most?” Manhattan Academician asked.

“Water and food.”Harry looked thoughtful,”Can Superman meet your needs?”

“Superman’s quality is hope, always giving people hope, and Superman is The infinite hope it represents is exactly what my home universe lacks the most.” Manhattan Academician said.

Harry frowned: “I don’t quite understand, Superman’s hope, can we solve the nuclear bomb crisis?”

“It’s not just the nuclear bomb crisis, in Earth where I am, human civilization is doomed to destruction For civil war, it may be of various forms.

Nuclear war is the most common.

Because human beings have no time to develop to a higher level of civilization, they are heading for self-destruction.

I stand at the end of time, watching all possible futures, without hope.

The 1985 alien octopus invasion was Werther’s effort to save the world.

He succeeded and he failed.

He successfully solved the nuclear bomb crisis that year, but only pushed it back a few years.

I still don’t understand why My world is doomed to war.

In search of answers, I came to this multiverse, and I tried to destroy it.

In its collapse, I found The answer,” Manhattan Academician said.

Harry’s expression is distorted, destroying the multiverse in order to verify her thoughts?

– Watchers are not normal people.

However, the world where the Manhattan Academician is located seems to be closer to the real material world.

Not to mention pessimistic doomsdayists, many ordinary persons also feel that Earth will be finished sooner or later due to environmental, climate and resource issues.

All the internal contradictions of human beings may lead to the outbreak of war.

War is the most effective way to destroy those who create conflict.

Manhattan Academician continued: “In the process of destroying the multiverse, I found that no matter how much despair I brought to this world, Superman never gave up hope.

And his hope Highly contagious, it unites heroes and criminals from different countries to resist the despair they cannot resist no matter what.

Even in the face of destruction, they fall with a common hope.

Hope is a connective body that connects all people into a whole, so that human beings will no longer have internal disputes between life and death.

Even if human civilization still has its end, it can at least It won’t be like my world, destined to be destroyed by internal war.”

Harry’s expression was stunned, her hopes and ideals were indeed very powerful.

Great China can be reborn in the dilapidated era of warlords and separatism because the Chinese people have a common hope – to make China rise again.

As long as this hope remains, China will never sink.

But within the entire human range, can countries really have a common hope?

β€œPeople in other countries, like the Middle East and Russia, also love Superman and believe in the hope of Superman?” she asked.

Manhattan Academician: “I see what you’re thinking.

They just like supermen who don’t get involved in any form of politics and never kill.

Once Superman breaks his vows, he immediately becomes the object of their crusade and curse.

Once they loved him so much, they hated him a hundredfold then.

In this universe, every nation I have my own group of superheroes. When I use my strategy to break the aura of Superman, let him be misunderstood and kill the United States first, Superman immediately falls into a desperate situation and is rounded up by superheroes from various countries.

Even if there is a universe outside In the desperate situation of destruction and internal hostility from everyone, Superman still did not lose hope, and finally infected everyone with hope.”

“Ai, this kind of thing will only happen in the comics.” Ha Li snorted.

“Superman is the key!” Manhattan Academician said: “When I change Superman’s fate so that he has no chance to become a hero, this universe with no difficulty goes to destruction.

Thus , I came to the conclusion that the world needs hope, and hope is brought about by Superman.”

β€œActually, when you think about it, this answer is also very reasonable.” Manhattan Academician humanely sighed then said,” In my world, the watchmen team has the best human beings.

But instead of bringing hope to the world, I am helping the US military to spread fear and death (helping the military fight the Vietnam War) ).

Rorschach has been immersed in despair his entire life.

He hangs around with a ‘Doomsday’ sign all day long and sees no hope at all.

Although the joker had a smiley face on his chest, he died of despair while crying.

The Pharaoh saved the world, but his methods were death and deception, and there was no hope at all.

There is no good hope, there is only suspicion and hostility between countries, and it is abnormal if the world is not destroyed.”

“If there is no hope, you can cast a hope There is no need to fuse the two universes together.” Harry said.

“I tried.” Manhattan Academician complex, “My world has a couple, pantomimes and marionettes, they’re almost a projection of you and the clown in my world.

In 1984, when they robbed a bank at the Rockefeller Building, I got a message and rushed to stop it.

As I was used to, I would kill anyone who committed a murder.

They killed a lot of people and I let them go.

Because I saw the marionette was pregnant, she didn’t know it.

And she was about to give birth The son who comes down will bring great happiness to the woman I care about in the future.”

Harry immediately understood that the woman he cared about was Laurie, and in 1984, they had not broken up.

“I didn’t understand the specific reason and method at the time. I saw a blind spot in that child, and it wasn’t until later that I realized that he could represent more meaning.

I gave him almost half of my strength and left him to Laurie and Daniel to raise.

Great strength, a good pair of foster parents, and a simple upbringing I’m repeating Clark Kent’s upbringing.


I hope that child can also become the superman of my world, and his name is ‘Clark’.”

Harry exclaimed, “That’s absurd. , you let the children of two lunatics become Superman, it’s no wonder he succeeds.”

“You think he’ll go bad?” Manhattan Academician asked.

“Isn’t it?”

“He is a well-behaved and sensible child, well-bred, kind and pure, with a naive romantic, and has always maintained hope, and Believe in the beauty of human nature.

He almost inherited all the beauty of Superman.

It was my world that ruined him.

Since my world can’t contain beauty And hope, I’ll destroy it and blend it into the universe.” The Manhattan Academician’s voice grows grim.

“How did he get destroyed?” Harry asked softly.

“Just like you did to me. What they did to him, projecting into this newly merged world, is what happened last night in Tulsa.” Manhattan Academician indifferent road.

In the next instant, Harry was confused, as if countless scenes flashed before her eyes.

blue Manhattan holds a baby, he calls him Clark

blue Manhattan holds a little Clark, four or five years old, standing on the fire star desert, looking up in space, the boy is laughing , Manhattan also had a gentle face.

At the age of seven, the little boy had a hydrogen atomic sign on his forehead, and his complexion became dark blue.

Little Clark was wearing a small suit, Carrying a suitcase alone, he came to the door of a warm and comfortable villa with anxiety and anticipation, and a cute little girl opened the door for him.

Although young, Harley recognized her in an instant, Laurie and Daniel’s daughter Sally, the little bastard who reported her.

As expected, it was Laurie’s home.

Little Clark only revealed the symbol on his forehead, and Laurie, the mature and charming woman, burst into tears and hugged him.

Laurie and Daniel adopted Clark Jr.

Little Clark’s growing environment is better than Dachao’s.

It’s hard to compare the couple Laurie Daniel and Martha Jonathan who are better, but blue Clark is noticeably happier.

Flickering pictures of him and Lisa’s childhood sweethearts, the experience of growing up happily.

Perfect adoptive parents, beautiful and lovely partner He fell in love with Lisa and got married, his life is still a superman simulation, working as a reporter during the day, when someone needs him, he turns into ‘blue superman ‘.

The screen flashed again, and a black general whispered: “He can give power to a child, which means that the power of God can be transferred.”

It was actually Mark Will!

When the United States was caught in the quagmire of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the military asked Blue Superman to join the war.

Like when they asked blue Manhattan to participate in the Vietnam War.

Blue Superman has a hydrogen symbol on his forehead, but does have a huge ‘S’ on his chest, a symbol of hope.

Of course he refused.

When the U.S. was about to attack Iran, and even wanted to provoke a conflict in the Southern Sea and stifle a fast-rising power, they found Superman Blue again and againβ€”in their hearts, he was never a ripped-off man. , but should belong to the second-generation Manhattan Academician of the Pentagon.

Blue Superman still firmly refuses: My mission is only one, to bring hope to the world.

“I hope you are mad!” Admiral Mark was angry and formally proposed the “One-Eyed Giant” plan.

“It doesn’t matter if he fails, he’s Superman! And we all know that blue Manhattan has no emotions. Killing is like mowing the grass, but Superman never kills. He only gives people hope.”


“That’s right, we dare not attack blue Manhattan, because he can slaughter ordinary people in Vietnam, and he dares to slaughter all his colleagues in Washington.

We dare to attack blue superman because he Even the most vicious criminals are not harmed, and naturally they will not pose any threat to us.”

They hid in the dark underground secret room to discuss, and the tachyons were turned on.

The picture after that Harry didn’t want to see it.

It’s so miserable, so annoying.

But blue Manhattan just wanted her to see, to see the bad things ‘she’ did.

“They’re already here, they’re just outside, and we can’t do anything.”

It’s almost a repeat of the cavalry regiment’s raid on Angela’s house with tachyon guns, blue Clark is desperate said to Lisa.

A group of fully armed ‘cavalry regiments’ outside – the military’s white gloves.

The three children upstairs were crying, and the couple downstairs were saying goodbye.

“You’re Superman, go and deal with them!” Lisa yelled excitedly like Angela.

Blue Clark shook his head gently like black Manhattan, “I can’t do it. At this moment, I have countless choices, and every choice I make will determine the future life of you and your children.

But there is only one choice that can save you from any harm, sorry.”

Only if he dies, his wife and child can be safe, otherwise, they will never be at peace. day.

“Fool, kill them all and make the rest terrified!” Harry yelled ‘on the side’.

“He can’t, he’s Superman, not me, and not a second-generation Manhattan Academician.

And, it’s really the best choice for him.” Manhattan Academician sighed.

“You’re out of your mind? What a happy ending to leave orphans and widows?” Harry said.

“You look down.”

(end of chapter)

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