I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 392


Chapter 392 Dhyana Sect Great Grandmaster

The journey to Europa was not smooth.

I have never flown in the shadow realm outside Earth before. The last time I went to the realm to search for Fiora’s soul was not counted, because the voice of the sky was navigating that time.

As soon as the blimp left Earth this time, they ran into trouble.

The radar Andy lost his reference, and the Lingbo prison was covered with gray. There was no time, no space and no direction. The spaceship didn’t know where to fly.

At first, Harley was thinking of walking in a straight line, first aiming in the direction of Jupiter in the material world, then jumping into the Ling thin prison, and continuing to fly in a straight line.

But after a while, the airship jumped out, only to find that it had yawed tens of thousands of miles, completely acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose.

“Krypton has been used for more than a thousand years, and it has not solved the problem of the coordinates of the spiritual prison.” Clark said: “Krypton’s ghost engine just jumps into the spiritual prison and then jumps out, and cannot Flying in Lingbo Prison.

So, after Zod and the others escape from Lingbo prison, they will remove the ghost engine of their mothership and replace it with a superluminal engine.”

In desperation, Harley can only fly at normal sub-light speed.

Before the small airship could only fly at supersonic speed, and twice the speed of sound was the limit. Later, Harley stole a set of vector jets from the reconnaissance ship in Canada to fly at sub-light speed.

But after some time in outer space, Harley ran into another problem.

From Earth to Jupiter, the distance is about one light hour, that is, light takes more than an hour to reach Jupiter, and Harley’s little broken ship is barely advanced to sub-light speed.

Sublight is not as fast as light.

The technology of Kryptonians is already very strong, one third of the speed of light.

At least three hours of flying.

The hole in the spaceship that was knocked out by Harry was quickly repaired by the combination of magic.

Before Carlisle did not enter the Pharaoh’s Arctic base, he stayed on the airship and cooperated with the ironclad man to repair the spaceship.

But the small spaceship is small in size and cannot carry enough oxygen for a group of people to fly back and forth for six hours.

The key is that there are a lot of people, Halle, Ivy, Laurie, Pharaoh, Dachao, Carlisle, Iron Armor, seven people.

Even an hour is enough.

Fortunately, Ivy was there.

Insufficient technology, magic to make up.

She summon a piece of green plants covering the top of the cabin, crazy photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide, spitting out oxygen, forming an ecological balance in a small space.

Last trouble, they can’t find the Garden of Eden in Manhattan’s Academician.

After turning around Europa twice, Andy Radar was powerful enough to find a small plain covered with corpses.

โ€œSAVE ME DAUGHTER (Save Me, Daughter!)โ€

Thousands of bodies of young men and women, frozen into popsicles, piled into a ‘corpse banner’ on Europa’s surface ‘.

It should be sending a distress signal to Zhao Yu.

The Zhao Group also has an exploration satellite in the outer orbit of Europa.

Harry regretted it.

“I shouldn’t have brought you two here,” she said to Clark and Laurie.

“Why?” Clark questioned.

She asked, “I want to throw this old bastard out and add a punctuation mark to the corpse banner, do you agree?”

Clark brows frowned.

After a long silence, he said: “I suggest handing him over to the judiciary and staying in the Garden of Eden, he may kill more people.”

“pa pa pa” Laurie He slapped Pharaoh’s old face hard, “Wather, bastard wake up!”

“Uh.” old fogey groaned and groaned, and opened his eyes with a bitter face.

It took a while before he came to his senses, “I’m back, I’m back? But I’ve only been back in Earth for less than three days.”

“Werther, I I’m curious, is murder really not a burden to you?” Harry asked, staring at him.

Even though she thought she was killing without blinking an eye, but she was asked to kill one by one, hundreds or thousands of people in a row, she still couldn’t bear the psychological depression, and could not possibly get sick.

The pharaoh was like nothing.

โ€œThey sacrificed for me voluntarily, donโ€™t you understand? In the Garden of Eden, I am God, and everyone is proud of that, happy and fulfilled by giving their lives to God.


Like the cultivator of the church, who dedicates himself to the supreme Lord, but the Lord is very cold and indifferent, and has not given any response.

But the priest is still very happy, and your ordinary person will not feel that God is cruel to believers.

I am a million times more merciful than the so-called ‘Lord’, I live with them day and night, respond to them, drive them, ask them to sacrifice for me – this is the highest honor a believer can get .

You ask me if I have any psychological burden.

As a human being, I have.

But when I am God, I really donโ€™t have it at all.

Or, you can ask the ‘Almighty Lord’, Earth has a history of hundreds of millions of people dying for it, does it have any psychological burden.” The Pharaoh cried.

Harry said with a sneer: “I’ll ask you later, now, I want to throw you down.”

“Open your eyes and take a good look at me, I Like someone who is afraid of death?”

Pharaoh’s eyes widened and he looked at her calmly.

Harry was surprised to find that in his eyes, there was really no fear.

Laurie advised: “Let’s go to the Garden of Eden and see if it’s appropriate to leave him there.”

“How do I get into the Garden of Eden? I walked around the corpse a few times. Circle, found nothing.” Harry asked.

“Aren’t you very smart, guess what.” Pharaoh sneered.

“Ivy, let him be honest!” Halle winked at Ivy.

“Phewโ€”” Ivy sighed at the puzzled old man, and the spores in the form of red mist, like living ghosts, quickly drilled down his seven orifices.

“The Garden of Eden is just behind the ‘corpse banner’, covered by a layer of space phantom barrier, just land directly.” Pharaoh’s eyelids twitched vigorously, his face was slightly twisted, and his voice was struggling.

“Harry, this old man’s spirit strength is really strong, I’m afraid I won’t be able to control it for long.” Ivy said in surprise.

“oh!” Laurie sighed, “Harry, let him go after you’ve asked. This kind of humiliation is more desolate than direct death.”

“Harry him. It’s humiliating to be manipulated like a puppet, but lookโ€”” Harry pointed out the window.

spaceship Near the ground, the corpse banners are even more shocking, and the corpses of various death methods are stacked into a several-kilometer-long alphabet maze.

“Adrian is a devil, he can shamelessly humiliate life without feeling any discomfort in his heart!”

“Mr. Werther, why are you doing this?” face asked.

“I want to escape from the Garden of Eden. Zhao Yu’s Jupiter probe is in the sky, and I am sending a distress signal through the giant corpse banner.” The pharaoh’s expression became more distorted, and large drops of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Harry said with a sneer: “Since the Garden of Eden had people, clothes, and stones, it must have been there.

I don’t know how he threw the corpse out, but he could throw the corpse away, Nature can also throw bricks, or fabrics that are brighter and easier to see.”

“Why don’t you throw the stone that wraps the fabric, and code it with the stone?” asked Superman.

“They are satisfied and happy in their devotion to me. I let them die is the greatest gift to them.

Corpse code is not the original purpose, and it was later used. I use waste.” Pharaoh gritted his teeth.

“Devil!” Superman said angrily.

“Uh–” Pharaoh moaned and moaned, holding head howling hysterically, and a string of crimson slid down his nostrils.

“You can say I’m not human, but I’m not a demon, I’m a god!”

He roared and reopened his eyes, his pupils bloodshot, but completely restored to sobriety and calmness.

Fiercely stared at Harry.

Harry fiercely glared back, “What are you looking at? Ivy, go on.”

Ivy blew another puff of pink spore mist at him.

“Noโ€”” Pharaoh face looks sinister, covered his face and fell straight down, his stiff body kept twitching, and his mouth was loud.

“Harry, he’s actively defending against the spores.”

A few drops of sweat crept onto Ivy’s forehead, and her face turned pale.

Pharaoh’s body wriggled into a sleeping Arhat position, and his expression gradually returned to calm.

“Old boy, you are very good.”

Harry was surprised, and quietly tore off the ‘Crystal Broken Necklace’ around her neck and wrapped it around her fist.

“I have been practicing meditation for more than half a century, and Essence, Qi, and Spirit have long been rounded and untouched by external evils, and can be called the Dhyana Sect Great Grandmaster.

The evil way , little tricks, what can you do to me!”

Old fogey’s eyes were bright, his breath was dantian, and his voice was like thunder.

“Heyโ€”” Ivy’s face turned pale, spitting out a mouthful of red blood.

She got a backlash.

“What kind of gong do you practice?” Harry asked.

“hmph!” Pharaoh wiped his face, looked arrogant, and got up and sat cross-legged.

“Dhyana Sect Great Grandmaster, right? Exactly, I’m a great cultivator girl in the temple, see if your Zen Sect Divine Art can hold my ‘Fist of God’!”


Harley ‘lightly’ punched, and the shot was like electricity. The old man reacted quickly, dodging his head sideways, but his movements couldn’t keep up with the reaction.

โ€œdong!โ€ punched his nose like a knife.

The bridge of the nose is broken, blood splashed.

Pharaoh’s eyes seemed to flash with multi-colored brilliance, his taste buds burst out with sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty tastes, and he recalled scenes of killing innocents by himself.

A wave of extreme remorse rose from the bottom of my heart, filling my chest almost instantly.

“I’m guilty, I’m not as good as a beast, how could I do something like thatโ€”โ€”ahhhh~~~” After a few words of repentance, he held his head again, howling with tears streaming down his face, “No, Spiritual God has nothing to do with it. As, only I can save humanity, I don’tโ€””

“dong!” Harry punched him again, bruising his eyes.

“I’m not human, I’m full of guilt and guilt–ah, I’m not guilty, I–“

“Boom, dong!” Harry thumped him twice, Beat him to death.

“Don’t beat him to death.” Clark quickly grabbed her and asked in surprise, “What’s wrong with him, schizophrenia?”

“I’m treating him. .” Harry said.

“You’re hitting him, I can see it clearly.” Superman said with a dark face.

“In the field of psychiatry, my technique is called ‘Que’s stick therapy’.”

“I’ve never heard of stick therapy.” Da Chao said.

“Have you heard of electric shock therapy? Why can’t you get electric shock therapy?

I have an Academician degree in psychology, and as a psychological counselor, I am in Arkham. Volunteering in an insane asylum, I have helped countless pitiful persons who are troubled by mental illness.”

โ€”โ€”When I meet you, can I be pitiful?

Laurie groaned.

Harry continued: “I’m still a ‘repentant nun’ in Gotham’s cathedral, specializing in helping people repent. It’s also a pen-strike method.

One stick solves thousands of sorrows, hundreds of thousands of sorrows. Happy Yoyo.

Hundreds of thousands of people with mental illness have been treated for several years in the practice.

Never miss a hand, let alone hurt a patient.

Personal name’ Gotham’s little doctor, it’s me!”

Clark was taken aback for a while.

Harry turned her head around and shouted: “Ivy, did my God bring a big stick? In ancient times, a dutiful son was born from a stick, and today God’s big stick is down to Fiend”

“Bring it! I was going to fight, of course I had to be fully armed.”

(end of this chapter)

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