I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 393


Chapter 393 dcMartial Arts, the first Divine Art

Ivy opened the iron box in the corner, and after a few krypton In the phase gun, find a bright silver baseball bat.

“Harry, you are hiding Kryptonian weapons,” Clark cried.

“It’s just a few small broken guns. Recently, even trendy Gotham criminals are using Kryptonian weapons.

I’m a dignified five-ring admiral and a ball-protecting hero, not yet. How many spills of war do you have in your collection?”

This is the truth.

Recently, a large number of alien weapons have been exiled from the metropolis.

In the first battle of the Krypton invasion, the mothership was blown up, and the undestructed Kryptonian equipment in the arsenal fell like raindrops in a radius of hundreds of kilometers, on the backyards and roofs of citizens’ homes , on the road

As long as they are not found by the police, the citizens will definitely be reluctant to hand them over after they find them.


Halley untied the chain from her hand, wrapped the stick around her body, and shouted out, pure and holy radiance sprinkled all over the cabin.

Clark, who was originally disapproving, was slightly changed by the complexion after being exposed to the light of repentance.

However, the light of repentance subsided in an instant, and the stick became the same as before, unremarkable and unremarkable.

Harry doesn’t have to hold back any longer with a confession stick in hand.

“Hey!” lightly shouted, the stick was fast as lightning, smashing heavily on the pharaoh’s forehead.

“Boomβ€”” The spaceship deck shook a few times.

“Shit, you’re hitting his head like a walnut!” Laurie exclaimed in horror.

“Look atβ€”” Harry turned sideways, letting her look at the pharaoh on the ground.

He had a bruised stick mark on his head, but it wasn’t broken.

No one died, just gritted his teeth and twitched.

“Boom–” Harry stepped on Pharaoh’s chest again and slammed the door on his head.

The air flow from the rapid swing of the stick even sent Laurie’s hair flying.

But the Pharaoh only wailed, “Repent~”

“This is unscientific!” Laurie and Clark exclaimed, “This is strong enough. Broke his head.”

Harry held up an ordinary stick that didn’t even emit holy light, and sighed, “This is the stick of God who can’t kill anyone no matter how hard you hit it.”

“Magic weapons, can’t kill people at all?” Clark’s eyes shined and asked, “Can I use it?”

He was often troubled by the fact that he could kill with light force, I haven’t fought a few times in my life.

If there is a weapon that can’t kill anyone, he can let go of his hands and feet completely.

“Didn’t you use it last time? This is my holy relic. Anyone can use it with my permission. However, it can only be used in front of me.” Hand it to him, “Try it, try it with confidence.”

Clark took the stick and tapped the old man’s arm ‘lightly’, “ka-cha!”

The arm is broken into an β€œL” shape.

“ao wu ~~~” the pharaoh cried out sternly, “I am a sinner – no, I am not wrong, what I did is unselfish!”

” What’s going on? I broke his hand.” Clark was startled.

“It can’t be killed, but it can be wounded. You can’t blow his head when you face him, and your head won’t break.” Harry said.

Clark was suspicious, and gave him another pat on the head.

Not broken like an eggshell.

Clark gradually increased his strength.

Then, the entire blimp began to shake violently, as if two giants were “sleeping” inside.

The ship shakes.

The pharaoh contorted his face and repented loudly: “I crime deserving ten thousand deaths! I call myself Spiritual God, saving the world just to make my own unparalleled merits.

Save the world , not because I love the world, but because I love myself.

I want to make myself transcend the mundane, transcend Spiritual God, and become God above God.”

Laurie wondered: “That’s not what Werther would say.

Others may think he’s vain, but he’s never doubted his actions, and really thinks he’s saving the world. Otherwise, Joan’s thoughts wouldn’t be hidden from him. “

Harry said, “God’s teachings are normalizing his thinking.”

“Regular. Distorting human nature?” Laurie was horrified.

Clark immediately stopped the stick, “God’s stick is too evil.”

Harry disagreed: “If God’s stick doesn’t have a set of fixed moral rules, so what? Conflict with the thoughts and actions of ‘sinners’, thereby teaching people to repent?

For example, Pharaoh.

With his own values, he always felt that he was right and never Regret.

If God’s stick is also based on personal values, it will be completely useless to hit Pharaoh.”

The repentance effect of God’s stick mainly comes from the Holy Spirit. tears.

Therefore, the moral standard of the stick comes from Holy Spirit.

And Holy Spirit’s three views are completely in line with God’s teachings.

“I still think it’s a little sinister,” Clark said.

Harry said: “Like your child makes a mistake, you will pull him to a corner and teach him what to do and what not to do.

If the child Disobedient, nonsense, and the parent can’t beat him a few times.

Parents use the parent’s concept to regulate the child’s three views.

God’s stick probably has a similar effect.

If you believe in God, the stick of God is the peerless Saint Artifact.

If you don’t obey his teachings, it is the Demonic Artifact.

I’m in Gotham The cathedral uses it, it’s a real Saint Artifact, why don’t you come to the church to repent if you don’t believe in God?”

“The effect is permanent?” Laurie asked.

“It depends on the person. An ordinary person can be a good person for two years with a single tap, but some wonderful people must be beaten fiercely and often, such as some pitiful persons in Arkham.”

Clark continued to beat Pharaoh.

He is not devout to God, but he recognizes most of God’s values

Only beat Pharaoh to tears, his spirit weakened, and Ivy used spiritual spores to control him.

“Let him write ‘Peerless Divine Art’ silently.” Harry said.

Ivy gave an order, Pharaoh stood up tremblingly, sat in front of the co-pilot, and used a touch screen pen to write and draw on the operation screen.

“The Buddha’s Mother’s Vow Sutra” Harley leaned over to watch it, and after a while, she smiled, “The name is a bit strange, but it is indeed the authentic Dhyana Sect, and it is still an ancient Chinese character.

To the spirit strength The cultivation of the soul and the soul is higher level than any of my martial arts, ten times brighter.

It is definitely the protecting sect cultivation technique of a large zen sect.”

Pharaoh The pen in his hand was slightly paused, his drooping eyes flashes through a bright light, and quickly returned to turbidity, continuing to write mechanical Earth Book like a puppet.

Even Ivy, who ‘controlled’ him, didn’t notice anything unusual about him.

“A bit too much.” Laurie frowned.

Clark also had a bad look on his face, “We beat him to make him repent and let him stop harming others, not to steal his knowledge and martial skills.”

“Whoever sees it has a share!” Harry smiled and said: “Laurie, you can prolong your life by practicing. Look at Pharaoh, who is one year older than you, but his mental and physical condition is far superior to you.

And your daughter, granddaughter and grandson can all practice.

Think of Lao Wang, face to face, within ten meters, and grab bullets with your hands.

Your granddaughter will practice gymnastics in the future, and you won’t need to Learn from her mother and win the award by reporting the first place!”

Laurie glared at her, but his face flashed with excitement, not for himself, but also for the juniors!

“Clarke, you can also cultivate, this book is very suitable for you, isn’t spiritual strength your shortcoming?

Even Krypton Commander Fiora can’t break free from Ai Wei’s mental spores, but the Pharaoh is almost immune-“

Having turned around abruptly, staring at the back of the Pharaoh’s head, who was buried in writing.

“Werther, say you’re a dog,” she said abruptly.

“I am a dog.” Pharaoh said without any hesitation.

While speaking, the act of writing did not stop.

“Are you worried that he is disguising?” Ivy quickly sensed her own spores, which were still active in the nerve center of her brain, “I didn’t notice the problem here.”

“Ewitt of pride, he would never call himself a dog.” Laurie affirmed.

“It’s not too prudent to write secrets by dictation.”

Harry thought for a while, and when Pharaoh finished writing the secrets, she turned over one in the box. The Colt pistol was handed over to him, “Shoot me.”

“peng peng peng!”

Harry waved the afterimage with both hands in front of her.

“chi chi! “Five bullets, three were caught indiscriminately, and the other two left two red marks on her cheek and fell to the ground.

“Iron Body?!” Laurie exclaimed.

“hehehe” Harry looked at Pharaoh with a meaningful smile, and handed over five magazines, “Fill the bullets.”

The corners of Pharaoh’s eyes were faintly visible. twitch.

β€œpeng~ peng~ peng~ ”

Harry continued to practice catching bullets.

A moment later, a red spot was densely packed on her face.

Laughing couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculous look.

“Shit!” Harry spat out a bullet that jumped into his mouth, yelled “ada”, jumped up and kicked and punched the pharaoh.

“What a good old Yinbi, how dare you cheat on me.”

Ordinary person sweeping her with a machine gun can only make one or two bubbles in the experience jar, almost invisible Experience growth progress.

Pharaoh shot down, and the experience jar was bubbling.

Empty the four magazines and drain the experience, and Harley actually went from Level 56 to Level 57.

This is Level 1 of 50+, and the experience required for Level 1 is equivalent to the previous Level 10.

Such a wealth of experience is worthy of the status of the pharaoh ‘Peerless Great Demon’.

But he is being controlled by Ivy at the moment. The experience he generates every time he attacks her depends on the strength of his attack and how malicious Ivy is towards her.

Ivy has almost zero malice towards her.

What does this mean?

Maliciousness comes from Pharaoh.

Pharaoh is playing dead!

“Don’t beat him to death.” Clark stopped her. “What are you doing, let him shoot you with a gun at one moment, and then attack again.”

“He It’s not under control at all, Pharaoh, get up and talk!” Harry said angrily.

“Uh.” Pharaoh was beaten with bloody nose and swollen face, and his eyes were about to open, “How did you find out?”

“How did you do it? here?” Harry asked.

“hehe.” Pharaoh wiped the blood from his mouth and said with a sneer: “After more than half a century of cultivation, kung fu has become a part of my body.

You let me I wrote the Zen Sect Heart Sutra, and my mind naturally began to enter into meditation, running the Meditation Method, and my mind immediately returned to my self, sobered up.

So give up, even if you kill me, you will not get my secret technique .”

“Old fogey, you are amazing! This willpower and ingenuity is indeed the person who makes Manhattan Academicians shriveled.” Harley praised.

She had an unstoppable killing intent in her heart.

β€œYou are also very good, sinister, vicious, ruthless, and worthy of being the one who ended Joan.” Pharaoh coldly said.

“Ai, how did you say we got to this step? We had a good time chatting before, and we got along quite well.” Harley sighed.

“You are too greedy, you want to grab whatever you like.” Pharaoh said angrily.

“No, you are so inhumane,” Harry pointed to the corpse banner outside the window, “I was provoked and provoked by it, no matter how much I’ve heard of your deeds, it’s not as good as what I’ve seen with my own eyes. impact.”

“Why, you changed your mind and didn’t send me to the Garden of Eden?” Pharaoh sneered.

(ps: Is the pharaoh the first kung fu expert in the DC universe? I haven’t played it before, so I can’t judge. Moreover, the DC first martial artist is set to be Ms. Siva.

However, it is also true that Pharaoh took the bullet with his bare hands.

His speed and reaction are very fast, so fast that Rorschach, Laurie, and Daniel joined forces, and they could not reach him.

In addition, the stalk of Pharaoh picking up bullets with his bare hands is not copied from Evil God Huo Yun, the “Watchmen” comics existed in the 1980s.)

(end of chapter)

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